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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 31, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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morning newscast of 19 will tran in for james fletcher john travel in for john sure abl >>tells. >>for those who are i'm too old to go out but for those who plan to be in san francisco that's the hot spot. but you're saying it won't be for verbal hot yeah, not not hides but it will be mild not too cold right foggy will take and yes a little breezy here and therbut not too terribly windy and definitely right about the fog definitely not looking at too foggy in the evening. >>that's the most important thing nobody wants thfog on new year's eve. you want to see those fireworks and the good news is you're not going to be seeing too much of that fog. so here's some clear skies over san francisco, let'skeep those fingers crossed that this is something we see all through the rest of the yeaon into new year's eve because we want those fireworks to be in full display upper 30's inedwood city right now at 39 degrees elsewhere in the bay were in the 40's and low 50's so san mateo hayward conquered
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berkeley nevado napa if you' in these areas right now step outside for a second. outside it's going to be a pretty similar feel right fireworks are going off in san francisco tonight. so plan your outfit accorngly are probably going to be standing there for qte a while not moving too much you want to layer up and get cozy and not really planning on any sort of rainfall becau that's not hapning tonight just that cold weather we are going to see just a touch of fog at times on streaming on in the right around midnight tonight visibility is going to be just fine, so that's t something that should stop you getting ouide and enjoying the display upper 40's for your temperatures towards midnight tonight after daytime highs today in the upper 50's to low 60's increasingly cloudy skies around this time buthat's actually good news. it's going help to merate temperatures keeping temperatures from dropping too fast, free of g for much of the evening winds and not to give you some sort of wind shall see u do want to bundle up as you step outside tonight, i've got more
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on your forecast all the way through 2020 still to come. robin all right, thank you john, no deys to wor about right now heading into san francisco. it's been a nice trip throughout e morning that you're looking really off good here on 80 west clear through the maze smooth on the upper deck. we don't even have any problems on the skyway the james like the central freeway or 2.80 so come on in we'll check mo bridges coming up in a bit well. >>robin we are 15 hours and counting to the new decade new year. and so ma people will be heading into san francisco, thousands of them so safety is leaders are trying their very best to make sure everybody haa great time and enjoys eve festivities kron 4 sarah stinson is actualy live along the embarcadero to tell us what the city is doing to make re everybody has a great time sarah. >>we you're never too old to come down here we're celebrate
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new year's eve. this people here of alages me thousands of peopleflocking to the embarcadero just to see that amazing fireworks show and it's just the feel of it when you're down here, you're looking atthe skyline and you're having a good ti, but it's important to be safe. that's why a lot of the uh san francisco safety officials they've been gearing up for this take a look at some of the video shot earlier this morning was still dark out you can there the barricades they have you're going to have them overflow into the streets s making sure people stay safe and they ao have port-potts out here which is fantastic because there pressure um 7 years that's c going to be great for people and they also have electronic displays that show an emergen alert system that e san emergency management department made just for this a huge event so they de it point to do is text n y e s d text that 2, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7 that's d why the esf
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triple a triple 7 and that way you can be on alert, u know what's happening if worscase enario, something goes wn down here and they can tell you what to dowhere to go and m just keep you in the know police tell us that they're going to have avy patrols downere all over not only will people least be biking around walkg ound we'll see patrolbut they also have polie even in vantage point so you don't even see they will be checking on crowds, making sure everybody is safe. but they also need your help ake a listen to not only are police department but also our department talk to us about how we can stay safe. >>d if you see something that looks unusual to se someone acting suspiciously please call 911 fl down the nurse police officer have a plan, eecially large crowds, it's really ea toget separated. >>that's especially too when there's an emergency so set up a meeting spot with the our loved ones and with your riends and so you know where
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you can go in the event you get separated. also muni is going to be free for people from 8 o'clock tonight until 00:03am in the morning so if you're in san francisco, you'll have a guarteed free ride is also uber lyft etcetea but one thing you do need to knowis you're not going to older or you shodn't watch the fireworks from treasure island that was not a othat y want to go to i know it's traditionally a eat spot to see the fireworks buthis year there's just way too much construction they're they're building those homes that wl be done for nearly a decade and there's just no way to get in and out f therend you actuay even have a spot so they want to tell people stay withfrom treasure island just come down here to the embarcadero and you'll be able to see the fireworksshow it's going to be a night to remember as we ring in not onlya new year but a new decade, happy new year's eve and for now i'll send it back to thstudio you guys ok sarah so the next time a senior some of the fireworks
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showbecause you're young you have old i got shoes older than you so i know. >>you can make it to midnight if you don't i will be highly disappointed. >>well i have a good. good idea if you will what you have to do is you stay up tell new york's new year's eve when the ball drops pretend like it's midnight here and then you can go sleep is perfect 9 o'clock our time think i can do it how texts you jus tougheto take you so much sarah for that report. >>happening today chp officers will be out in full force tonht and new year's day they want to make sure that ople are safe and that y they will have that maximum enforcement period going on the roads loing for drunk drers distracted drivers, anybody causing any problems on the roadway. they say if you plan on drinking try to come up with a plan before y do try about mae had taxi or ride sharing service like uber and lyft having a designated driver to take you home or
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public transportation and if that doesn't work. call aaa because they have tow trucks around that will take you and your car me, public transportation also an option ac transit. they wiol be offering free service for tonight's festities. it's goes from 8 o'clock tonight in the morning all fare boxes and clipper card readers will payments. muni is also cept offering free servic starting at 8 o'clock thugh 5 o'clock in the morning on new year's day. and if you are taking part tonight trains will run until 3 o'clock in the morning keep in mind can richmond trai will skip the barcadero station in for you the montgomery station will be your locion. dublin and warm springs trains heading into san francisco. we'll skip montgomery, however, and then the embarcadero station that's where you will be opped off new year's day they will run sunday service begning at 8
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o'clock in the morning. so a lot lighter service when people wake up tomorrow kron four's new year's eve spectacular is back iif you cannot get out, but you want to see the fireworks. we have you covere justine waltm grant lotus also known as mister and miss's lotus ang with sanaa's to hernia they will ke over at 00:30pm tonight 30 minutes obviously countdown to 2020. we'll show you all the fun over the ferry building the fireworks going off the parties and keep in mind because we such a large company have tv stations all over theplace. well even show you what's going on in las vegas. breaking news that in the mass shooting last ing month in fresno that killed 4 people fresno police announced th morning that they have made arrests in the case, no information has been released. but wedo know that the is a news conference inlessthan 2 hours om now. so were sending crews from ousister
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station in freo to cover that news conference 4 people re killed while watching an nfl game in their backyard earlier this mnth. 2 people according to investigators went through an uncked gate in the backyard and started firin we do know that this involved the hmong community which is very typically peaceful. we don't know the motive of the homicide, the murder just yet. but we should ind out at 11 o'clk which we will stream that ws conference for you on our kron on app. happening now police are still looking for 2 men who stole laops from a best buy on el camino reale in san bruno the robbery take a look at this you can see the man walking in this was on sunday at round 8 o'clock at night, the best by secury guards actually try to stop the robbers but one of the men used a stun gun and then not the guard was just hurt by that or it was stopped by the stun gun and that allowed is to thieves to t out hopped into a silverfour-door sedan
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waiting outside for them. so information by looking at this video contact. the police department san francisco police and the city's tenderloin neighborhood and ve made several arrests in the past week. these are their mugshots authorities sawith the help of other narcotics department. they arrested 9 drug deal. there's seized over $350in took nearly 1000 in dole's of heroin cocaine and fentanyl off the streetsof the center of of san francisco. to the penisula dog is back home this morning aer someone shot the dog right in the nec the owner claims a man on a bicycle ramble right there. this all e happened on sunday night the bullet we under the skin of the dog and fortunaly did not hit any vitals while rambo is doing ok this morning police are still searching for e shooter. >>m i'm a because like there's people out there
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>>you know who who in tir right mind would shoot a dog or any animal in this an animal. my hope is for around ough to have of and welcome every. hopefullcatch us catch thiguy and then the streets thoughope is calm and hit some of the hits him back. >>check this out doctors they have chosen not to remove the bullet at th point the family has set up a go fund me page for rambles medical trtment you can find that link on our website kr 4 dot com. ju a fewinutes from now we will ell you about thieves who brokeinto a half dozen homes in one night in one particular east bay city willte you ich city. >>and have reacti from neighbors. plus a cell phone robbery allcaught on camera and police are still looking for the thieves and they ve a tip for you me all of us on how we can ptect ourselves. and after the break new changes could bcoming for
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migrants seekingasylu
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news, if you need to exercise is it a time to wait a little bit longer warmer go out there anthis morning little chilly but but that's on its feel pretty od right. bone chilling cod this morning you're going have a way of softening things that you're su a sweetheart not is going to tell you i'm not i'm not a weather rson, but it was. by2 bottom lip color cold, it was 30's for a lot of the bay area this yeah, it was one of those chilly morning. so you do just want to maybe stay inside not wake up for. >>but strong yeah we're adding really struck this afternoon looks eat upper 60's in world to be today at the end of the world upper 60's, the wintertime for a california is making you and i saw i know it's it's spoiling us well spoil in s a definitely one of
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those days in the middle of winter that is gog to spoil your pet lots of sunshine overhead and san francisco looking at sunshine in san jose and more sunshine out to the east bay looking out over the horizon from berkeley so things looking good out there it is sill chilly as well noted, but later on today 've got some really comfortable weather and a few sts up in the north bay you may be able to shove the jacket here in little bit now skies are gog to remain sunny through the day today we have high pressure building and thout some dry skies and some pretty mild conditions today a really nice winter day ahead of us, so you can hold on to sunshine and some clear skie initially toght now towards midnight cloud cover will start to increase if anhing that actually improves your forecast for watching the fireworks tonight as with that cloud cover you're going to e less significantly early on than what we saw last night this means more mild temperatures into the evening. still cold enough to bundle up when you're standing out there waiting for fireworks, it gets
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cold fast you want to bvery much sonice and cozy as you're standing out there ross the bay only a lile bit of fog, a touch of it this evening should interre with your view of the fireworks in san francisco. today's daytime highs well into the upper 50's for the vast majority of the bay hap or not and near 60 degrees up to 59 degrees. each burlingame also up to 59 was seeing rlos and mountain view each up to 60 along with to san jose campbell cupertino and sunnyvale among just a few ars right around 60 degrees today, east bay daytime highs will se into the upper 50's a few mid 50's like or ended moraga we there you go fairfield the place to be today if you're looking for a warm spot 67 degrees for the high vacaville boy how ndonesia not far behind in the mid 60's. each while santa rosa and petaluma right at 60 degrees. and if you think that's warm well guess what dnesday thursday daytime highs on average will be even
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warmer you had with some mid 60's for much of the bay area tomorrow for new year's day looking really gd after what will be a favorable new year's eve tonight. and our only chance rain in the forecast will befriday night into saturday morning after that we clear right back out again. robin all right, thank you let's check in on traffic. >>as you work your way around the bay area this morning, good conditions here on 92 you don't have to worry abt any proble crossing the san mateo bridge traffic is eas 13 minutes to make it over to one o one 80 west, this is going to be a nicerip as well no problems through e maze or the upper deck. even when you get into downtown san francisco. it's just going to be nice and quiet so 8 minutes for the drive off to fremont street, here's a problem that i'm tracking it's overturn crash in the santa cruz mountains. counter commute directions, south 17 bore the summit so crews are still working with that you see backing up traffic ward big money curve so keep that in mind heavy on southbnd 17 northbound which is the commute side. you're looking
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good 22 minutes into los gatos just as a reminderbart will be running trains until 03:00am stake advantage of that if you're outside tonight and celebrating for new year's eve tomorrow bart ervice starts at 8. they'll be on a sunday schedule ac transit until 05:00am tomorroso is new in the muni offering free trains and buses from 08:00pm until 05:00atomorrow and there is strain service r nuary first well. >>robin is if people are planning to sue pg any the clock is ticking on you you have less than8 hours if you were affected by the wildfires in northern califora in 2017. and 2018 the lawsuit if you do file it that covers the deadly camp fire and more than and more than 2 dozen other fires. several lawyers and fire survivors they've set up a bsite to help people get their claims in not by midnig that's to wait th deadline is actually 5 o'clock this evening. even if someone
9:20 am
was not physically injured in the fires, b you did suffer emotional distress, u also can possibly be covered under the claims. >>whether yore a homeowner or a rancher you lost your job because of the fire yoneed to register your claim and it's siple to do people don't realize that emotional trauma anan emotional distress. it is a personal injury. so when the form asks you to check the kinds of injuries and hard she suffered people should just eck personal injury even if they didn't have a ysical burner injury they should be checking that because that will theinclude the personal and emotional trauma. she also of confusion about which fires are covered and which ones are not. >>if you're not su just go ahead and file it because she says that it's better to be safe than sorry. we have set up a link to all of this on kn 4 dot m just to make sure that you know what you're
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doing remember reminder. it's 5 o'clock tonight and not midnight for your claim. the trump administration has plans to send mexican migrantare seeking asylum in the united states send into guatemala and that is according to the and border protection. the oms government already sense me centl american asylum, seekers to guatemala. under a so-called safe 3rd country agreement. this despite a p of about 70% of the number of border since may. the us >>we're still a crisis numbers, we're still average in between 141500 daily our issues are global our olutns shuld be global he should jbe the united states. >>so those numbers that was talking about as open for debate lot of people think that the trump administration is inflati that but they're also say according to civil rights activists that sittin people to guatemala will not besafe for them. coming up on
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the on 4 morning news, the search is on for a car that may have driven over a cliff in san mateo county they did
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>>the south bay milpitas police they have arrested this woman her name isgrace marine awful for stealing frm the having drug possession. the theft happened on december 23th security came across a car in the parking lot of the great mall with a large amount. the merchandise with security sensors. still attached to the merchandise when after returns of the car police officers stopped or discovered of the 29 year-old woman was also on probation and had a warrant out for narcotics not for was booked into the santa clara county jail for possession of stolen property. from the south bay to the north bawhere a landslide shut down part of highway one o one on monday evening this happened on southboundne on one just
9:26 am
south of spencer the slide blocked the right lane for about hours. good news is all debris has been cleared and you are free and clear on the peninsula. the search is on for a car that may he gone over a cliff at gray whale cove in san mateo coun you're montero and takea look arout there including the coast guard to look at the scene after a witness call theme accident they did nd tire tracks on the cliff and car rts re founin the car. however, at this time parts are connected to there the alleged car that went ovr the cliff, so that's still under investigation. still ahead on the kron4 morning news thieves break in a half dozen homes in one night in the east bay. >>and many people they're not waiting fopolice officers t help them out we'll explain.
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not the leg! you dang woodchucks!
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 moing news time now 9.29 no pressurejohn years people just reying on you to tell that's on the pressure you know what my only advice to bundle up winter jacket for the us whether you know i think a lot of people to get out there for new year's eve. and it doesn't feetoo bad when there stepping out the door at first and then you're standing there. she got a good spotwaiting for e firewor. >>and a search chilly because you're not moving around that so to that extra layer on u know as i've always told people tter to have listen up better toave and not need than need and not have you know it's crampons us now is a little ou've got to get to have ildren to grab practice for those grandchildren one day you will outside today, you n't need too many layers it's actually going to be a really pleasant day ahead of us lookg outside at the golden gate bridge palooking really good out there lots of sushine
9:31 am
making its way down this morning temperatures e climbing we're still in the 30's in redwood city but about the only spot still hanging on to those 30's. housewords, 40's and 50's for your morning temperatures with pittsburgh in livmore as we as alameda and san francisco each of 51now temperatures tonight are going to be in the upper 40's so clearly comparable worth where most of us are hanging out right now of course you don't have the nlight warming you up though, so you do want to bund up this evening now a few clouds starting to work their way in ov the bay noing more than some mostly sunny to partly cloudy skie throughout the course of the day today and looking at fog remaining at a into around midnight tonight, a patch of fog or 2 outthere not expecting it to block outyour view of the fireworks oh you are good to go. i'd recommend getting out there. >>enjoying those new year's eve festivits safely and warmly don't forget that tra layer upper 50's to low 60's for your high temperatures this afternoon mostly sunny great weather to round out 2019 r all right. thank you
9:32 am
john now, t's check in on the traffic which is not so bad. >>we're takg a peek the richmond sandra fell there. it is it's looking good so far with no major issues maki your way through the pay gates across the span much better. then earlier we have that hot spot at the west and that caused major delays bay bridge traffic prettyuch not existing right now no issues into san francisco. we don't have any problems on the skywaare downtown or through the maze. so if you do have to get to work it's only 8 minutes off to fremont seet. the only real problem that i'm tracking overturned in the santa cruz mountains and 's southbound before the summit it just blocking one laneof traffic, no major delays getting through they just about have it out of the way if you plan on heading north thopposite side of the crash the commute direction it's wideopen a 22 minutes into los gatos will check more so now it's coming up we'll. >>bin in the east bay 6 burglaes one night one community and now neigbors are saying they are beefing up
9:33 am
their homesecurity systems in light of what's goinon the thieves actually brokinto homes. all over town on saturday and so far they have yet to be caught kr four's michelle kingston has the etai. >>don't wait for your house to be the next you know victim thir eyes draws the eye has a ring doorbell but was unable to capture the suspects who broke into his neighbor's home saturd night stealing jewelry inside thand for moving up with th idea was said pretty community. >>and now it has started happening get too so i think i know what to do now is now installing a steel dor and adding mo cameras to his hous >>police say his neighbor was out for the night when he arrived h he found 3 people inside his house in his back door shattered more than shocked at what kid. >>that and those guys looks to be pretty often as they were not even scared when they saw that the ner is already in the house that kind explains that depu professionally in
9:34 am
that and a no matter and i don't kw whether they were on guard arenot if that i mean what would hapn. i have my whole family ving here. so um i don't know and in that right w i'm a little bit east ged police say when the 3 suspects saw the owner entered the home they raout and jumped into a dark colored mercedes waiting for them out front. >>so they ok for a house th looks like it's not occupied as maybe the ligh are off for the cars, not in the driveway. police say to always make it look like your say burglaries are on the rise and sara malm but 6 residential bularies and one night is unusual. >>in san ramon, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>west and the east bay ere a cell phone robberywas all caught on camera police releasing this video to us it happened on south field street in concord and this is back on december 22th take a look at the left side of your screen you can see the woman sitting down a man approaches the woman looks like a
9:35 am
conversation right all of us any moves in grabbed r cell phone and takes off from the scene detectives are warning people try to look up and not so ch at your phone. >>thiis also a good reminder to be aware of your surroundings because how many times are we looking do our phone we're focused on our surroundings incident like this. it all happen in a mere few seconds and now this pson is out of a fullness valued over a $10. >>her police say the southbound snatcher actually was working with an accomplice. new developments in the stabbing that happened in new york on the 7th nit of hanukkah investigators say they discovered antisemitic writings on 37 year-old grafton thomas isn't journal as ll as what he did on line in light of all these new discoveri. prosecutors they're adding hate crime charges on top, but his attempted murder and bglary charges. thomas pleaded not guilty tall chaes against him when he made his first
9:36 am
court appearance on sunday. ts case has a lot of bay area, jewish leaders just feeling nervous out things and they are condemning the attack which ctually took place at a rabbi'shome with about a 100 people inside on saturday nigh the stabbings they are according to th jewish community chest. ll kinds of anti mitic actions and all this te filled acts, they say must end immediately in the meantime th're not officers they are being e security. is comes after a deadly shoong at a nague in pisburgh pennsylvania last year. and another one that took place near san diego. >>we're aware of a what's out there. and w taking precautions and the encoaging that. community people should be able to celebrate and observe their practices without. >>fear for their own physical safety. in the wake of the
9:37 am
church shoing. a lot of californians they are making re that the place is a warship or beefed up. >>to make sure that it do not happen again. capitol reau ashley zavala explains what the state is doing make sure synagogues in places of worship are safe. >>californ has put aside a historic amount of money to help places of worship enhanced safety and seurity starting in januy the state is set to release up to $15 million in funds for institutions and organizations at risk of hate crimes each institution is eligible for up to $200,000 in funding too towards secu enhancements like an alarm stem reinforcedoors and gates or yes overseethe grants , oh, officials monday said applicationsfor funds were program got a lot of interest state officials said the receivthe grants won't be t to available until the funds are releasd. the program launch comes after a vilent year for world. the synagogue shooting
9:38 am
in poway pushed lawmakers and governor gavin newsome to make the investment thegrant program is expected to be available until at least 2025 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>a niceday ahead of us and a chilly new year's eve ahead, but most importantly you dry and pretty fog freeone too. your forecast is ahead. and a nice trip into san francisco we're still delay free at the bay idge toll plaza so come on in if you needto use 88
9:39 am
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>>wilbur and postmates are suing the state lifornia over new laws designed to protect g workers. the company say the new law violates both the us and state constitutions it forbids the use of contract workers in many instances. it also requires mpanies like uber and postmates to treat workers
9:42 am
as empyees and ovide and minimum wage and health insurance. the new law unless it's at the last minute repealedis set to start on january first tomorrowthe kron 4 morng news as we get ready welcome a new decade. we take a look back at all the big sports stories in e bay ar championships for
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back 9.45 on this last y of 2019 kind of crazy to think about but we are going t on a really nice note today 2019 is going to be remembered for today, if yu really want to think about >>getting out there and enjoying today. well, a good one to just a soakn some sunshine and some above average temperatures really looking outside oftimber on right here clear skies as you make your way through the day couple of cloudsout there offshore but t really causing any problems and no
9:46 am
chance of rainfall today high pressure sits in place across the regioand that storm system that would track for the past couple of days continues to make its way out that means mild skies, plenty of sunshine and some prett clear skies into the evening tonight to tell you will see a couple of spots of fog alot like we did last nit across the bay area nothing that should be blocki out your view of the fireworks come new year's eve. so get out there enjoy it just bundle up, but that extra layer on you're going to be standing therfor a while probably want to get that goodspot and that is going to make it fe a little bit chilly at times daytime hihs today going to be comfortable upper 50's to low 60's across the bay area, lots oo sunshine to enjoy the temperatures and just a good one to enjoy sdo enjoy is final day of the year. robin to thank you john now, let's check in on traffic looking good here from the east bay. >>to the peniula. it's been clear and calm throughout the morning on the san teo bridge. so if you're heading to work this morning, it's only 13 minutes over to want
9:47 am
to watch also a nice hospot free commute into san francisco.8 minutes that's pretty quick ight right on time across the upper deck and into downtown a picket some drive times for you maybe you're coming from the peninsula heading to san francisco.that's 7 minute trip from daly ty to the bottom of the 2.80 extension nortto 80 looks really good. so far no issues for you san jose on 8.81 on one or 2.80 and easy 11 minutes from san jose to cupertino will little bit. oming upin a >>2010 to 2019 the bay area was bically titled towns so many championship, some of the past 10 years some great moments. right here in the bay rea,especially for sports >>wilson the decade began ith the san ancisco giants beating the texas rangers and
9:48 am
the world series. it was the firsworld series championship for the gints isn't team moved to san francisco in 1958. 2 years later the oakland a's made the playoffs for the first time in 6 years the a's will make the playoffs 5 mes over decade fortunately, they've never made it past the first round. >>that same year however, the giants would be back in the world series against the tigers. the series started off with. tting 3 home runs in game one remember that against justin verlanderhe is just the 4th person hit 3 home runs in a world series game in baseball history.there's romo the giants went on to sweep the tigers and clim their years.and in febary 2013 the san francisco, 49 ers went to the super wl for the first time since the mid 90's that super bowl is probably most memorable for the lights going out just after
9:49 am
>>and i fell behind early in thagame and mounted a stng comeback in the 2nd they came back just a little bit short member hardball with who's t it better than us no wind jump ahead to 2014the san francisco giants complete their dynasty on the left arm left shoulder, a member that magnificent games 7 just on 2daysrest in kansas city. >>popped up. that's a final out reason championships in 5 years remember that it's he even years so we knew it was going to be a championip with the very next year system lawyer said i got this they kicked f thr dynasty when they became james and th cavaliers in the nba finals right on cleveland's corey, it was the first championship r the warriors and night seen since 1975 i was right there whent all went down. >ts would be the first 5 straight finals appearances for warriors. 16 right to
9:50 am
first some of the area freeze in febrary that year levi's stadium in santa clara hosted the super bowl for the first time step curry even though he's the bay area's favorite he's from carolina. so he w rooting for cam newton's peyton manning was there for 2 that was super just a few months later the san jose shks made it to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchishistory unfortunatelythey went on to lose to the pittsburgh penguins in game 6 left. then next year the wires right on their second nba ampionship in 3 seasons they once again. the lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers than to katie coming to tow katie was named the series mvp morning. there was also so sad news that year that yr, the nfl owners approved theteam's move the oakland raids to the las vegas raiders in november of 2017 they broke
9:51 am
ground. >>on their new stadium but the celebration quickly returned to the east bay, the very next year en the warriors won their 3rd straight chamonship. in 4 ars they once again be king james right on his court as well it was a last championship, the arriors what bring tothe east bay at least for this decade. cause earlier this year the team open the chase center. and officially moved to san francisco. unfortunately injuries have played thwarriors this season though kd katie's gone kl thompson surge staff assert and so now they're on fire you wiing 4 straight mes or so, they hope to return to glory. this year also broht a sack is to the raiders fans when the raiders play their last ame. athe oaklandcoliseum a couple weeks ago and understand the coliseum with a loss. >>to the jacksonville jaguars. but the year and that on a very high note with the 49 ers this wajust a couple of days ago when they won the nfc west
9:52 am
on sunday and are the number one seed inthe playoffs fo the first time since 1997 that win by the niners sets up what could be a fantastic start of the new decade, 4 bay area spor fan what a great. 2010 to 2 in the 2019 we
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>>the news is almost over here on kron 4 television but it never endsnline on kron on our 24 hour streaming servce know al bello is in th wsroom to tell us what she is working on noel. >>now well fresno authorities have made an arrest following a mass shooting that killed 4 people last month. ta you live to that press conference 11 o'clock plus we're still waiting ring in the new year here but in some places around the world. it's alread 2020 we're going to how you how they celebrated as well be sure to download the kron on app you haven't already well back to you so much noel that the kron 4.e reminder
9:56 am
>>new year's eve spectacular obviously 10 nig joint ground join grant lotus and justine waltman at 1130 if you don't want to get out of your house, but you want to see the fireworks that will happen over the ferry building we have other fireworks shows happening all of the bay area as well. it's the only lie fireworks show in the bay area. here's a live look outside the prep being done right now fred work in times square they expect about a million people to jam into such a sml space conces times square that ball will drop its a crystal ba. so much going on not really cold there as we've seen over the bay area, here's what you can expect. cole tonight, not foggy john trimble says you should be good to go but definitely because a lot of people will be standinstill and when you stand you get cold, but the good news is no rain little bit breezy at
9:57 am
times no fog make it a great day everybody see you next year.
9:58 am
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