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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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thank you, new hampshire! >> bernie sanders coast to victory tonight, with a 20 clinton. >> the right wing republicans will pose must not be allowed to gain the presidency. >> we love the people of new hampshire. donald trump had an equally impressive victory, winning by a big margin. >> we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong and the world is going to respect us again, believe me. >> the first primary is now in the books. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville.
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first, the democrats. bernie sanders scored an impressive victory. sanders finished with 60% of the vote to come -- compared to clinton's 38. sanders is the senator from vermont, so new hampshire is practically home turf for him him -- he faces bigger challenges in some of the more diverse states. >> donald trump was also an easy winner, twice as many votes as the nearest rival. ohio governor john kasich managed to separate himself from the pack and finished second. the next spots are tightly bunched with ted cruz now in third at 12%, followed by jeb bush and marco rubio at 11%. >> jana katsuyama is here now, she's been following this and tells us how the candidates are framing tonight's results. >> reporter: the polls had trump and sanders winning so there was no surprise there. sanders had a very passionate call to all democrats. and tonight could be a turning point for kasich and christie's
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>> we are going to make america great again! >> reporter: after months of hypotheticals and type, donald trump's new hampshire win delivered a dose of credibility. and another promise from the billionaire businessman. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders called for political revolution. >> tonight, we serve notice to the political and economic establishment of this country, -- >> reporter: sanders also issued a passionate call for democrats to unite. >> we won because we harnessed the energy and excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. >> reporter: in hillary
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ahead, she appeared undaunted. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> something big happened tonight. >> reporter: republicans saw a shift as john kasich, who put all his chips on new hampshire was rewarded with second place. >> to change america, to re- sign america, to restore the spirit of america, and to leave no one behind. am i right? that's what we're all fighting for. >> reporter: the fight for third came down to ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. cruz castigated trump. >> do we want a campaign conservative, someone who talks a good game but hasn't walked the walk? or do we want a consistent conservative with a proven record? >> reporter: jeff bush promised to keep fighting to represent the establishment vote. >> we're going out to south
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>> reporter: marco rubio fighting for the same. >> you will see us again because we are coming back in november. to win the general election. >> reporter: chris christie end of the night trailing in sixth place, sounding disappointed and not social his campaign will go the distance. >> we're going to go home to new jersey tomorrow, and we're going to take a deep breath. >> reporter: the bottom line is that chris christie, carly fiorina, ben carson and jim gilmore might not qualify for the next debate. the winner will need thousands of delicates on each side. new hampshire has just 23 for the republicans, 24 for the democrats. >> thank you. now to our analysis on tonight's big victories in new hampshire, joining us is james taylor, professor of political science at university of san francisco. and brian sobel, thank you both. >> first to you, donald trump
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numbers tonight. what does this win say about him and his supporters? >> that he has to be taken seriously. he did the job that he needed to do tonight. and obviously the rest of the field were trailing him considerably. very interesting result. trump was expected to win, but he performed very really well. >> professor taylor, what does this win mean for bernie sanders on the democratic side? how big a deal is it for him? >> i don't think it's much of a big deal at all. he won in a neighboring state where he was supposed to win. if he didn't do as well, then he would have been a real danger going forward. he doesn't has the demographic combination he needs in south carolina. he's going to have to work hard. he's got leads like nina turner and mike the rapper, making great inroads in the african- american population in general.
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individuals, bernie sanders, perhaps they can make some inroads. but clinton is relying on the black vote which i think is premature because i think it backfired before with barack obama. after he won a contest against her in new hampshire. this is something that hillary's campaign has to be prepared for. >> how does hillary clinton spent the night? she did not do well. she worse than the polls have suggested. she underperformed in the polls so she can say she exceeded expectations. she didn't do well with women or with young people. >> that's correct. her spin is i didn't expect to do well in the race tonight in the primary. in new hampshire. and we're looking at south carolina. she has to take the loss and move on. but it was bernie sanders' night. he really really came out strong and he looked very energetic in his speech. and he's got a lot of people who are watching his campaign
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does it change anything has a professor outlines? we don't know. but give sanders credit. he did the job he needed to do to stay in the race. >> i agree. >> professor taylor, about the minority vote, bernie sanders is reaching out to the minority community but the clintons have a long relationship with the minority community. can sanders win in a diverse state? >> i think he can. he will have to do a good ground game. when you say minority, i think he has to make an appeal to all nonwhite voters as well as to white focus especially working- class voters who he has become a champion for. so i think bernie sanders does have the potential to make inroads. it's something people are not talking about, the way the aging vote has been taken for granted. -- the asians. what people don't realize is
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the children or themselves immigrants interpret those slides aimed at latinos and other central and south americans as the asian sentiment too. so as much as we're not covering the population in this dynamic, it's a factor that factors in later when we see in the aftermath that these alienating messages have an impact on them as well. >> brian, let me go back to you. as john kasich -- is he back in business here? and marco rubio, he could finish fifth? >> yes. it was a great night for kasich. but like the poker game, all his chips were in. he did 100 town halls. he has nothing much out beyond new hampshire. it will be interesting to see whether this gives him momentum. the guy i thought came through tonight on the republican side that people may not have thought would was jeb bush. to your point, frank, marco
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bad debate the other night. didn't have a great showing. >> yeah. rubio's burnout is unprecedented. this is going to be a famous moment in politics. >> james taylor, brian sobel, >> thank you. up next, nevada and then the baystate yet to go to the polls, south carolina. both split their primaries with democrats and republicans voting on different days. then on to super tuesday, on march 1, 14 states participating, hundreds of delegates at stake. stay with ktvu fox 2 this election year for complete coverage on here, online and on your mobile device. now to pacifica where we have confirmed a man pulled from the ocean waters this afternoon has died. witnesses told us the victim had been sitting on a beach with his wife when they were swept away by a wave. amber lee joins us now with late information from the coroner. amber? >> reporter: the san mateo
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man as larry more of pacifica. it appears moore was trying to save his wife when he drowned. just south of the pacifica pier, the pacific ocean, beautiful and sometimes deceptively calm. >> looks harmless but it is so dangerous. it can pull you out just like that. >> reporter: that's what happened around 2:00. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: a witness told us a couple was sitting on the beach near the water. >> the waves came and grabbed her. they were holding onto each other. the guy went in after her. >> reporter: the witness says she could see the woman floating on her back. >> she tried to take her all the way out. floating way out there. i could see her head and her feet. trying to relax and not fight it. she, on the other hand trying to fight it -- he actually got
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taking him back in. >> reporter: witnesses say even a rescuer with the coast guard had trouble.. the surf was too strong. that he was taken up by a helicopter. >> they dropped him into the he picked something up, i'm assuming it was a person. really quickly, i saw all of the firefighters and police officers that were on the beach go and get him. >> reporter: neighbors say it's a sober reminder of what can happen here. >> we can't underestimate the power of the ocean. the waves, you never know what's going to happen. >> reporter: moore was taken to stevens medical center where he was pronounced dead. his wife was also taken there, she remains at the hospital tonight where she is being evaluated. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. tracking your wednesday
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in a row of record warmth, a little -- will wednesday continue in that vein? we'll have all the specifics. federal agents seized
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push to have city hall dismantle this expanding tent city. there's been a lot of talk about the city's homeless crisis. now one business owner is tired of all the talking. he wants action in dealing with the problem. heather holmes is live now with the urgent plea to city leaders. heather? >> reporter: no doubt about it, there's been a surge in homeless people living here on the streets. south of market neighborhood, not sure if you can see, but tents as well as tarps and shopping carts line many of the sidewalks. the situation has reached such a critical level that one gym owner in the area actually made these flyers with the phone number and email address of the mayor and every city supervisor . he is hoping all of those phone calls and emails will finally get city leaders to take action. the lack of progress on homelessness in san francisco
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near the health club fitness sf. >> every intersection is overrun with homeless people. >> reporter: sebastian owns the gym at the corner of ninth and division. he says the situation seems to get worse every month. >> what's going on is not acceptable. we need a plan of action that works. >> reporter: the increasing encampments are testing the limits of tolerance for people in the neighborhood. they report seeing drinking, drug dealing, defecating, urinating, and aggressive panhandling. >> you wouldn't see this downtown or city hall. you wouldn't see it anywhere else. but they push it out here. it's not right. >> a moral crisis for the city. we must address it. >> reporter: jane kim says steps are being taken to confront the festering problem. >> the city has opened up a new center on pier 80 to address the campus we're seeing on division street. they started doing outreach to many of the campaign's -- encampments.
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he wants results. >> we need the city to make it a priority and help these people and help our city. help everyone. >> reporter: julie, he says this is about compassion and finding people safe shelter. >> did the supervisor offer any other solutions tonight? >> reporter: i asked her about that. she said that actually last week she called for a hearing, to hear from mayor ed lee about his plans to address this problem. she said this comes down to housing and affordable housing. something we all know is really a struggle here in san francisco. >> not easy to deal with. the homeless man accused of stabbing a chp officer in san francisco pleaded not guilty today. noel corpuz was arraigned on a number of felony charges including attempted murder, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. he is accused of using a knife to slash officer andre sirenko
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the attack happened a week ago near a homeless encampment near the essex street on-ramp. the officer was released yesterday. the suspect is held on $5 million bail, he returns to court in about two weeks to try to get that bail reduced. a protest by activists tied up traffic today in the mission district. about a dozen people blocked tech employee buses from leaving the intersection of 24th and valencia. the protesters blamed the tech workers for moving into the neighborhood and driving up rents. san francisco supervisors came to an agreement with the shuttle companies last night extending their contract for another year. a proposal in san francisco could help street vendors who are forced out of their usual spots for super bowl city, they were only -- there were only 10 spots available. shoeshine. several others were moved lost money. now the supervisor wants the taxpayers to help artists and
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losses. >> i think that we should show that we take care of our street artists and vendors, our shoeshine guy, and put our money where our mouth is. >> he wants to take $100,000 from the general fund and he says more money could come from bowl event. fishermen devastated by the long-delayed start of the dungeness crab season could be getting help. today, governor brown made a formal request for a federal declaration of a fishery disaster which would pave the way for federal funds. the commercial crab season was scheduled to open in november but has been put on hold because of a toxic algae bloom along the west coast. the port of san francisco has already waived rental fees for crab fisherman through april. the mavericks big wave surf contest is on for this friday along san mateo county coastline.
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year. today the ocean looked pretty calm but forecasters say monster waves are on the way possibly as high as 35 feet. organizers confirmed that the titans of mavericks will be held on friday, 24 of the world's best surfers are expected to compete in the lead contest. big wave guys are so tuned up, they are ready and chomping at the bit, they are going to be going hard. >> spectators were banned from the beach after a rogue wave came ashore in 2010. but there will be plenty of cameras broadcasting the event online. a warm one out there today, some record heat again, third day in a row, 73 in santa rosa, 72 in san francisco, feeling the heat out there, going to stay warm tomorrow, not quite as warm as today, couple degrees, not many mid-70s, santa cruz 85, there's a
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jose 76, that was a record. oakland, airport 70 degrees, a record there, temperatures are going to be warm again tomorrow as all of the rain stays to the north of us and we continue with this dry pattern but never -- it will rain again, we are going to have this dry period, enjoy it. not unusual, a week or two of dry, warm weather in january or february for that matter, but this looks like this is it, hopefully the last one, there is rain around the corner as we get into the end of next week so we will track that. forecast highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s, greens are 60s, daytime highs under mostly cloudy -- sunny skies will be a little cooler than today, speaking of cool, overnight lows, mid 40s. that is tomorrow. the old saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way. the efforts to keep the raiders in oakland and what it could take.
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tonight. only on 2, a multi agency drug and weapons bust, and a fugitive is behind bars. henry lee was in east oakland as federal and local authorities served search warrants and made arrests. >> reporter: our cameras were rolling as federal and local drug agencies, packaged pot, guns and indoor grow equipment from two homes near the corner of 78 and lockwood in east oakland.
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automatic rifle and a handgun. the pot and guns were not all. deputy u.s. marshals arrested a drug suspect who had been on the run for two years, wanted on a federal drug indictment in fresno. bit. he gave us a bit of a run for our money but we were able to track him down and get him into custody. >> reporter: sources say the fugitive, eduardo ortega chavez is known as a chop shop mechanic. deputy u.s. marshals, dea agents, narcotics task force and da inspectors. the agents also arrested this man who they say was driving. he also faces federal charges. residents told us they are grateful for the arrests, they say drug suspects don't belong in neighborhoods where kids play and citizens are trying to enjoy life. we spoke to lamont who didn't want to go on camera for fear of retaliation. >> it's a good thing that the police is trying to keep -- cleaned up the community. it's a neighborhood, kids be around. >> reporter: agents are grateful for the community support. >> these types of fugitives nestle in these neighborhoods that do have a lot of hard- working folks and law-abiding citizens within them.
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but with these indoor grows, they do use a lot of power, which can cause electrical fires and be a hazard to the neighborhood. also, with the amount of distribution that goes with the grow house, there's a lot of foot traffic and a lot of people that come in this area that are not from here and don't care about the neighborhood or the people within it so we're trying to get rid of those people. >> reporter: a lot of neighbors we spoke to our happy to see this raid go down. they are happy to have drugs and guns taken out of the neighborhood. and that the streets can be reclaimed. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. tonight, san jose police are asking for the public help to identify a pair of burglars who broke into a western union branch. two men were caught on surveillance video smashing through a glass door at the western union on center road, early in the morning back on christmas eve. footage shows the men rushing into the branch, stealing an undisclosed amount of cash and property. if you recognize either of these two men, you can report
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valley crime stoppers. if they are caught, you could be eligible for a cash reward. wall street lost ground again for a third day in a row. the losses were tiny compared to the previous sessions. the dow lost 12, nasdaq down 14, s&p dropped one point. falling oil prices dragged down the markets, u.s. crude fell nearly 6% to about $28 a barrel, that came after a report that stockpiles rose last week, new york times says many of the smaller oil companies that sprang up when the oil was $100 a barrel are now finding themselves deep in debt and facing bankruptcy. shorts, sandals and dinner alfresco, ahead we ask what this week's record warmth means for el nio. team without a home. mark ibanez on what it will
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oakland. a fremont church is considering stepping up security after its baseball field was vandalized for the second time in a month. a plastic table and other items were deliberately set on fire last friday at the cal ripken field at holy spirit church on fremont boulevard. just last month, vandals broke through padlocks and did serious damage to the baseball field's snack bar. >> it's getting tedious. having to clean up after it. this time it wasn't as bad as the first time, but the repairs, the damage, the cost of the damage, it's getting to be a headache.
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evidence connecting the two acts of vandalism, no arrests have been made. as the glow of the super bowl starts to recede, the fate of the raiders is coming back into focus. >> expected to play in oakland this fall but as sports director mark ibanez reports, after that is anyone's guess. >> raiders! [ cheering ] >> if the city of oakland and the raiders could find the dollars to equal the delivery in their fans bring for the team, there would be no issue in funding a new stadium. but passion is not the problem. and progress has come at a glacial pace. but there are indications that most of the parties involved realize there is one location that makes the most sense. >> right now, the raiders are exclusively focused on the coliseum site.
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locations in sports. >> a waterfront stadium would have been great. but not realistic. mind at the oakland coliseum, plant their feet, distractions like mark davis gallivanting off to las vegas and talking publicly about cities like san antonio, that's got to stop. there is no more leverage to be had. getting the raiders to agree to the current site doesn't necessarily mean they have to build a new stadium on it. longtime bay area sports executive any double-edged says he feels the city and the team could do a remodel. >> the war years, that was a remodeled oracle arena. and that served the warriors in an amazing way. the raiders know that the dna of their marketplace is here, the solution is here, and a coliseum makeover is one option. >> reporter: let's say that gets nixed and it is decided a brand-new stadium is needed. here comes the nagging question, how is it going to get paid for?
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miracle to come down the 880 or get off of bart. we don't live in a world of miracles. the nfl has just proven, we live in a world of green. that is the fluid that flows through the veins of the nfl. >> if the financial hurdles are cleared and a new stadium is in order, it doesn't need to be a jerry jones palace. mark davis himself has said that. raider fans should enter the equation as well, and they too are on board with what you might call a blue-collar facility. >> blue-collar families. we don't need all the frills. we want our own stadium because we are the only stadium left. >> reporter: the raiders former ceo amy trask, astute follower of nfl activities, takes a blue- collar idea even a step further. >> how about an entirely different stadium model, a paradigm shift if you will? the modern era stadium for oakland? how about putting a 40,000 seat stadium on that site?
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way we started before, we had 53, 54,000 seats. it was rocking. every dog on week. we build greater brand out of the stadium. >> reporter: the hope is that this prototype stadium could be completed for under $1 billion. even though that is less than any of the last five stadium projects in the nfl. the league will throw in $100 million if the team stays in oakland and reportedly offered a $200 million loan to the raiders as well. the oakland mayor, libby schaaf, long sensitive to keeping taxpayer money out of the picture, remains optimistic that all masters can be served. >> mark davis has said his highest priority is staying in oakland, he knows this is where his loyal fans are, this is where the legacy of that team is. raider fans will be happy you are staying. in oakland. are we? [ laughter ]
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disappointing for him. >> the world is a possibility for the raider nation. >> i recognize he is frustrated and needs a little bit of time to regroup and think of the next step for the raiders, but i am confident that that next step should be in oakland. >> i think it's time for the raiders ownership to understand that and digging hard now that the team is improving to guarantee a long-term future in oakland. >> reporter: clearly, no easy solution to keep the raiders in oakland, there are many moving parts including the oakland a's, the fans and of course the national football league. but any project no matter how simple or complex has to start with a first step. as of yet, no one seems willing to make that initial stride. mark ibanez, fox 2 sports. there's been a generous offer of help for some nuns who
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francisco's tenderloin. we told you last night their landlord plans to raise rent by about $2000 a month. it's an increase the nuns say they can't afford. mason mcduffie march pledged $1200 a year to help the nuns avoid eviction. a company executive pledged an additional $1200. the company has now set up a gofundme page to solicit additional help and we have posted a look at our website, $4.1 trillion, president obama releases a record federal budget including new taxes but it may never be passed. wednesday forecast, now we push forward, things are changing out there, and there's a chance we could see clouds
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too long. new express lanes are about to open on a busy stretch of interstate 580 in the east bay. two lanes and one westbound lane will run from the dublin interchange through the livermore valley. carpools, vanpools, clean air vehicles and motorcycles will be able to use the express lanes for free. but so low drivers will be allowed to pay. the price will vary depending on traffic and the price will be displayed on science. could be as low as $4.50 or as high as $22 for a round-trip. you will need fast track and if you are carpooling, you need a flex which to have -- which has a setting for carpooling. the lanes are expected to open later on this month. president obama unveiled a record $4.1 trillion budget, the proposal for the next fiscal year says education, healthcare and climate change are the priorities.
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security initiative. the president's budget raises taxes on the wealthy and on big banks. it also includes a tax on gasoline which would raise the price at the pump by about $.24 a gallon. however, the budget plan is basically dead on arrival with little chance of it getting through a republican-controlled congress. paul ryan has already dismissed the proposal as a quote, progressive manual for growing the federal government. u.s. supreme court froze parts of president obama's carbon emissions plan while it was being challenged in court. plan requires states to submit plans for how they will move from fossil fuel power plants to alternative forms of energy. it had a goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and existing plants by about one third by 2030. two dozen states along with utility and coal companies all filed suit, they claim the epa is overstepping its powers. young patients too sick to leave their rooms have a new
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with their schoolwork. >> best part of my day, julie. >> they got this new robot a few weeks ago, in that the students attend class remotely. and as we saw today, the robot help one student follow a science lesson and interact with his teacher while never leaving his hospital room. >> it helps us teach kids that can't come to the classroom so that they actually get some sort of enriching experience of being in the classroom without actually being here. >> young patients can even move the robot around enabling them to go in and out of their classrooms, they can even interact with their classmates. new orleans is celebrating fat tuesday with music, costumes and floats. >> [ music ] >> chilly temperatures couldn't keep thousands of folks from dressing up and dancing in the streets. people lined the parade route,
10:35 pm
trinkets, even footballs. fat tuesday marks the end of mardi gras, lent begins tomorrow on ash wednesday. mardi gras is a time to party before the fasting, prayers and dependence of land. record temperatures today, week? bill martin breaks down the complete forecast.
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what happened to el nio? the bay area had a very rainy january but now we're seeing record high temperatures and dry in february. so is el nio starting to visit? azenith smith joins us now live from san jose with some answers tonight. >> reporter: many people described today's weather as picture-perfect.
10:37 pm
of people were walking around in sandals, shorts and tank tops. in february. while this weather may seem unusual, experts tell me this dry spell is normal. as the sun sets on this february night, at santana row, families played outside late into the evening. >> we usually drink red wine but the weather is so nice we decided to have white wine. [ laughter ] >> reporter: these two walked over in summer attire. >> usually you have your coats on and rain umbrellas that were outside. it's very unusual in february. >> in the atmosphere, we can have a heat wave one day and cold and rainy two days later. >> reporter: that's allison jose state. she says el nio and warm waters are still out there. she showed us maps to prove it and says el nio is just as active as a to when it rained. right now a strong ridge of
10:38 pm
what we're experiencing this winter is normal conditions. normal temperatures, normal rainfall. the reason it seems weird is that we haven't had a normal year for several years. >> reporter: she expects this stretch to continue for another week. once that rich collapses, storms will come back. >> in california, we expect this. rain and then sunny. >> while no rain means goodness for pink berry frozen yogurt, they say they want the rain to come back, given the drought. >> i'm off work for three days, let me have my sunshine. then it can rain. >> reporter: it was interesting, it may not be the expecting given studies on climate change, but all of this is still too early to tell, live in san jose, azenith smith, take -- ktvu fox 2 news. let's bring in chief meteorologist now, what azenith smith was talking about, people
10:39 pm
would you agree with what -- >> absolutely. the dry spell is pretty normal this time of year. very normal in the bay area and northern california and central california, we are in the dry spell right now, three days straight of record warmth, going to continue with warm weather and dry weather but doesn't mean el nio is done because we're going to see more rain but it's not going to happen in the next few days, record highs today, you've got to look at these santa cruz numbers and monterey, 85 degrees, down there at pebble beach, joe fonzi is down there right now for the program, it is amazing weather. 85 degrees, we head 90s down in southern california, down towards santa barbara. the weather systems are out there, that's why there's large swells hitting hawaii right now, that's why they are having the big wave contest tomorrow. two days from that point, from wednesday, all of that's well moves west, and hits mavericks on friday, down there live with that and the swells, promising to be pretty big and even
10:40 pm
the conditions. the currents and tides, wind directions, perfect for this contest. could be a really good one, not as big as it was friday, member how big that was? but conditions will be equally as good and it will be almost as big. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, 52 degrees. the sky cover, partly sunny mostly sunny, more of the same, it stays this way, right through the week with a few clouds filtering in and out, but as we move forward, we're going to get changes coming our way, this high-pressure sticks around and starts to break down a little bit on friday but just enough to filter more clouds in here, the long-range model keeps sending everything to the north, here we are as we head into sunday. then you stay up here, you see this pushing down, as we head into tuesday, this is the beginning of the change. okay? dry up until the next seven days, next tuesday, the system dropping down is going to break that rich down, going to open most likely, the storm door to
10:41 pm
to what extent that is, we don't know yet. but right now that is the time. you've got seven days before we're talking about rain. so enjoy it, temperatures will remain on the mild side, not as warm as today or yesterday but still, pretty darn nice for this time of year, southern california, santa barbara, looking at 70s and 80s, but for us, clouds filter in, dry weather, it's amazing to go from what was the wettest winter we've had in four years, to some of the warmest weather we've ever seen in the bay area, record-breaking for the last three days straight. >> talking about the special events, the timing was perfect on this with the super bowl and now mavericks and chinese new year coming up week after that. >> as long as el nio comes back. >> yeah. >> it will come back. it never went away actually. just the rain, el nio is still in the atmosphere.
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sports is next, we'r [ cheering ] the denver broncos had their victory parade today, that's peyton manning waving to the crowd, the event drew a huge crowd in downtown denver, some estimates
10:43 pm
the broncos super bowl victory is the team's third in history, they won back-to-back super bowls in 1998 and 1999 when john elway was their quarterback. >> now, that's a parade. >> so awesome, brings back great memories. we were laughing when jason walked in here. >> the warriors are good, they are really good. >> unbelievable what they are doing, what can you say about them? going for 10 straight tonight, they have owned the rockets the past two seasons, the warriors have owned everybody the past two seasons going for their 10th straight win overall, in 42nd straight regular-season win at oracle, curry, green, thompson, showing off their all- star jerseys before tipoff, then stephon curry got it rolling early, hesitation move behind the back, between the legs, then the blow-by to the cylinder with the left, wow. curry, here he is again now
10:44 pm
three-point shot, he was 7-16 from three-point land, 35 points , but the warriors defense failed them in the second quarter, hardin took over, in the fourth, actually took the lead for a brief moment there, but the warriors responded, watch this, looks like the globetrotters, missed dunk, then staff will slapped away, i had to green, then back to curry, then iguodala, barbosa, the layup. that's how good they are. when they turn it on, nobody can stop this team. barnes with the rock in the fourth quarter, layup, foul, barnes had 19 in the game, pretty much kept them going. then draymond green, one basket and the ballgame, this is it. the dagger, this isis the game, 2:10 left to go, he scores his only bucket, warriors win, they improve to 47-4 as the best start in nba history, here is marreese speights after the game.
10:45 pm
playing a good game, so it was good that they came out and hit quick threes. so it was good. and then came in, fending them off. >> spates was huge in the game, as was the entire warriors bench. onto the sharks, they continued to roll against one of the best teams in the league, scoreless in chicago midway through the second, patrick marleau, up here at the top, by the line with the slapshot, he will like the light and it rattles in, 1-0 san jose. then was martin jones' turn, another stellar performance for him, 33 saves in the game, five shutouts this season as the sharks win 2-0, empty net or in the game, they are now 10-2-2. in their last 14. people still talking about cam newton, lots of people took issue with how he handled his
10:46 pm
here's a few photos we took to short -- to show you what it looked like in the locker room. surrounded by reporters and cameramen, largely despondent, disappointed about the loss obviously. he gave three word answer. he left after three minutes. if you didn't like what you saw on sunday night, probably won't like his explanation today either. >> i mean, i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? show me a good loser, i'm going to show you a loser. >> i don't think that's exactly the message you want to send your kids, but that's how these athletes reach the pinnacle as well. that's the attitude they have scary moment in boston tonight, north carolina head coach roy williams was upset about a col late in the game versus boston college when he collapsed to the floor. right in front of his bench. williams would be helped up, then helped off the court. after the game, he said it was an inner ear condition that causes vertigo, williams said
10:47 pm
the tar heels won 68-65. the annual pebble beach pro- am kicks off thursday down along the monterey bay peninsula. today, it was gorgeous weather for the annual giants-49ers charity shootout, dwight clark, steve young, bruce bucci, they were all there, matt cain can swing the club a little bit, look at him, nice shot, yeah. green. then it was matt cain with the little tapping here on 18, as the giants win the shootout 3- 2, all to raise money for the giants foundation. >> that's what's fun about it, really being able to get out here and help some great charities, then really noticing what those guys do, during the season, staying up close, that
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