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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 10, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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now at 9:00, a second person has died in a bizarre accident in north phoenix. a veterinarian and another man dying i underground grain silo. friends and family are reeling from the tragedy. >> you are not only using your veterinarian and we're losing a friend. we're tracking the wet weather heading towards the valley curtsy of tropical storm xavier. what they are doing in scottsdale to stop drivers from getting stopped. plus, a val high school senior puts up his own political campaign signs but he is not running forking the.
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good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. we begin with the latest of a freak accident that took the life of two many and a third man remains in critical condition. >> it happened last night when a a man fell into a grain silo. all three were knocked unconscious due to lack of oxygen. reporter: the grain water created a deadly environment in the underground silo. the area who knew the 61-year-old veterinarian well are in shock. outside of horse properties dot the landscape and many horse owners depended on him. >> it is like getting kicked in the stomach. >> reporter: she wrote a touching tribute onto the
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facebook page. >> he always lifted here and i was boggled with information sometimes. he just was a great teacher. he wanted his clients to be able to provide for the horses when he wasn't around. a lot of vets don't do that. >> reporter: he was attempting to clear water out of an underground storage facility. it created an environment with he died. the two men who tried to rescue him were also taken to the hospital. one of them died day. she used the veterinarian to care for her horses for years. she suicide others have been working with the 61-year-old vet for decades. >> you are not only losing your veterinarian and a neighbor but you are losing a family member. i think people are taking it
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and clients and friends are planning a vigil at 7:30 friday night. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. remnants from tropical storm xavier is the one that hit mexico's baja peninsula is sending wet weather our way. it overtook the valley around lunchtime and this time-lapse shows how fast the dust moved in the area. >> graduated north. phoenix, got a pounding. rain causing flooding and drivers to get stuck. it was rough. >> this is just getting started. there is much more rain on the rain. the city of scottsdale the taking action to keep drivers from getting into trouble. >> they have closed all crossings over the indian washes that don't have a bridge.
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is supposed to do but for drivers, not a good scene. >> reporter: that is exactly right, john. we've seen many drivers try to make their way through the wash. moments ago, we saw a car attempting to make its way through the flooded section on osborn. not a good idea. if you look over my shoulder, you will see the continental golf course under water and this parking lot is under water. usually people out here at the driving range and practicing their putting. not the case today as water rushed down the wash. as we turn, we can see cars making their way through the flooding. it is not safe to make it through there. it is creating a headache for drivers on osborn and other streets throughout scottsdale. what used to be a driving range is now a place to drive your
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the continental golf club near osborn and hayden under water as water flows through the indian bend wash. >> quite a bit of water flowing through the wash, quite a bit enough that we have to close up of the crossings. it happens a couple of times a year. >> reporter: scottsdale police department officer kevin watts says the salt river started releasing water earlier this afternoon. other w forcing drivers to find other routes. >> it is an inconvenience because people are not used to osborn and hayden being closed. >> oftentimes, it looks like it is not very deep but if you stay and watch it for any amount of time, which looked like a few inches of water within minutes is now feet and it can sweep your car and take it away.
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through the golf course and into the city and into the river. >> there are possible fines that come with that but more of a cost is you're risking your life and the lives of others that will have to come out and help you. >> reporter: i think officer watts said that perfectly, you are not only putting yourself at risk but those who have to come out and help you. we had an officer moments ago putting the because people were blasting through itn't during daylight. they were distracted and they were blowing through the tape. they only stopped because they saw us here with news cameras. please, use, of course, caution as you're headed through town. all of the roads that don't have overpassing, and the water can
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reporting live from scottsdale. i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. >> she might start directing traffic. flooding was a big problem in apache junction today. that area received a couple of inches in an hour's time. workers had to shut down several roads because of the flooding. >> my co-worker was like you will be fine just drive through it. i don't know why i trusted him. he is at home and i'm stuck here. >> that is not a cheap repair, either. while few drivers got stranded, no one was hurt. >> we're not out of the woods just yet. more wet weather is headed our way. >> dave munsey joins us a little bit early. >> reporter: there is still some out there. a little bit of encroachment of weather here on the west side. not much going on. if you look south of the city here, it is a little less than an inch.
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an inch. take a look at fountain hills, 2.5 inches. north of there that is an inch that is apache junction. you saw the flooding out there, 2.5 inches in apache junction. south of the city, you see an inch by maricopa. almost .5 of an inch south of casa grande. out in the desert area that is about an 1.5 out there. tucson got hit hard. 1.5 out there. so looking at a lot of moisture north of cave creek, almost an inch there. where we already had 2 inches, we're looking at 1.2 inches. why, we're looking a the heavy moisture coming from a tropical depression right down in the area here. it is falling apart a little
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north. we'll have more on this coming up. >> could be an interesting night. thank you, dave. while it is raining while dave is not by your side, you can receive weather alerts 24/7 using our free fox 10 weather app. it is free. you can find it at new information in the serial street shootings that have terrorized several sections of phoenix. detectives recovered bullet casings for a number of the crime scenes. witnesses provided investigators with detailed descriptions of the shooter's vehicle. the victims were all targeted while they were outside late at night in the maryvale area and other parts of phoenix. seven people have been killed in this spree, including a
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the man is described as a hispanic man using two different vehicles. there is a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. if you have information, call silent witness, 480-witness. you can remain anonymous. friends and family come together to remember a marine murdered in the park. it happened for dustin shirk. he was found gunshot wounds at that park. he died at the hospital. dustin served four years as lance corporal in the marine corps an he did a tour in iraq. today would have been dustin's 31st birthday. >> he did not deserve this at all. he did nothing to deserve this and i guarantee you right now. this is just wrong in so many
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jogging. police are searching for the shooter in this case. if you have any information, you are asked once again to call silent witness, 480-witness. still ahead at 9:00, a battle between the arizona diamondbacks and maricopa county supervisors over how your tax dollars should be spent when it comes to that stadium. that fight turning into a war of words tonight. political signs are popping up everywhere you look. a valley teen the joining in the
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even some of donald you decide, some of donald trump's supporters are concern affidavit the republican nominee made another questionable statement in north carolina today. some even suggesting that trump was advocating violence if hillary clinton wins in
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quote, "if she gets to pick her judges, there is nothing you can do, folks. maybe the second amendment folks. i don't know." some thought trump was calling on second amendment folks to take up arms against clinton. the trump campaign fired back saying trump's remark were taken out of he was appealing to supporters of the second amendment to vote in large number to stop hillary clinton. >> the democratic nominee is expanding her map to include the republican states of arizona and georgia. the democratic nominee will reportedly invest in additional staff in both of those states with hopes of winning. the democratic party hopes to double the number of field
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the last time arizona voted blue was back in 1996 for bill clinton. have you checked your street corner lately? there are political signs on every street corner but there is one sign that may catch your eye. >> it was created by a valley high school senior, partly as a prank and partly to make a point. joe keating spoke with the man, the teen, beh ? >> i'm mitch and i'm not running for anything. ? >> seeing all of the signs around and just, not annoyed so much but a bit bothersome. i saw the same morning thing and i thought my name being big
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make people laugh to not run for anything mane sense to me. i started thinking around and might as well go big. i love it. i love your sign and it made me laugh. it makes me feel so good. i have three people writing in for me that are 18. i'm expecting a couple of votes. i don't know if they are going to go through with it. it is cool to have one guy fieri is my v.p. we will talk sometime. i would love to start a campaign with you. let's make it flavor town. i'm mitch matovik and i approved this message.
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>> if people are ticked off. >> there is nothing worse than christmastime and you are driving around seeing those. he will take them down the day after the election. >> reporter: he won't make me rich but i'm going with mitch. >> that is good, dave. >> reporter: he has a slogan already. the temperatures are coming down a little bit over the next couple of days because we have rain showers in the forecast.
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>> reporter: hi, everybody. we got 90 degrees right now. the winds out of the south, southeast at 8 miles an hour. other number, 89 at deer valley. 91 in glendale. 90 in mesa. 90 in chandler.
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this happens. high pressure and the rotation from it coming down to pick up the moisture and bring it up into the state. one of the mechanisms that we use at this time of year to get the message in here. not much happening and just off to the west of us we see action that is starting to pick up a little bit here. as you get a look at the buckeye area, you can see storm action starting to roll in herend that is pretty heavy activity that we're seeing as we go up north here. we see a little bit more active weather hanging around here. once again, you can see up near the grand canyon some very active weather. take a look at the central areas of the state. we have more going in the northern areas of the central areas of the state. the white mountains are getting
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we have a few things going around the state here. this is the one right here that is closest to phoenix, the one we're keeping our eye on of course. that moisture is coming from a tropical depression down to the south of us here and you can see here it is moving northward. right now, these are the dew point temperatures so there is a lot of moisture around. the dew points are down from where they were when you have dew points in the 60's those prompt flash-flood watches. we have one for phoenix and the tucson area. through the entire state is what we're looking at. this is the futurecast. you can see by wednesday morning that's a pretty good storm system and that is covering a pretty good area around the phoenix area. you can see the storms are going to be around and they are going to be hanging in there through the day. once again, this is thursday
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a couple of days with showers hanging around with a little bit of active weather hanging around as well. it is going to be a few days before this is over. 97 for the high today. er number, 90 degrees for sedona. 79 at show low. 104 degrees at gila bend. 97 for your high today. 77 for the low. 105 and 83, normal hh record low at 74. you can see the 90's coming out throughout the entire valley, mostly 90's. we're picking up active weather down through the southeast. had flooding down there last night and more tonight. a chance of a storm with 91 tomorrow and more rain in the forecast. by the time we get into thursday and friday, it starts letting up
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picking up as well. watch your kids around water. dave, elvis has left the building. not elvis but the stubborn owl perched in a warehouse for several days. the owl flew out on its own. construction workers were concerned about the well being because of the intense heat and the lack of wer >> did they name him elvis? >> no, i threw that in. a dolphin at seaworld in orlando, florida, turned the table and gave them a show that no one expected. the dolphin snatched an ipad out of the woman's hand and into the tank. >> maybe he does know it is an
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electronics down. >> or he thought it was a fish. the woman went after the ipad and was able to get it back. i'm sure it was beyond putting it in a bowl of rice, right? the dolphin appears to be laughing a the successful snatch. no word if the ipad was ruined but i'm willing to bet it was ruined. it is a good reminder to watch your belongings around the still ahead tonight, a new way to track your pets, maybe your kids. the device being developed by an arizona-based company. details in the next half hour. later in the buzz, the skinny on skinny jeans. why the fashion industry
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all right, a quest, as you see here, baseball battle a multimillion-dollar facelift has turned out an all-out war of words between the team and maricopa county officials. tonight, county supervisor is apologizing for the heated remark he made to d-backs' c.e.o. derrick hall. this is far from over. marc martinez joins us to explain. this got downright heated.
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ron burgundy that said that escalated quickly. a confrontation back in late april but he is sticking by his belief that taxpayers should not have to pay for major upgrades to chase field. the battle over who should pay for upgrades to chase field taking an ugly turn after maricopa county supervisor gave derrick hall an earful recently. >> i apologize for my choice of words but not belief. >> reporter: the supervisor says he is sorry for the confrontation he had with hall in a park structure at chase field after he went to hand deliver the letter regarding the $65 million in improvements the team wants the county to pay for. as for your business, professional baseball is evolving into a pair a settic enterprise that is on its way in
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you take your stupid baseball field and get out to bleeping west virginia. >> if i could do it over, i would say here is my letter. >> reporter: mr. hall responded with a letter saying your candor will cause you to move in a different direction on where we tried to find resolution in the past to avail. i guess one of the lessons here is you're a county supervisor and having a confrontation, don't expect it to be taken off the record. >> i facebooked about this and people feel like it is not appropriate for the team to fleece them for more stuff that is their private enterprise. >> reporter: that is what the
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face-to-face part of this but he sticks by what he wrote in the initial letter he does not feel like taxpayers should pay for the improvements. he does not belieieve they shoud have paid for the stadium. he is not running for re-election. >> something tells me that he could run for something because these comments could be popular with people out there. >> reporter: you i - on my facebook page and there are a lot of people siding with him. >> people are tired of putting public money in sports teams pep >> and being held hostage over it. in a developing story, the san tan valley parents, we told you this story. they are accused of leaving their toddler home alone, a toddler to go out and play pokemon go.
12:33 am
abuse charges. they left the 2-year-old little boy home for an hour and a half while they drove around playing that game on the smartphone. he was found wand aring barefoot in a diaper and tee shirt outside of the home. deputies waited for an hour before the couple came back. >> it was fun and entertaining and brings exercise to people who probably don't exercise. it is something you aware of. you can't go out and disregard other things that are important such as children. >> the toddler is still in the custody of department of child safety. a second suspect in an armed robbery of a smoke shop is behind bars. ryan carr is facing charges of aggravated assault. kevin bright was caught in
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arizona. the pair robbed a smoke shop. this was a dangerous robbery. they were pointing handgun, demanding money, and one of the suspects exchanged gunfire with an armed employee. it was a miracle that no one was hurt. the number of americans who say they currently smoke pot has doubled in three years since 2013. a gallop poll surveyed more than 1,000 adults and of participants admitted to smoking marijuana. it was up 7% from three years ago. the poll found people in the western u.s. were more likely to use marijuana. the zika virus strikes again and this time in texas. a newborn baby girl linked to the mosquito-borne illness. her mother contracted the virus
12:35 am
america. the death comes after the government of florida announces the number of acquired cases has ground -- grown to 21. the epicenter of the outbreak in miami has become a ghost town. >> experts are spraying and dealing with the mosquitoes. we are seeing that our efforts have killed a lot of >> back in february, president obama requested almost $2 billion to help fight the zika virus. the house passed a $1.1 billion bill. the legislation stalled in the senate. congress is not scheduled to return to capitol hill until september 6 so no movement there. two kids on a teenager rushed to the hospital after falling from a ferris wheel in tennessee. the basket they were sitting in
12:36 am
tumbling to the ground. a 6-year-old in the accident suffered traumatic brain injuries. the other two girls are listed in stable condition. this comes days after a 10-year-old boy was killed while riding the world's tallest water slide in kansas. i don't know what to make of the next story. a group of skydivers were forced to jump out of the plane they hit a bird and the engine caught fire. they skydivers say they are jumping out. they got out safely but that left the pilot. the pilot did land it safely. >> thankfully, they had parachutes, right, they were equipped for this expect for the pilot. another frustrating day for delta airlines as they try to recover from the power outage
12:37 am
around the globe. the chief operating officer says key systems and equipment did not switch over to backup systems during yesterday's outage. that caused computer glitches that led to more than 1,500 canceled flights. 3,000 other flights have been delayed. the airline says they are doing everything they can to keep operations running smoothly but many passengers are not happy. >> taken off the plane twice and we've been given under the sun. >> incompetence but what are you going to do about it? >> always frustrating. delta is offering refunds for canceled flights and $200 travel vouchers for passengers who were delayed more than three hours. >> reporter: this isn't your father's arizona cards. a significant day in the way the cardinals do business and the
12:38 am
remarkable comments when you think about the history of the franchise in arizona. you will look at the new starting right tackle in 10 minutes. put your finger to good use.
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put your finger to good use. person to person transfers on the firstbank mobile app. an arizona-based company so cool, an arizona-based company has started a kick starter device. do you want to come in? >> i will chill out. i was not understanding what was going on. >> they started a kick starter for a device to help track your kids, pet, or important people in your life. it uses cellular signals for whoever uses the device. >> how about me? i think you need to keep track of me. >> i'm afraid of what you're up
12:42 am
shot. >> it costs $80 and requires a $10 monthly service payment. i don't know how the people who are being tracked feels about this so hopefully, nothing devious is going on. >> like boyfriends or girlfriends or exes. >> the tracker can send alerts if your dog leaves your yard or if you're taking a different route from your school. >> you can pick up your pho it moving on the google map. you are in complete control and that is what we wanted to do. >> if you want to back this business, you can log on to their kick starter page. we have a link on our website, new york city artist is using g.p.s. in his new smartphone app to keep their eyes off of their screens and
12:43 am
surroundings. the app is called look up. it is to alert users when approaching an intersection. >> we've come to the point to be told not to get hit by the car. >> right now the app is available for users in new york. they hope to expand it to i.o.s. users. >> reporter: whether you are red or blue, you may enough green for retirement. 14% of republicans say they don't have a retirement account. 20% of democrats don't have one either. total household debt jumping to $12 trillion last quarter. meanwhile, if you're buying a new home, bring extra cash. the average closing cost for a $200,000 loan is more than $2,100 right now. house hunters are pay the most
12:44 am
pennsylvania. pet lovers looking for a new home? you might want to check out florida. orlando is the top pet-friendly city this year. it allows pets are the big reasons why. that is business. >> no drinking while driving. we know that. the penalties that drivers could face or water behind the wheel. a flight attendant suing her
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time for the buzz where we talk about the stories that you're talking about. >> you know how bad distracting driving can a brand-new bill, if passed in new jersey would put a hefty fine on distracted drivers and we're not just talking about cellphone drivers. anything you do behind the wheel, drinking a cup of coffee, putting on lipstick, fixing your hair, eating, all of that would cause you to get a big it ticke. driving and driving and don't
12:48 am
coffee. >> this is all distracting. i've seen people read their newspaper in the old days, eating a big mac. >> smoking a cigarette. >> is it any worse than occasionally looking at your phone, i don't know. >> they say anything you can do you can get a ticket for. >> good luck in enforcing it. they seem to have a lot of trouble enforcing things. >> c switching the radio station. a muslim flight attendant is suing express jet because they suspended her and she says wrongfully. they suspended her when she refused to serve alcohol to passengers on flights claiming it went against her religion. she alleges the airline did not provide religious accommodation. come on, when you apply for the
12:49 am
what your going to be asked to do. >> you know you will be serving alcoholic beverages. you would not apply to be a barter alexander if you have a moral opposition to that. >> if that is part of the job and she can't do the job, how can you say this is a violation? >> i guess it is one thing if the airline wasn't serving alcohol and somewhere in the middle after you were hired saying we're going to start serving alcohol. >> exactly, case closed. did you know skinny jeans is the enemy of the fashion industry? this jean style has been in style for 10 years. one year it is flared jeans and the next year it is bell bottoms. skinny jeans have been in for an entire decade and the fashion sister has had enough. constant changes in jean sales
12:50 am
shopping and prompts people to update their wardrobe. >> too bad for them. finally, we have something that lasts and you can keep wearing it. you can have a pair of jeans for 10 years. >> if they fit. i find they are shrinking. >> you are washing them too much. >> they are so tight. >> you're washing them too much. >> i got new styles so the fashion industry should be happy. >> that is good to know. your turn to chime in. we would love to hear from you. kari, would, too. >> i'm part of we. i'm sure jude would love it as well. >> reporter: i'm wearing my bell bottoms tonight. he waited his entire career for a day like today. we explain the new deal for carson palmer and how about this, zack greinke is back on
12:51 am
game highlights for you.
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>> reporter: what a football life it has been for this guy.
12:54 am
of his career playing for the bengals. he played for an organization that struggled for the most part. he made his way to oakland and forgot about him. somehow,someway, his career resurrected with bruce arians. 35s. t.d.'s, the cardinals asked him to will take him through 2018 if he is healthy enough, able enough. it is what he said today about the organization an the team and owner he plays for that validates how this organization has changed for the beth through the years. >> i did wrestle with it for a bit and they approached me for changing things contractually
12:55 am
i've been playing my whole career to play in a situation like this and g.m. like this and you throw in a chance to be one of bruce's quarterbacks and a chance to play in a locker room. hesitate at all. >> reporter: more cardinals, one big part of depends on the offensive line. three new starters, d.j. humphries, the right tackle. d.j.'s last year pick appears to be ready for the task. >> consistency, mainly. the main thing is consistently. doing it right one time and keep doing it like that.
12:56 am
doing. that is the hardest thing is doing it right every time. >> reporter: he was a left tackle at the university of florida making the move to the right side with the cardinals. >> try not to think about it. last year, i hindered my mind with it is the right side other than i'm d.j. humple fridays and i can make it happen. that mental zag is gone. i know what right. >> reporter: he has been tested in camp against the top edge rushers on the team. >> they are so good. >> reporter: despite running first team, humphreys he has says has a lot to prove. >> i try not to think about it because it breeds complacency.
12:57 am
none of that matters because i don't control, all i can do is try to make sure i'm better than yesterday. >> reporter: d-backs at the mets. zack greinke off of the d.l. and on the hill. got help from brandon look at this. striking him out and just drilling him down. reynolds, sit down. six innings, five hit, three runs. he struck out six and the diamondbacks beat the mets. the final, 5-3. back with more cardinals and
12:58 am
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in 20 minutes. it is fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. >> reporter: heavy rains leaving quite a mess. the monsoon may not be done with us just yet. the board of supervisors and diamondbacks butting heads. >> i'm mitch. i'm not running for anything. a campaign trail. he may not be getting a lot of votes, he is certainly getting a lot of laughs. thank you for being with us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we had a lot of heavy rain this morning into the afternoon and more is on the way. the city of scottsdale is taking steps to keep residents safe. kristy, we have seen problems


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