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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am PST

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ada trn itiogefor tineraons>> d: osgoomo good g rninyhappne .w yeari' lem charods osgo i, thiss da "suniny morng."fo anr my ofs ihe tew nr yeame ansar enestng maki of lu reso, tionssnto tur oures liv .around t orouc sceed a tthatl goaqu rehaires tavt we hoe tnk thi ou ab at it lot.ou cor rve srytohi tsni morngwi ell bor recbyd moca roc.>> av he you blownr you new 'syearol resnutioea alrdy?we e havuga siogestorn f. you y ue oral fse matedition can lp he l youose wt?eigh>> true.>> el hpow lloer breod pe.ssur >> autbsolueely tr. >> helps you sleepet bter.>> true. >>ad ahen oy"sundang morni t"he r poweof aui qinet md. >>sg oatood: kein wslet isli a-rest acthss wit a longt lisof ts credilu incaiding hr and
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is thni mor sng'lhe blens angweri qu esontifrs om j ourimxe a.lrod>> s it'ot nt jus her byeautt tha kaput tesl winetn ohe ted r et carp . a it's hlsoer cy apacit oufot r 24.59he tre ishi notngyo nu cao dh wit it. w >>erheth theic tops ibu ngllyi,qu eal, payr oer h anappear ce.od >> t day iyo m own hair and umakepec bause it'sas eier.>> er latn oda"sunyni morng," kate wetinsl -->> e likara fminggr proisam, n't ? it s>> a'v youeev n sereener hfo be re. >> this is w whyeal tk aboutio presritili in fe. >>d: osgooll smaan japeseis arlands e inte connntio are ca the t'sw meo withh setoa dneth oris m wninge'll be going ho asn re ooneth of em.>>
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e plackeli this. ethos wither all,giesbe may. not en beth to creeatan isl ydseou'v en be t towo cat isl.ands >>er he,el fines out nrumbe ns huma t tene.o on locome aong tne o ofap jan as catsl terun on "sorday mning.">> d: osgoo lilyli tomn hasbe mengakinpl peoghe lauor fma nyrs yea and if most recent e movioeshe d jshaust tt and mu , chchmu more.le owe cilan wl havure oun sday ilprofe. >>ne oin rgygy din.>> t jusne oin lyli tomn can say so chmu.>> ands that'thetr htuththththth.>> herat lestol re she flyinalge opts tli bilng. ar beds.yo e ur facslook a likenpi armt.>> man?>> b'dut ie lik htoaveie movs
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>> i flyinal avechiee.d on eth telimsests talen ofil ly to inml l,erat odan "suny in morng." >> od:sgoo maarthe tichner s plum mtheystery of theng sinki t ofshe lawen tak.nian w annaernerrs touof some ic chgrago's eatest actrchiteural su trea res.e stevnhartma hasew n c ihapternth oe talef they ugl cishrastmtr ee.em we rrember singeur natallyle co. t firsdl heainesor fs thist fir msundayngornith of e new year, nujayar, 36. 201su grginis mpisissip a riverndso fme o the ttaribu ariesre sh ru dingtrownseamhr tnieatengto od floe morie cithis teks we. e th l st.ouisa areas h sign the rs wot of it. ulbut cod be thet. nex ngfloodiam is bled for atst lea24 th deas.'r
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grnin of deivin rgeeven for ut exec ted byhe sonaudis orterrarism ane r tcherhead nevaan m lvinvon ed inga loun rning edisputth with e falederve go ornmentraver gzing rhtigs. s now,ome of hisat rel hivesave abegun te prost ofhe tirwn o in or oneg. styedaerthy ey oieccupd a dibuil ang theio natnal weildlif .refuge s theyt'ay iste prostr ove hi rancamng f tily ihats facing il ja forro impperlyti setngfi onres ir thepe prorty. onow tod tay'ser weath. skclear cries amuoss ch of the trcounuty, b a cold front fromca ilnada wel givpp uerid mwest d anasnorthet ahi nome soow, rafl in a oridloand aheng t st we. coast th for e weekad aheof much thesa
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in.ea ahd -->> theye givme eggs. >> osgood:ss actre kate wilenst.
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>>d:sgoonk thi i about t. r whethempit's i orovingur to day-iv-day les or sngurvivi en sudd citalamy,re the's no tusubstite forar cled-heade mentalpl disciine a.wi grong onumberplf peoye the h knowowto th find at. veour cort sory isor rep btedy mooc rca. b >>yhe tim tee w hithe tgr weound, t hitheun grod pttrey ilheavy thela ppune snro aund, te twis wd, wehrere townut the was aat gre deal ofha cos diimmeyatelns ithide ela pne.>> he t cabinas wil f wledith e? smok>> mo the s nke wasowin comg up slthe aiye verui iclak, bck jetue fl smoke. k thicand noxious. and t susanidhat sao t me, i'll r nevemake it.i' kim choeang alrdy. >> allanok losnd a w hisife nn susae ah weronac v wationhen r theicrplane anash lded in the he soutastan asiat nionf omy ranman ohr casistm day2. 201 n alladmanage to g hetise wif
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wahisur tn to e--scape c >> imyaught t foo onso g.methinan wad i stu sck trehe. so in a nlutshel i was now di stanfing in re. >> even he wasfe enguld infl okames losid dn'tic pan. tdo you think chat famerom di meoncati ? ol>> absy.utel re you'ir in s it'agh fringteniua sittion. thbut waere sos al ase sen ofca itlm whah tt. >>ok l aos,ic practing bisuddht d aner expediencd hea ftakeor de ma it. out t bu bwithurnser coving 33%f o hi s body,va surviasl w ag lonot sh. ry>> eveto docrho w saw me,he ty idall saam the se thing,ou yca sn'turvivehe tsenj iuries. ut>> bos lok did rovec.erd anshe say hisbi ality to remainal cm,ul ctetivarod fm timeditaenng sev a times day for20 rs yea,s i aig bar pt of why he sviurved a fiery c planerash.
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gsthin h wouldonave ge att tha nt mome y hadou not beenal cm? >> i would bey prettta cerin that i would haveie dd inhe tpl erthe pson rightd behind. me di >> it maym seeik le ach stret thatea yrs ofic med tation,he act ofoc fused quietug thoht de ma thefe difrenceen betwe life d an ideathn ata devastingne placr ash.t buit's aro ptiposion tshat' g beinntakee morer slyiousha tn er evor befe. jodr. hnen d iningers dtoirecr of rrceseaht a the bn-ensoyhenrin utstitr e fomindod byed meicin in bn,ostosa masetchusts. av>> i he no dhaoubt t tthatki fnd o mlentain traingld wou ab enoule yo tss ealentilyut p e asidthetu s tffha ytour body elis yling "geemer ancy"nden ouable yo t attainta cerin ca ilmnessfan the t ce tha.have>> hi wle thesee peoplig mhtoo lk
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thnsr brai v areeryuc mhac tive. meand tidica,onni dennger says,ha sen bs efitwayd beyonyi stangca lm.>> true oral fse,it medation canhe oulp ye los wt?eigh t >>rue. i >>tan cel hup yoer lowod blo es pr?sure bs>> aelolut tyrue.>> ed mioicateln hpsit whir blritaile bodr synome. ru>> te. >> helps you sleepet bter. >> true.>> can hpelou y quitki smong. ru>> te.>> sestudie havwn sho that ity ma have etffec on thelu cellarle oovel, tlo, swinghe t etsffec a ofging and iasncreing opneuritlasticicy wh th isheab ofility he t b trainow gro new ai brlln ceds anel devop new nn coonectis. he>> ty tughohtt tha oyonce u wenre alt adu,ro neutiplascitywa ons asat h clylear bneeho sotwn n e to bthee. cas an dne o of the cleardi finngs is thated mnitatio has thebi alityto allctuayak meer ctainra binre sgionhi t.ckerd anha ttns mea thatre the is aow gr bth ofelrain cls.>>
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di meontati s waseen asic strtly rnaltee ativcimedine.>> i andnhi tsnt courye' wre ms ter ofce pern?ptio n >>ot eelntiry o out tfonhe ze. rewe ate in ormsfha w tthe ie sc ms ter w ofhateo ppleie belve, er the e artyplen of peeopl who lstile, liky the hear theor wd tamedi ttionheyh- poopooh it.>> bo aut8 1 millionri amecansme di.caid 'm>> iit medgatin7 3years. >>si ung it for atlmos 40. years>> nc iinludeg some veryam nes.>> irt staeded mnitatioju on ly 1st, o 1973,n aun snyur satday rn mo 1ing at1:00. ne>> o of them isec dirtor davidnc lyh.u yoerremembot n justhe tat de reyou ermemb t whatayhe d waske li . >> iem ritember f as it ias w eryestday.d anit was soif
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rve or 41 years and neverss mi med aatedition. >> iigt mhte coms a a sisurpreto rn leat thayn lthch, ere dif ctor oarsuch dk msovie as"b lueel vvet" andol "mulhland cdrive"allslf himse a, es qus,tion blissin nny. hect praicesra tndnscelentame tiditalson aowo knsn a tm. >>eo pple seeng this likest tress,atraumic stress, ns teion,ie anx,tyor srow, esdepr,sione, hater ang and fearst toart t lify. awaso s it'ik lee pur goldin comg in omfrit wn hidange garba going t. ou >> for, lynch and its aedher nt re tsmnd aet repn itioof on persalediztr mana,an c can lphere fthe medinro fmha wte hca tlls,her rubbe clownui sft o vinegatity.
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vy's hea and you startme ngditati withra tndnscelenta tamedi ftionro am litegatimete acher. >> in h 2005e began the didav ncly fhndouioatn for nscosnciouasess bedti educaonan dd worlea pce. of one itsoa gls, toch tea udsttsenli, heke ts one ats thi ol scho inos les angel, t howo temedita.>> yonou dan't wt to come tosc .hool d>> ion't.>> tshat' theay w f ielt. i >>e tak theit med iation,t s makemean wto t c tomeo school.>> id dny abodye hern whe yours firdt hea about mioeditatn k, thiny, okaha tts soundin kdawe ird? d >> y >>hou bot did? s >>o did? i d >>id you, too. >> iho tughte likhe wnou y d crosseuryo legs and you holdyo dsur han . >> twice a dayor f 15ut mines
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t it jus helps me gety m daygo ing. er evngythit' thad,s ba l gike,o .away ju i st t ohinkef thos peitiv gsthin . >>es make mec bome like m iore, don'tno kw, lbeike comee mor y happwithin myself. d anik le, i,ik le,om bece, i mguess,tiore pa wentotith .hers he>> w'mn in i ate betrd moo mymi fainly is ate betr mood. i't don a argueucs mhh wity msi .ster iwhen h getome after ied meitat jui'm st in a good md.oo fe i elr bettebo autay the bthing mugse. >>ri pncipalni jenfera garcisa ys her sl,chooe lik3 4th oser hthat aaveeddopt thero pgramve haed chang for thete betr. k >>arids ale cm.ey th n'reot tgakinff stu out on ch eaer oth. atheyreea rllyng eedagn i ntwag in btoeul helpfit whac eh r. othe ait'sre diffecent pla. en>> a svese eras eoe tom ce ug throh they. bod>> ll aan lokoser nevte expecd toge t back to thisla pce. heum resedea tching his weekly yo new rk cityit medation groupon
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cr thhatos almt killedim hnd aal most al fulr yea beefor ct dopeors ex hctedoim t be on s hi afeett. all i >>ft iap h tpenso helpav se yoeur lif a in plane crash,at ther's trific. hlet's topehatha tt'sot now h it hpeapns. ibut nk thios mtf o us, ifot nal l of us, who do this seean chges in oure lifve ery dayth atre afi signicant,or f me, jthat'seaust grt.
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.xtit t 's jush.a coug y ifldou couou see yr h,cougu' yoe d se hjustarow f c itpran sead. ro ssbitum in dsomax s othe youratthrond a derelivs fa post, ulwerfgh couie relf. bi rointussma dm ecx. b iause t'svenejur oust a cgh. 'shereit a lhetle y althceadvi .ketaof care ha wt s makeyou, you. gh riwnt doyo to kiur sn. ee av dno mailyuroistizing on loti5 with tavinul ietrsnt r fothhealloier skoking inin t juse onday. ee ranatubelly fuautirel su lts el feol a csod omre coning ?on brly acaeva hen ial at ins asfew a two hnd adaalf nys wheus t ed afithe sirst gn. enit pteetraeps de s andtotarts wo edrk immiately bto tlockirhe vndus ate pro ctal hecethy lls.. n'dougt to oh itut,
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reabva. d: osgoohe now tk weejustst pa . dday byay. onda suny,al dlas areaid resentsto took sthck of e damagroe fm ek weend t, ornadoisha tt left 11 . deadmo awnday s annn aemouncent by ec prosinutors la clevetnd tha wthey nouldotnd i aict white opoliceerfficth in ote shoingat deh ofir tame. ricth cke bla 1-o2-yearld was ay plwiing tth whane tur odut to t be a.oy gun y'tuesdalis headasne w there arst in mexico of ethanou cch, theug feitiv t texaseen who dclaime the sllo-cafed o a few wensase defen. onsd wedneayil blby cosas w d chargein ayl penns cvaniaourtwi
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asaiult ag wnst aoman in 2004.ur thawsday s newea yr'sve ee firat y luxur hnotel iub dai that dcreatect spearaculla fmes butre lymarkabnj few iuries. daon friy, an gunmad openee firou e tsidra ba iln te avivki twlling o andin woundtg a thleast heree otrs.d anur satday,e wea lfrned o theat deh ofme forr asrkansa ve gondrnor aor senatal de erbumphes at tf age o0. 9 >>he tre's nort suppons iideth leat whold buiing. it a's oll tnhede outsi. a >> t daypri toca chi igouss jt d.ahea i' y,m billan qud i kiit smowing ntth chaix. dei deci td tochake antix huto sybt everelody pse uou abuit me qsmtting oking. i inwas goivg to g te it ary,
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r afteweone f ek ox,chantikn i ouew i ct.ld qui g alon swith,upport anchartix (vlienicisne) n proveto pe help qopleokuit sming. tichannix defieltely hreped y duce mo urge tsmoke. p somehaeople and ch ges b inr,ehavioin thinkoog or md, ilhost aity,tigitadeon, sepresd mo ndod aci suithdal tsough a ornsctiole whiin tak g orte afopr st cpingixhant. so adme hzu sei reswh taile ckingixhant. y ifavou hy e an tof,hese cstopixhant c andyoall ur ct doigor rwaht ay. ll ter youordoctut abo y anorhisty mofl entathhealem problhis, wcochgeuld rst wo oe orizf seures. n'do ct takeixhantf iveyou' had a ouseriles al orgicr in skct reatoion it. ouif ye have,thes cstop ahantixl nd calyour or doct a rightway omas sbee can th life-inreateng. ll ter youctdof or ihayou heveorart od blose vesobl pr,lems or el devewop n orrs wompe sy.toms t gecamedilpl heht rigy awa ouif ye havtosympms of ea a httrt aorack ok stre. eadecrlcse a uoholhise w le ngtakint chaix. us ute cawhion rien d oving rop ineratchg may.iner st momo comden siec efft n isa.ause be a ing smnon- foker geels.reat k as dyourr octohaif c ntixis ht rig y forou. neeveryods nee. a bffen evr youe.smil co atlgope ittic whhpe toot aste b goessueyond rface tstainseno whitov erha 3 s fac t, itenwhits more
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its ' syour bmileff. wh oriten me b justhiy brus ng. oo>> osgspd: we ofeak ca chi go sand akylineha ttra attctsop pele by the boat load. >> if badro hwayits thets heighan ywd holltoood ps theox bof .fice f >> igoyou uput abo 15st tories,rehe'sn acr outngoppi, nd ki of aho sr.ulde t' >> issi conthdered e birth e placheof t modernky spescraran ed thit csy haad me ch artuitecnere o ofts i main istourt actttraions.>> itas wpl cometed in89 18 it s wa called torhe nthca amerin
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>>n ony a given day dozens ofar ecchit ttureinours wugd thro h itthe cy'ser wat awaysnd etstre s. t >> ihiss98 13. iwhate likut abo theld buigin e isvery pane ofss glahe tdg ee p isedinch in so it besubbl out tta liitle b. he>> tui bgsldin areon cresided woofrks a artnd theirig desners tetreaked liec dir atorsre in ywhollood. t>>ishis ng goi to lkooe lik nt be. glass >>o d archistect gete mor t respechiin chacago then toy d o inlather pces? i >>nk thio. s d weon't have movie starsr o thefi ndlm iy.ustr>> g youotic mhaelor jdan. >>ea yh, he'sre pttyou fams,to atethles andte archicts. >>hi arcaltecturia gnts leikfr ank lloydgh wris t, miervan de , rohe gjeanneang hasls ao madehe k.r mar e sethat blduiheing, t one thatok
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erat's hig desnly apt named ua aq. >> when i'mki loong in a taxi or on sometse poin out ourin buildg, myin buildeng, takba ack. eeit's b dnrainingnt io the ticollecemve mofory c thetity ath oiis pnt. 's itit excing m fore.>> buthi tsdi increble snekyli wa s born out ofdy trage the gr teahi ccagoir fe of87 ree fiec dedimat theit csy' od woenuc strs,turevi leang anti es 0mated p0eeopl trconsonuctin sooowfolled. pr a s ocesthat wouldin redefe both they cit and thery count. i >>ouf yhi tnkut abo the or hist ny oforew yk it was atc dueth sttlemen andgo chicaal resly ihe tin begning of anamericy citngplanni. >>nd ahi ts year marksno atherde ngfiniin note theit c ry'sich it archlectura h,istoryur inaugalch
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's ana combiftion oxh eibit an d tthinkankot devedel entiryto rc ahictte iural.deasra sah hckerd sas one o ifts ordirect s. >> weav he over 1 p30tiarpacisnt 3from40nt cou ories snix incontents.we y reall twantedore cate a al globtf plaorm to talkut abo 'swhatt mosen urgt inar ecchit tture.oday ne >> oop tic on the t,able rdaffo hablengousi. hi>> ts waslt bui h forucow mh ne mo y? >> $3500.s u.>> tishis o? bambo >> ahe thatcdam bboo. d itoes have ael steme fra. idthe haea thit ts hseou could best conedruct wn ithiaay dnd ath ouat yld wou never need more t thaneowo pple to hold any onepi ofece b theinuildg. w >> ihichsdi increble. es >> y. >> otherib exhitsha cllenge co ennvaltionn desige lik this verein ontede ffice.spac atwh w aree doinger he?>>
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no and mattere whereyou arn i thison ciostructoun y'reev nersi tting. >> why ishi tshi somethang tt'sco ednsiderhi arce?tectur i >>t'sbs alyolutebo aut re de sfiningpace.'s itin creatg a newnv eenironmt for work toep r tlaceheff oice clcubie, to pblrobarey mo mi faliarh. wit >>ha perps theos mtal tkedbo autex t hibiisma reiginedic pole iostat jn byeeanng, gan the gndesint ideend to helpld bui betrust potween alicendti cizens.a t oopicn theds min ofan myn i ic chago.>> d weedivid the police station to in twots par saecure area and p moreublic zone,en mtallt heahse , rvicesfor example. itnutr, ionistercomput. lab e thosthare ingst thae w felt ulcodea rtenima theic poleat std ion antmake i o moref acple eothat panple wt to come to. t>>hehi arcurtectenn bieialds enhi tsk weebut w rilleturnto al the fl of7 201 toai mnntai
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it archl i >>t is a kfind o dighanity tt goodte archicacture inn brg to y ever ldayife. t ihink that therc acthite isn is thib exhn itioare reallyco nencerthd with just .at >> od:sgoo still toom ce. >>e' woire gong t tnaijua forth eke weend. >> sg oood: whity liln. tomli
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-u makeeyp, monnd ahe tov mies. th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce.
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bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing
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>>oo osgd:s that' katein wsletal thong wieo oiled t oscarom nioinat fnorr herm perfo iance tnhat kbblocr.ustean ard oscz buzin aga thisea yrov er here rol in the movie te "sves. job">> we haveng this t toalkut abo.>>
7:28 am
a >>s theea frless aideo t steve - jobs- re>> we'o not g fog s.ell>> oa jnnaof hfmanas w aot l ofth , ingshighow pered etixecuve, et markniing w>>haapt hhepens w tninhey fd t ou fthator 24.95's there in nothcag you itn do wh it.>> 't i donar ce --an d asye plad by kate t.winsle>> e you'rggoinix to ft i now. >> theal morte cenr of theie movte " job">> up sd poseeto b thet besar ptof . you ouwhen yrr fatheha that's wt's ossuppo ed thebe t b pestart of you.>> ev howneer, o thing the realli feoa jnnafm hofanano no-sensen li pormsh-aneniaig imm wrantould not bese confud fors i a ouglamories movta sr.>> whyld wouy the think of me? us becae joannae hav man looks g nothinkeli m e. >> whene katet winslea hrd aboutth risol je sheustad hve to ha. it>>
7:29 am
>>sn'tt thaow alled?>> t sheook a se,elfis thi, oned ant sent ito theil fm'sod prucer.>> ik toone oho pto and it jus tsent i by eai-mtol scott di ru n. >> noes m?sage>> o. n>> ft aerix s amycade awardno timinaons.>> lo he meved i asov limed h.>> an icconita sr turn in it "t."anic f>>lyinal feel like sintandg in e thlemiddf o a c rrowdedoomsc g reaminat the topf oy mng lus. nd >> a ansc o war finorth "e ad reer.">> n' wouldust jt l tethemca espe, we cn'ouldt. >> katesl winetld couxp eecto t tgeny aar pt shean w.tsbu
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eonng thi, p hlaying qeruitean r.othe ow >> har hd thatas wt? accen >> so, that accent,re the are tslo of atsccen i ryeall't can . dodo i se ulessis er eye vovb all er the m.ap t bu psholien-armian? y >>ouno k gw,ive air gl a lechalnge. >> our yo can ctaoncte m at myne w jobor wking aernywhe i want. c idalle the reala, joann to ar he herua actllyak speis it di enffere t th twayihat ed end oi up dinng it them fil f torhemp sisole rea hn thater pitchs ich mur highethan mine. soem i remberin speakg to here th firste, timlo hel,oa jnna, llhe'mo, iap so hopy tee s. you i thought, i- got -i can't doth tat for hwoours. >>sl winetas hee bnel rying onhe
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ar yerts sta oingn t ivn ait brishw shoedcallda "rkse ason." t>> i is. weird >> she was ank chuyye 15-ar-old ev and ngen bei onv t did not la insute her from t shelings andar frows o school yardes bulli. >>s aom seonenc oed saier nev en list to whate pople.>> ed look . t'>> thats wha the binullyg was? >> i wasui qteck stoy.i vwas meryuch tdeaseor f tt.ha n>>ow0, 4ne of o her ne geonratiri's bstghteta s,rsth n e paiis f stilluel.>> i t knowhatse thoas ntybu s lliestare lilut o heand t are imit wh aig b gold at stn ue imy at's ay prett greatt fis g pumpin.moment 'sthat a lyovel message to say t tohoseul byolies, u know, wheere ar they? >> notus jt fistng pumpi mt.omen a lelitt o bitf a middlege finrme mo nt. l >> net'sot getre aggssive. >>'m iia radnt. n>> eve wheoun y're the face ofra
7:32 am
ou enakgh m te upovo cerhe t sc s arof tgeeenad tngeasi. e sheaspksdl lou aynd clylearab boutody i,mageen oftin insistatg th her image not bere hetouc d. m>> i a in anus indertry whe ive ha d toont is erviewmuche lik othisne. w wewnalk do redts carpe,s it'rt pae of th job. but i think i feely vertr syonglth sat it'mp intorta too alsay s y tooung girlsha tt we't don llookthike llat ahe te. tim >>heby t way y dou satownh wit, uscayou ldn hot tha upre the. >>he tfe cofe? >> s iat dthown wi youec bause itoday did my oaiwn hr andak me caup, beituse 'sas eierkl frany me sos.time i and ntcame iso thi i roomid say,, oka i am ther haiand u makemp teao s sneomeo tell me sif i'mhiny. nt>> blus a she is aboutde genr d anut beay,s wintleme seeod t rustlegg a m fewsonthgo aft aer if jennauer lerenchi sd neasp
7:33 am
eqty foror acts andss actrees. le winsst waed ask about it byth e bbc. i >> don't likeal tking aboutmo 'sul vr,ga't isn it?i t don'k thin'sthater vy neic nvcotiersao on t phaveclubli y. >> that rcteanio cauased it b of ira st. sos thiio notn of, i't dont wan is to dcuss any gap inay p, genderap gs,t' i wsvillear. ea>> yh. me let la expin. atso, wh ihi tnk isul vgar is to kibe talngcl publiyut abol actua in earnong of mey. that-- is g sayint i now i'm ig sllyht beingne sicked in mymo uth. i'mti brish, w'te don dot. thann je diferid itri wh ibj otoect is ununfort tatelyehe lin ofes qugtionin thatt i atlmoses giv urjolinasster pssmin ionto ope th wih , whiconi d't like. iul fly h aadal journistdo say, u yofknow i youot g pdaie mor or haless tn melichaas fr.sbende
7:34 am
ul wo md itouake yee ferl bett ifam i ever in a stiituaon i wherefe tel tha tshere iet somhing un fairap h tpeninghat ilw aays upstand for myself. ul wodt tha makeou y feelte betr? >>'m i justde won -ring- st juot try n tor answeou yr es qu.tion i>>'mt jus wriondenng ior they is itng wro ifhe tsre i aap g. >>s it' very dltifficu tons awerth ueat qstion becausery eve at situ iions cetomplely ff dienert.bu yt ifavou he a man a and inwoman aie mov ofqu ealex ceperienof, eolqual re who e aray s tingamhe sebe numr ofne liwrss it haong thet t guyge aits pred mo t than gheirl?yo tu ber youto botmla dolsr it'wr ong. do youhi tnk haal feme teschoolwaacher o nts tlisteno tho oollyw bd -- ounchfol hodlywoac setresws hoy theon d't get epaidnough? >>sl winet's pay grade asllow ou thivgh lite quefo comlertabwi erth hhi t hrdbausndnd ahr tee kidsn i a small town onhe ten h glist.coas>> cenhickes arre gat.
7:35 am
>> hwoollyodis a-lterha perps. >>hi ts one iner h--e e on findsne o ofat grepl reeasus in a cryounten hho use. ou>> y're ink. luc ok lo. is thea mns that thetl lite ambantes arta sgrtin lg,ayinth sat ire gat. isth isin excitg. dwellevone oderyby. >>sl winet,pi hap inesss ru ung nnin ttohere stoh wit nowo srrieut abood dging pazaparzi.>> y veror ftetuna we live in lylovemu com wnityhere we live.we ju're star pt ofhe t uncommity.>> c you ganet aua qrtf o milkno vet ha to worry about hianytng. ot>> n anyro pembl. i do the school run in mydr ngessin, gowh bat.robepa s.jama so ablylute. >> ats thioi pntt iee s kmsate ns wi dlet'toesnt wano t l aivese mcond ooreerf hif leha tnhe s s hatori woredbo aut
7:36 am
ssunlef, o ce,ours's she gichanheng term h tselfona sg a trole jhat mustight put i hern rtheunningor fer h nextsc o >>d:sgoo ahoy.
7:37 am
d. ahea towe sp tharparitis in, so on you de 't sto usbecau e yoevbeli ge ino. rd onwa. y' todadas the y. ca dirpe em. letylno 8 ahrhrrtisitai pn ha las two f yers oelpain rief. e tht firsasis ft. sethe lcond aastsayll d. we iv gu e yo dyouracay bk. ouwhat yo d with upit is u. to yo ltyleno . an[ scbener g epin ]r, si ulcod styou deep asi? ir "se "? com on.knyou iow who am.og prree ssivrainsunce?
7:38 am
d dickyou payo bur own ags?oh t ! righ --nathe r me youtoprice ol. s it phowse eoplcypolins optioto fi help eit thdgr buet.[ scwaanner ]rbling cr thazy bat at ig shoelike mul wockd pa h oiss,wn bag? right ch [ esuckl ]so h, do ie ave thrightto rn emaisohandme? [ klchuces ] itwa.
7:39 am
o >>d:sgook talt aboutheca mt'seow ouren frid ispr cat i thistis beauobful j of it,to 'to, don t you?hinkwh isen hng workiay ds are overy maowant ton crsideel rkiacngre metirent onhe t ithsland at th sene doa a isboutvi to sit. >> re we wede heado tn aan isld be laled amaoshi on the maput b erbettwn kno byic ne knamcat is land.yo nu ca seehe t cats cominwng do m totheet e boate h arete w oaapprch. he care, utts o nrumbe hsumanmo hare tenn t te.o onis thy tinhi fisngla vilgee onc d haop patulion of 800eo ppleut b
7:40 am
mbstovedtio cindes a human si res dent tleftslhe iand. thnow arere e just 16pl peoehe ndre ae morha tn60 1ts n's a atmdjusentor fit vising po res.rter tomisaio kam nk isotct exaly the cioffiisal hcatorin lliabut s she'dlivee her forrl nea0y 4ye ars. >> how didhi tsom bece ansl iand laof ghess tsere u bd to le aotof e micand notan my cats, shere atme cres weet loo lse. he oterrs wbae ed tht, resth as ey, say ishi y.stor >> iu stspec'v youeot g yourmi ceop pioulatndn uoner ctrol w? no o >> nepricbl proem, shed. sai e'thersos a rtf ore pabdictle yt rhnhm o catan isld. agh neiyborlpu dister otwo. some eg,atin some sinleepomg, se emoreg.atinth
7:41 am
en wh thest touri boatws sho 5's 4 mesinut ofss bli forll a lvinvoed. weed askoo schncl ludyh la mihitoo got twhyheap jeanes ve los catmu so ch. c >>ats do asy theas plee, butwe d cabhao tt, shed, sai rrrefetoing hereg rteimend .life gcatsheo wre tyhet wan and oo snheze weyn thl feee lik it. easo l mvingory wk to seem the eris vyel rg.axinth asis w notat c- ->> we we hore swnic ps tureof r othecat idsslan.>> y'vouen bee t tohreend a u' yoeeve b tn towo cat idsslan. e therareut abo tens acrosthe y.countr inan japat, cs are freeatud on s tv ahowsnd ofou crsehi tss i lathe hend wre "ohellit kty"as w .born hwe'deard aboutth anoert mus e se fstopheor t-c catdraze in pa jan.we t wento meethe tat cti staon
7:42 am
ma ta theec sondnd a redd saior a tamarere cddite withav sing rthisstail n atio awith t- ca llike rook inural wrneste. > >>pan. rsridehahip dhr sunknd ahe ttr liain ne i wasn the rednt uila railway boss,uo qte, looked in heto ts eyef o a cat at a ca lolce connssio stand and dedeci md toake it theta stion st 'sn aon hyorarit tle.on orly wnvk idolve isoo lking acutend actttraing tstouris. itbut w'sorked. ck ba on catsl idan these fineles lhaveeftir the park on the y jett nit'seeot banr cs butca fns oa. tunsc reattedbo aut, evenhe tum hans n caeebe sn sinneakag cp.atna m weyuet rjiid honaka the rr fe y. c healame bonguton cednecth wita fw ellocater lov he tolds u wthisaras pe.adissa e'id hked li r ton.etur
7:43 am
no,s it' not eh,noug he ierepl d.wo i luld tikeoiv lree he.>> imi slednd ari ted towi ldthhoud jt,gmens thice pla is notry evesone'in defn itioof diparase. heas ter aftnooner fry pdulleou t,pl peoeav woed the ts. cat ghthou s itdeeme a rrathe sione-goded e.odby pa jasn ha a rabbit id,slan t.oo buwet l 'lsavet tha forth anoerst ory.>> sg oood:ex nt. >> ihi tnk cieharlwn bro has ttbe tere re wthane do.
7:44 am
e thugly cashristm tree. e thn soof p aisolimh anmigrt grwho ew up ainok bron lynetentme. he en wtot pc ubliolschos, en thol cgele, wh e ere thrkwo hofifis lgae ben -- gh fi itingtinjusce d anuaineq,lity sp kieangth truwe to por. ov he m tedveo onrmt, wo n ecelti aonrand pasise ofone ri ame bca'smaest .yors onin cs,gresst he upood wofor inrkfag limies an fod r ciprine,pl po op tsingrahe iq r,wa ppsungortier vetans. w no'sheak toning st wall reet a and t corrupcapolitieml syst bfundedery ovil a mlion nt cotiribuons, ngtacklili ctemaha ceng to re ce ateaclenn-gyerob js, fi tighorng fin livwag ges,eq paual y, anitd tuio n-freepu cblicgeolles. pe oprele aic sd k anretiofd st eshablintmeit pols,ic an eyd thre want al ce!hang [ rschee a anduspplae ]
7:45 am
an es honadt leer dibuil mng aenovemtht wiou y gtoe iv aus feutur to el b iieven. sand iers:er'm bsanie s,nderan apd i e prov mthisgeessa. o >> tsgood:ishe chrretmas t eat thsl famouy won re eprievin y theearef boreas ltiv les on in omatterfpe saking.
7:46 am
w >>ave heet rd urnetoea r,ding sypenn, lvaniatonv iestetigare s port tthatorhe wld'sie uglst ri chs stma htreeas beenom sehow mo imizrtaled. u yo mayem rrembek bac in01 24 is th s -tory-ry sorxc eusef oth ere confas wll a thee. rag io danmee. rag >> ihi tnk cieharl b hrownas a erbette treha tne w do. >>ve erybody thatoo tk pinart ngbringitr this eee herul shod reget fi d. he>> tre tase w soy ugl they cit dedecid toe takt i downef bore stchrimas. juo st slepeopld wouhan't ove t ok loit at anyor me. rk woers redemov theig lshtnd a e thtz preelf ohl betehem orwh eratev it. was madean arrntgemes tong bri in ane ruw spced uppr suce.>> ais chr ttmas ireesat mrte ofse llz fr ormecityou cmanciln mtoldise th ry eallwas like tthatinree therl chawnie bro y.stor oualthhegh tso lesn hadob slviouluy e hdedim.>> t whawas theor mhaal tvet ha y?stor >>l welhe tor impetanc of ri chs stmaeiof bogng tr.ethe end?>>
7:47 am
nit'sot about charliero brwn o notrl chaie b,rown it's about ti beauriful chtrstmas ee forhe t city. t >>heyea r wllygoere ing g toet d rit.of iun thtil hoe p snesedtart rngingiof ef thk hoo aty cit hall,pu blic oonpining cha aednd thema iyordssue ata syf o -e retixecuf on iwiyou ll. w >>el wilee kp this here. ha>> tt washe t efnd o the y.stor o or soui thght.>> we kept iter undra wps.>> lukeul schsz wan o trehe cwth atup was s tposedoch mul thetr eeft aheer tol hs.iday hbuten' didt. >> i ththougre theus's jt no y wat tha we couldun rhi ts treeth h rougahi cpper afterev hierytasng wd sai and done. c we lan'tetha ttap hpen.>> wi so th theel hmep so of ca lolo- vtech snttudeuks, le rn tuhaed tt pyaltr pineo int api ofece art. nca beh as qyuirk as they citit ca mem. froto day it sits iny citl, hal
7:48 am
hee of t breholde andgl uy, g nothinhamore tttn ae.itud
7:49 am
tanae lileco. sg >> ot ood: ae the agof of 65.e shwilly lickl bet besme re fmberederor h 1991 albumat th h notedceer voi witht thaof herr, fathehe t great nat ckinghoole wie dd in 1965. n woamm graty tha yanear d wason te ofhe mostab memorlerf peesormance at th 1992 re ce.mony m itobay n bodyetter w tayore nmemberataliee col or d herad than to hearm the theogetr
7:50 am
>> or unfabgettle in everywa y an ord fevere mor th hat'souow y'lly sta th at's why,li darng,s it' cr inleedib sthatneomeo so ugenforlettab
7:51 am
too uttnforge able etunforge tabl ve in e wryay d anor feveror me at thow's h'l youly sta th at's, whyli darng,t' is edincr ible th omat s seoneoor unfabgettle
7:52 am
or unfabgetttole, o d kea lotd an lquit aot, t buupended re nowhe. usnow i .e this ni the ccodermtcq pah, wi quth unitee exnded asrelenoe techlogy, s helpt prevenurthe ge keto smo d allay. wa i hint ts time to l be mytiast .me 'sthat i whyos choe nidecoq.rm c i iaccept 2'm not2. pti acceot i'm n the r roweedi us. to be evi ccen ai ept ahavehe higr oriskrof stueke daf to ib, a otyperef irr gulatbheareat no ust cay ed bhea vaart prlve m.oble t bun'i wocet acspt ige g ttinthout ere wi esth lans thbe my st. so i if gocan s forhiometbeng ttterwahan inrfarwi, i ll.
7:53 am
uieliqces redue d th oriskstf etroke banter thri warfan, pl t us i hadgnsianificsstly le blmajor eeding wthann.arfari uieliqd s ha.both th llat reamay edtterme to . t don'akstop tiqing elleuis unyoss tour docllr tes u yoto, as pp stoining secreaurs yosk riha of avingok stre. uieliqn s cae causouserids anin e rars casel fatadibleeng. do tan't like e iquishaf you ve ifan artl iciat hearvalve aormabnoreel bl.ding e whilngtakiqu eli is,u yobrmay muiseeaore sily an ayd it mlo take tngerushan foual y r andibleestng to op. ekseed imm miatealedice carfo ddr suigen sf ns odibleeng, ulikealnusuis bruing. uieliqy s maeaincrse byourinleedskg ri yifakou taie certdin menecis. llter youordoctut abo plall d annecamedil d orprental esocedur. ac i dcept ion't o have treset s.cord bu stt i'm inill gofog pr myl eld for iquis. cereduskd ri s oftrokepl sus lesjo madir bleeng.
7:54 am
s >> it'y "sundag"mornins on cbhe gare as in is charle.osgood >>sg oood:s that'y lilli tomne onof those ciclass ssketcheat th h showster gifor fy. comed e shn'isalt sul sreashe h that . gift cleeowan has ttha syundapr ofile.>> yo do nku thie you'r nlyaturalfu nny? >> kind of. not tblerriyun fny. >> you dhion't tnko? s>> nk i thi i'mew somhat. funny i >>ouf yhi tnk'r youlye on rt sonna fu wilyhat do younk thi
7:55 am
n >>h.ot muc t >>s hat'ooa gdue qnstio f.'m i t nony funt wha isy men talt. onein rgygy-din. hiis t tshear ptyo tho w. sp kieang.>> ay mbehe tso rean lyiln tomli hehas tiart umme smingp uer h ta ntle . >> myam ne isth edie. ann he>> tre'so suc mh o ift.>> so,ab byth broer a hasit ltle ft sot spoison hd. heayo stu mu bey ver cefar.ul so ik too aal bl pointen p andma n de ax. >> fore moral hf cryentu abprobadly meoe p lple.augh j >>ustm cal.downyo inu theyk th n'reoiot gng to mfireeor fhi ts? >> s mhe'sadepl peoe t, hinktoo. ne >> ong thiha that i ve no rr woyut abo ishe wtherod g is hasur occred to me that godha
7:56 am
rg fon ottestwe exi. >>y liln tomli is ana natiol su treaebre celatrated the ed kennery cent back in. 2014f er thy e's an jdoubtust ask enpresida.t obamwh sateversphe whioered t him ate th hwhiteouset tha anofteronve ga him a case of thepr enesidigtial w >>hat did you t sayo h timhatcr d ackehim s upo d much,uo yore ?member>> you know, if iev rdealeto it yo u itou cldow thrhe t eiolectn. >> she hasma so ny asward. she cean bor fngive if a fewf oth reem ait a lortle wsem fro thewe includrg he1 197mm gra fyorbe st cyomedec rngordi. t >>he ny'reoiot gng to liketh heat weyn th seehi t haso beol sdeacred bk reeon tdoys, i kn't wnowhat arthose e for. h >>er tonyrd awa ss --he's ck ro tin',oo.>>
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>>'l il fixse the up.
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