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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 31, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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this last day of 2019 and i kind of azy guy last day of the make sure all like retrospective thinking about the decade break fight about 2020 though excitefirework show to happening tonight. yes, and we got good weather for a guys night to be talking about good stuff st as long as snow fog, good 10 take it. i thnk so too you know what wewe can handle some cold temperatures which it will be chilly for students who want to bundle up. but we are going to stay dry, most importantly and as mentioned are not going to be looki at a whole lot of fog it's going to be pretty clear out there for those fireworks so this is your view this morning. it's obviously been clear throughout the morning so far we've had some inland areas with some spotty low clouds but hasn't really impacted the drive nor hasit impacted your view of the horizon, so 's been a nice solid morning. redwood city double in concord you've beenchilly in the 30's now tomorrow morninisn't expected to be quite as chill as this morning has been nor wilbe tomorrow around
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midnight temperatures arund the upper 40's. so if you step outside san francisco or berkeley rit now and you're going to be out there at the fireworks tonight. >>feel that temperature pretty close to what it's going to be feeling like arounfireworks time tonight with temperatur in e upper 40's around midnight and san francisco and right along the y on into the evening tonight now as far as clo cover goes we're still staying, nice and clear there's going to be an increase in cloud cover this evening working its wain from the north y and that's not going to result in any visibility issues because it's ing to be sting well above the bay if anything it's going to keep temperatures a bit more moderate this evening which is a good thing is you step outside for fireworks. a brief period where some pod tonight, but by the time we work to fireworksbesides justccents of fog we should actually be oking at solid is ability at this time fog tracker is showing that visibility in oakland hayward and san francisco should be interfering muchwith you getting outside and enjoying the display so temperatures in
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the upper 40's tonight, winds ataround 12 miles per hour. so there will be a wind chill factor you want at jacket on get some comfortable shoes because you're going to be standing out there with a whole lot of peopl increasingly cloudy skies but tht should be sitting above the base and not interfering with your fireworks and pretty free of fog overalthat's exactly what you want to see in the new year's eve just be careful out there and bundle up. >>robinll right, thank you john checking back in on our earlier hot spot. all lanes open on the nimitz we had a crash 80 north just north of high street that was blocking several lanes of traffic. so the alert was canceled you're already looking good traffic is improving ickly but still sluggish from the coliseum approaching high street, you drive time down to 15 minutes that's a nice improvement from san leandro to downtown oakland checng in on 5.80 which is your best alteate right, it's 14 minutes fm castor valley to downtown oakland. so yeah, no real need to allow work your way around the nimitz anymore sinceit's improving quickly into san francisco, 80 westlooking good moving well delay free.
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so we like to see folks are off for the holidays, so n backup here 8 minutes for the drivoff to fremont stree tonight, no doubt about it san fransco along the embarcadero in fact for the party that lge yeah they're already preparing we saw the barricades as we were driving into san francisco. yeah you have to make sureyou take al the proper prcautions and that's what city leads are doing they want to make sure that everyone staysafe tonight kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco with the details on what they'reoing to keep people safe sarah. >>yeah that's definitely we nt to do you want tstay safe while having fun that what you need to do inyour car, but in the meantime san francisco officials are preparing for thousands of people to flockhere to the embarcadero for that midnight fiworks show take a look at some of this video you can see the barricades and they have set uphey need to make re that people you know don't overflointo the streets then they also portpotties down here which makes it rlly good because it's really not a lot of that and don't you let
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me let me tell you from firsand experience airport here all the time and other signs out here that say you know if you want to merge and see notificatio you can text and now is something god , 7, forbid happens you can get alerts know joining us now is francis tomorrow, 's with the sfa emergency management tell us what people can do stay safe. >>sir and so while the city is doing its part to keep you safe. therare things that you can do as well one of e things, especially with large cloud just large crowds have a plan have a meet-up spot, it's really easy to get separated if you plan on going to a bar restaurant club don't accept the drinkfrom a stranger. purchase your own drink. if you plan on drinking make sure you have an alternative transportation plan muni is free from 08:00pm to 05:00am today for new year's eve. i know make sure you have a designated driver we want to get home safely today. >>no excuses that's ee and freemunir i didnt get yes it media speed from 08:00am o
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time 08:00pm to 05:00am today and so you know hop oyou to get to where u need to go and now we just talked with the san francisco police department and they said they are gong to have patrols all vantage point to even see what are yoguys doing to also make sure u prepare for worst-case scenario sure so we have our 911 dispatchefully staffed we have additional radio channels opento support but we have activated our e emergency operations center. so we have r local agencies state agencies nd federal agencies everybody from the >>fire department to muni but we also have homeland security and in t house as well and so. >>it's it's make sure that we are well coordinated to make re pele can stay safe but in the event something happens we're ready we're leaning forwa and respond. yes, not necessarily means is inside a scary thing, it's just a precaution to make sure that ople can be safe while enjoyig amazing fireworks. >>absolutely i meaas the
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city does big events and all the time what their speed of there's more than a 100. eve, events taking place spanning all cultural tradition so what e you hearing the embarcadero or you're a bar restaurant enjoying at yourself who want to have a sa time want to enjoy san francisco. >>and a bundle hall where freezing out here. yes layer up. >>you know en though it's going to be like in the 40 is going to be the 40'so around midnight and so where we where some layers ndle up where had if you ca you know if you if you're drinking get that kind oflowers your core body temperature and soyou want to make sure that you're taking care of urself all right, thank you so much for joining us and 's not kidding, it's ally cold out he. i think is about 49 degrees and i'm shivering it's going to be colder han that so make sure you maybe you are summit ends on your hands and you bundle up the kids are bringing them down here for the firewos it's on one more time i will repeat who can a text.
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>>and y e s f 2, 8, 8, 8, 7, quick way to get alerts say something were to happen or you neeto get an emergcy alert from a police they some that t if need be. >>for now have a great new year's eve will send it back to you guys in the studio sarah be honest with you see midnight robin in your read we will not be seeing midnight i want to try m going to try. >>u guys come 20 turn into new decade you've got to stay up, takes drink some coffee, theuo caffeine pill. i don't care if you got to say 2020 habeen the hy girl for the last week ll my friends as john have been telling you we've got to o big or we got to go home and don't go home i like that last phra go home go home will love that king sarah still go all right. thank you sarah. happening today,a cafornia highway trol they will be out in full force for new year's eve mind that p will be under in maximum enforcement with extra officers on the road.
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>>they're keing eyes open for drunk drivs a distracted drivingnd alsospeeders so they say that if you plan on drinking to have a safety plan in place, ou know hop in a taxi use the rideshare servi uber left have a designated sober driverwith u or consider public transportion and speaking of a mass transit some agencies offering free service ac trsit. yeah that's going to be free that's one option for you for new ar's eve tonight so from 08:00 tonight through 05:00am new year's day. it's fr all boxes so spare boxes in those clipper card readers goi to cover just in case you forget you try and give them your money anyway, they're not going accept it. newly so offering free service tonight also from 08:00 to 05:00am ne year's day. now if you plan on hoppg on bart bart is not free they haven't said anything about free service but they ll run trains all night until 03:00am tomorrow morning. now you ha to pay
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close attention because if you're on the antioch richmond line keep in nd that those trains will skip the embarcadero stop they'll head to montgomery instead if you're on the blin, warm springs line headi into san francisco. it will skip montgomery embarcadero will be your stop so it's very important neyear's day. they're running on a sunday schedule service does not start until 8. and oh how fewer trains moving throughout the system and of course we have our big party at kron four's new yes eve spectacular is back it's going to be right here justine waltman austin hernia grant lot at 11:30pm. they're going to be counting down to the new year right here in san francisco with our beautiful fireworks show over the ferry buildingit's the only live fireworks show in the bay area. also if you plan on driving andyou are not sober. aaa will also pick you up d your car so keep tht in mind as well, no charge for aaa. >>they area, jesh leaders ey are condemning the violent attack at a rabbi's home in suburban new york on
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saturday 5 people werstabbed at the celebraon the rabbi's home. federal hate crime charges. they've been fileagait the suspect. the stabbings the hour of major concern to the local jewish community who say these hate filled acts must end immediately in the meantime they are going to be proactive for security measures. this comes after a deadly shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. and as pittsburgh pennsylvaa and thenthere was another one that happened near san diego. >>we're aware of a what's out there. and we're taking precautions and the encouraging that. most our community people should be ab to celebrate and observe their practices without. >>fear for their own physical safety. the synagogue shooting near san ego was a big part of the push for state lawmakers to makthe $15 million investmt in security. could be eligible for up ton
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$200,000 for enhanced security. >>coming up next on the kron :04am morning news, a cell phone rbery caught on camera and now lice are looking for the feet. and today is the adline to file inrance claims against pg fothe 2017 2018 wildfires, what you need to know you believe the utility es you money. >>meet may note the worst for the environments and
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>>welcome back the time now 7.14 thanks for waking up with us we're checkg in on the forect because a lot of you want to know what it's going to feel like outsi later today and ater tonight, yeah, good day ahead of us guys, especiallythis afternoon i know we'll enjoy the jog yesterday. yeah, i love the afternoons not hot not cold perfect for working out grea
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day to day to get back out there a litt warmer than yesterday actually early and tonight given to be a little less chilly than this morning. it's been so these are all good things and you can alrea see skies are nice and clear across the bay area we're going to hold on to these clear skies today now tonit you will notice a few more clouds drifting across the region. and what we are going to be seeing is some partly cloudy skies by the time fireworks were t up from n francisco is actually going to be a bit good news because once called coveralls and use tend to lose a little less of that heat. so you're going to see temperatures not quites chilly as early in the evening. high pressure is building in so we're going to stay dry we're going to stay mi lots of sunshine today andaside from just a touch fog here and there i am ancipating some fog mong through after sunsettonight. briefly i don't think it' going to walk out his ability tomuch and it's not going to stick around for too long eitherwhat we're going to see is just a touch of so low clds around fireworks time and some good visibility for your fireworks so all in all a
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good one to get out there get into the ci i know it's going to be a hassle to get your spot, but it should be nice just be bundl up that's the biggest thing you got to worry about this evening come tomorrow a few more ouds but will remain dry for your new year's day a good new year's day to be getting out and about and enjoyg what may be a day off for yo 50's for mostf today's daytime highs today alough a few of us are going to be working their way up into the 60's with a few mo 60's on your 4 zone forecast tt yesterday like in carlos and motain view as well as almost all ofthe south bay aside from morgan hilwhere yoll be at 58 today. union ty also 58 for e daytime high with similar numbers in oakland conquered walnut creek in richmond, north bay temperature some of our warmest fairfield our warmest spoin the day at 67 today that is abov average for this timeof year. it's going to be feeling really nice. so tonight, chilly bundle upfor new year's eve fetivities do expect dry conditions into tomorrow ahead of what will be just a few showers friday night into
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saturday morni. >>rob all right. thank you jn checking in on traffic. it's not about this morning, 're looking good on 80 into san francisco. we've had a pretty ea trip leaving the maze into downtown so come on and 8 minutes after fremont street richmond sandra fell you're looking ood here at the tolls but we had an accident at the west end. so it is slow from its span to the we and because of that crash right bere send quinn which may still be lingering so just heads up for that re at 19 minutes that's why the drive time went up 19 minutes from the tolls out one oh one we'll eck more bridges coming up a little bit later we'll robin if you plan to e pg any the clock is tiing on you today is the deadline for insurance claims against. >>the power agency if you were affected by the wildfires in rthern california in 2017 18. kron four's dan kerman has the details if you lost your home in the campfire or one of more than 2 dozen other northern california fire >>there's lessthan 24 hours for you to file a claim with
7:18 am
pg any. >>it's critically important this will be e last deadline to register your claim as a creditor in the tourney and nuns fire survivor helen said work is part of the grp survivors of the pga fires. >>they've set up the website pge fire fo dot com to help before the 05:00pm deadline on december 31th >>sobody who lost a homemade only put down their deductible which is way too low because in addition to their deductible they may have lost trees say they have lost time to work and they may also have a moion trauma. so up when in doubt on the when you're filling out this war put down too much rather thn too little cedrick reminds people even ithey were not physically injured in the fires. injury because that also applies to emotional distress. she also saysthere's been some incorrect assumptions about which fires are inuded one of the biggest questions
7:19 am
is whether people who are affectedy the tubbs fire which is many thousands week bankruptcy. in that pg e >>and they are being included inthe proposed settlement. >>in fact the northern california fire list ncludes more than 2 dozen fires. now than miss your chance. into the kids education funds or their retirement funds rebuild. so the ward will help them cover that way. >>claims can be filed in person at a handfuof p g service centers or you can file electronically again that deadline is 05:00pm on esday. dan kerman kron 4 ne. >>for ur money this morning, this is the hottesttime of the year for online dating new study says meat y not be the worst food for the environment. jane king is live at the nasdaq ith those stors and much more. good morning. jamie to hear about the story about sharon stone and bumble that had yeah what
7:20 am
a crazstory about was so we'll have more on that the online dating here a send will. >>but a japase base study found that consumptioof sweets alcohol and restaurant food ads to family's carbon footprint more than other food and drink choices oth found that at consumption was actually relatively constant per household,the carbon footprints were not so said households with the higher carbonfootprints tended to consume food from restaurants well as more vegetables and it was the level of consumption of sweets and alcohol that which is 2 to times higher than families with low carbon footprints that really stood out. well you too will soon look at the data it collects on videos designed for ildren, the wall street journal says this is to comply with a federal privacy clan tell parentand consumer advocates love this, but it could be a financial blow to creators of free chilen content on youtube and new year is the most active imfoonline dating many singles th around the family dinner table during e holiysof thing maybe the better they had a partner might be some new year's
7:21 am
resutions and here well dating apps ozcan typically sees a 20%jump in users in the first 2 weeks othe ar and the harmony says it sees a similar increase in bile restrations well a lot of a space x hope so much starship for the first time within2 to 3 months. this flight dign prototype of starship is unr construction at space x's texas facility. the starship is a fully reusable and potentially pinninrocket system that m land the first people on mars live from the nasdaq rket site i'm jane thank once again, and we will see you next year. >>i think the next yer. >>still ahead on the on 4 morning news, a new year means unique laws that are going t 2 into effect in califnia. a little peek outside before go traffic looks fantast boats are off their out of towney're making plans for new year's eve in the celebration tonight and they good for you if you do have 's
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commutinto san francio fre will chec
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>>welce back san francisco police and the city's tenderloin neighborhood they made several arrestin the past week. authoritiesay that with the help of their narcotics department they were arrested9 drug dealers they've over $30 and took cocaine and fentanyl off the streets. lson when prison officials announced the death of a condemned inmate 73 year-old philip to blonsky he was found unresponsive in his ce on december 12th and he was pronounced dead 20 minutes later 2 blonsky had been on death row since august of 1994 mother-in-law and his wife tip on skis cause of death is pending the results of an autopsy. >>still ahead news thieves they break into half a dozen homes and one night in th
7:26 am
east bay. now neighbors are taking action. kron four's end of the year specacular is back join us new year's eve starting at 08:00pm with our countdown to new year's eve join me grant lotus and need justine waldman starting at 30 live from san francisco as we bring in 2020 with fireworks over the very building but we're not done wake of neyear's morning parade live from pasadena our coverage starts at 06:00am with backstage at the parade. >>then see all the pageantry of the 131stose parade live commcial-free from what'd we decide on the flyers again? uh, "fifteen minutes could sa you 15%
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>>lcome back the time now 7.29 we're still lking about our plans and all the fun thin are gointo be happening tonight, new year's eve. so just in case you're holding off and you want to first here, yeah, i feel the pressure got o really not
7:30 am
really because it's going to ptty nice talk about the effort right fog fog. >>that dreaded karl as they call themselves a lot of to yeah if there is a presee of . carl it's going to be just a little bit of it happened that should be locking out the view here's even a trace of curl trace a so we actually have had some inland fog times and you saw just a touch of a berkeley this morning, mostly just a little linof it not blocking out your view and what you're going to see tomorrow morning isgoing to be a lot of the same 90% clear sks and then that 10% where you will just have a little bit of fog here there is going to be touchy anit's not going to be anything that i anticipate blocks outyour view of thosfireworks. so we do have clear skies over son skies leak it out there in the distance some cloud cover also in the distance though the sign thaat times today you will see some high passing clds. temperatures right now are in the 30 and 40's for most areas ifyou're stepping outside in san francisco berkeley tub or honorable a.
7:31 am
remember how that temperature feels because actually going to be pretty similar in these areas to what we're going to see at midnight tonight so upper 40's to be expected right around midnight temperatures, denitely cool enough that you want to undle up but nothing that should stop from going out and enjoying the new year if you want to do so lots ofsunshine expected today just as much yesterday, fog tcker does show some spots of f you see how those are areas are moving into the bay at times but right around midnight tonight. fog tracker showing that now visibility is going to be holding up just fine and san francisco for your fireworks ths evening temperatures in the 's and 40's to start the day as i just mentioned by the afternoon ahead we're in the 50's and 60's nice mostly sunny day ahe. rob all right. thank you john we're checking in a crash that we have working on the richmond sandra fell bridge, it's coming off the bridge. >>it is westbou at the west end, but it's before you get the san quinn exit. we still have emergency crews on scene blocking the left lane i thoughthis is out of the way
7:32 am
but no it's still there. and fact let's pull up a caltrans camera there it is so we're getting a live look what's like we have a couple of tow trucks and they're pullin off. they were just holding all lanes of traffic folks are getting through a sea of fire truck up ahead as well. so ts is great news, bad traffic is moving as a tow truck going to stay there kn it's moving ok, good so this crash clearing 5.80 westbound at the we and the richmond sandra fell well before you getto send clinton they ran a lile traffic breathat tow truck still in the way just hold him back traffic. virtually have 2 lanes so you knowwe have something going on on the richmd sandra fell it's really hard to squeeze by and looks like the tow truck drers getting back out. we thought all lanes aren but no folks are squeezing by in the right lane only so this is what's causing are back up this morning. westbound we were just talking about how quiet and clear it was now this back stretches across the span through the toll plaza and of course that
7:33 am
pushes up your drive and look at that gives you a backup i'm gonna make this a hot spot 54 minutes because ofthe crash. i justshowed you from the pay gates off to one on one with the left lane sht down bay bridge traffic looks faastic. no delays here into san francisco, and 92 a little busy but not bad at all and easy trip of 13 minutes to the peninsula. we'll check back in on 5.80 coming up a little bit later well. >>the story that we continue to follow this morning 6 burglaries in one night all in the city of saramon and people there are very nervous. this morning until those thieves are caught they're beefing up their own security cost a little lean. it's unusual to have this many burglaries and one particular neighborhood happen at the same time. the thieves broke into homes all over town it happened on saturday. they haven't een caught yet. kron four's michelle kingston has details don't befe your house to be the next you know victim straws yet has a ring doorbell but was unab to capture the suspects who broke into his neighbor's home on satury night stealing
7:34 am
jewelry inside the for moving up withthis idea was said prty communy. >>and now it has started happening get too so i think i know what to do now is now installing a steel door and adding more cameras to his house. >>police s his neighbor was out for thenight when he arrived homehe found 3 people inside his house in his back door shattered more than shocked at what kid that and those guys looks to be pretty often as deep an argument scared when they saw that on that he's already in the house that. >>kind explains that deputy professional in that and a no matter and i don't know whether they were on guard are not dead than what happene i have my whole family living here. soum i don't know and in that right now i'm a little t east. good police say when enred the home they ran out and jued into a dark colored meedes waiting for them out front. >> they look for a house that looks like 's not
7:35 am
occupied as maybe the lights are off for the cars, not in the driveway. police say to alys make it look like your say burglaries are on the rise and sara mm but 6 residential burglaries and one night is usual. >>in san ramon, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>in the east cell phone robbery s caught on surveillce video lice released the video to us yesterday this all happened on street in concord this is back on december 22th pay attention to the left side of your screen you e the woman sitting the a person comes up to the woman and talks to the woman looks in us all of us and he abs her cell phone and takes off from the scene. the man tries to run out, but was not able to cch a catch that thief and in the meantime the concord police department they're saying you do havesome control if you st look up. >>this is also a good reminder to be aware of your surroundingsbecause how many times are we looking down our
7:36 am
phone we're focused on our surrounngs incident like this. it all happened in a mere w seconds and now this valued over a $1000. llness >>nquer police say the cell phone snatcher was rking with an accomplice. well ahead for the new laws will be going into effect tomorrow here in california, some of which other first of their kind in the nation. capitol bureau reporter ashley vala explains. california will be one of the fit states in the country to ban natural hair discrimination the measure givepeople of color the power to slow their hair freely in the form of urls locks and braids without fear it work and school state lawmakes passed the law after new jersey en was forced to cut off his hair to be eligible for a wrestling match beautindustryleaders celebrated the siing of the bill with govnor gavin newsome earlier this year. >>another first in the nation law in california ll challenge the beauty indury to do away with products tested animals starting in
7:37 am
january it will belegal to buy and sell beauty brands that have products with any ingredients tesd on animals, the industry has had more than a year to prepare for this after lawmakers passed th legislation in18 the author of the bill ys california will leave the cotry in supporting modern reliable cosmetic safety testing while protectinanimals fro unnecessary suffering in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. well coming up next 8 o'clock on the kron 4 morning news over is suing california over a new labor law that's gog into effect tomorrow we'll have tails on this new law in the next hour. >>also after the break a police officeresigns, all because of a
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>>welcome back a police chief a in kansas says that the officer who made up a claim that he was givena cup of coffee at mcdonald's with an expletive and e pick were on it has resigned so early
7:41 am
monday moing, the chief posted a photo of the p on facebook saying that yeah, you know he trusts that the officer when he informed him about this particular incident. police and mcdonald's they investigated the allegation. they started reviewing the surveillance video and both determined at the mcdonald's worker did not write the offensive message on that cup. so the chief says that the officer eventually confessed saidit was not true saying olds just a joke. >>this was completely and solely fabricated. by the herrington police officer. who is no longer employed with our agency, the actions of this former officer. we are absolutely in no way. reflective of the valuesand the typical character of the herrington police department. officer is to protect and serve with the highest level of integrity and trust. this incident has been an obvious. the violation of that public trust.
7:42 am
>>the chief al says that the former officer had only been with the department just a couple of months. his name is not being released but criminal chges are not expected. >>still aheadon the kron 00:04am morning newas we t ady to welcome the new decad we look back at the past dede and it was a wonderful yy wonderful 10 yrs for bay area sports. >>look ck. can my sidbe firm?
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>>welcome back coming up on 7.45 than for waking up with us it's our last morning newscast of 2019 we're excited about 20 how's the weather shaping up aping up to there you could we're going out and 2019. >>on a good now that's just wrong strong 20 nineteen's been dicey here anthey're seeing some we've seen some cold a little fog. but no fog tonight, the more importantl
7:46 am
don'say fog tonight, yeah karl is not what and know sleep,hen, yeah we can have you any other night toght because we've got some reworks and hey it is going to be nice out the to get up to some fiworks look at just how nice of the morning. it is how great is it to start the day like this we do have se sunshine not a lot of cloud cover would love to see the skies remaining this clea this evening now skies are goin throughout the day today high pressure sitting in place and that is helping to keep things nice try and for the most part pretty mild today's daytime highs areactually going be warmer than what we had for the day yesterday. so lots of sunshine out there tod future st showyou but on into the evening tonight. we will have anincrease in cloud cover r the most part sitting right above the bay which s actually going help to moderate temperatures somewhat so you can have evening lows, ot quite as chilly tomorrow morning. and that's your temperatures right around fireworks. midnight tonight will be in the upper 40's there will be a touch of fog but not enough to disrupt
7:47 am
those fireworks are still have a clear view them very likely across the bay we work our way into the afternoon if you don't want to stay out late tonight for fireworks does get t there and enjoy this daytime highs in the upper 50's towas the afternoon and low 60's for some parts of the bay such as in san carl in mountain view each up to 60 degrees and then the south bay which will also see daytime highs rising into the low 60's. the fremt hayward on upo 59 degrees conquered walnut creek and richmond. well our hottest temperatures since a hotter warmest of temperatures we'll be in vacalle and fairfield mid to upper 60 here fully how did the show right therewith yet 64 degrees. santa rosa ih taluma each in the low 60's morrow, temperatures a little rmer your first day ofthe new year looking pretty good just a few more clouds of thursday and friday hanginunder partly cloudy skies and a few showers overnight friday nightnto
7:48 am
saturday morning. robin all right, thank you let's check in on traffic. wee taking a peek at the richmond center fellridge. >>look at that nastylittle earlier accident westbound at the west end that was blocking one lane d then at one point they had both les blocked they were running traffic breaks to clear an injury accident so it's out of your way, but the back spills across the span through the tolls as you can see a little bit closer to e western drive on ramp to 5.80 west. so major lays here 31 minutes because of that crash to make it from the pay gates offto one on one so you've been warned get out there early or hold off the dre into san francisco looks good no problems here at the toll plaza quiktrip on the upper deck to downtown san francisco. san mateo bridge. it's hot spot freet's going to be easy drive over to the peninsula 14 minutes to connect to one on one traffic tracker showin great news for 5.80 west 6.80 souththe nimitz at the limited to 37 looks good milpitas is
7:49 am
sunnale well. robin 2010 to 2019 the bay area was basically titled towns so many. 10 years some great moments. right here in the bay area, especially for sports fans. >>the decade began with the san francisco giants beating the texas rangers. and the world seriesit was the first world series championship for apthe giants isn't team moveto san francisco in 19. 2 years later the oakland a's made e playoffs for the first time in 6 years the a's will make the playoffs 5 timeover this never made it st the first round. >>that same year however, the giants uld be back in the tigers. the series started off it. hittg 3 home runs in
7:50 am
game one remember that against justin verland he is just the 4th person to hit 3 home runs in world seriesgame in baseball history. there's romo the giants ent on to sweep the tigers and claim their cond championship in 3 years. then in february 2013 the san francisco, 9 ers went to the super wl for the first time since the mid 90's thatuper bowl is probably most memorable fothe ghts going out just after half-time. >>the niners fell behind y in that game and mounted a strong comeback in the 2n they came back just a little bit short member hardball with who's got it better than us no one. jump ahead to2014. the san ancisco giants complete their dynasty e strikes on the left arleft dbum remember that magnificent game 7 to just on 2 days rest in kansas city.
7:51 am
>>popped up that's a final out championships and 5 years remember that it's the even years so we knew it was going to be a championship the very next year lawyer said i got this they kicked off their dynasty when they beat king james and the caaliers in the nba finals right on cleveland'scourt. it was the first chpionship for the warriors and night seen since all went down. t there when it >>is would be the first 5 straight finals pearances for warriors. 2016 right to first to the bay area and february that year levi's stadium in santa clara hosted the super bowfor the first time steph curry even though he's the bay area's favorite he's from carolina. so he was oting for cam newton's peyton manning was tre and that was super bowl just few months later the san jose sharks made it to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchi history
7:52 am
unfortunately, they went on to penguins in game 6 left. next yearthe waters brought home their second nba championship in 3 seasons they once again. the lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers thanks to katie coming town katie was named the series mvp form. >>there was also some sad news that year that year, the nfl ownersapproved the team's move the oakland raiders to november of 2017 they broke ground. >>on theinew stadium but the celebration quickly returned to the east bay, the very next year when the warriors won their 3rd straight cmpionship. in 4 years they once again be king james right on his court as well it was the last championship, the warriors what ing to the east bay at least or this decade. because earlier this year the team opened the chase center. and officially moved to san francisco. unfortunately injuries have
7:53 am
played the warriors this season though kd katie's nd klay thompson sue staff assert and so now they're on fire you winning 4 straigt games or so but i hope to turn glory. this year also brought to the raiders fans when the raiders pl their last game at the oakland coliseum a couple weeks ago with a loss. d the coliseum >>to the jacksonville jaguars. ut the year and that on a very high note witthe 49 ers this was just a couple of ays ago when they won the nfc west on sund. >>an are the number e seed in the playoffs for the fir time since 1997 that win by the niners sets up what could be a fantastic start the new decade. 4 bay area sports fan what a great. 2010 to in the 2019 weretitle t
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>>cong up in the next hour on the kron morning news, to celebrateand ring in the
7:57 am
new year. we'll have everything you need to know to stay safe duri the holiday celebrations. and somebody shoots dog a very sad stor along the
7:58 am
7:59 am
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>>from the ar's local news station. you're watching kron 00:04am morning good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on this new year's eve on the kron 4 morning news i'm robin winsn filling in for darya folsom will tran in for james fletcher john this is it just last 8 o'clock in the rning news yes is makes kind of sad t's ok. >>there's going tobe so ch to look forward these the 20's roar and 24 ing 20 is the word the deferred or yeah we should start affect styles going to come back through it being held unified yeah, but we should we should


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