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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 19, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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(grant) tears today... as a home is towed awar. the holemess problem in the bay area reared its head in concord today... as police put a stop to big rv's taking up space for days, weeks and months. good evening i'm grant lodes.(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. kron 4's gayle ong is live in concord with details.gayle.
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(vicki) another big story we are following tonight... san francisco state university remains closed following a bomb threat. the threat affected several buildings on campus and postponed all finals that were scheduled for today... kron4's ella sogomonian joins us now in the newsroom ... with what we know right now... ella? (ella) the bomb threat investigation is over but the campus remains closed. this all happened as students are taking final exams this week. they were evacuated from a library, the gym, a few halls and several residential buildings at around 3 this afternoon.faculty was removed from the administration building.áno one was allowed onto the main campus during the search.
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(ella) three hours later- after a thorough sweep police found there to be no credible threat. all finals that were taking place today will be rescheduled.and the main campus will stay closed for the rest of the night. (ella) the campus will reopen for regualr operations friday morning.still no word on what triggered the scare. (ella) we first brought you this story as breaking news through a push alert. be sure to download the kron4 app to stay up to date on breaking news in your community.grant? (grant) now to national news -- seven democratic presidential candidates faced off tonight in the final debate before the end of the
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year. (grant) and people in san francisco gathered for a watch party and are weighing in on the race so far. (vicki) kron4's dan thorn talked to voters about what they thought about tonight's debate. people gather
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no agreement today from the top two leaders in the senate... after president trump was impeached the night before.(grant) the top republican and democrat senators were supposed to come up with the structure for the senate impeachement trial. cnn's lauren fox reports on the partisan fighting that's blocking a bipartisan agreement.
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(grant)as of right now-- the path for a bipartisan agreement is in limbo as congress breaks for the holidays.the two sides are expected to continue to work over the holidays. (vicki) while impeachment is on the minds of many's also sending shockwaves around the world. russian president vladimir putin says donald trump was impeached for what he calls "made up reasons." his comments came during his annual televised news conference. mister putin says, the democrats impeached mister trump when he says they couldn't prove he colluded with russia. (anchor) putin made these comments at his annual marathon news
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conference in moscow. the year-end event usually runs about four-hours-- and generates dozens of news stories. (vicki) now switching gears to weather... as we take a live look over san francisco. (grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist
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(grant) the flu season has ramped up. we told you yesterday how two people in marin county died from the flu ... both of them were older than 65 ... and one of the two did not get the flu vaccine.(vicki) a person
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from sonoma county also died from the flu... who was also not vaccinated according to health officials. kron 4's justine waldman reports on the urgent call from doctors for people to get vaccinated. :25 dur 08 dr. lisa ward / chief medical officer kron 4 news. justine waldman in santa rosa get one. but only if you flu. but only if you get one.
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justine waldman kron 4 news. (vicki) by this time last year, the state had 22 reported deaths linked to the flu. the flu season was far worse two years ago when 40 people had died because of the influenza virus in the same time period. (grant) in the east bay... a robbery turned into a high speed police chase. four people are accused of robbing a lowe's home improvement store in fremont this morning. police tried to pull them over on interstate -880 ... just south of the marina exit in san leandro... but they kept driving. the c-h-p and oakland police got involved in the chase ... which ended a few minutes later on the 900- block of edes avenue in oakland. authorities
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discovered several boxes of stolen, new power tools in their vehicle. all four suspects were arrested. (vicki) the san francisco police have arrested two attempted murder suspects. the shooting happened back in september. according to police the two men you see here are accused of walking up to a group of people in the mission district and one of them... fired off two shots. san francisco police arrested jarillo (war-e-o) esteban back on november 27th... and tony castillo surrendered to police on december second.. both were booked into san francisco county jail on attempted murder, assault with a firearm and other charges.. (grant) a dramatic end to a high profile trial. all three people accused in the death of keith green, will be walking free by mid january. today - kaveh bayat walked out as a freeman after san mateo county prosecutors annoucned... they will ánot be trying him again for killing green. kron 4's dan kerman reports.
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the hillsborough heiress murder trial continues on kron4 dot com. there you can hear from two jurors who found tiffany li not guilty- and why one of them believes keith green's family did not get justice. (vicki) police in american canyon are looking for a suspect, who they say, entered an elementary school stole credit cards and went on a shopping spree. it
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happened earlier this month at canyon oaks elementary school. police say the suspect stole cash and credit cards from multiple teachers on campus. then the supect went on a shopping spree in pleasant hill and benicia. police say he was driving a silver or white nissan maxima s with either a rear paper plate or temporary plate. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. (grant) authorities are searching for a suspect accused of public exposure. alameda police are trying to i-d the man on the screen. they say he entered a subway restaurant on webster street tuesday and exposed himself. he is described as a black man, about five-foot-six, 160 pounds... with short hair and a mustache. he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, black shoes, a gray hat and gray backpack. (grant) benecia police want you
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to take a look at the man in this video. he uses pepper spray on the clerk as he steals money from the register.(vicki) tonight police are asking for the public's help identifying this man before he strikes again... kron4's haaziq madyun gives you a close look at the man in the video
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(vicki) coming up -- an update on the mother who is fighting for her life after a deputy rear-ended her car on a busy highway. (grant) legit dispensaries. the new way to check and see if a cannabis dispensary is legal and sells approved products. (vicki) a warning if you're planning a vacation to
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scare to tell you about. we know a total of 138 people have been infected with a strain of e coli linked to romaine lettuce from salinas. the cdc says illnesses have been reported in 25 states- and a total of 72 hospitalizations have been reported. thirteen people have developed a type of kidney failure from the bacteria- but thankfully no one has died. officials are worried that the growing region of salinas may be contaminated with the e coli- tonight the investigation is ongoing to determine the source of contamination. (oncam) the u-s state department is sending a warning about traveling south of the border. the travel advisory informs visitors to áexercise increased cautioná for many parts of mexico after an increase in violent crimes.
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that's why a ádo not travelá list includes the mexican states of colima, guerrero, and sinaloa. there's also a list of states to áreconsider travel toá... that includes chihuahua, durango and jalisco. for a full list of the cities on this advisory... go to our website -- kron4 - dot - com. (grant) an east bay student makes an offensive slur --- the latest in a series of racist incidents at the same high school. what the principal says is being done to combat the issue. (vicki) plus -- why an officer opened fire at a dog outside of a busy shopping center. ♪
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too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. (grant) an east bay suburban school district is dealing with its second racism incident of the month.. this time -- a video on social media showed a student calling an african american man a racial slur.(vicki) kron 4's michelle kingston went to monte vista high school in danville today to find out
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what's being done to stop this behavior.
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(grant) in the south bay- tonight a young san jose girl is being called a hero for alerting her family of a fire in their home. this was the scene shortly before 7 a.m. as firefighters battled the fire on north 19th street. the home is a total loss and virtually everything inside was destroyed. but the family made it out safely thanks to the heroics of 11 year old berlin gomez-muniz. berlin
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smelled smoke and quickly alerted her still sleeping sister and parents and they were able to escape the fast-moving fire. firefighters said berlin acted as "a human smoke detector" and almost certainly saved lives says fire captain reggie williams. berlin's family lost everything, including their christmas presents. the cause of the fire is not known. (vicki) now take a look at this. a large tree smashed into a home around 7-30 this morning in san mateo county. the oak tree broke free from its roots and fell onto a home while homeowners were inside. they were not hurt. they are now waiting to get the tree cleared way, get an estimate on the damage and hire a contractor to fix their home. (grant) a small earthquake in monterey county this week triggered the state's earthquake early warning system... and, for the first time since it was released to the public in the fall... the state's
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earthquake early warning system cellphone app sent out an alert.(vicki) kron four's philippe djegal reports from berkeley where seismologists are calling the program a success.
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(vicki) californians can now check and see if a cannabis dispensary is legal using dispensary is legal using their smart phones. the bureau of cannabis control announced a program where licensed cannabis retailers can post a q-r code in their store window. by scanning this code... consumers can determine which retailers carry products that are tracked, tested, and legal. according to the united cannabis business association... california's illicit market is nearly three times the size of its legal one and many consumers cannot tell the difference, leading them to unknowingly purchase untested and unregulated products that may put their health at risk. c-3(grant) now to an update on a story we first brought you earlier this week... a woman whose toddler was killed when a san joaquin county deputy rear-ended her car has died. 23-year-old kalesha johnson
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at a hospital yesterday. johnson's 1-year-old son, who was in the backseat, died at a hospital hours after the saturday night collision on i- 5 near stockton. c-h-p said in a statement that a marked san joaquin county sheriff's office patrol car rear-ended the woman's sedan, sending it down an embankment. home surveillance video shows the woman's car coming to a stop before it was hit. it's unclear why the car came to a stop. the deputy, who has not the deputy, who has not been identified, was treated at a hospital and released. (vicki) in sacramento -- police are investigating an officer involved shooting outside of a safeway. this is video of the scene last night... it shows an officer on the ground with the suspect when extra officers arrive... a dog began barking and police said it was aggressive, and bit the officer. the officer fired one shot at the dog. but police say the
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dog wasn't hit. shoppers say the dog came running into the safeway after the shooting. (vicki) shoppers say the dog was bleeding... a veterinarian found a minor injury on one of the dog's back legs. the wound was consistent with being caused by shrapnel. nobody else was seriously injured. (lawrence bay area weather) (vicki) a san francisco restaurant boasts a michelin star and a decade of staying power. ahead in dine and dish -- vicki liviakis takes us inside. in sports the stanford women's volleyball team advances to their 3rd n-c-a-a championship in four seasons... mark has the highlights... coming up
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49ers-- official confirmation from team headquarters today... richard sherman is playing this weekend. --the pro bowl cornerback will be suiting up against the rams... after missing one game with a hamstring injury... a setback that was initially projected to keep him out for at least 2-weeks. --however, dee ford will not be playing as he recovers from his own hamstring issue. -ford dealt with that before, then re-aggravated it in the saints game... kyle shanahan on if he considered that before activating sherman.
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kickoff just after 5 saturday night. raiders visit the chargers this weekend. finally tonight, the stanford volleyball team on the semi-final quest for a national championship. --stanford and minnesota...fina l four in pittsburgh. --kerri walsh... the 3-time olympic gold medalist and stanford alum... watching her alma mater... --the cardinal took the first two sets... in the third... national player of the year katherine plummer... with the kill as stanford starts to pull away --match point... plummer does it again... the last of her 26 kills as the cardinal move on to the ncaa finals with a 25-19, 25-22, 25-22 sweep of minnesota --stanford win play wisconsin in the finals saturday as the cardinal seek their 3rd title in 4years and 9th overall coming up on kron4 sports at 10, big time matchup in the association tonight... with a potential finals preview in milwaukee. higlights from lebron vs giannis. more news after the break
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(grant) trendy restaurants can come and go... but there are some with real staying power.(vicki) tonight on dine and dish i take us to a cozy and michelin -starred spot in san francisco called frances - celebrating a decade of deliciousness.
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(vicki) you can submit your favorite restaurant, bar, cafe or food truck- to
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'dine and dish'. send an email to dine and dish at kron- 4 dot com... or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
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(grant) a car seat that fractured
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on impact, infant sleep sacks with zippers falling off, toy putty with dangerously strong magnets.(vicki) in a months long investigation, cnn found fake and dangerous baby products are turning up for sale on amazon. clare sebastian joins us now with the story. the seat we purchased is
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(vicki) that was clare sebastian reporting for us tonight. (vicki) up next -- and a famous bay area native takes a visit to a california state prison on a very scecial day! details ahead.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat.
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kaiser permanente. thrive. (grant) a yacht belonging
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to singer marc anthony caught fire and capsized last night. (vicki) the 120-foot vessel was docked at the island gardens marina off watson island in miami. flames and smoke could be seen pouring from the upper decks. anthony was not on board -- but a handful of crew members who were... had to be evacuated. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (grant) stop... hammer time! oakland native stanley burrell better known by his stage name m-c hammer visited california state prison, solano on thanksgiving day... the state prison tweeted these photos of the performance tonight... hammer joined the inmate band to put
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on a show for #thanksgiving visitors on the level two visiting patio. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... a democratic showdown in the city of angels. seven presidential candidates... in an.. at times heated exchange.. in a high stakes debate. the standout moments -- and reaction from local voters who weigh in on who they thought won the night. plus... police tow away parked r-v's from an east
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bay neighborhood. residents say the vehicles crowd streets. but they worry those living in them have nowhere else to go,(pam) and she is only 11 -- but she is a hero... hear from the young south bay girl who saved her family from a house fire.(ken) don't go away... hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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now at ten -- democratic presidential candidates take the stage for their final year -- less after the house votes to president
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(ken) tongiht's debate took place ahead of the holiday season - and at a time when every public moment counts for many of the candidates. thanks for joining us at ten. i'm ken wayne.(pam) i'm pam moore. seven candidates gathered in los angeles tonight for the three- hour debate... it's the smallest group of democratic candidates on a debate stage. kron 4's grant lodes joins us in the studio with highlights. (grant) pam and ken... as we heard the candidates... president trump's impeachment was a major topic at tonight's debate. all of the candidates at the debate say -- they support impeaching president trump... indicating it's necessary for our country.


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