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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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and the near record warmth continues on the 7-day forecast. . these and more coming up on this thursday, february 11th, 2016. >> you're watching news 4, in high definition. hey, good thursday morning. welcome to the half hour of "news 4 today." . >> time is 6:30. we start with a developing story out of oregon. that's where michelle fiori is acting as and
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protesters and the fbi. this is all happening at a national wildlife refuge that ammon bun day and his group took over 40 days ago. bun day was arrested two weeks ago at a traffic stop, and remains in custody. late last night, his father cliveen bun day was arrested after he flew into portland international airport. the oregonian newspaper reporting the 74-year-old bun day was arrested in connection with federal charges related to a stand off here in nevada, of course, happening back in 2014. meanwhile michelle fiori has been engaged in negotiations over the phone. >> i know. i watched the video over and over and over again, and i have to tell you -- i agree with you. >> supporters remain at the refuge, and they say they would surrender at 8:00 local time if certain conditions are agreed upon. back here in northern nevada, the mother accused
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springs took the stand yesterday at his trial. cody wallace is charged in the death of two-year-old thomas con nell back in 2010. as we have reported, the case has already gone to trial once, but a mistrial was declared. wallace has been sitting in jail the past five years. yesterday his mother testified she never saw him harm the child, and she would not have tolerated it if she had. the trial continues today. tesla motors is asking nevada regulators to reconsider the way the net metering system affects solar customers. the nevada public utilities commission set new rates last year for the net metering. roof-top solar companies say the decision prompted them to lay off hundreds of people so far. former solar employees have crowded puc meetings to plead with the commissioner to reverse all of this: now, tesla's vice president of business development
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he says the move offers no incentives for nb energy energy consumption. speaking of solar, governor brian sandoval is asking an energy task force to take up hot-button issues, include roof-top solar- rate setting. the governor's office plans to reconvene the energy task force for the next year. the task force would help develop policy goals before the coming 2017 legislative session. the air. people all around the world are getting ready to celebrate valentine's day. alex knito live with a gift idea just in case you're still not sure what it is to give that special someone. >> reporter: hey, ryan. i got myself a new boo this morning, and if you have a boo of your own, well, we have some gift ideas for you, like you said. talk talk more about it, ear joined by suzanne. >> if people maybe don't want to deliver the traditional flowers to their loved one, what are some other ideas this valentine's day? . >> in addition the beautiful
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have a lot of cute stuffed animal. we have wine, lot of pretty balloons. there's a lot to choose from. >> reporter: what are some of your more popular, maybe unique, beautiful arrangements like we've seen this morning. >> you saw that one arrangements with the roses and anth,riums. that's something more unique. still red, very romantic. star-gazer lilies are very popular valentine's day. big hot pink lily with beautiful fragrance. good idea also. >> reporter: you guys are going to be sending out quite a few orders today through the rest of the weekend. what advice do you have for people if they're going to want to come down and make an order? . >> we'll be delivering a lot of orders next four days. the sooner you can order the better. 8:00, you'll want to start calling. our stores open at 9. get your orders in. you can get what you want, and we can deliver it
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>> reporter: like we said earlier, today and tomorrow, a great day for all women to show off their flowers at their offices. if you want to learn more about where you can go and the number to call so you can place your order, visit our web site later this morning. we'll have all that information up there. reporting live, alex knito. back to you. clock is ticking, fellas. coming up, we're going to take a look at what is topping financial headlines. taking another hit on wall street this morning. also going to take a look at
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air-line industry. cooler temperatures and rain chances. until then, way above average. 66 for the high today. that is 16 degrees above the average for this time of year. closer to the average for april 22nd. tomorrow's high of 68 is above the record for the date, also closer to the averages for april 28th. so the next several days, we are looking at april-like temperatures rather than -- 66 in r,no sparks, 63 in carson city. 56 in south lake, and 32 in elko. light winds and mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies today. 20s and 30s to start the day, and a warm afternoon is out ahead of us. not quite as warm on the eastern side of the state. you'll be in the 30s out that way. a mix of sun and clouds, and staying dry out, staying dry for most of the 7-
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we'll take a look at rain chances indication wednesday on the 7-day coming up. back to you. >> all right, tim. let's look outside at the roadways this morning with trooper down can dobber with nevada highway patrol. trooper, good morning. >> good morning to you guys. we just got a report in of some road debris on eastbound 80. other than that, we ore looking smooth on all our northern nevada highways with this morning. like always, do be careful in our normally congested areas in and around the bowl. are your cuds getting bigger and starting to squirm around in those child seats? the two magic numbers you're looking for are 6 and 60. your child has to be both 6 years old and 06 pounds before they get out of that child seat. you're looking at a mix mum fine of $50. mandatory court appearance is possible, some community service. it's about keeping those kidkos safe. the repercussions are stiff. we're having a great day out there guys. keep those seat belts on. be safe, and take care.
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>> well thank you, trooper down can. coming up on "news 4 today," primary season is in full swing, and candidates are wasting no time on the campaign trail. just days after the new hampshire pry player marry, sanders and clinton face off
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coming up. not pretty so far, folks. stock markets sinking on doubts regarding the health -- investors fleeing to safe haven as,ts.
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i mentioned those safe-haven asets. gold shooting up to 1,240 an ounce. some more on our -- thursday morning. senators and environmental groups are blasting the white house for proposing to help alaska deal -- by taking money away from similar efforts along the gulf coast. and a proposed budget for 2017, the white house said it wants to repeal a 2006 provision that establishes a formula for sharing revenues for off-shore drilling in the gulf of mexico with four gulf states. starting next year, l.a., al, mississippi, and texas, are slated to receive a large portion of those funds. the white house is calling for a repeal of those payments, saying they were unnecessary and costly. and some good news is in the air. travelers shelling out less minnesota on air-line tickets these days. transportation department says domestic air fares have dropped to a six-year low. air-line prices fell by more
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the average price is now a -- expansion at airlines and plunging jet-fuel prices are big drivers of the change. dow jones still on the losing streak this morning, down 250 points. toss it over to tim. >> a mix of sun and clouds. across the area for almost the entire 7-day forecast. there's an end in sight to the dry spell. we're watching some rain chances. still dealing with sun and clouds. still some haze possible in the valleys, but the inversion has been weakening. that's great news as far as our air quality is concerned. temperatures wall above average and near records for the next couple days. 33 in town with mostly clear, partly cloudy skies, and calm winds. teens for the eastern side of the state, where highs will be in the 30s later today. we're in the 0s now for western
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sierra as well with a few spots in the 50s as wall, especially higher elevations. a very warm day. there are some clouds streaming through, mixing with the sun as we go through the day today. not too much in the way of shower activity. that is mostly off to our north as we still have this ridge of high pressure in place, still keeping us dry and directing all the activity up to the pacific northwest. 0s and 40s for most of the eastern side of the state. western nevada topping out in us. 66 -- 50 round mountain. 50s some spots. weakening. air quality shouldn't be too much a concern going forward. you may see visible haze in some of the valleys. in the 60s for the lower elevations today. we are well above average this time of year. today.
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sparks is 2 degrees away from today's record of 68. tomorrow's high may even go above the record in reno sparks. 60s for much of the 7-day forecast for carson city. 50s for much of the 7-day for south lake. again, we do have that rain chance indication wednesday. so we're watching that. but until we get there, warmer temperatures. tomorrow's high of 68, that is 1 degree above the record for the date. so we'll see if that severs. back over to you. >> thank you, glenn. as primary season moves into full swing, democratic presidential contenders preparing to face off tonight. hillary sanders, hillary clinton will make their cases before voters in wisconsin this time around. >> both candidates to seek to shore up their support among african american voters. kim hutchison has more. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will battle it out thursday night in mick at the pbs democratic debate. december recent new hampshire
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clinton picked up a key endorsement. >> members in their 0s, 0s, 50s, 6 0s, 70s, and 80s, don, have collectively concluded hillary clinton is the right person for the job. >> reporter: sanders met wednesday are reverend al sharpton. they talked about 20 minutes, but sharpton did not extend his endorsement. a recent poll shows sanders with only 7% support among african americans in south carolina, compared with 74% support for clinton. political analyst michael nutter explained. >> because the relationships are so long-substantial doubting. they're so deep. they're real. there are real people who can testify to the nature of these relationships. >> reporter: but political analyst van jones says sanders' numbers with african americans could improve. >> will grow in black community. but where we are now, he has not made those strong
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historically, yes, but practically not yet. >> reporter: i'm kitchen hutcher son reporting. >> that was kim hutcher son reporting. well two contestants remain for -- two contests remain for democrats in february. the nevada -- and the south carolina primary, fold by super tuesday on march 1st, when more than a dozen states will hold primaries or caucuses. well some fast-food workers will call for a higher minimum wage at tonight's president debate happening in mick. democrats staged rallies like this one we're seeing in mick two years ago, demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. organizers expect more than a thousands protesters outside the debate site tonight. bernie sanders has been on record supporting the $15 an hour minimum wage, while hillary clinton said she'd cap it at $12 an hour. the min wage is at $7.25. the race is over for two republican candidates,
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nomination for president of the united states. chris christy told the staff at his campaign headquarters in morristown, new jersey, late wednesday afternoon he was stepping back. >> and former hue let pack card ceo carli fiorina called an end to her bid for the white house. she made the announcement with a post on her facebook page. another man who was shot that night call for his release. the decisionton parole came after he answered questions from members of the parole panel three hours in total. throughout the hearing, sirhan insisted he did not remember the shooting at the los angeles hotel back in 1968. he did have an -- calling for his release. paul shrade -- shrad was a kennedy confidant, injured in the shooting. he says he believes sirhan shot him, but an
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shot kennedy. all right. if you're traveling today, pretty quiet weather across most of the nation. not too many delays to report either. of course, check with your airlines for your flight status.
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a very romantic meal that the wallet. we're going to have more on that coming up. >> plus clerisy rush pub is holding an event. if you don't have a lovey don't worry about it. we have a place to hang out, meet one. day. going to introduce you to mayor. that and a lot more coming up in less than 5 minutes. >> and answer a question everybody is asking this morning: why? . >> why for reno mayor? . >> we'll have the answer from the dog and his handlers coming up. want to take a last look at -- >> let's do it. quiet stuff, very warm temperatures. well above average, and also near the records for this time of year.
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the record of 68. tomorrow the forecast of 68, that is above the record for the date, which sits at 67 degrees. and we pull back on the temperature. only -- heading into the weekend. 63 saturday and sunday. warmer monday and tuesday of next week, once again. by the way -- i did this yesterday. i'm doing it again. i went the wrong way. we have a rain chance for the middle of next week, with wednesday at 40% for the lower elevations, 60 for the upper. it is something to hopefully look forward to as far as moisture is concerned. but until then, we're dry all the way across. >> weird to think welcomed be looking at breaking heat records after the win theer we got so far. >> that's for sure. >> thank you, tim.
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