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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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we're already into the mid-60s now. so we're having no trouble getting to that 69 degrees for today the record for today is 73. today is quiet. not too many issues. by the time we get to tomorrow, we're going to see the gust. below the ridge tops for your wednesday gusting to 55 at times. snow starts wednesday evening and afternoon i should say for the sierra into the evening hourless. with rain at first below 7,000 feet. then it will change over to
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for the valleys of western nevada, winds increase tomorrow. south winds at 25 to 35 gusting to 60. wind prone areas up to 70 miles per hour. rain showers arrive for the showers of western nevada as early as wednesday evening through the overnight into thursday morning. with the snow level by thursday morning down to the valley floor. not looking for much accumulation for the valleys about zero to one. most of it will be rain. upper foothills three to seven. above 6,000 feet in the sierra. above 7,000 feet 10 to 20- inches of snow from wednesday night into thursday morning. more details to come in futurecast. back over to you. >> tim, thank you. as we talked about winds. when they hit i80 it can cause a lot of wind. so much so that ndot officials often restrict vehicles taller than 9 feet from going through
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semi trucks are often blown over sometimes causing delays between nevada and reno. >> you know we all unfortunately have seen these semi trucks that can get blown over driving to the valley if they're not aware an not following those wind prohibitions that are in place. this system is critical. if you drive through the valley today, officials are testing the flashing lights for the next hour or so until 1:00. wind is fine, you can go through there so far. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that sent one person to the hospital. robert laten says that last
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one man suffered from fire inhalation. several pets died in that fire. turning now to decision 2016. texas senator's ted cruz' wife, heidi cruz is heading to the valley. this event kicks off at 11:00 a.m. inside the atlantic steak house. tickets are on sale for $30, $25 for those that are already a part of the washo republican women's club. and clinton made a few stops already in reno. more than 800 people attended the rally on monday afternoon. clinton spoke about making community college affordable and how she differs from her republican counter parts t. democratic candidate also says she is for equal pay, women's rights and planned parenthood. now earlier in the day she
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discussion at unr again on monday where she answered questions regarding women's health. >> i have a house full of women, myself and my three daughters so it's always something that's important to us. >> hillary clinton says unlike bernie sanders she's giving voters the up front cost of her proposals. she insists she will not households. and sanders is scheduled to speak at the clark county democratic's party first in the west event. this of course before the nevada democratic caucus is happening on saturday. voters will be asked whether to hike sales taxes to
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the proposal would raise the sales tax to 8.2%. now reno committee agreed on friday to put the question on the november ballot. if it passes, washo county will have the highest sales tax in the entire state. renting an apartment in the biggest little city may cost you a little more dough. this according to a recent washington report. renting a one bedroom apartment in reno costs an average of $667. and this month it's gone up to $749. an increase of more than 12%. that's according to abodo an apartment search company. that rise puts nevada to fourth in the area. the increase is not that unusual especially for after
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it took several years to get to this point there's a nexus of shortage of entry level homes to buy. and that's why the people are filling up the apartments. >> and smith also says supply and demand major factor here behind the increase in rents. the transplant games of america right around the corner and nevada is playing a key role this year in this year's events. both recipients and owners are gathering to sign the flag. joan gibson is a local living donor. she says it's rewarding to know she's played a role in someone's life being saved. >> i donated a kidney to a coworker about eight years ago. just somebody i work with. she had some issues going on. i found out. and turned out we were a perfect match. we still work together. it's been really awesome
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this too. she takes great care of herself. so it's really nice to see you've done something great for somebody. >> if you're not already an organ donor but you want to be you can register online on dmv. you can also a link on our website. coming up, the governor is looking to work on the epidemic of left behind children. did you watch the big show last night? we're going to have a recap of the shows stopping performances. such great one s and a recap of all the big winners. big changes are on the way for the middle of the week. comi today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country
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wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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welcome back. at least 40 people died in an explosion of santo domingo. although dozens of houses and blast. china is moving to tackle a crisis facing millions of families. the government is encouraging parents to take their children with them when they move to cities to work. >> and if they can't for whatever reason, rural governments are being asked to monitor the welfare of these so called left behind children. >> reporter: 6-year-old zara is
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but lugi lin is more of a handful than most. >> raising this child is a huge headache. i'm having a struggle. >> reporter: she takes care of lou because his father left to find work. >> i can't teach him well. this boy should be educated by his father and mother. i can't even catch him when he runs away from me. i can't discipline him when he misbehaves. >> reporter: in china, a generation of children like lou are raised without parents. the numbers are staggering. they are more than 60 million left behind children in china that's one in five. more often than not, they cared for by aging grandparents. >> when you visit these villages you see something extraordinary. it's only the very old here and the very, very young. all those who are working have left for the big cities.
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are almost empty. the surrounding fields polluted, jobs nonexistent. recent studies show that left behind children do worse in school, have problems in school and are more prone to depression. the government says it's trying to help but their policies made it worse. >> it's not good but i don't have a choice. i don't want to but i have to raise him. what other options do i have? where would i leave this boy if i didn't take care of him. >> reporter: in the race to build a modern china. china's oldest generation and its very youngest are left behind. david mackenzie, china. turning to national news. parts of up state new york are seeing the biggest snowstorms of the season this week.
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working to clear nearly 700,000 miles of roadway today. officials say they plan to clean up this storm and have 5,000 5,000-tons of salt for the entire operation. and an 18 wheeler slowing traffic to a crawl on i95 north and broward count florida. the storm's down trees and power lines capsized boats and slow rush hour traffic of course. the national weather service reported that a maximum wind gust of 65 -miles-per-hour. officials have not yet confirmed any tornado touchdowns. as far as weather locally we're looking at a little different trend over the next several days than what we've been used to over the next several days. >> tim studabacher joins us with a look at that. >> today is the end of it. by tomorrow we'll start to see the winds picking up and that will be followed by rain and snow. sun and clouds.
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there and still staying quiet for now. things are going to start to change tomorrow. 60degrees already here in reno sparks. partly cloudy skies reported at the airport. temperatures across the area into the 40s for the eastern side of the state. 50s and 60s as you make your way further and further west. today is not the issue. we're not too concerned with partly cloudy skies. you can see that here on satellite. nothing showing up on radar for now. as we go into tomorrow, things will start to change. first thing we noticed, winds are going to start to pick up during your day. moisture starts to arrive into the sierra first as rain for feet. and snow above 7,000 feet. then things will start to become a little bit more intense as far as that precept is concerned. overnight hours. it's mostly an overnight storm from wednesday night into thursday morning. that's when the bulk of the
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also during that period of time. the snow levels are going to start to drop. so we'll watch for that too. there are a lot of weather alerts with this system. in fact, some of them have been updated since this morning. so we do have some new weather alerts to share with you this noon or winter storm warning. wednesday through noon on your thursday. that's above 7,000 feet. 12 to 20-inches of snow in the tahoe area above 7,000. below 7,000 right around lake level and above 6,000 in general. four to 6-inches of snow. south winds 20 to 40 gusting to 20 miles per hour. by the way over to the west of us outside of our viewing area that blue that's a winter storm watch which is where we were earlier today for our viewing area as well. we've been upgraded for our winter storm warning at mono county and above 7,000 feet, 10 to 20-inches of snow. the winds there too 20 to 30 gusting to 55 or so.
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a wind advisory in places like susanville. wind prone areas 65 to 70-mile- per-hour gusts are possible. for a pyramid lake advisory is in place. gusting to 50. i think you're seeing a trend here. there's wind across the area tomorrow. wave heights on pyramid about three to 5 feet. hence that high wind advisory in place. down to douglas county we have a high wind warning in effect. with wind prone areas gusting as high as 70-miles-per-hour. a lot of wind with this system. that's the first thing you're going to note on your wednesday. late wednesday into early thursday is the best chance for precipitation with this coming storm system. it'll be in the form of rain for most elevations below 7,000 feet at first. then again, that snow level will start to lower by thursday morning we could be tracking some snow right down to the valley floor locations. again, not expecting a lot here.
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floor as far as snowfall is concerned. one to three for the lower foothills, four to seven for lake level and above or 6,000 feet that is. above 7,000 feet 10 to 20- inches of snow with this incoming system. it's kind of alone for the seven day forecast too surrounded by quiet day today and quiet days into the weekend. back to you. the stars were out in full force on monday night. mackela parrella has the story. >> taylor swift's year it was. the pop superstar gramming 3- grammys including coveted album of the year. >> to all the young women out there, some where when you get where you're going you will look around and you will know it was you and the people who
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>> reporter: power house kendrick lamar electrifying the crowd. >> my mom and dad for always believing in me. i love you so much. thank you. >> and adele falling short of vocal perfection when audio issues marred her performance. >> the night was peppered with tributes. lady gaga channeling ziggy star dust in a tribute. but many thought it was broadway that stole the show. >> a live broadcast of the
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hamilton dazzling audiences and winning best musical album. there's a new toy in town all thanks to tesla. take a look at that. coming up after the break. >> before we go here's a live look at how stocks are doing on wall street this afternoon.
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be right back. welcome back, presidential candidate marco rubio's new america ad apparently features canada while referring to the u.s. the problem is -- >> it's morning again in america. today it's morning again. >> reporter: that was vancouver skyline. the footage shown over the narrator's voice, it's morning again in america. the video was released over the
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buzz feed first spotted the gaffe. and rubio's response. not going to make canada an issue in this election. >> and larry summers she really liked that. bill. get that. a new study from the harvard business school argues eliminating larger bills and would make life a little more difficult to people who are hurting commerce. the bill calls for an end to the uk50-pound note. the 1,000 swiss frank and 500euro note. >> and did you see my tweet there, it says beat it note. and many tesla model cars for kids. at a measly price of $499 bucks. they include working head
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a trunk in the front of the car. it also can reach a top speed of six-miles-per-hour. preorders are now open and cars will be shipped out in may. why not? all those dot comers you need a tesla for your kids too. we have weather coming in. let's talk about it. >> today is really quiet. today. it's warm. that's behind us as soon as we get to tonight. by tomorrow, we have our next winter storm on the way on in the first thing you will notice the winds on your wednesday. pretty gusty winds in fact. then wednesday evening into thursday morning that's the bulk of the precept. rain and snow depending on elevation. we'll have full coverage on all of our newscasts going forward. >> have a great day.
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hope to [lively music] >> hi. welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. the game where we play chance with celebrities. our teams today are robyn and kimberly versus j.r. and omar. ladies, we'll talk to you in a minute. j.r. and omar, step it on up, please. all right. let me guess. you're a married couple, and you live on a boat. >> no. that'd be gross. we're brother and sister. >> okay. i was gonna say, "what's gross about living on a boat?" people in the navy do it


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