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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 15, 2016 9:00am-9:30am PST

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would have caught that. >> why this woman is not most people and the buzz word to win an ipad mini and a wind suit flight through a waterfall and don't drop that egg. see if anything can break that streak. >> mom got hands. >> riding a truck. it's a dump truck and he's just cruising through the countryside. nice and quiet. nice and open. i try and i try to spot it coming. >> whoa! >> wow. >> absolutely enormous wreck. >> so what caused it? if i back the video up about 20 seconds. we're at this junction right
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you don't see it. there's a car coming from the right-hand side driven by a 57-year-old man. he runs that stop sign and clips the back right wheels of the truck forcing it into the angle and it rides straight into that unoccupied at the time house. we actually also have aerial footage to show you the extent of the damage to the house after it hit. you can see right there. you can't see the front of the truck. check this out. you can see some of the damage to that truck. there is the side of the house. only reason he feels he survived with minor injuries as it was about to hit the house, he laid down on the bench and got as low as he could and he was fine. the other guy, the other driver, willie, he was charged with failing to stop at a stop sign, driving with a revoked license and operating a vehicle with a
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he shouldn't be on the road at all. this is what happened. >> i'm glad tony is okay. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> the things you can't say on tv this man says when he sees these two cougars on vancouver island in british columbia. >> i haven't seen cougars like that since i was single. >> you hid in your car as well. >> there's another one somewhere. >> an animal expert does believe they're young and curious just looking at them. >> there he is. there's the other one. >> he did find the third one. just says he was in his car for 20 minutes. they were just hanging around. >> long enough that the sun set. i would sleep in the car. >> four cougars. >> this next video is one where you have to pay close attention because i don't think you would
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>> cleaning the gutter? >> this is in brazil and apparently he walked into a bar, a monkey walked into a bar, picked up the knife, and look at that. there's the monkey on the roof. eventually the monkey came down. crawled on the cook's shoulder and dropped the knife. >> are you sure this isn't the new trailer for the next "planet of the apes" movie. >> sad thing is they think this monkey may be domesticated and owner got tired of it and let it go they need to check to see if they can release it into the wild or taken in by a rescue. the monkey will be cared for one way or another. >> a monkey with a knife instead of a guard dog. >> they have named him.
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>> dear criminals, there are cameras everywhere. >> i've been saying that for five years. >> they're not listening. police are looking for this fine gentleman. he walks into this fast food joint. full description of him. well, he did this. >> snatch the purse? >> it happened so quickly i don't think most people would have caught that. >> he was ninja about it. casual left hand. >> he snatches that purse. she whips around. snatches him to the ground using all of her weight and jumped on his back. another gentleman steps in. >> don't let him go. >> smarter to do. you never know what a person has. they're not police.
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sandwich as a parting gift. these security guards in russia went after these folks. the woman in the yellow hat is about to get into it. wraps her up and grabs her when another security guard comes out and starts kicking the man. >> one guy is down. he's down permanently. >> you see the other guy come over and say enough. enough. >> all of this over sausage. >> did somebody hide it in their bag without paying. >> they asked her to leave. mixed it up a little bit. get excited. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need monday's buzz word, be 18 years old and legal u.s. resident. the buzz word is coming up in just a bit.
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giveaway. >> times are changing. they're changing so much that now dads are becoming very involved in the care of their children but your environment isn't catching up as quickly. >> apparently only moms can change according to four u.k. restaurants and retailers. >> that's annoying. >> that's not acceptable. >> this dad has figured out you need to change the diaper it's basically impossible to find a place that caters to you as a dad because most of the changing changes are in the female bathrooms. in this video al shares the journey going from one location to another with his son, ted, to find a changing station.
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>> only in the ladies. >> he never found one. >> it's like the other side of the coin. if you can't do it, the baby is crying and uncomfortable and you have no option but to do that in public and other people don't want to see that. i have no choice. what do you want me to do? >> i'm not a mom but i am a parent. it's 2016. there is more stay at home dads than ever before and more dads getting custody of their children in separation but we can't change our baby's nappies when we're out. we created a map to upload dad near you. we want to celebrate those places getting it right and encourage those places getting it really wrong. >> a wing suit pilot is about to take a mandatory flight through the waterfall. see where there's nothing
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[ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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winter nasal congestion. is it a cold? sinuses? for all of them... there's allegra-d . a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d . >> it's hard to believe that we've come to this. that we've come to wing suit flights being so mundane, shall we say, that guys like dennis olson here are just, like, yeah, mandatory line of switzerland flying through the waterfall. that's basically how he
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he says "look at me. look at me. i'm flying through a waterfall like every other wing suitor on this planet." >> this never gets mundane. i'm sorry. >> it actually kind of does for them because part of what they're doing out there is creating new lines and figuring out new things to do so yeah that's super awesome. after the first guy does it, it's no longer cool. as a wing suit pilot you want to >> wait a minute. >> and then crash into the wall. >> if he's bored, you have to push the envelope. >> i love his sense of humor and this shot. goes through the waterfall and even takes a sip off his beer. extreme athlete, actor and speaker. i guess he has a sense of humor stuff. no matter how dangerous the activity, to him it seems like a walk in the park. you win.
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name. two videos to prove it. there's a fish on that icy lake and there's an eagle. who do you think is going to win? >> the fish lost. he needs to be under the ice. not on top of it. >> fish is, like, i forgot my skates. >> i'm working on my tan. >> nobody is here except that eagle. >> that was awesome. >> i do like it. you get to see a second pass of this. this next video is awesome and it will tickle your funny bone because in this one it's the fish you win and you doubt it at the beginning because there are four cats hanging around this bathtub. you see the fish in there. they think easy. >> the cat is number one enemy, water and it's a bath. >> i had a cat once who loved
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when one has an issue, chain reaction. >> that's all i could think of. three out of the four cats got wet. black and white one was, like, i'll turn around and go. >> i used to love watching when i was a kid. wwe can be a lot of fun. this was scary for fans. see the wwe star teaming up and you see that move as they came down everybody else rolls off. >> somebody is not moving. >> they practice this stuff. they choreograph it. how did he land? >> it's a triple. you have six people working instead of just two. >> that's what happened. he was out for about a minute. they did say that he was okay but that's just something you
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you never know how it's going to turn out. >> i've been telling people for years that wrestling is real. totally real. >> we have real danger to the guys taking part. it looked like textbook the way he landed and everything. he just went lights out. >> look. >> proven his love for his woman because he's breaking in her shoes. he doesn't mind. the mrs. is kathryn thomas. she's a body builder and fitness model. >> that's hilarious. >> a lot of ladies can't walk that graciously in heels. i love that he's willing to go out for his lady. >> literally. >> he does other things that people might think are outlandish like this.
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in the back of a car. >> i love that she appreciates how goofy he is. >> the woman is not the only one that loves it. this video exploded all over the place on facebook and i think we know why. >> unsuspected grocery store shoppers targeted by a prankster. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> and still to come, dad is waiting for his daughter at the bus stop. the priceless reply when she spots her new set of wheels. >> and monday buzz word you'll need if you want a chance to win an ipad mini.) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying,
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gold bond. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me >> don't forget to dvr "right this minute." >> the convertible is a classic and it's been in this family for 24 years. for a number of those years, the daughter had both eyes on that car. well, dad got it back from the mother-in-law. a bit of restoration done to the car and it's sitting right there with a sign behind it. dad is waiting for his daughter to get off the bus. got a surprise. >> cool. >> that's a sweet car. >> the door opens and it looks like a couple brothers come out. middle brother looking a bit
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i think i understand why. when she comes out -- >> my god! oh my god. >> the only thing that actually comes out of her mouth as a reaction. it's a beautiful moment. all caught on camera. i don't think she'll be happy about this. freeze frame that one. happy dad. i think she's over it. >> overcome with emotion. that's super cool of dad to remember her dream and then to go through the trouble of getting the car restored and to keep that chevy in the family. >> who needs the downward dog when you have the upward goat. >> okay. >> i haven't learned that one yet. >> i mean it. this is rachel. she's a yoga instructor and
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into her moves. >> get out? >> look at this. >> i'm not surprised. they're great climbers and enough area for that goat to stand on so why not. >> i never knew a goat to climb on something that was moving. typically they crime on rocks and they are pretty firm. >> she looks to be pretty firm. she's really into fitness. >> she's not moving that quickly. moving at a slow pace. >> super adorable. rachel is popular on instagram because of the fitness routines she shares but also because of the goat. >> who needs a slamming door when you have this to remove your tooth. >> that's a new one for us. >> i never needed a slamming door before but okay.
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>> that's super creative. >> wow. you don't even have to make a co-pay. just throw him a bacon strip. >> got it. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. to enter you need the buzz word and be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. head over twitter or both. word. it's justice. >> get on over to and enter monday's buzz word, justice. you can enter to win a flat screen tv later this week. good luck, everybody. >> he's been pulling fast ones on mom.
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>> 1925. >> just in 15 years they jammed it up with diamonds. >> it's evolution. >> 1933. >> solitaire. >> simple. platinum was preferred. >> to the gold in 1940. >> that's where the floral designs started to pop up. >> in the '60s the big thing was gemstones. moving to this 1970s emerald cut appeared. >> very pretty. >> '80s was pear-shaped and for the 2000s. >> multiple big diamonds.
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cut with halo is pretty popular. >> perhaps the easiest prank is mom. they're always there. they trust you. they love you. this guy pranked his mom for a year. >> mom has hands. >> larry fitzgerald hands. catching them left and right. her reaction is like a cat. >> did she play cricket when she was a kid. >> takes a raw egg and pitches it at her. her reaction almost every time -- >> one handed. good for you, mommy. >> no offense, mom, this could keep her sharp a little bit as
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keeping her on her toes. brain going. good practice. >> they say that's important. >> i think having a son keeps your brain going. >> she's good. >> maybe it's the thought of her having to clean up egg off her kitchen floor. >> could be. she's good. she's not perfect. >> there's one. >> she could put a stop to this in a second. moms can do that. she keeps getting him. >> she may be getting tired. >> happy monday, everyone. hope you caught that buzz word.
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this minute." hey, rooster. it's not your fault your owner is an idiot. >> a dog is running loose. >> see how confronting rooster's owner gets it up. >> do you realize having a dog off a leash is not only illegal -- >> two pilots are out flying when one spots something.
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>> the buddy system on one scary landing. >> a driver in a marked patrol car is -- >> putting people in danger than protecting. >> how ordinary citizens busted a member of the force. >> plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini and a dude who is deep asleep gets a makeover. the moment the old permanent ink makeover sets in. >> i have one question, can't we all just get along? >> these neighbors can't get along because of this. >> hey rooster, it's not your fault your owner is an idiot. >> rooster is rambunctious and doesn't spend much time on its leash. >> if he's friendly. >> no. >> if you own a dog, you can't let it roam the neighborhood. it poops everywhere. who knows if there's a kid


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