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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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dominated -- donald trump took the nevada caucus. we will have a recap coming up. high temperatures were near the averages yesterday. that is not the case today. the heat is on. we will check out the 7 day forecast. these stories on more -- and more on this wednesday, february 24, 26. -- 2016. you are watching "news4 today" in high definition. could wednesday morning and welcome to the last half-hour of "news4 today."
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>> i'm bill frankmore. this is the day after the nevada caucus and no surprises. the real race was who would take second place in the race to get the most delegates. >> a tight race between marco rubio and ted cruz. another caucus is in the books and front-runner donald trump came out on top, again. alex cannito joins us in the studio with a recap. >>reporter: the big news from nevada is that donald trump won the gop caucus last night. across the state there were 1784 precincts let's break down the numbers and washoe county. trump dominated the caucus with 46% of people supporting him, more than 2300 votes and marco rubio came in at second with roughly 27% supporting him, nearly 1300 votes and ted cruz at third with 18% of people showing support, yesterday. according to data, trump spent
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competitors campaigning in the silver state and his grand total is roughly $490,000. when i checked my social medial accounts there were mixed reactions. somewhere happy and some, not so much. donald trump mentioned not many expected him to do so well, this late in the game. >> of course, if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much. now, we are winning, winning the country. [cheers and applause] soon, the country will start winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] >> all eyes are on next tuesday, known as super tuesday. 12 states will hold their primary elections. >>reporter: another important event is the gop debate tomorrow in texas and we will have coverage of those events right here on news 4. back to you. the republican national committee is concerned over reports of voting problems in southern nevada. reports of double voting were
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at a high school site in las vegas. there are reports of be pulled those people being turned away or directed to another location pick the double voting problem appears to be limited to one part of a caucus site were different precincts were combined. the party plans to compare the number of paper ballots to the sign in sheets. >> tomorrow, the republicans have another debate at the university of houston, in texas that will air on cnn and telemundo. news4 will cover that debate. turning to the democratic side of things, the next primary is this saturday in south carolina. stay tuned to news4. we will track that for you and then super tuesday, as alex mentioned is march 1st. 12 states hold their primaries, including vermont, texas, colorado in georgia.
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a crash that sent one person to the hospital last night around 10:00 p.m. at the intersection of sparks boulevard and the i-80 east bound offramp. internal investigation shows a minivan going southbound on sparks boulevard was hit when a car running the offramp light hit the minivan. the driver was extricated from the car and is taken for treatment. we do not know her condition or the names involved or if alcohol played a factor. a massive boulder larger than the size of a pickup truck has been blocking traffic for two days near lake tahoe pick it has finally been removed according to the nevada department of transportation. crews took to the rock with a massive hydraulic hammer to take it apart and remove it, piece by piece. to give you an idea, it was 9 feet wide, 6 feet tall and blocking part of u.s. 50 near glenbrook. it did cause a crash when it
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in crime is, the nevada highway patrol continues to search for a suspect involved in a police chase extending from carson city to reno. the chase began around 5:00 monday night after a report of an apparent larceny. came to an end at the grand sierra resort. to be. one suspect into custody. is identified as 23-year-old, dominic gonzalez, from newark, california. authorities are trying to find the second suspect. nhp officials say he got away in a maroon passenger car with silver rims. is reported to be a white male adult last seen wearing a black shirt or zipper pull over and blue jeans. next, a look at what is causing financial headlines on your wednesday and we will show
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off toda pictures of the beautiful wednesday, so far. let's see the rest of the day.
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good morning. a quiet day with warm temperatures, near average yesterday in reno-sparks and above average temperatures going forward with 65 in reno- sparks later. the averages 54. 64 in carson city, 47 in elko with light winds and mostly cloudy -- mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. if you are going out of town and want to go to vegas, warm temperatures with upper 70s to near 80 over the entire weekend period. for that end of the state, if we are in the 70s and 80s into southern nevada, you know it will be a warm weekend. lots of 60s on the 7 day forecast for our neck of the woods. mostly sunny skies or today on satellite and radar shows things quiet. temperatures into the 20s and 30s across much of the area and we go for 60s and the lower elevations later. we see that on the 7 day forecast. plus, small shower chances on
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let's see how your wednesday morning commute is with trooper duncan dauber from an hp. good morning. good morning.. people are safe enough to give us a smooth commute this morning and we have highways incident and crash free this morning with no major slowdowns to report and they are running at normal speeds. to be aware of the normal congestions in the pyramid as you make or break to work. is the weather warms up, we will see more kiddos making their way to and from school. and, in the streets on the afternoons and weekends. keep your eyes out for them in the intersections and crosswalks. even residential areas that do not have painted crosswalks legally have crosswalks presence does present. during the times when children are out and about, be extra vigilant and safe. keep your seat else on and cell phones off.
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the southeastern u.s. are strong storms yesterday and some of them spun tornadoes.
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in [bells ringing] here we go, the opener numbers on wall street are not good. dow jones dropping 184-point to kick the day off. nasdaq down, as well. some of the stories, moving these numbers, apple will tell a judge this week that the fight with the fbi over iphone encryption should go to congress, rather than being decided by the courts. moving the fight to capitol hill would put the issue before congress, where apple has considerably more influence.
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sticking to the announcement that they have no plans to provide financial bailout to takada. they face a massive recall crisis over air bag inflators that may explode. honda is takada's biggest customer and other lawmakers are also involved. hondas president said the top priority is finding the cause. the dow jones is down 172 points. 14 minutes into the ballgame. a much prettier picture weatherwise? yesterday was near the average and 54 was the high. 53 is the average. scrap that. 60s later today, well above average is for this time of year. we stay above the average for much of the 7 day forecast. a mix of sun and clouds and light winds and warm temperatures, into the 60s for the highs later on. 34 in town with calm winds and 67% humidity mostly sunny skies the moment. will see a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures are seasonably cool to start.
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we're going for the 60s and the lower elevations and 50s in tahoe and the sierra. a mix of sun and clouds and mostly sunny for much of the viewing area with cloud cover hanging on. if you'd like clouds and high thin clouds for parts of western nevada and the sierra, as well. on the futurecast, not much will change for the day. we stay pretty dry and quiet with not much in the way of wind. we fast forward to friday, and moisture is approaching. it won't be impressive, and made touch off a shower here and there, as we go into parts of the weekend, friday through sunday. 40s and 50s for the northeastern part of the state and 55 is the high and battle mountain. it is warmer than yesterday and that will be the case across the board. 60s for a lot of the elevations. around the lake, into the 50s. truckee, light winds and mostly
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elevations of western nevada. the northern zones are in the 60s and 50s for sutcliffe and upper 50s and to truckee meadows, 65 in reno-sparks for your high today. 7 day forecast, very quiet and calm the next several days. small shower chances picking up friday, saturday, into the beginning of next week. they are only at 10% to 20%. not much going on and still dry and above average for the next several days. severe storms in florida spawned tornadoes that left several injured in pensacola. utility poles were brought down and cars flipped over. severe weather moved through on tuesday and two people were mississippi. back over to you. the president announced on tuesday that he is sending congress a plan that would bring dozens of suspected terrorists to the u.s. pick the president's plan would deport
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eligible to be deported and close military bases where they are held in the u.s. the aftermath of the september 11 terrorist attacks, the president argues that america is actually less safe housing detainees at gitmo because other groups are using that as a recruiting tool. members of human rights groups expressed conflicting points of view in buenos aires, yesterday, and controversy surrounding the timing of president obama's visit -- visit coinciding with a military coup. the recently announced visit sets the present to arrive on march 23 for a two day visit to meet with argentina's president. president obama second and last in argentina marks the 40th anniversary of a military coup that began argentina's eight year-long military dictatorship, in which thousands of suspected leftists were seized, tortured and some were killed. some of the children were kidnapped and given up for
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rejected the opposition saying the dates are simply coincidence. north and south korea exchanged warnings. the north said it would launch a preemptive retaliation to military activity. the statement by north korea set the command on state broadcaster kay rt yesterday amid heightened tensions on the korean peninsula. it appears to be directed at the annual u.s. south korean joint military exercises held next month on the largest scale ever. south korean unification ministry spokesman responded in a regular briefing that north korea should immediately stop the provocative acts. a swedish teenager was rescued from isis militants in iraq and said life in the caliphate was really hard and she was duped into going there by her boyfriend. the 60 north spoke about her experience yesterday in her first interview since her the
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northern iraq. >> when i was there, i didn't have anything. no water, no electricity. we didn't have any money, either. it was a really hard life. when i had a phone, i started to contact my mom and i said to her that i want to go home. >> the teenager said she met her boyfriend mid-2014 after dropping out of school in sweden. the couple set off from sweden in late may 2015 and made their way across europe by bus and train until they reached the turkish border from where they crossed into syria. isis militants ferried them by bus and other men and women to the city of mosul in neighboring iraq and provided them with the house. security services estimate that hundreds of western men and women have left home to join isis since the militant group overran parts of iraq and syria in 2014. russia give afghanistan 10,000 a.k.a.
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rounds of ammunition as a gift, which the afghan government said was a sign of deepening involvement by moscow in the conflict did foreign country. the russian embarrass -- the russian ambassador said they were willing to work with afghanistan to combat insurgency and drug problems. according to officials, the guns and ammunition were provided under an existing security agreement between the countries. it is dependent on foreign aid and afghan security forces struggle to secure the country and rising insurgency. u.s. citizen who worked for more than a decade as a reporter for the new york times was found dead at her home in the dominican republic. her body was found monday at her apartment, where she moved with her husband in 2014. her husband has been questioned about the death of sarah kirchoff and an initial statement said she appeared to have died from asphyxiation. officials say the cause of death is not quite established and an autopsy is expected to take several days.
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it is a busy day on the east coast with delays out of new york, atlanta, lots of weather. the rest of us are quiet. check with the airlines for
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we're back after this. good morning. we will send it to the "today show" in a minute. here's a preview of "mornings on fox 11". tahoe magazine will join us to talk about exciting events coming to the reno time -- to the reno tahoe area. the st. jude's children's center will tell us about their upcoming fundraising event called up till dawn. ryan kern will tell us about some of the best hidden secrets of north lake tahoe. not so hidden anymore. more when we come back in five minutes. it is a little dark over there. >> we thought ryan kern would be lurking with secrets. for the forecast, we're going to a warming trend. >> temperatures are going well above-average on the seven day
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today. we were in the 50s yesterday and we will see 60s today. very warm out there. 65 today, 67 tomorrow and upper 60s for friday and 10% to 20% shower chances heading into the weekend. not all that impressive. it may be a little unsettled at times with raindrops from time to time. mostly drive through the end of the weekend into next week and temperatures will stay above- average for much of the seven day forecast, well into the 60s today and continuing for some time. drive for today and tomorrow and mostly sunny partly cloudy skies and mostly dry into the weekend.
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we are not talking a major . you're watching mornings on fox 11.


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