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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>full night me as always. >>the battle for those last minute flights to get home in time for christmas we take you live to san francisco international airport to see with the lines look like now as people are making one last effort to take to the skies on christmas eve success a number of people to go home safely at the end of the day. a california highway patrol is out in full force tonight maximum enforcement what they're looking for to keep everybody safe this holiday season. >>this is a spirit of giving and for somebody to hit the church like that is the lowest of the low. a self a church is
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looking for after a pair of thieves stole all of their holiday donations. why one pastor there says. >>it's not too late to come forward kron 4 news at 8 starts right now. >>watching kron 4 news at region from boise on flew into san diego transferred and then here. we had a delayed flight so we sat there took us about 2 hours. >>well i talk about a long day to try to get to the bay area good evening, everybody and thanks for joining us on this christmas eve. i'm grant lotus and i'm michelle kingston, pam moore and ken wayne have the night off the holiday travel rush is winding down at san francisco international airport for the night. some 163,000 travelers were expected to make their way through the airport today and some of them like the woman you just heard from dealt with some delays yes it a little one with kid that wasn't fun craft was well bellow joins us live at sfo with more on how
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people are coping tonight. noel. >>well actually aside from her most folks were actually doing pretty good agreement, michelle, you know basically when it comes to flying on christmas eve. a lot of folks decide to go on the later ones because there's way less people here i walked through didn't did a little bit of a lap around the terminals here just a bit ago and honestly saw some nonexistent security lines and check this out i want to show you this video. i saw an entire board of on time flights look at that this was at terminal, one or southwest and delta are actually located, i know that was definitely a welcome sight for many passengers as some of them rushed to make that a christmas eve evening flight lots of families out there, but a good number of solo travelers are here as well the folks i spoke with said they chose christmas eve for a variety of different reasons some decided because obviously they maybe have to work today.
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however, others said simply because the tickets happened to the most affordable tonight and that's why they chose that it seemed at this hour though most were pretty happy with their choice. >>trouble was flight was on traffic so it was good after after that just kind of settling in with the reality that we're going to be a little bit later than expected the rest of it has been usually it's at least like in alloway probably get in here waiting in lines and what it looks like i'm just going to walk there is a >>walk through they did a few folks i spoke with arriving from the east coast really said that they didn't have too much of an issue however i do know flights going to and from chicago we're having a bit of an issue today there was a lot of fog out there so if folks were connecting through chicago are leaving from chicago, i know they had a bit of an issue here at sfo there was a total of 155 delays
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which honestly isn't too bad considering in the days pass we've seen upwards of almost 400 delays here at sfo we did get a little light drizzle here just a little bit ago, but it dried up pretty quickly i do know we do have some rain in the forecast for tomorrow though as well but for now things moving pretty smoothly here at sfo live at sfo noel bellow kron 4 news all right now all thank you if you plan on driving tonight or on christmas a heads up that the california highway patrol is increasing the amount of officers out on the road tonight chp started their statewide maximum enforcement period and the bay officers are paying close attention to highway 17 due to the amount of collision scene there with the rain on the way officers are reminding drivers to slow down don't use your phone while you drive, and don't drink and drive. >>good advice there and if you still need to head to sfo or if you're looking to just catch a silver right over the holidays, here's the bart holiday schedule. all lines will be running on a normal
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schedule. tonight thursday and friday with one slight exception bart is going to be reducing some trains on the antioch line and for tomorrow christmas the trains will be running on a sunday schedule this will start around 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. as the well bellow mentioned we're dealing now with peak holiday travel according to aaa more americans than ever are traveling this christmas season, which means lots of rides in planes trains and yes, those automobiles so how can you stay healthy while traveling when the guy next to you on barter on the airplane at sneezing and coughing. >>doctor amanda velasquez says that your remedy should begin before you even take flight and so trying to keep a balanced healthy diet and also a regular exercise and keeping to your sleep routine. >>so that your body is at low point before traveling. >>and forget about wasting money on vitamin c supplements so says doctor will ask as who
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notes there's no evidence that taking extra vitamin c will actually boost your moving immune system. she also recommends. getting the flu vaccine in case you're exposed to someone with the flu who doesn't show any signs of it while you're traveling and don't be afraid to wear a mask as she says to cover your mouth and nose. >>it's a good way to have a barrier between yourself and others who may be frozen to coughing or sneezing. >>and if you're the one who is sick do everyone, a favor and don't take the flight this is the time to apply or travel insurance clause that allows for you to cancel and be reimbursed for your airfare should you fall ill before your trip. >>are taking a live look outside right now at. santa claus korea. yes tracking the man in the red suit. >>as he is the busy guy tonight. he has been when you consider the different. >>times around the world been delivering packages for several hours now. >>chief meteorologist lawrence
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karnow has santas forecast as he arrives in the bay area this canada right now how can eat so many cookies that are i'm wondering everybody leaves cookies for santa and loosen the belt that just listen the belt a little bit and of course is very busy out there tonight. yeah and he's fighting a couple rain around the state and even some snow in far northern california but he's used to that snow stuff is probably the wet stuff give a little more trouble outside and yeah we're seeing some scattered very light showers around the bay area right now look at this mount diablo we're starting to see a little sleep forming up there and that's because the temperatures are so cold the scattered light activity around the bay area now the temperatures me i get little chilly out there as well 43 in antioch at this hour 46 in livermore 48 in san jose 52 degrees in oakland 47 the napa valley. >>and chile 45 degrees in santa rosa. so overnight tonight will be watching that rain picking up just in time for santa to get here maybe some thunderstorms popping up here as well so we'll be
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dodging those as we slide into town and then overnight tonight you start to see some of the colors day that bob peak and also the white and the bloom those some areas expecting little snow across the tops of our about tonight. and on christmas day guys that's the latest back to you. >>and in the east bay police are investigating after a tesla crashed into a building in black hawk it happened-at the black hawk plaza shopping center this afternoon while people are out doing their last-minute holiday shopping you can see the tesla crashed into a hair salon one person had minor injuries but was treated at the scene. it's not clear what caused the crash or if the tesla was in autopilot mode at the time of the crash. >>and oakland judge today ruled that a 29 year-old parolee with a history of mental illness is fit to stand trial in the slaying of nia wilson. john lee cal has been charged with murder and attempted murder. after a knife attack on wilson and her sister at the macarthur bart station in oakland last year. wilson sister did survive.
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prosecutors have also said that there going to be seeking a life sentence against cal and are investigating if he was motivated by racial hate when he killed wilson, those women or black he of course is white. >>they come here to get toys have no money in the and they're just desperate and that to britain to take the toys away from the children that just breaks my heart and just imagine that rolled in a heartbroken. >>yeah, so sad leaders at a church in the south bay tonight are looking for answers after having all of their holiday donations stolen right out of their parish you see it happened there that surveillance video the thieves making off with that donation box that money was being saved in order to buy gifts for kids who are in need in that community. >>but now church officials are worried they'll have to go without as kron four's haaziq reports one pastor at our lady of guadalupe church says there's still time for the thieves to redeem themselves.
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>>2 individuals came from the back door and they stole the donation box the money that we were saving was to buy the gifts for the children in our community now the children to attend our lady of guadalupe church in san jose will have to go without toys during the church's annual 3 kings celebration due to a pair of thieves who stole the collection box. the incident happened back on december the 18th just before 03:00pm father toronto, the jacket says he had just finished a baptism ceremony. we what appears to be a man and a woman came in through the back door of the sanctuary and stole the money and then yesterday i found out how the money that we get from the selling of the candles goes to buy gifts for the children. some church members find it hard to believe that fees would target a place of worship raising money for children during the holiday season. this is the spirit of
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giving. >>and for somebody to hit the church like that. >>is the lowest of the low there's a lot of needy kids and a lot of homeless families to live in trailers live on the street to live in part to live in the creeks that that that are they come here to get toys however father jack a says there is still time for these 2 to redeem themselves crime by to the community is to pray for these 3 individuals, i hope and pray that they would listen to his message. my >>with a week and i think goes with the spirit of christmas which is a conversion of heart, a change of heart and hopefully they will return the money. >>the judge estimates the 2 thieves got away with between 2 with $3,000 the church's annual 3 kings event takes place on monday january 6 2020. so there is still time for these 2 to experience that change of heart that father men jacket was talking about they returned the money in the donation box. in san jose has it made kron 4 news.
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>>coming up those last minute gifts forgot well when you head to the local malls to say who else in check their list whites and a state law that is expected to make a big impact on california's workforce is causing controversy will explain why some lawmakers are trying to get it repealed just
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>>the new state law that is expected to have a major impact on california's workforce controversial it's a week now before it set to go into effect in some lawmakers are trying to get the thing repealed kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>2 assemblywoman melissa melendez says she and fellow republican assemblyman kevin kiley are set to file a bill this year that would void the new law commonly called ab 5 this new law will redefine workers that would classically be considered independent contractors has now employees
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across several industries what we're doing owns in traditional constitutional and that my clearly define california complications what independent contractor anyone might want to make sure another country to show much about weight we don't have this. >>tinkering melendez is proposal comes as the state faces multiple lawsuits for enacting ab 5 from groups, including freelancers and truckers several claim their business or job was lost or is in jeopardy because of the leaders of rideshare apps like uber and lyft are putting up millions for a 2020 ballot initiative to let voters decide if ab 5 should apply to their workers supporters of the law say employers misclassifying workers as independent contractors to bypass wage and benefit protections, the bill's author assemblywoman lorena gonzalez tweeted tuesday in part. >>worker misclassification hurts everyone we will continue to clarify this law
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but rest assured it mom to be replaced who people to be treated fairly early protection under the law far in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>when this is year >>i still working to not too much, but there's a little time. >>little presidential procrastination there. mister trump is certainly not the only one without a christmas gift for his wife on this christmas eve. plumb many are spending time at home with family there are plenty of others making that last minute dash to the mall. according to the national retail federation 56% of people by their final gifts in the final days leading up to christmas. >>we spoke with people at the 10 for him all and while most are not stressed out others for in a bit of a panic mode. >>a last minute is what it is
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and is having biggest >>cited as uh parking yes, getting into the mall yes and the word and sighting comes and i know i just take my time i must rest i did the bulk of it online actually i think 5 days ago that on amazon did a huge bulk order then came in last minute to the surge is to get a climb as they usually are my shot. you know we need you wait so long amazon prime so to all you got to go to >>the international council of shopping centers actually predicted 74 million americans were out today, picking up a gift on christmas eve. i have to admit i was one of >>abuses see what melania ends up he's got a pulse and to get there most americans might be dreaming of a white christmas but here's reality most people will probably be disappointed this year the national oceanic and atmospheric administration
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has created this map highlighting the probability. a white christmas in. all the towns across the us and as you can see most of the country will see above average temperatures so no snow. >>but as chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us people right here in the they might be seeing some snow is that true how about that we're we got a shot at seeing some snowflakes night on the sea level so it's time to your front door when you wake up tomorrow morning over the mount ops there's a real possibility in fact the snow level is going to be dropping overnight tonight to about a 3500 feet so get them out hamilton gets job loeb certainly some chance of some snow there in the north bay to in fact we're already beginning to see some of that snow on the doppler radar also chance of an isolated thunderstorm or 2 we're going to see maybe a quarter to about an inch of rainfall around the bay area, the weather spots and then decreasing showers into the afternoon very cloudy out there right now it seems light showers showing up already we've got the heavier amounts of rain coming this not going to be huge storm but it's cold
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you got the very cold air out there the scene in place right now already beginning to drop some of those showers around the bay area so. >>yeah we've got some light showers million along the peninsula parts of the east they're seeing some showers and how about that mount hamilton getting some snowflakes right now so if you get a little clearing tomorrow, maybe by the afternoon. look up the mountain tops you may just see some that snow also diablo starting to see some of the snow in that direction along the coastline and not high enough in just a little too warm to get the snow there, but you are seeing some scattered light showers in the north bay though some scattered showers and near clearlake we're starting to see some of the snow over the mountain tops there so certainly an interesting night ahead as we've got some cold air already in place today, another cold system diving into the bay area very chilly temperatures is 42 degrees right now in fairfield the with the clouds outside 42 insanely to 45 degrees in petaluma and looks like overnight tonight going to keep those clouds in place bring in a few more showers a couple of snowflakes over the mountain tops, here's the storms kind lineup out there we've got a series of them and
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then one last low is going to swing off the coastline moving all the way down to southern california. but tomorrow, i'm not going to be a washout but certainly chance of showers often on especially in the morning. thank arts. today's san francisco, thousands of people took part in a special tradition. >>happens every christmas eve at glide churches annual prime rib luncheon, it's held in the tenderloin kron four's charles clifford was there. >>well right now i'm inside blind here to allison taylor in san francisco and this is their annual christmas eve. prime rib lunch now the house of prime rib which is over and then ask for the 26 year in a row has donated a prime rib for this lunch and they give about 3,000 pounds of prime rib this year in about 2800 people are expected to arrive here at glide eat a free meal applied also has volunteers bag up lunches and take it out on to the streets to folks who maybe can't make it in here to the dining room, no i did have a chance to talk with you joe mets who is the owner of the house of prime rib eye many says that the need in san
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francisco is real it's real it's always has been hunger is nothing new. and if you kind of help a little everybody should do is not a big deal and also helping out today here at glide california's lieutenant governor with a chance to speak with her and talk about what the state is doing to help alleviate homelessness across california we have the highest one of the highest levels of poverty in the country. >>and a lot of that comes from the cost of housing and the cost of living in general so. >>and we have to look at the structure challenges as well and see how we're going to provide more housing, how we're going to be able to you know give more as this tends to people so that they can keep their head above water. >>takes about 250 volunteers to make this lunch but the need doesn't end after the holidays during the course of the year live provides about 800,000 meals to those in need and takes a lot of volunteers to make that happen to anyone who might want to help out you
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can contact glide here in san francisco for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news side. >>trying to keep off the pounds during the holiday the one drink experts now say could help. >>and we are tracking santa on this christmas eve is over canada. headed towards ontario as we we'll keep you posted on that and the weather conditions here locally we'll be
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>>are you worried about packing on pounds this holiday season. well drink some coffee. that's right drinking 4 cups of coffee daily could produce weight gain from a diet high in fat and sugar. scientists at the university of illinois found rats that consumed caffeine gained 16% less weight and accumulated 22% less fat than those who didn't they tested the rats using mott a tease synthetic caffeine and caffeine extracted from coffee. the
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results don't mean you should skip eating healthier overdo it on the caffeine. it's important to maintain a balanced diet research was published recently in the journal of functional foods. >>the danger to your health popping up at airports across
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>>if you're heading to the airport over the holiday season watch out health officials are trying to track down people in 5 states who may have been exposed to measles including here in california, jones reports now the virus was brought by travelers who recently flew to cities across the country. >>this holiday week could come with an unwanted and dangerous surprise measles. authorities say people infected with the highly contagious virus traveled through at least 5 airports in recent days and may have exposed others to the disease just the latest in a string of similar incidents this year now happening at the
8:31 pm
busiest time to travel. an unidentified person visited the airport and several other locations around austin texas between december 14 and december 17th, including a restaurant a grocery store and a target. >>and the individual became ill on december, the 14th and developed a rash on december, the 17th on that same day december 17th, he boarded a flight from austin to chicago united flight 7.90. i was a connecting flight to virginia health officials are working to inform people who may have been exposed it's important to remember >>measles can be a deadly disease in chicago health officials are investigating possible measles exposure is around the same time at o'hare airport and 2 restaurants, the state of virginia is investigating possible exposures at the richmond airport and a doctor's office on december 11 3 unvaccinated children with measles visiting from new zealand likely exposed travelers at denver and los angeles international airport. the cdc is contacting
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passengers who flew on the same planes the measles virus spreads through coughing and sneezing and can live in the air for up to 2 hours. symptoms can include a high fever cough runny nose, pink eye and of course, a red slash heat rash on average it takes about 2 weeks for the rash to develop and a person is contagious for 4 days before and after the rash appears the best way to stay safe, make sure you receive the recommended 2 doses of the vaccine measles was declared eliminated in the united states nearly 20 years ago, but there's been an upsurge in cases as vaccination rates have declined the cdc has reported more than 1200 measles cases in 31 states in 2019. the highest number in nearly 3 decades. i consider it a really in irony that you have one of the most contagious viruses known to man. >>juxtaposed against one of the most effective vaccines that we have and yet we don't do and have not done what could be done namely
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completely eliminate and eradicate this virus. >>and that was the scene in jones reporting tonight the cdc says the risk of getting infected on a plane is still low but health officials say airplanes and other crowded spaces like bart. well always an opportunity for transmission. >>as we check on the 4 zone forecast now get a live look at. >>sfo and we head down south to la access. >>look at all the traffic that is may have for people trying to catch a last minute flight try to make it home for christmas or wherever you are going be better to be at sfo a rather than l a x that looks miserable. >>kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now looking at what people can expect here in bay area i thought things were rough and in the bay area earlier today but boy then you look at la and that is just a tough go tonight and. >>well around the us, here's the good news, you may have some delays given the airport
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just a park but for the most part things have opened up in fact in to san francisco. now yeah, we're looking good. we have some delays earlier in the day sky still cloudy we've got a couple of scattered showers popping up and so that may briefly cause some delays but for the most part things are pretty open and clear there are now around the country, including los angeles doesn't look bad in looking very good. i was just checking on travel delays all across the united states can't find any right now so that is great news if you're just taken time may take a little bit to get there. but a man near looking good traveling all across the temperatures getting chilly outside right now we've got a lot of 40's begin to pile up out there getting closer to the 30's and some of the interior valleys and well that's a perfect combination to start squeeze out some snowflakes least across the higher peaks right now just some light scattered showers popping up but you can see that in that snow just east of san jose over the mountain tops there amount hamilton diablo are seeing that and also in the north they get near clearlake we're seeing some of the snow falling
8:35 pm
across some of the peaks there too. it is going to stay a bit went overnight tonight in fact it will be picking up after midnight or we've got stronger cell that expected to come in you see those bands we could see some thunderstorms roll on through into early tomorrow morning. and you notice the pink and the blue that some snow pop up over the mount ops the middle of the day things begin apart just a little bit but we're going to keep things a little bit unsettled decreasing showers in the afternoon to keep that umbrella handy. keep a jacket who is going to be cold on christmas day. i thank you lawrence now some national news and senate democratic leader. >>chuck schumer here as well as senate republicans and president trump there are continuing to battle through this holiday break washington correspondent morgan wright has the latest on what a senate impeachment trial might look like. as the president spends the holidays at a south florida resort senate democrats say all they want for christmas is a fair and speedy impeachment trial fair
8:36 pm
means documents. >>witnesses senate democratic leader chuck schumer continues to pressure senate republican leader mitch mcconnell to allow documents and white house witnesses and a senate impeachment trial if it doesn't have documents and witnesses going to seem to most of the american people. that is a sham trial. and i even try to get the primary players in this corruption drama to come in give testimony i think is a total abdication of our responsibility connecticut democratic senator chris murphy says senate rules should require a fair and impartial hearing of the case against the president is just amazing to me that mcconnell proudly telegraph to the country. >>that he's taking all of his marching orders from donald trump but the president told reporters christmas eve. it's the house democrats who have been unfair. >>they didn't give us to process lawyer that you give us any now they come to the senate and they want everything the president says he's counting on senator
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mcconnell to provide him a fair trial. but speaker of the house nancy pelosi still hasn't said if form when she plans to send the senate the articles of impeachment hopefully of >>they'll be on the way over trump on the house and senate won't return to capitol hill until after the new year. >>reporting in washington, i'm morgan right. >>taking you to see the pope for getting a look at the sounds of the christmas eve service at the vatican tonight. >>miss the opportunity to wish you a merry christmas you. >>and with some people are calling it creepy christmas message from former house of cards star kevin spacey. >>and we're tracking santa claus will tell you where he is coming up
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>>kevin spacey is wishing the world a merry christmas in a very distinct way. >>killed them was kind. the actor posted this nearly minute-long video on youtube today in it he channels his house of cards character. >>frank underwood is wishes for more kindness in the new year the video is titled kt wk an acronym for kill them with kindness spacey has been entirely absent on social media this year. the embattled actor has been fighting assault allegations in court in one case against him. and this summer the da in cape cod said that spacey's accuser refused to testify in the da dropped that case you can go on. >>and next ed 8 the reason the notre dom is no longer able to have their christmas service. and only 2 weeks after and tequila shots to tailgaters
8:42 pm
before the race year's final game at the coliseum oakland's own marshawn lynch is now a seattle seahawk again jimmy garoppolo and derek carr have their thoughts before the return of peace
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>>for more than 200 years during 2 world wars, the great depression people have celebrated christmas mass at notre dame cathedral, but after that iconic church was gutted by fire back in april. parishioners are attending services elsewhere this year and. >>hoping in this season of hope for a miracle that the church is actually restored within 5 years reporter melissa bell explains. >>1st quarter on social media, the flames quickly took home. as tourists and parisians alike hooked on a gostin helpless notre dom burned. >>the more than 850 year-old beams that held up its navy
8:46 pm
known as the forest went up in smoke and to the costs of the on looking crowd. the cathedral's 19 th-century spire for 9 hours the fire raged. >>that by morning. the crowds who gather to inspect the damage found that much of the still stood. the french president announcing an ambitious timetable reconstruction and one that you want to get to for them we will rebuild our notre dame even more is being i wanted completed 25 years, you know we can do it. >>8 months on that rebuilding work hasn't even begun. it's taken this long just to secure the building with 3 weeks last over the summer when fears of lead poisoning lead to the closing of the site. >>the reconstruction will begin yes time more or less the building is still franchise because of the scaffolding weighing on the wall on the walls and so means
8:47 pm
a lot of ticks charity a lot of professional work and once again we have fantastic teams. >>last week a giant crane was cemented nearly 7 feet deep to allow a new scaffolding to be built the needs in with the old one be removed a delicate operation since for now it is what's holding the structure up. from inside the nave the scale of what's to be done is all that clear which will remain silent on christmas eve for the first time in 216 years. and for now there's little hope to christmas mass will be celebrated here any time soon. >>it's exceptional, i you this hasn't happened for 850 s. such a blaze of the tricky part how to know and how to go as false as possible without going to fall. and you really i have to make sure all the
8:48 pm
everything will stand and will stand for least another 850 >>as for what it will look like the jury is out architects are vying for a chance to redesign the cathedral's spire and whether or not the fusion of saddam will be very different to the old it is achieving the five-year deadline that looks from here. he nothing short of miracle. >>alyssa bell cnn paris. >>pope francis lead the traditional christmas eve mass at the vatican on tuesday, the annual mass is a critically important observance in christianity bringing in thousands of worshippers to saint peter's basilica this year was no different the faithful crowded in from one end of the basilica to the other to be part of the mass the pope is set to give his annual address at noon on christmas day. >>time
8:49 pm
>>well you are and is here so i don't get fined or in my case fired marshawn lynch coined that phrase during media day as super bowl 49 feels appropriate to bring it back because beast mode is officially back in the nfl. the seattle seahawks officially signed oakland native earlier today lynch had been out of the league all season and haven't played a game in 16 months of course he most recently played for the raiders the seahawks suddenly became thin at running back after losing their top 3 running backs over the past 2 weeks, we don't know how effective marsh on will be after such a long layoff but we will find out very quickly the seahawks host the niners on sunday in the biggest game of the season for both teams here with both his former quarterback and the one he will face this sunday think about his return. surprised i mean. >>guys al the play. i mean it real. he's playing so school series. >>so you've got i love
8:50 pm
>>i was it was the i miss that guy but is good to see him he's a football player. and some funny conversations with them, especially this year. we i don't know if you come back and play football. a talking to these back and that's that's a good thing for >>all right now speaking of that big game richard sherman and the niners were on the practice field getting ready for that seahawks game. he probably won't admit it. but these games against seattle must mean a little more to sherm being that it's his former team, but this really is a game that anyone will be up for division-rival with home-field advantage throughout the playoffs more importantly that first round bye which both teams desperately. >>the level of intensity of these games as a its real think if you don't know that going into your minute beds to that spot. so i think just our team's mindset. when started these guys as monday night
8:51 pm
here i was shell of atmosphere too so you don't know what you're getting into. >>and that game has been flexed to sunday night kickoff will be at 5.20 now, i'm not in the business of making game predictions. but i will say that i will say this listen i think this game is a difference between a early exit in the playoffs and the super bowl for the 49 ers i think if they lose this game and have to start on the road either in dallas and philly and keep playing. i'm not sure they'll make a suitable, but if they win this game and they get home field throughout. i do think dove answer super bowl do you got. i don't know is is only tuesday asked me again on thursday or friday. >>that sounds like face of the as appreciate what mayweather
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>>christmas is this week but we're only a week away from new year's eve in the beginning of a 2020 years so that ground for celebrating
8:55 pm
all night long on the 31th getting into the new year with the help of our sister station in las vegas. here's a quick look at what you can expect. >>we will be taking you to fireworks shows across the country and will be capping it all live in one of the most unique city in hundreds of thousands of people will flood the las vegas strip for america's party 2020 >>the experience. 3 minutes straight fireworks will shoot off of 7 iconic hotels, including aria caesars palace and gm grand planet hollywood the strat treasure island and the venetian just part of the year is right around the theme is the big 20 to celebrate its 20th year of the new year's eve party on the strip. the fireworks will be sing the songs from the year 2000 and you can watch it all here. >>the first time on the las vegas strip. we have a a new exclusive to grugy comment that is of the hatching of the day just a 10 digit countdown
8:56 pm
going from the tops of for the properties of firework countdown like this has never been done before. >>the show people won't want to will be a party spots up and down the las vegas strip including deer park at paris las vegas. >>the stratosphere the hard rock cafe the south point the brooklyn bowl and of course to be right in the middle of the night this year on las vegas boulevard you can watch the celebrations from new york dallas to denver so join us for the biggest party of the year right here on this channel on new year's eve. >>and kron four's new year's eve. spectacular is back. you heard about vegas that starts in the 8 o'clock hour but my lovely better half justine waltman and i will be around at 1130 so stay up late with us we'll count down to the new year fireworks over the ferry building in san francisco is the only live fireworks show in the bay and we hope you can join us. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock don't go anywhere. we're here for a couple more hours on for news
8:57 pm
of dry time just getting started will be back right now for kron 4 news at night right after this quick break.
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9:00 pm
watching kron 4 news at actions pulled out a firearm and demanded money. >>is a police are looking for this man he's seen in surveillance video robbing a convenience store and then pepper spraying the clerk and several customers. good evening, everybody merry christmas eve. thanks for being with us tonight at 9 i'm grant lotus and i'm michelle kingston in for vicki liviakis tonight. >>it happened at the grog shop liquor in delhi on santa rosa avenue. that's where we find kron four's taylor bus aqi live now with more now


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