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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 26, 2016 9:30am-10:00am PST

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two heroes rush into a burning building where they see -- >> two iceeyes glowing in the smoke. >> a brave save just in time. >> a woman rams into a bunch of cars. see who tries to stop her and why she's nowhere near done. it's a video reminder that -- >> our national parks are really this beautiful. >> the spectacular scenes that let you be a time lapse traveler. plus, the buzz word for your chance at a new ipad mini and the story behind a stunning proposal that's making the ladies swoon. >> reminds me of something out of a love story. a romantic film. >> or an episode of "the bachelor." >> you are giving it away. you watch that show. >> this video was shot by a customs officer that works for a
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they spotted an abandoned building on fire. as they walk around they heard something. a dog barking. they realize that we don't have the gear, we don't have fire suits but we have to go in and figure out if we can save that dog. they went in through a window that had been busted out because again this is an abandoned building. wasn't in great shape tthey don't have gear on. they have to go back to the entrance and get a gulp of fresh air and keep looking for that dog because they heard its cries and you can see the smoke and how dark it that? >> i can't see anything to be honest with you. >> you can't sere you do see a flash of something. >> i see fire. >> right about here two eyes glowing in the smoke and they saw it, too. >> there he is. >> yes, there he is.
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creature up and they make their way out. did you see how close that dog was to the flames. >> he looked too scared to even move. he was hunkered down. >> do you reckon it was someone homeless crashing there and maybe the fire got out of hand? they're looking for the owner of this dog. here you see them checking its teeth to make sure it's okay. it is okay. now they're looking to see who the owner may be or hopefully get it another forever home. this is my what in the h-e-double hockey sticks video of the week. this woman is ramming her car through the parking lot of an apartment buildiut those cars and continues to drive. [ bleep ]. >> people in the parking lot see
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phone in hand to get it on camera and i think they're just as confused as all of us are at first. they decide enough is enough as they approach the car you see she's on her cell phone. hey, calm down. we got you on camera. stop. this is where she flips them the bird and takes off driving again. the folks around the car think that she was intoxicated because this just continues. >> with the revving of the engine it's almost like someone is driving a manual that's never driven a manual not understanding how it works. >> she takes off again after hitting that blue car. >> how do they not force her to stop driving. >> this is a pretty dangerous situation. i would be tearing the door open. >> it escalates to that point because in total she ends up hitting 17 cars. they think she's trying to get away when they stop her and get her out of the car.
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couldn't get any worse, she starts walking away and then she attacks. >> whoo! >> she's swinging. what the heck is this woman's problem? >> they start to try to get her under control and get her back into her car. this entire situation, i give it to folks who decided to try to control it even though they couldn't stop the damages. can you imagine if she got out on the street. it definitely would have been a lot worse. ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for your host's favorite game show where is she going to land? [ applause ] >> we have another one of these pairaing videos where we open to you guys to see if you can figure out where this guy is
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he's in hungary. i'll pause it here. trees around the outside. that's one option. we have the large grassy area here and then there are houses on the side. >> i'm going with houses. >> we'll draw a circle around the houses. >> one of those tall, skinny tree there is to the right. >> nick is going bold by choosing something that wasn't really an option. >> i'm going to go with that big grassy area. okay. we have votes. let's see if we have any winners. it looks like if anybody chose that tree -- >> no, it wasn't in the tree. we do have the big grassy area quite obviously heading toward that. no, he's not. it looks like it's definitely going to be the houses. no. in fact, of all of the options
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tiny little grassy area here. thanks for playing where's he going to land. >> lamest game ever. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need friday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz word coming up in just a minute. you don't have to go far or have a ton of money to experience adventure because in our own backyards right here in this country we have a spectacular scenery just like this. these are my brothers from another mother, jim and william. they have a website called more than just parks. we have featured several of their videos. these guys are setting out across the country to document videos like this of all of our national parks.
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zion, utah, in 8k. meaning super high resolution video. >> how long does it take for them to shoot a national park? we know a time lapse takes sometimes hours. >> i say the guys got to spend a month in zion shooting this. that's how long they say it took them at peak fall color season as well. yeah. you see the park transition a little bit through this video from that rich color of fall later into fall early winter when the park begins to experience some snow and precipitation. what a job these guys have created for themselves. >> notice you say they got to shoot this for a month because it's a privilege to see nature in all of its glory. >> i e-mailed them several times. i'm come out and carry your tripod for a couple months becausand see the process. there's a first time for
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>> apparently this is this guy's first crash on his motorcycle. >> why this rider learned a valuable lesson. >> he looked away. >> and pizza in the morning. pizza in the evening. pizza at supper time. when pizza is in a mug you have pizza any time. >> join the trend and learn how to make pizza in a mug. >> pizza delivery.uos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden this clean was like, pow!an to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. i actually really like the two steps.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at apparently this is this guy's first crash. >> that was obvious. he looked away. >> that's exactly what happened. do you see that car that just had an accident. rider got distracted looking back and didn't realize that the
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started swerving to the right. as it does that, he clips the back bumper of that car and it is terrible news for him. >> did you notice his shadow? he landed on his feet. >> the driver was driving in. >> can you fix that? >> it doesn't appear that this guy was hurt at all and it looks like he was also wearing gear. >> hurts me right here. >> now this next one happened in san francisco and this is more of a hot head accident so a cyclist is in the bike lane. out of nowhere you see this guy on a motorcycle who zips right past the guys on the bicycle unlike the rest of the traffic that motorcyclists actually is veering into the bike lane trying to pass all of that traffic. >> two wheels. he can't do that. >> getting way too close to some of the cyclists that are in that
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>> karma caught up with him very quickly right about here when you see this cyclist speeds up and then this happens. >> oh! >> he's driving too aggressively in a lane he's not supposed to be in and making all bikers look bad. >> i don't know about you guys but i'm in the mood for pizza. >> always in the mood for pizza. >> any time is a good time to have some pizza. our own jessica is going to teach us how to make pizza in a mug. >> a crazy new trend. brownies in a mug. cake in a mug. we're going to do pizza in a mug. >> she'll tell you all about it. once you mix up the ingredients then there's the fun part.
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recommends you put a tablespoon or so on top. i'm doing more than that. >> the cheese is awesome. we read about these things and then she just takes it and puts it into video which we all can understand. >> so now we have to put it in the microwave. >> and everybody is so drawn in. why don't we call jessica in to show us what all of this looks like. >> cheese please. >> she has the goods. >> can we? >> it's a pizza party. >> i'm so excited about this. >> you mixed it all in the mug. can you make a larger batch and put it into a couple different >> sure. >> oh my. >> i guess once you have that top. you can pick whatever cheeses you want and take whatever mix you want. >> if you have green peppers in there. >> do you teach your kids how to do this?
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>> or if you're just in the middle of the night and pizza places are close and you want some pizza. you can make it in a mug. look at how gooey and cheesy that is. >> how long did it cook for? >> a minute. >> shut your front door. >> this is college dorm recipe. >> 2:00 in the morning. you know what i could go for. pizza in a cup. >> i'm killing this sucker. >> she's halfway done. >> it's good. really good. >> if you want to know how to make it at home, go to our website, and click on tv show or go to our mobile app. a distraction burglary and therefore -- >> police in the area are putting this out on social media to help catch this crook. >> see what he was after. >> i'm glad this granny had a camera in her house to catch this. >> don't miss your shot to win an ipad mini.
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police are looking for help to catch low down dirty people. we start in england. we have cct tv from inside the house. this guy has gained entry into the house by pretending to be from the local council. as you can see, doesn't really look like somebody from the council. she's sitting there in the chair and right next to her is her handbag. he's standing there having a bit of a chat. she kind of looks away or doesn't notice and you see that he starts rifling through her bag. she's aware of what's going on.
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up snatches it away. nothing she can do and he heads out the front door. the bag was found on a street nearby but now police are looking for this guy and we get multiple shots of his face so police in the area are putting this out on social media to help catch this crook. >> i'm glad this granny had a this. >> let's hope it delivers and we can chase this guy down. >> we head over to philadelphia for this one. it's 4:00 in the morning at this drive-through restaurant. this guy comes up to the drive-through window. a huge rock in his hand and bam, straight through the drive-through window. because of the huge sound of the smash, people were aware something went on and employees were able to escape. good thing because he also pulled a pistol out you can see in his right hand. everybody is gone. he doesn't really know what he's doing and tries to look at the crash register but in the end
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>> while he's wearing a mask, it looked like he had a fake nose and a black and white wig on as well. this person has gone to many, many lengths to try to hide their identity. >> it's ironic that he put so much thought into his disguise but he didn't really have a plan for the actual heist? >> i'm going to be glad because it allowed everyone to escape and nobody got harmed and clearly he was a dangerous guy. >> have a good day. the l.a. beast has a new routine. at the beginning of this video you think his routine is making his bed every day, that's only part of what the l.a. beast is trying to do. >> training to be the fastest man to walk across america starts with making my bed every single day to instill the discipline i want to walk across america in 64 days. i'm literally going to have to wake up and eat and go through the same routine and then walk 45 miles a day minimum. >> i've been following him on social media and i've been
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he's an animal. >> blows my mind. he wants to walk 3,200 miles from coast to coast. he's breaking it up into 30 different walks he wants to accomplish in 64 days. and in this video he's walking through the process of training from what he's eating to how he's even sleeping. >> he's using nike plus which means that if you wanted to, you could come along on the journey with him. >> i'm do 20 miles the first stretch and come back to my house and rest for an hour and a half and then doesn't matter what time it is or how i feel, i'll get up and change my clothes and go touch the brick. that will mean i'm on a 20-mile walk path. we'll touch the brick twice today. >> he wants to push himself to the limit. >> i'm glad he's preparing and
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going head long into it in beast mode. as far as taking care of his feet and body, i'm excited to see his progress. we've seen the l.a. beast power through all kinds of stuff. his whole motto of mind over matter. i don't see any reason why he shouldn't be able to shatter this record. >> i can't stop. >> 41.21 miles. >> when does he start? >> he doesn't have a set date to start this. he's going to keep everybody posted. >> i feel like if i force myself to get up and if i had to walk again, could i do it? [ bleep ] yeah. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word and be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> get over to and click win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. it's intruder.
9:54 am and click on the win ipad button and enter friday's buzz word intruder, intruder-n-t-r-u-d-e-r i-n-t-r-u-d-e-r. later next week we'll have bonus giveaway day where you have a chance to win a flat screen tv. keep watching and good luck. erica is pulling up to her man's place -- >> the pathway is lit with lights and candles and it's so beautiful. >> see what awaits her at the end of the walkway.
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>> who is will? when it comes to clock, it's an internal debate. this is the greatest clock ever made. it's an analog clock but when it activates, it draws out the time in digital format.
9:56 am
400 wooden pieces that a 22-year-old art student puts together as a project. it is possibly the most beautiful timepiece i've ever seen in my life. >> not even swiss. >> is that an etch-a-sketch screen? >> that's what it is. it tilts back and clears it off and then the stylist draws each of the numbers in turn. >> you said he's a opportunity? >> people are just blown away. as you can see almost 200,000 retweets so far. >> it's about time. this video i'm about to show you reminds me of something out of a love story. romantic film. >> or episode of "the bachelor." >> you see pictures of him and
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pathway is lit with lights and candles and it's so beautiful. >> i would marry him. >> here she comes. >> she's by herself. >> looks like she's ready to go on a date when she walks up to the door and sees a sign with erica on it and she turns around and follows the pathway. you see another sign to the path that says will. >> who's will? >> and another sign that says you. >> and another sign that says marry and she stands at the last step and she sees her beau with another lit up sign that says me. >> that's super cute. >> so she approaches him and i'm going to assume she said yes just based upon all of the response afterwards.
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you can see all of the pictures and stuff inside there as well. smooth. i like it. >> congratulations. >> he even had a blanket for her.
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enter that buzz word and we'll >> judge tanya: there was an incident. >> announcer: a double attack at a duplex. >> we started having problems. >> judge tanya: two fights with two different ce with my keys. >> judge tanya: the plaintiff
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tenant's face. >> judge larry: do i need to have my bailiff remove that water container? >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge larry bakman. judge patricia dimango. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. >> judge patricia: we've reached our decision. >> announcer: in a court of law, it's called a "hot bench." wanda morgan is suing her former landlord, sandra gardner, for damaged and missing property, hotel bills, and pain and suffering. sandra claims wanda was arrested for assault two times during her first three weeks of tenancy. >> judge patricia: thank you, everyone. please be seated. >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 385, morgan vs. gardner. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. ms. morgan, you're suing the defendant for $1,500. you claim you rented a room from her. you also suggest she evicted you


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