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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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we have the "today" it was intense. >> yeah. i've got threes, and i listen to fighting all the time, so it didn't last very long watching the debates last night. this is very surreal, a presidential campaign like this is like none we've seen before. >> it just made me feel uncomfortable. like go into a room, have some
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other. >> there are too many debates, don't you think? like if you don't know who you want to pick right now, see who is the best at arguing with each other, huh? zingers. >> what are not dropping off are some of these temperatures we have coming our way. >> yeah, good morning to you. gorgeous shot out there. it's going to be a pretty nice day today, except we're going to add some winds later on today. we're still looking at about 71 degrees for a high today. a weak disturbance, tow, will pass to our north, and any shower activity will mostly stay to the north, but we will have those breezes today, and
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gusting up to about 75 or so miles per hour. this will fall apart. not much of a shower chance, better chances north, lower chances south tonight into tomorrow morning. going for the 60s and even a few 70s today. more to come in full weather. >> one person is dead, with others injured, after an officer-involved shooting last night in silver springs. fox sports-- fox 11. >> reporter: as you can see bee behind me, it has been an active police scene all morning long, as officials try to figure out exactly what happened in last night's shooting.
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the scene last night, though, and here is what we know at this time. a report from the sparks police department asking for help in a search for a red chevy cruz. they attempted to make contact with the suspect. we're told there are four suspects in this case, and one of those suspects pulled out a gun, and fired at the deputy, who did fire back. that suspect is dead. the got a was shot in the hand, but at this point, we don't know the extent of those injuries. we are told that woman the suspects have been detain tood,
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>> we have all of the subjects accounted for. one of the subjects did admit turn just the four of them in the vehicle. >> reporter: now, we are still waiting for some more investigation, but as soon as we do get those, we'll have them for you here on fort worth -- fox 11, and on our sister station, news 4. a series of car burglaries in the virginia lake area has residents and authorities both on high alert. reno police say the thieves your car. instead, they want to steal that garage door opener. they say the thieves want to steal items from your garage in order pawn them. they said residents who park their car outside the home need to make sure that garage door
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thief. well, after sources said the white house was considering nevada governor brian sandoval as a potential nominee for the supreme court, governor sandoval is setting the record straight.
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following statement: >> nevada senator harry reid later released a statement saying he support, the governor's decision. >> reno's pro socker team finally has a name. the winner was chose innocence a landslide win. reno's new united soccer league franchise will be called the reno 1868 football club. >> we are officially reno 1868. >> a lot of team knot went into the decision. 1868 is the date that the railroad hit our area, so essentially it's the birth of reno. eric addle stein said the response from the community so far has been pretty amazing.
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fans are talking about. nonbaseball fans four getting to know us, because they have a new reason to know us. we just feel like we're more attached to the community than we ever have, having both sports. >> they will be playing their game in downtown reno. it's at the baseball park there. so there you go, a little baseball, a little soccer. the future of a public reno golf course is now uncertain, the reno sparks convention and business authority looking 0 to shut down wild creek golf course and then sell the property. the golf course is losing about $200,000 every year. the property has ben owned for about 30 year, and it's looking to get out of the golf business in order to focus on convention centers, a bowling stadium, and other things that bring in tourists. the board of directors and many community members seem to favor
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but instead transferring it to another muchty. >> they want to see that the golf goes back into the hands of the county to make that decision, and it really should be. these are types of issues for quality of life and parks, and it needs to be within the entities that create that for them. each festival attendee spent about $2,000 at least year's event. people spend about $600 in food. economic experts are say actual spending is less important than getting high-powered people into the area, which shipping rebrand our region. about 80,000 people came out
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a quick look at what is happening today around the truckee meadows. carson city health and human services will be hosting a free community job fair today. it's happening from 2:00 to 4:30 this afternoon at the carson county community center. more than 35 employers will be looking to hire in various fields. veterans will get early admission at 1:30 p.m. >> and local schools are in dire need of repairs and expansions, and there is a plan to improve austin schools with a -- wasso county schools with a tax hike. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, bill.
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talked about to get the county schools not only where they need to be, but to expand them, possibly build more schools, mosh classrooms, get rid of some of those portable limited options, this related to the influx of people we will potentially see coming into our area. of course we're talking about the public schools overcrowding repairs needs committhee. not the regular board of trustees. this is a separate group that is required through the legislator and the legislative planning. so tax plan on the ballot, that's already been decided.
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8.26%. so, yeah, in voters vote on this, the tax percentage goes up, but for how long? that's the question. that's the discussion today, and even possible action could be taken to know exactly those specifics. back to you. >> a busy day at the school board. all right, thanks, ryan. >> well, it was a busy and
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we have some of the police are looking for more reasons for the shootings last night in kansas. >> gun type was exchanged between law enforcement and the shooter. >> harvey county share if waltton >> saved a whole lot of lives. >> reporter: officials say it started around 5:00 p.m. with a report of shots fire presumed vehicle. a male victim hit in the shoulder. minutes later, another shooting nearby, and then they say that
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parking lot of excel, where he had worked. >> sounded like an explosion, and then i saw a lot of people running out saying run, run, and pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: a friend and co- worker are identified the shooter at cedric ford, seen in this facebook foe tow. >> i witnessed him shoot the shot. that vivid. i can still see it. >> reporter: he said it started as a normal day when ford came to work, until he left work inexplicablely, and then returned later. >> he yelled hey! and then boom, boom, boom, and proceeded to go into the building. >> reporter: the mans neighbors shocked to hear he was involve evidence in the rampage. >> he was a good guy from what i know. i'm surprised he would do that. >> and police say that five people are currently in critical condition as a result of yesterday's shooting. >> well, the five-man
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showdown before the all important spring into super tuesday, which, of course, is happening next week. rubio in particular unleashed a series of attacks on trump not seen to date in this campaign. ripping trump's hiring campaigning, legal battles, lack of details, and mocking hisself-named trump university. trump made news when he said his taxes are currently being audited, ask & have been for a number of years, and argued he couldn't release them to the public because obvious the audit, but ted cruz jumped on it. >> anyone points at donald's record what he says on television, donald trump says liar. accusing someone of lying is in itself a lie. >> the next republican debate is scheduled for thursday of next week in detroit.
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thick fog has been making it difficult for search crews to try to find the site of that plane crash in north nepal. at least 19 bodies have been found so far, and it'sed all 23 on board were killed when the plane went down. it broke into pieces. officials say that the weather was bad at the time of the crash. all right. we are going to check in with tim now. he has a look at our forecast. a little windy today, huh? >> yeah, we'll see those breezes picking up out there. g.y conditions at times, as well. still warm, though, we're still going for the low 70s today. we're going to be a little unsettled tonight into tomorrow morning. a weak disturbance is passing off to our north. that is going to provide shower
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here in town and south of town, very low chances for precip. we are mostly looking at the breezes. 20s and 30s for are the temperatures across the state now as we head into the afternoon, we're going for some very warm temperatures. mainly 60s and is 70 polyurethane in some of those lower elevations. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies across the area for now. there is our disturbance for are later into the night tonight. that will pass mostly off to our north and will also fall apart as it does that. so a few isolated showers possible, but really the better chances are well north of reno sparks could include snow showers in the upper elevations, as well. into is the 50s and 60 for that northeastern part of the state. a lot of us goring to stay dry. but we will see gusty winds out through for today. 125 to 25, gusting to 40 at times for some of us in the lower elevations, and up at the ridge tops, we get up to about
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we're into the 60s to near 70 in some spots for the lower elevations. 600s for most of our northern zones, up are 600s at that, and then for the truckee meds, look for 71 in reno-sparks for your high today. we're only about a degree away from the record later on. and we could tie or break that record. we'll see how that works out. breezy conditions today and tomorrow. again within that weak disturbance passes off to our north. then heading into beginning of next week, still a little on the unsettled side. temperatures for today, well above average, and for most of the seven-day, we are above average. back to you. still ahead, the state of virginia is considering a bill that would keep all police officer names a secret. we're going to explain the controversy coming up in
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stay with us. vice president joe bead license interview singer lady gaga in an interview for sexual assault awareness. now to what's turning over in our facebook page. the statement of virginia is considering a bill that would keep ail police officers names a secret. although other states have made a move to shield the identity of officers, none have gone as far as this proposal in virginia. supporters safe the bill is needed to keep officers safe from people who may harass or harm them, but those against the bill says that police
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transparency, not less. director of american civil liberties union of have a is have a said that the shootings and attacks on police are rarely committed by anyone using public records. on facebook, what do you think about the idea? and particularly, this is dealing with the freedom of interth information act -- free come of information act. would love to hear what you have to say.
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on our facebook page. good friday morning, everyone, 7:31 now. love saying the word friday. we & we have a packed show. any snl fans out there?
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we have chris . -- joining us. >> get >> the temperatures for the next several days feeling very much like spring. today's forecast high is 71 degrees. not only is that well above that average of 54, it's also one degree away from the record, and 71 happens to be the average high for may 7, so feeling a lot more like may this afternoon, although breezy. 63 for your saturday. that's and. by monday, we'll cool down just a little bit, down to 57. still above average, and still closer to the averaging for early march rather than late february, so certainly one out there over the next several days, although on the breezy side the next couple. ridge tops up to 75 mile per hour gusts are possible later on today into the afternoon and evening hours, a 40-mile per hour gust for the rest of us. more in full weather coming up.
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>> we continue to follow a developing story out of silver springs this morning. while one person died in an officer-involved shooting. >> reporter: it was here at the nugget casino in silver springs where the shooting happened just night, and just minutes ago, officials started to clean up some of the crime scene tape over here. but as you can see, officials are still onscene figuring out more of the vehicling as to what occurred in this officer involved shooting. around 8:30 last night, a from the spark is police department, asking for help in finding a red chevy cruz. it was around 10:00 raft night when a deputy sheriff found the car here at the nugget casino. we're told he then tried to make contact with what we were told four suspects. one of those suspects pulled
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she wife fired back a at that suspect. we're told one of those suspects died on the scene, one was take bin care right in, and the deputy was also taken by air right in, as he was shot in the hand, so presently we tonight know the extent of those injuries. two are detained, but have yet to be identified. the sheriff's office is working with the police department to figure out that information, but several agencies are working on this case. we're told the nevada department of investigation, the washoe county crime lab are working to find out answers. >> that way we have complete transparency with the county sheriff's office and other agencies to do the investigation. >> again, we are still waiting to find out more information in this shooting. as soon as we get it, we will have it for you here on fox 11, as well as our decision station, news 4. >> looking schools are in dire
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district officials have devised a plan to improve washoe county schools, with a potential tax hike. some of the details are still being hammered out. ryan has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. the one thing we really know about all of this is that a sales tax hike proposal will be hitting the november ballot. we may not know who is good morning running for presidents on both sides of of the party, butth we do know that part of that november election will involve a washoe county sales tax hike. it's pretty simple, the school needs $781 million to build two things, repair schools that are in dire needs of upgrades and modernization, and to expand
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the tesla effect is having on us lately. in that tax hike goes through, it will go from 7.7%, up to 8.265% of a sales tax, which would be the largest sales tax in the entire state of nevada. so people think we can help chip in the $781 million that's needed, but when does that expire, that high hest sales tack rate? we're going to find out more information tonight. on the agenda, it says it's for potential discussion and action. we'll see if it gets pushed to another meeting for this improvement committee. back to you. >> all right, thank you so much for that. hey, sunday night, we have a big event going on in hollywood, we all know that, the oscars. that's right. looking at the tops in box
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number 3, risen makes $11 million. number 2, not making much more. kung fu panda 3, at $12 million, and at number one for a second week is dead pool, bringing in $56 million. let's take a quick look at the number 5 movie this week, the buyionic movie race. this movie comps the quest of jesse owens to become the best track athlete in olympic history. this movie shines some light into the drive and feel of being an athlete. some of the politics involved with the early stages of the olympics, and certain points in it where owens himself took a personal stance on some issues.
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sports, the value of the relationship owens had with his coach, other competenters, and constantly challenging himself. she quite a generous person in many ways, and you find yourself cheering for him as he won all four of his gold medals at the olympics. it's a great feel good movie, and i give it four out of four stars. this will be in out on vd in matter of weeks, only because it's a small movie, and not a lot of push in promoting it. >> this also done in front of adolph hitler. >> yeah, some very interesting elements involved. don't forget, the best of he the best in movies for last year get some awards with the oscars being televised live this sunday. >> okay. give me your predictions for best picture?
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revenant gets it, although it's going to be tough with the big short, because it's getting a lot of awards in a lot of 0 other categories that usually sets itself up for best picture. but i'm hoping leonardo walks away with it this year. there will be some interesting competition for the oscars, and i don't think anything is a landslide at this point. >> seems every year there is a surprise. >> and just how big will the new bat man versus superman movie be. we have that and more in our hollywood minute. >> reporter: diversity is not just a black and white issue. that's the message eva longoria is taking to the oscars red carpet, asking people attending
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ribton call attention to the lack of latino representation in film. >> >> how big will batman v. superman be? it could day buy with anywhere from $120 million to $140 million. why such a wide range? because the last super hero movie to hit the theaters, dead pool, was expected to debut at $70 million, and earn nearly twice that. chrissy teaguen's new cookbook features a picture of her dog, and the dog's collar has her phone number. she added she has already
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>> i'm sure she does. welcome back, everyone. well, a coast guard rescue gets turned upside down, and a kitten goes from a stray to a star. all thanks to a mustache? >> jeremy ross explains in today's look he at this. >> reporter: to today we have two stupid stories and a serious one. see if you can guess which is which. >> i think it was a goat. >> there was a goat in a car at massachusetts. i know what you're thinking,
7:45 am
eyewitnesses say it turned on the hazard lights, drank a soda, and bee fouled the front seat. during a rescue off of new york's coast, the coast guard needed a little rescuing of their own. emergency crews were called in to air lift a fishing both crew to safety after their shift ran aground. during the rescue, one of the responding guard boats overturned in the rough surf, and everyone made it safely to the beach. nothing cleanses the palate after a heart ending video like a mustached cat. i know what you're thinking, you've got to be kitten me. question, if he shaved, would he still have whiskers? hmm, minds blown. for take a looking at this, i'm jeremy roth. >> i love those packages. that guy does a great job. breezy and gusty conditions picking up as we head into the afternoon hours today, and into
7:46 am
be unsettled tonight with a little bit of a week storm system passing off to our north. there could be some isolated to scattered snow showers in the upper elevations of the northern sierra, and also rain showers well north of reno- sparks for the most part. the farther north you get, the better chance for moisture tonight into tomorrow. the farther sergeant you get, not so much. winds are calm and 73% humidity, 20s and 30s across the area now, warming up pretty well, to the 50s in eastern nevada, and the 60s and even 70s for a couple of spots in the western side of the state. so very warm temperatures later today, but we'll notice those breezes picking up. so again, a back of clouds that came through. more on the way, though, so a mix of sun some clouds for the day today, and this moisture off the california coast will eventually move inland, but it will also fall apart.
7:47 am
disturbance. so the winds are the bigger issue from that one. breezy conditions today and tomorrow, gusty conditions, as well, but as far as moisture is concerned, not a lot here. because of those winds, we do have a lake wind advisory for lake tahoe today that goes into effect at 4:00 p.m. that stunt mean the winds will suddenly start at 4:00 p.m. that means we'll reach the advisory threshold bin then. until then, we are looking at still some breezy conditions, winds starting to pick up through the afternoon and evening hours. on your seven-day forecast, here we go. pretty quiet conditions, except for the winds for today and tomorrow, not much in the way of a precip chance, a little unsettled heading into the beginning of next week. really, it is still mostly dry for many of us, 71 degrees the high later today in reno-
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so a chance to get very close to, if not tied, or even break the record if we outrun the forecast highs. over to you. >> let's take a look at what is trending this morning. virginia is considering a bill that would keep all police officers names a secret, although other states have already made a move to shield the identity of officers. none have actually gone as far as this proposed in virginia. now, supporters say the bill is needed to keep officers safe from people who may harass or harm them, but those against the bill say that police should be moving towards being a more transparent agency, not less. the american civil liberties union of virginia said that shootings and attacks on police are rarely used -- are rarely from a check of public records.
7:49 am
record laws, and if it is a situation where it's sensitive, or -- i think it depends on the think they should. i know you disagree. so what do you think? >> absolutely i disagree. i think whatever happened to the days not so long a ago when police officers were only required to give their badge number? >> and that was enough at that point, right? and then they gave the badge number, then you had to do the work afterwards to find their information, their name, et cetera. but there are those who are saying, look, a police officer goes to a call by chance. it's not that they choose that call, et cetera, and that makes them a part of the case, and unfortunately, if it goes in the wrong direction, for a bad direction, they become swept up in this. are they a victim of circumstance, glen, or that's the job, and you should know your name could be out there? >> i think that's the job, and they should understand that. but could we also recognize
7:50 am
these are people who volunteer to put on a bulletproof vest, pick up guns, mace, and handcuffs, and deal with an endless parade of human debris for very little money and a lot of disrespect. so let's keep that in mind while we talk about it. >> camden, do you agree? >> how no. i think we need to watch for a slippery slope. look at china. in hong kong, seven police beating a guy up, duct taped on video. it's more than a year now. the names have not been released. they won't even be charge respond look at china and hong kong, and be mindful of that slippery slope. >> could it be holding them more responsible or putting them more at risk? we would love what you -- love
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go to our facebook page to post welcome back. your health news this morning, a new campaign called fly for the fight is encouraging people around the world to join the fight against cancer. >> i was hurt in afghanistan, and that's how they found the cancer. >> reporter: steve kelly was injured while serving his country overseas, but worst than the injury -- >> when you're hip is okay from the fall, but did you were you have bone cancer in there?
7:55 am
would lose his leg. >> i sought a second. here in salt lake city. >> reporter: doctors at huntsman institute saved his leg and his life thanks to advance in cancer research, that same research helped linda hill fight cancer for the last 36 years. >> i ended up with thyroid cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer. >> reporter: they are joining millions of others in a campaign. five for the fight. it is encourages people to contribute $5, and contribute five friends toes do the same. those donations can make a life saving difference in cancer research. for steve, that research gave him back his life. >> i'm able to yours my leg. i'm thrilled to have it. >> reporter: he can't run the way he used to, but he started cycling. >> to think i never would have been able to do it if i help gotten to hunts man and have
7:56 am
>> now, if you want to get involved in the 5 for the fight, just head to huntsmancancer 0. >> how effective is this seasons flu vaccine. so far it looks to be working pretty well. the cdc said this season's vaccine cuts the chance of getting the flu by nearly 60%, making it one of the most effective flu vaccines in recent years. by comparison, last year's flu shot only reduced flu risk by 20%. it is not too late to get a flu shot if you haven't gotten one yet.
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we'll be right back. new information a late night officer involved shooting
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what officials are now telling us about the suspect coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> we know a tax incentive will be on the ballot in november for washoe county. but first a meeting. we'll talk about that meeting happening today. this local weather has been great for crops, but that could mean a change in prices. how experts and the university are preparing for the upcoming. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11, 8:00. second hour of the i show. can we all do it? >> yeah, yeah. >> that's right. >> we were trying to figure out
8:01 am
he's in this night at the rocks 0 berry -- rocks -- rock berry. >> it is him. tonight into tomorrow morning, really this afternoon into this evening for the bay area looking at the chance for some showers, but otherwise things are dry for the rest 0 of that weekend over there at the bay,
8:02 am
not too bad. we are looking at the winds picking up, ridge tops up to about 75 or so. we'll mostly see wins, but well north so far reno-parks wash few showers are possible. we'll have your full seven day coming up in a bit. >> one person ted and two others injured in an officer- involved shooting that happened last night. alission remains live on scene
8:03 am
developments in this alex. >> we're over here at the springs. i just spoke with authorities on scene, and they are telling me new information about the suspects involved in this case. two ofny suspects were taken into custody, and we're told that they are juveniles, and right now they are at a juvenile detention facility in reno. last night in the shooting, one of those suspects was taken to the hospital, as well as a foot sheriff. the suspect is still in the hospital, but the got a has been released, so that's good news there. there was first a report last night that they needed help finding a red chevy cruz, and it was around 10:00 last night that the got a found that car here at the nugget casino in silver springs. one of the suspects pulled out a gun firing at the deputy, who
8:04 am
one of those suspects died, and one was taken to the hospital by air flight. the washoe county crime lab, as well as the cars county sheriff's office are working on this investigation, and at this time, we are told that things are wrapping up here on scene. >> we have all of the subjects accounted for. one of the subjects did admit that there were just the four of them in the vehicle. >> at this time, we are still waiting on to the identity of the suspects involved in this case. as soon as we get that information, actually have it for you here on fox 11, as well as on our sister nation, news 4. >> a sparks mother who has been battling for 23 years to keep her daughter err's killer behind bipartisans, now she is asking for public health to continue that.
8:05 am
for his free tom for the 8th time. he was accused of murder in 1982. because he was sentenced to life in prison with the publicity of parole, every two to three years, susan's mother goes door door collecting signatures on a petition to present to the patrol board. she said she lives in terror every day he will be let out of prison. >> it's so important to keep him in prison so that he doesn't destroy another familiar as he's done to us. >> if you would like more information on how to sign the petition, we have posted a link he on our sister station's website is
8:06 am
-- yours will reconvene today in the trial of cody wallace, accused of killing two-year-old thomas oh conle of silver brings. he has been sitting in prison for five years. he said the boy injured himself and nell the kitchen, and that way. he faces the possibility of life in prison in convicted if. >> after sources said the white house was considering nevada governor brian sandoval as one of the potential nominees to the supreme court, governor sand dough value has issued the following statement: washoe county school
8:07 am
repairs committee is meeting again today to further improve their tax plan to improve the district. we have more on what decisions could be made today to modernize older schools in our area. >> it's all about getting $781 million pumped into the school school system. right now there are many student having classes in trailers, and the idea is to get them out of those trailers into & into schools. so a sales tax hike will be on the balance hot in november, increasing it to 7.25%.
8:08 am
here in washoe, which would make washoe correspondent the largest sales tax in nevada. so if that happens, and before vote errs go to the ballot and choose this in order to help the school district and make up that 700-plus million dollars to go to the school district, everyone wants to know how long can this be in place for are? so that's one of the things that this committee is addressing today at their meeting, is the impact of setting an intern for that tax hike and that tax incentive. obviously improving the school district is a topic everyone agrees on, but the specifics of how that is done is in question. so they're meeting today for possible action, discussion, no doubtth going to happen. we'll see if any action happens today, as far as an end point goes for that tax hike here in washoe correspondent, or it
8:09 am
date. the university of nevada's cooperative extension host heed the agricultural outlook yesterday. experts happened two main focuses, international markets fors, and rebounding from our devastating drought. nevada exports, a large amounts of alfalfa hay and life stock to china and japan, and thanks to this wet winter, 2016 will be a better year for production, but a as you down. the delicate balance in international pressure could make for an interesting season. >> a good year, with a brain, you're producing more, if you don't have the increase in demand, like two or three years ago, when china was really expanding. goods. now they're not. >> dr. harris also commented on
8:10 am
agriculture right here in reno. >> if you can enjoy delicious barbecue today at famous daves and help out a great cause at the same time. law enforcement and special olympic athletes will serve as celebrity wait staff all for the tips that go directly to the special olympics. today's event is at famous daves barbecue from 11:30 this morning, until 2:30 this afternoon for lunch, and takes up again from 5:30 to 9:00 for dinner. donated tips will benefit the more than 4,000 athletes and n the special olympics program right here in nevada. >> well, after the break, max volume is going to be performing in studio for us on this edition of first listen friday.
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mornings on fox 11 will be welcome back. it looks a little bit gloomy out there. 41 degrees in reno. today we're dealing with kind
8:15 am
for weight loss, and just healthy weight all together. it really starts with food. >> yes. good morning. well, the more folks recognize is that especially the weather is warmer, already seeing people out there in sports, people concerned about summer clothing. >> like yourself. >> that's right. >> and new advertise drugs is a big part of fitness and wellness -- and now drugs is a big part of fitness and well no i'm nutrition is a big part of fitness and wellness. essentially we want to get away from processed foods. hist or effectually, we were always able to eat food that grew out hoff the ground and was natural, and some spring, the historical medicine tells us that sour foods, recipes with your lemons and limes, and that also leafy greens are important to eat.
8:16 am
we're coming up on spring next, right? so it's kind of like with the season make that shift with things that are obviously in season, that are easy not only to get, but usually cheaper to buy, because all around a good idea to make that switch, and also it's a benefit medicinally. >> that's right. avoiding cold and being able to appreciate that the foods we get locally will be the healthiest for us. the farmers are going to start springing up, no pun intended, and you want to get out there and buy the foods that your local farmers grow, and foods that are the grass fed meet that we're able to get. going to be more healthy than buying your processed foods at the store. >> and also looking to sweeten things with honey, and a lot of people say that that honey made by local bees helps us with our allergies around here. >> that's right. and talking about food as
8:17 am
when we eat foods that are local, helps us to be a able to deal with those local allergies. there's a lot of local farmers that make honey that are bee keepers. >> yeah, so support locals. >> eric, thank you so much for big with us. we have a quiet forecast, except for the winds later he on today. actually see breezes picking up, but still on the warm side. temperatures yesterday reachled about 70 in reno. we're going for about 71 later today.
8:18 am
unsettled side. 41 in town right now. not much in the way of winds. watch for those breezes to pick up, and here is why. it will get closer to us. eventually arriving north of town as we head into the evening and overnight hours. however, really falling apart as it does so, as far as moisture is concerned. so not a lot in the way of shower chances. better chances farther north, lower chances farther south. no one mass a great shot at getting ape sort of moisture from this incoming system. we goreing to see those winds picking unacross the area. so gusty winds a at time, gusting to about 40 for most of the lower elevation location.
8:19 am
the lower elevations of western nevada. mid-to-upper 50s for most of the tahoe area. ridge tops they've see era could gust as high as 75 miles per hour. the rest of us will stay see between 15 and 20, gusting higher at times. 71 the high in reno-sparks today opinion well above average. still dry heading through saturday. most of the moisture chances tonight into tomorrow morning, are to our north, but will be a little unsettled heading into the beginning of next week. back over to you. >> well, max volume has not over been a fixture are in reno radio for years, but he joins us today for music friday.
8:20 am
>> this is called bunts from the new album for max volume band. once i had a heart once i felt real smart once i had a dream i could be all those things but love got evil
8:21 am
you've got show up pick yourself up when the world pushes down because nothing's gonna happen for you unless you want it to once i was in love and once i felt real trust once before the scars i believed that nothing could ever tear me
8:22 am
and people got hard you've got to show up every day pick yourself up when the world pushes down pushed and shoved got to stand your ground because nothing is gonna happen for you unless you want
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
for you unless you want let's take a look at what is trending this morning. well, bill cosby has dropped a lawsuit against one of his accusers. his lawyer said he can't fully participate in court proceedings against beverly johnson because of the criminal
8:26 am
they said they'll file the defamation suit at a later date. >> hunger games star jennifer lawrence is this year's highest paid oscar nominee. according to a report, she earned $5 a 23 million between -- $52 million million between 2014 and 2015. this year she has received our fourth oscar nomination, and
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
book. welcome to your last day of the workweek. it's been a long one. 8:30 now. hopefully your morning is off to a great start. chris kattan is in our studio, sitting about 20 feet from us. we'll talk to him in just a little bit. share your favorite chris
8:31 am
>> hello, chris. we'll talk to you in a bit. first, let's look at our forecast. a beautiful day ahead of us today. >> yeah, we're going to stay a little bit on the breezy side later today, as well as some gusty winds. 54 is the average high for today. we're going instead into the lower 70s. 71 for the high later today in reno-parks. -- sparks. it will feel more like april and even may out there as we head through the next few days here. breezy conditions, 15 to 25, gusting at times up to 40 with the ridge tops, so heads up on some of those winds, especially at the higher elevations, but for all of us, as well. a little weak disturbance that
8:32 am
of us will see the breezes. any moisture from this system is going to stay to the north, so a lot of us will still stay dry. over to you. >> we're going to be airing the carson versus reno boys basketball regional championship tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> and that's going to be on our sister station my 21 tv. a great chance to check out local sports, so join us over there. speaking of local, in this staying local segment, we're going to take a break from the present and focus on the past. >> when you walk into this bar,
8:33 am
a way, and is it has a lot of effect on people. >> it started as the livingston exchange where locals would trade cigars and other goods for alcohol. now hundreds of years later, that history has continued on. >> the combination of the porch and the mirror and the bar, and all of this history that is on the walls, it gives me goose bumpsive time i start to think about the story. >> reporter: the bar itself has been intact since the 1800s. even the top half of the windows have not been replaced. >> that's all original. that's original glass, and the coloring that you see a on there is from nicotine. >> reporter: back when smoking was second to breathing. they bought the bar in 1928 with zero bar experience. >> we learned a lot real quick,
8:34 am
necessity. >> golfers, bikers, cowboys, ranch hands, everybody. >> it's definitely a destination for tourists to come and see a really rich part of history in the state of nevada. >> reporter: attar being in the bar every day for over a decade, it still surprises them. >> to be honest after all of these years, i still find things on the wall. >> now, the bar has been a meeting place of famous actors such as john wayne and clint east wood and a destination for people from around the world some and they're also involved in a lot of 0 community fund- raising events. their signature drink is called the john wayne bloody mary. sounds gooded. over to you, bill. >> oh, you can keep it here, mango. almost want to do this dance thing from night at the roxbury. of course many appearances on snl.
8:35 am
at the laugh factory. >> yeah, clap, clap, clap. >> tonight and tomorrow night. >> that's right. two shot shows each night. 7:30 and 9:30. >> how long were you on saturday night live? >> about 8 years. it was a good time. well, the cast was will ferrell, tina fay may, jimmy fallon, seth meyers, tracy morgan, ably poller. those are all good. >> who was your favorite host on saturday night live during your time? >> that's a hard question. well, tom hanks is one of them, because it's tom hanks, and when he was on, he picked the first sketch, mr. peoplers. i think the character mr. peepers, where i was the monkey
8:36 am
excuse me, i just burped. anyway -- >> so he picked that character. he was having a hard time being chosen as a sketch, so he chose that sketch, so without him, i would never -- america would have never seen mr. peerers. >> you had so many awesome characters on saturday night live. what is it like going around now and everybody is going hey, mango? do they do the stupe head movement everywhere time they come up to you? >> yeah, but that's fine. >> talk about doing stand-up. >> yeah, i'm doing -- still doing the -- i have the other
8:37 am
we'll be shooting a show in two weeks called "the tip." >> just the tip? >> yes. tell us about it. tell us about your comedy show in reno, will you? >> it's a stand-up format, and it's funny. and so it's a great show, if you come see me. i'll did do characters and stuff. i interis act with the audience a lot. >> what is it like working with will ferrell? >> it's like being -- what child abuse is?
8:38 am
he's mellow. usually when you see somebody one way in the movies, they're usually. chip means you're probably a crazy man at home. >> chris, it has been a pleasure having you. thank you so much. >> don't you want him to stay for the rest of the show >> yes! >> please stay, chris. >> let's get to some consumer noise news this morning. the apple watch failed to are
8:39 am
that apple had hoped for. >> back in july, ceo tim cook told analysts they were convinced the watch would be near the top of the list for gifts for the holidays. the cheapest of those watches costs about $349. they had nod comment on the report. coming up, donald trump has been known to express his love
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are going to talk about welcome back. your time 0 is 8:42, 41 degrees if reno. well, if you love wine, then now is the time to start
8:43 am
here tell us more about the ticket release party for the exciting summer event is tracy and mark burker in. thank you so much for being with us. sam is our produceer. she said, oh, my gosh, this is my favorite. tell us about barbera. >> it is a very verse is time wine. we were talking about it the other way day. it's so high in acid. if you closed your eyes and tasted it, you wouldn't be able white. last week we paired it with salmon. >> yeah, a lot of people would never do that, red and salmon. >> yeah, but it's so versatile, it's a great wine, and the festival is an awesome is place to try many barberas. last year they had wine makers from italy.
8:44 am
tell us about the release party happening tomorrow. >> the release party tomorrow is in amadora county from 11:00 to 3:00. they're going to have a variety of barberas, some vintage ones somebody some snacks, and the best thing about it is that you can get your barbera festival ticket before they actually go on sale next week. >> what do people expect from the barbera fest, again, a few hours drive. >> it's held a at a beautiful venue, outdoors, and you can taste just an array of barbera's and foods that have been prepared with it.
8:45 am
in our new hotel called the rest. >> to you would like more information, go to arbera and the ticket release party is tomorrow from 11:00 to 4:00. there you go. thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. all right. >> warm temperatures once gain later on this afternoon he, near where we were yesterday. we saw 70 yesterday, going for 71 today. the record is 72. so we could tie that record, if we outrun the forecast highs. we're also looking at breezy to gusty conditions. that's the biggest change from yesterday into today. the winds will pick up later this afternoon into the evening, as well. and we remain unsetsed into the overnight period, even with a
8:46 am
elevation snow showers possible. winds are calm, and 65 a% humidity. temperatures 30s and 40s across the area. later on today, we're going for the 50s, 60s, and even some low 70s. i have 71 for the high in reno later on today, so a warm one indeed. we may outrun the forecast high. if we too, then we would tie or break a record. but fright now i have it at 71 later today. here is our system for tonight. this is going to provide just isolated to scattered rain and is snow showers, really low chances for most of the viewing area, but if you were up into those northern zones, far north nevada, then you have a chance to see one or two snow showers, but really watch this thing. it is week and falls apart as it goes over head for us. so not too much in the way of a shower chance. it is mostly e mostly a dry
8:47 am
for the day today. because of those breezy to gusty conditions, we do have a lake wind advisory for lake tahoe later today. falling back a little bit on the tells tomorrow. not that much, still breezy for tomorrow, as well. mostly dry today and tomorrow. still mostly dry for the rest of the 7-day, but some small shower chances appear at 10 to 20%, and temperatures will be a roamer coaster ride over the next seven days. back over to you. >> thank you very much. >> well, there's a new donald trump expression, a trumpism. he has had a lot of quotable
8:48 am
>> he's been known to express his love towards many things and many people. jeanne moos tells us about the many loves of donald trump, includes one that's gotten the attention of social media. >> reporter: donald trump is a man in love with love, and we're not just talking about his wife. >> i love my kid. >> i live the bible. >> i love the police. >> in the beatles i love. >> i love the evangelicalles. >> reporter: but the latest has left some dumb founded. >> we won with highly inch indicated. we won with poorly edge indicated. i live the poorly educated. instantly hash tag i love the poorly inch indicated started to trend, and then there was merchandise that was mocked on twitter, make america dumb again, but donald seems smitten with many demographics. >> we won with women.
8:49 am
>> but why start with love. >> i cherish women. >> there's the geographical. >> i love nevada. i love the country. >> there is passive aggressive. >> i love the new york times. >> reporter: but the type of love is often followed by the ward but. >> i love the mexican people. >> i live the muslims, think they are great china. >> i love china. >> reporter: but? >> they are ripping's. >> >> reporter: even when the donald expresses his devotion to a cookie. >> i live oreos. >> reporter: the next breath he fights back. >> i'll never eat them again. >> reporter: he is boycotting nashis co because it moved jobs to mexico. his style of love is apparently contagious. >> we love you. >> reporter: to the donald,
8:50 am
>> i don't know who theshell in this room, but who were it is, i love you. i love you. >> reporter: jeanne moos. >> everybody loves me. >> reporter: cnn new york. >> when this is all going around, he might even love ted cruz and marco rubio. >> maybe. >> you're mean toes the ones you love. >> that's right. as you well know. >> coming up next, sam gets
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
asking her to read a. story on take a look at this. >> a white popey outfitted as a unicorn for a birthday party led troopers on a not so merry chase. it darted away from a child and ran into the road saying get this horn off of me. the troopers were able to locate it and capture it with the help of a nearby resident. can you imagine over dispatch? we've got a unicorn. >> yeah, let this be a lesson, kids, in your unicorn runs out into the street, don't chase
8:55 am
>> let's he take a look at the most outrageous moments of the week on a show we like to call the fox first take. >> i need to investigate you more. >> left it in the kitchen. >> we're going to be filming a toast later on. >> all right. toss it over. >> csn bay area. was signed to the t the -- say that name again, ben? varajo.
8:56 am
of the season. >> geez louise! are you trying to tell me something? >> you're beautiful. >> thank you know. health send it over to bill with a look at sports today, hi, bill. >> i feel like the full belly dealy. >> today is the day. >> just to let you know, i think that you are an absolutely beautiful pregnant woman, and you're more beautiful now than you ever are, so don't ever worry about that. >> very much. >> second and third it. >> there you go. >> all right. the forecast? >> we have the breezes out there later today, and near
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
a hot head on the roads swings into action. >> you see him tee up with that bat. now, the driver under attack reveals the evasive action that saved his life. >> he would probably would have taken a swing at my head and i would have been gone. doctors are amazed to deliver a newborn. the miracle of life that's rarely seen. look out above. somebody is coming down. >> the woman says a man was in her apartment. >> wait until you hear the real story behind her leap of faith. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini and a quirky guy hitting on a hot chick. >> plus, the tables turn when mr. fancy pants drives up. >> mind if i join you?


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