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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 17, 2016 9:30am-10:00am PST

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in offroad race team passes a rival in trouble and realizes they're asking for some help. >> how the ultimate expression in sportsmanship is a hit. >> and a balloon floating to a woman at a funeral. >> she is overcome with emotion. >> the story of why so many are seeing it as a sign of hope. >> you ready? >> she's one of the brave venom hunters on discovery. now hannah lock hart talks about putting her life in danger to save others. >> we have to go across the country to find whatever they're needing for antivenom. >> plus, the buzz word for your
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>> and a prankster. >> when i catch you -- >> you don't typically consider sportsman ship showing up like this. this is owner/driver adam behind the wheel thundering through the desert in the king of the hammers event in southern california. slows down as he sees a competitor rolled over on the side. both cameras catching this. you see the guys with their hands up. they're asking for some help. adam slams on the brakes and backs it up. keep in mind this is a race. other cars drive right on by. one of the guys has a tow rope all ready to go. hooks it up to the truck, adam gives it some gas and quickly rights their race car. >> that's the coolest thing. you're not just racing each other.
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>> their race could have ended right there, but thanks to adam, their race did continue. however, the team led by the guy in the buggy there, they did not wind up finishing because of mechanical problems from this rollover and eventually wound up taking out their car. but adam lost about 40 seconds in his race. he had climbed all the way up to 7th place. however, he also did not finish the 115 miles in this section because of mechanical issues of his own. but because of this small bit of video that was put up on facebook, it went viral. people loved this expression of sportsman ship. hundreds of comments. they're made up after many marines and other military personnel. >> that also explains his attitude to help.
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>> even though he didn't win the race this is still awesome. >> sportsman ship. >> when i was in school we had emergency drills. in russia i don't know that there's a way to prepare for something like this. yes, it's just a dog. somebody left this 5 month old pup into the school. >> guess he wants to go inside. >> you see it nipping around at the door. so funlly they open the door but once inside you see all of the kids starting to run about. some of them are perplexed. they think that something crazy is happening. >> was it not a dog? >> no, but it's chasing the students around and nipping at them. >> the dog is going wild and -- >> look! >> and initially i'm like well, maybe the dog thought they were playing. the kid runs, the dog chases. if you pay attention to the way
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school, even the little girl trying to stop and pet it just turned around and ran back out the other way. once back out side it continues nipping at the folks and here comes this person. we believe it's the principal or assistant principal shooing it away. that's the only way to make it leave. unfortunately this same dog had another incident. some kids were in a yard and it got after them as well. even though it is a 5 month old little pup -- >> that's a rough day at school. and something we talked about, nick, you mentioned it just the other day. how do base jumpers not get bored? not getting complacent doing the same thing every day. >> well, they do, but then this happens. >> a guy is going to jump from a bridge, not very tall, over
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at the open -- >> hardly any time to pull that chute. >> oh, that sounds like a crack. >> it was a monster hit. the guy that posted this on youtube says this is the first jump in his career that he didn't properly plan and prepare for. choosing after this accident he did actually jump in the ridgeway festival. five days after the accident. he actually went to the hospital where he had torn muscles and tendons and a fractured fibula. >> so he didn't immediately go to the hospital after this. >> nope. he kept jumping for a couple more days and then went othe hospital. that's what you call a learning experience right there. >> i think the guy on the next video might need a learning experience as well. they've got that slow motion feature and this guy is going to
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through the air in slow motion. >> tuck, tuck, tuck! >> no broken leg or anything in this one. more just a nice fail. >> i don't call that a fail at all. i think that was pretty good. >> are you okay? >> joanne who watches us is our latest rtm ipad mini winner. all you need is wednesday's buzz word and to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident. >> the buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by for the mini ipad give away. the casket is surrounded by balloons but this particular one floats right over to the woman that is believed to be the 7-year-old's mom. and you can see that the second the balloon gets to her, she is
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the balloon stays around her and she, you can tell, is not holding on to it. now, the little boy passed back in september. the video was just recently reposted and it's going viral getting millions of views. let me show you another video that was also posted from that same event and you see the balloon glide across the side of the hall that they're in after it gets to the girl right at the front it keeps floating past her over to the other person laying down on the bench and it lowers itself almost as if to touch that person. >> that's pretty chilling. >> now at the wake is the little boy's family and friends and people believe that maybe that little boy is taking that balloon around to every single one as if to say good-bye. >> we want to believe that that's a message from that child because when a parent loses a young child like that, it is an unimaginable grief. >> the thing is something like
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the right kind of situation -- >> if it's put out there i specially in a highly religious country it can create an area where people will want to go and people will pay to have an opportunity to go to this place where a miracle took place. i don't want to believe that somebody would exploit a 7-year-old funeral to make a video. >> if you're looking for something to make you feel better -- >> it doesn't really matter. >> you can see this little boy had an impact in the world now. >> a famous scene reenacted. >> he gave me a ring and i gave him my word. >> the g rated version of the notebook. >> and i can't even begin to find the words to describe what this person was thinking.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> i need to take a deep breath before showing you guys this video. hold on and trust me for a minute. looks like a tall bridge. a couple of cars going over it. one with a dash cam. a big tanker truck ahead. but watch what happens here. >> that was a no crossing line. he almost killed that guy. >> double line, a car comes from behind the car with the dash cam trying to pass these two cars and the tanker truck on a blind curve on a bridge. i can't even begin to find the words to describe what this person was thinking. the guy on that small motorcycle right into the front of that car.
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that was jose sanchez. he was quickly apprehended by police and police are thanking the good samaritans that helped apprehend this guy. he was found guilty of three felonies and sentenced to 15 years in december. >> sounds like he deserved it. >> the notebook, the film. so many people have seen it. >> i love it. >> i've never seen it. >> but this scene -- no, i hate you. >> so you know this scene well. well, you've never seen it like this. >> i see you got my letters. >> finally. >> the guys got together, that's the little girl and her uncle and they're basically recreating the entire scene. >> what about the last few days? they happened. >> they happened and they were wonderful. >> the authenticity is there. the anger, the emotion, the swearing is not though.
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>> isn't it a part of the scene you came and you made love to me. but it's something else. >> was that a test i didn't pass? >> age appropriate. >> i've been promised to a man. he gave me a ring and i gave him my word. >> you tell them. >> give that girl an oscar right there. >> my favorite part is she's walking away and she calls him a son of a something. >> it's not about following your heart. it's about security. >> it's a four minute video. they do basically the entire scene almost word for word. >> it came together super cute. >> i have to go. >> he's a one man band.
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you guys absolutely love mashups. right? well, i've got something for you. okay.
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this is what you call beat box set. every single week he releases something new. he's playing stand by me, and this is absolutely amazing. the funny part is he's holding a sax phone but i'm hearing nothing that sounds like a sax phone yet. >> it's coming. >> listen. at the end of the video you see he gives a shout out to his girl rachel. he dedicated this specific song to her for valentine's day. >> i looked through his entire channel. he plays various songs. so i say hat's off to you. a lot of people are asking when
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he says it's coming soon. >> there's a new show premiering tonight on the discovery channel and it is extremely dangerous because the people on venom hunters are looking for snakes. >> all over the world, snakes lurk in the shadows. >> we are many the snake territory. >> and they're doing it in shorts. come on. >> they don't have armor or anything on? >> oh, yeah. what do you want? like a suit of armor? >> venomous snakes kill over 100,000 people every year and hospital. >> i'm happy to be alive. >> but the venom that takes lives is also used to save lives. >> there is a great need for people to go capture these snakes so their venom can be used in medical research and to create antivenom because thousands of people are bit by snakes every year. the show follows 14 people spanning the globe looking for snakes. the youngest is hannah lock hart. >> put him in there.
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>> come on, hannah. >> but what if you want to do this, go out chasing snakes for a living? >> that's a great question and we can ask hannah by skype. welcome to the show, hannah. >> hi. >> what made you get into this? >> my dad raised me in the outdoors to love everything in the outdoors and that included reptiles and snakes. so when i got invited 12 years ago i jumped at the chance. >> why do you have to go out and hunt these for the venom. why didn't they be raised? >> the lab only gets them from hunters like us. there's a different snake in every single area so we have to go across the country to find whatever they need for antivenom. >> how long does it take you to find a snake out in the wild? >> today we've been out here for four hours and we found one snake.
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got as many as nine in an hour and a half. >> does it get released or do they stay at the facility. >> most of them will be taking care of, they'll all have their own enclosement. they're treated very, very well. >> the venom hunters ever become antivenom hunters? >> you'll see the closest i've ever been to being bit. i ended up somehow on my own, had a snake come back at me and i stopped for a little bit. i've been running on 12 years, no bites and i don't intend on being bit. let's leave it that way. >> the series premier airs wednesday, february 17th at 10:00, 9:00 central on discovery. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right. to enter all you need is the
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and be a legal u.s. resident. get on over to and click win ipad button. let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it's young. >> so go on over to right this and enter wednesday's buzz word, young. >> one day later this week will be bonus give away day. we'll be giving away a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody and stay tuned. >> messing with someone's car is never a good idea.
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>> see what happens it's moving day and i want to give you a quick tip on how to get rid of all those clothes. >> the easiest way to move the closet full of clothes on hangers. check it out. >> just lay the sheet on the bed.
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rack, throws them on the bed and then bundles up that sheet right around it making your wardrobe into a nice complete little package. almost like a hobo stick. >> boom. >> oh, that's even better than putting a plastic bag over the hanger. >> because it always breaks. unwrap it and hang them all back up. genius. the guy is a genius. super simple little life hacks and next time you've got moving day, those wardrobe boxes are pretty expensive. that's a cheap easy way to get your clothes from one trailer to another. >> josh is just mashing through these videos. >> i'm going to go around and smack the car like this. just kidding.
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>> first victim. >> what the heck are you laughing at? >> when i catch you you are going to die. >> he explains what just happened. >> this is just a robber. he's a robber. >> let me see that hammer. >> that's why he brought a rubber one. he thought ahead. >> here's a free car wash for you, a gift card. >> those guys immediately run after them. >> look. look. >> oh, heck no. >> see, you fool around and get hurt playing these games. but she got a free car wash. >> you calling my car dirty? >> here are two more people coming. it's fine. >> what are you doing?
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it's hammer -- it's not a real hammer. >> he's targeting people he thinks will get a bigger reaction out of but the thing is if you thought somebody was vandalizing your car, anybody is prone to react that way. >> what happens if you win? >> have a good day.
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>> he impacted the back left side of my car. >> judge patricia: took you 19 months to track him down. hit-and-run. >> judge patricia: you say this was a case of mistaken identity. the right driver? >> judge patricia: can you say that it was him driving the car? >> judge tanya: you've got a big problem. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge larry bakman. judge patricia dimango. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. >> judge patricia: we've reached our decision. >> announcer: in a court of law, it's called a "hot bench." pedro alvarez is suing antonio flores for a hit-and-run accident. >> judge patricia: thank you, everyone. please be seated. i'm gonna ask the witnesses to sit, as well. >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 430, alvarez vs. flores. >> judge patricia: thank you, sonia. this is a car accident. mr. alvarez, you say that your


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