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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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night before and then you wake up to that and it is like, wow. >> reporter: she is thankful for firefighters. >> i heard her about 7:00 and they got here at 7:02. they were here and as soon as they got here, they were on it. >> reporter: the home has smoke damage but not a total loss. >> they prevented the fire from spreading and saved 80%-90% of the home. hospital but firefighters say it was just as a precaution. phoenix fire wants to remind you always have a working smoke detector in your home. a family of three out of their home also after an early morning fire tore tears through. firefighters say a man, woman, their daughter and a cat and dog all made it out safely. crews say most of the fire was in the garage area. they were able to save most of the home.
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temporarily. a reptile was killed in the fire but no other injuries were reported. gas prices are holding steady just above the $2 mark. the average price of gas rings in at $2.13 a gallon. we're paying below that with an average of $ south carolina maintains the lowest price at $1.89, which is what i paid a couple days ago. in the war room, iran executed a nuclear scientist who provided intelligence to the u.s. about the nuclear program. u.s. officials say they paid him $5 million to provide information about the iran's
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he later fled the u.s. without the money. he claimed he was abducted by u.s. agents while on a pilgrimage to saudi arabia. syria rebels making what they call a military breakthrough. they are fighting back in aleppo. they seized the only route into northern aleppo and that set off a rebel counter offensive from the city south. united nations say 300,0 aleppo one of the largest seized area in syria. rusrussian and chinese athls comb competing in their own games. they compete saturday in the final phase of the open water contest. the race across rush is that includes deployment, tanks, and helicopters. russian and chinese officials
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friendship and cooperation between the competing armies. hundreds of pro-government supporters gathered in istanbul. they appeared to represent turkish unity after the failed military coup left 270 people dead. the rally is said to be the grand finale of rallies. in south africa, prison officials say convicted athlete oscar pistorius has been treated to injure troys his wrists at a private hospital. a spokesperson for correctionalselveses in south africa says he was hurt when he fell out of bed. the former track star is serving a six-year sentence for killing
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prosecutors are appealing the decision saying it is too lenient. a big reopening for part of schnepf farms. we'll give you a preview on what
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your mom always said not well, your mom always told you don't play with your food but these guys are making a competition out of playing with food. every year, st. mary's food bank holds competition. the proceeds go to the food bank. what is that? >> i think it is a lego. >> we're like that is so great but what is that. i think that is a minion. you can look at the structures at the phoenix convention center and the winners will be announced later this month.
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weddings. >> last year the farmhouse those celebrations were held in were destroyed by a fire. they will unveil a new farmhouse. >> reporter: the fire destroyed about half the farmhouse but the entire structure had to be gutted to rebuild and create new memphis out of old memories. >> december 11, i can remember it. at 2:45 in the morning, i get a call saying your always is on fire. >> it was horrible. we are pulling up and the flames are shooting up 20-30 feet and the fire trucks are here and it was heart wrenching to see. reporter: in a matter of minutes, the flames engulf the farmhouse, not just the farm business but family history. it is where he lived. >> i lived in this house and my
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graduated college. i moved in and married carrie and we lived here. we moved out and started doing weddings and we've done weddings for nine years. >> reporter: construction didn't stop for the past eight months. >> this did not exist. it was gutted and we wanted to give people a place to go in case we created this room that will accommodate 150 guests. >> reporter: it includes a groom's room, bridal suite, with a piece of the past. >> these are the doors in the old part of the house. i made them pretty. can you believe it? they are still green and gorgeous. >> there is always a silver lining in tragedy.
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insurance, we built a better farmhouse. >> reporter: weddings have been booked starting in september. what a day yesterday. huge turnout for the cards' red and white practice. richard saenz was there. plus the honey badger has a message for kids part of a honey
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see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit >> reporter: if you had any doubt, any question on the passionate fan base on the arizona cardinals yesterday afternoon should serve as validation. rise up red sea to the tune of 25,000 fans in attendance for the annual red and white practice. bruce arians looing to see those fans. for guys like chandler jones, a chance to show off a little bit in front of the fan base that is
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season. carson palmer getting reps with david johnson. brown had a nice practice session here yesterday afternoon. the newer starters like 74, d.j. humphreys. there is brown who made big catches. you talk about depth for this wide receiving core. it is outstanding. pall hepalmer making a play. a lot of fun for a lot of catching autographs after the session. tyrann mathieu signing auto autographs. there is larry fitzgerald there. this was quite an afternoon for the cardinals. coming up this friday, they will host the oakland raiders in the first preseason game out there in glendale. richard saenz with the red and white practice late yesterday. >> we had a great season last
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like that so we got a great fan base here. they show us a lot of great reports so it is not a surprise. >> reporter: who had more fun the players or the fans? >> there was a lot of energy in the building. i felt like the fans had the most fun. there were a couple of times we had to repeat the play because we couldn't hear. it was loud so i imagine what it is going to be like for game day. >> reporter: is this the closest thing you get to game day when you >> of course, obvious of courset filefeels like a game. >> reporter: carson palmer, you look at his candidacy last season. he was fabulous and he is off to another strong start for training camp. i sit down with kurt warner.
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performances in big games. taking cardinals to the super bowl back in tampa. a guy who had a remarkable -- look, he is going to be in the hall of fame in the near future. i talked to kurt about carson palmer and i asked him, how do you get over trying to win that big game, trying to validate your football career. we'llal is a tease and i guess hopefully send you to 10:30 tonight. this is special, part of a badger football camp for tyrann mathieu and a ton of kids. you see him out there at the train facility in tempe. tyrann mathieu, man, i tell you, what can you imagine if you're a kid and you learn how to play
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hard and listening to your parents and getting a good education. this was a special morning for a lot of kids who wanted to connect with the new face of the franchise, tyrann mathieu. what a thrill. something these youngsters will remember for a long, long time to come. >> it is important for the kids to see me. their parents spend so much money on badger stuff. they can see me, not just wu a helmet on my head but see me. i'm fortunate i can put on a camp that targets the youth. hopefully, they can compete and have fun and get along with each other. >> reporter: we're going to stay with the football theme. arizona state university in the bubble yesterday.
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all of that rain coming down from payson and camp tontozona and getting reps in yesterday's morning practice. the battle for the quarterback position. it will be one of the big storylines that we'll watch through sun devil training camp. new faces along the secondary and offensive line as well. look at this team. they are deep at running back. there is todd graham. weather and rain has been an issue throughout many years this program has gone to camp tontozona. >> i hope we can improve the facilities. i would like to go for two weeks. i love being there because it is such a unique place. your cellphone don't work. there is no tv's. there is no distractions.
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campfires and kids walking up and getting that extra time that doesn't seem to happen when you're here. >> reporter: todd graham, one-on-one conversation tonight. sun devils fans, we discuss a number of issues on the table. as for baseball, we haven't said it much this summer with baseball, d-backs going for a series win
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>> reporter: very long, hot summer for the arizona diamondbacks. they are facing the worst record in franchise season in history.
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you look at the numbers, yeah, they won 34 games. archie bradley gave it up top of the third. a home run, his ninth of the season. brewers were leading, 2-0. bradley lays down the bunt and watch andy wilkins throw it away. d-backs tied the game at two a piece. this milwaukee game having problems in the field. jean segura and then chris owens scores. bradley, didn't go long enough, four and two-thirds, eight strikeouts and three runs. the long ball for the d-backs and jake lamb in his breakout season. how about this shot, his 25th home run. lamb big power numbers this
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d-backs win a series. they beat the brewers. d-backs win, 9-3 the final. watkins glen. racing on the nascar circuit. austin dylan greg into it. aggressive driving and changing tires. kevin get into it right here. i want you to keep an eye on the restart because denny hamlin was out front. brad keselowski makes a move right here late in the final lap. keselowski takes second. denny hamlin takes the checkered flag. denny hamlin is your winner at watkins glen. we're going to talk racing tonight along with our sports
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red, white scrimmage review. richard science on that. kurt warner 101 and todd gram. we get into the carson palmer element of winning the big game and when i look at this whole situation, everyone says is todd graham going to reel it back in a little bit. he is the guy that says we're about winning championships and he went into the s we're going to roll big and they had a losing year. i asked are you going to dial it back, are you going to take less pressure off of your team. he had an interesting answer. a lot of football tonight. todd graham and billy mayfair, one of the long time a.s.u. sun devil golfers opening up his career. a lot going on. a lot of football.
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finally at 5.... next finally at 5:00, the next time you need your lawn mowed, consider these guys. this is an english lawn mower race. the entire race lasted 12 hours.
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to watch. there were 43 teams. each team has four drivers so they take turns. those in the competition say it would be tough because the grass got wet and slippery so it was heart to stay fast and in control. >> this is the most difficult one i have done than i normally do. i would be had a little pressure. >> d >> what was he saying? was he part of this lawn mower race? >> reporter: it sounded like he needed to change the bag on the lawn mower. >> we were talking to you, you have experience with lawn mowers. >> reporter: i was the grounds keepers at apartments back in p.a. i had a fabulous lawn mower the furs week of the summer season. broke down and the boss said your going to use a push mauer
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the way. you don't have to worry about changing the bag. >> that is what you thought you were signing up for, jude. >> if you're going to be mowing lawns, it would be good to do it in the mornings. tomorrow is gob to be warm as well. tomorrow we're warming up to 106. it is going to be warm for the first part of the week then monsoon activity starting about late tuesday and into wednesday and thursday. you will see t dropping and humidity and dew points are dropping. hopefully, we will get actual storms, rain that will bring temps down and not just the heat and blowing dust and the blowing wind that isn't too comfortable for us. those changes are in the forecast. thanks for joining us. >> fox 10 news is back at 9:00 and 10:00.
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