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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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get the word out about the serial street shooter who remains on the streets and at large. the hope is to get this gunman behind bars in a string of unsolved murders. kristy siefkin joins us now live with the latest. >> john, the guardian angels have been patrolling multiple neighborhoods in the past few weeks and tonight thomas and 32nd street making their way eastward and starting at the site of the last shooting. the investigators are into the shootings. all nine of them that happened. the earliest happening in the middle of march. a suspect description has been released. however, police are not ruling out the possibility that multiple individuals have been involved in the shootings. investigators looking into this while they are also recovering bullet casings from three of the crime scenes, they also have vehicle descriptions from several of the witnesses who are there that actually saw the shootings. earlier we spoke to mike
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phoenix chapter of the guardian angels and talked to us what the group hopes to achieve on their walk tonight. >> the goal is to get the public informed. also to get somebody if they know something, say something, know anything about this, there is a $50,000 reward on this guy. we are empowering the community to take back the community until this serial killer, we aren't standing for it we will do what's right. you will go to jail. >> the guardian angels will be talking to the public about how they can stay safe in light of the shootings. anyone with information is asked to contact police. you call silent witness at 480-witness. the reward for any tip leading to an arrest is $50,000. reporting live in phoenix, kristy siefkin, "fox 10 news." the serial street shooter described as a young hispanic man with black hair believed to have used several vehicles in the attack including late 90s
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reward leading for information that may lead to an arrest. the 16-year-old boy suspected of stabbing his three-year-old brother to death and wounding their nine-year-old sister is booked into jail and now charged as an adult. >> all right, you tell me your name, please? and your date of birth? all right. you are here on a new matter. it involves one count of murder in the second-degree. it's a class one one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon dangerous instrument, that's a class 2 felony. >> can you imagine? charged with killing a three-year-old brother. court records show that shea holloway threw his brother down a flight of stairs on saturday night at their home in youngstown and then killed him with a carving knife. deputies say the teen then stabbed their sister when she tried to help her brother. the girl is recovering. investigators say an older brother also got the girl and
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their mom was at work at the time. no word on what led to this spasm of violence. the fbi tonight looking for a bank robber who struck last week but this was his second time. hitting in arizona bank and now the fbi calling him the cyclical bandit. the fbi believes the suspect robbed two arizona banks almost exactly a year apart wearing almost exactly the same thing. the first robbery a year ago at the chase bank of 97th avenue and peoria, he told tellers he had a g the second hit was last wednesday at a wells fargo in kingman. as the same scene played out. and now the fbi is calling him armed and dangerous. >> we consider him armed and dangerous. public safety is always a concern for us in bank robberies. you tellers and people possibly inside the bank that can understandably be very traumatized by these sorts of crimes. authorities believe he is
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5'11" to six feet tall. if you recognize him call silent witness. we have a weather alert. much of the state under a flash flood watch tonight including the valley. remnants of that tropical storm javier that dumped heavy rain in phoenix and tucson brought stormy conditions today to northern arizona. dave munsey has been watching it all and will give us a look at the forecast a little bit early. >> we have had some good storms around the state already and we see a little bit of development of hours here. let's take a look at the map and you can see -- watch how it just gets a little bigger. some of these areas start expanding a little bit. we have some things trying to get into the valley. look at that storm down by casa grande. we can back up a little bit and give you a look at that one. and those storms are going to hold together pretty good. you see that is a fairly big storm system just to the south of us right now. then earlier in the day this is where the action was. right up here in the sedona area.
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couple of them rolling through there and that leaves behind 456 an inch north -- half an inch north of sedona. two inches south of sedona. and then look up by williams, 2.3 of an inch in that area and we get back closer to the city here and earlier in the day we did drop a little moisture by black canyon city. 1 1/2 inches. just a little more than that. and then two inches just to the northeast of black canyon city. we get a look at the city here. you see -- a alluded to. that is the flash flood watch for the city and for the north and the south. most of the state and that will end at 11:00 this evening. we do have had a few warnings for flooding. they have expired now. we will check in with you in a bit. scary situation for a man in pinal county. take a look at this. his truck got stuck in a flowing wash south of florence. this is witlow ranch.
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they were concerned and when deputies got there the driver was standing on top of his truck. they managed to get him out safely. >> over to the gold canyon golf resort where they got a lot of flooding yesterday. they told us the golfers were on the court yesterday when the water rushed in and trapped some of them. and the wash nearly drown some of the greens. it was under water. fortunately nobody hurt. crews were able to get the resort back on its feet and looking good out there already. >> out of the the posts and just kind of washed everything down toward the middle of the property. this was covered in water and silt and our staff and our team came out early this morning and got everything cleaned up. >> one of the courses called signser mountain will re-- dinosaur mountain. the other course, side winder will be closed through friday. arizona counties have apparently verified enough valid
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in november almost certainly. the secretary of state's office expected to issue official certification tomorrow. but it's pretty much a foregone conclusion. it's called the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol. they will hold a news conference in the morning. to kick off the yes on prop 205 initiative. if it's approved by voters, adults 21 and older would be able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plant for personal use. tens of millions of dollars in tax towards education. on friday a judge will hear arguments in a lawsuit seeking to block the measure from the ballot. that suit file by opponents including maricopa county attorney bill montgomery and yavapai attorney. donald trump fighting off a wave of criticism after suggesting that second amend supporters could find a way to stop hillary clinton from being elected, whatever that meant exactly. some people thought it was a
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democratic nominee is now leading in a handful of king swing states. joel waldman has more tonight from washington. donald trump hitting two more swing states today campaigning in virginia and florida but it's what he said yesterday that still seems to be on everyone's mind. >> the second amendment people may be there is, i don't know. >> those comments leading to backlash from many democrats some republicans and hillary clinton. all accusing trump of second amendment supporters taking matters into their own hands to prevent clinton from becoming president. but trump strongly rebuked the claim he was advocating for violence against the nominee. >> what we are talking about is political power. tremendous political power to save the second amendment. you look at the power they have in terms of votes and that's what i was referring to obviously. >> hillary clinton campaigning in iowa today facing more questions about her private e-mail account after nearly 300
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former secretary of state's personal server were released. raising new questions about a potential conflict of interest between the con -- clinton state department and the clinton foundation. >> mrs. clinton isn't being truthful when she says that she turned over all of the e-mails to the american people. >> meantime the term -- turmoil in both campaign overshadowing a new batch of polls showing clinton take the lead in key swing states and ohio. >> yesterday we witnessed in the latest of a long line of casual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. >> when it comes to the upcoming and highly anticipated general election debates, hillary clinton has agreed to all three and while trump has put on the record he wants to attend the debays he has requested to see the conditions before hand. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. this is a wild scene in manhattan today. police catch a man who had
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tower. now trump wasn't around at the time. he was in virginia campaigning 500 miles away. nonetheless, the unidentified 20-year-old used sunks cups, rope and a harness to climb the building from an outdoor terrace. officers eventually smashed out windows on the 21 floor and pulled him in. they pulled him to safety no problems really in the end. police say the man posted an on-line video saying he did it because he wanted a private audience with donald trump to discuss an important matter. i'm sure it trump again was not there at the time. the climber was taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. emotional reaction in court today as a serial killer known as the grim sleeper learns his fate. that story straight ahead tonight at 6:00. then marcy ones tells us about a couple of horses who led officers on a chase today in
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killer in california known as serial killer in california known as the grim sleeper is sentenced to death today. lonnie franklin, jr.,
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section of los angeles over a 22 year period. the victims were black, many were prostitutes. one victim just a teenager. >> it's hard knowing that my sister was taken in such a she was a sweet girl. and the impact it has had on my life is -- my best friend. my b >> the killer earned his nickname the grim sleeper for an apparent hiatus but now authorities think he never stopped killing until he was arrested. the kansas water park where a ten-year-old boy was killed signed a water slide 9 accident that killed him, that slide is back open today. this comes as new details are emerging about his death. investigators say caleb schwaab was decapitated while riding the world's tallest water slide and
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kansas city, kansas on sun when this happened. funeral is scheduled for friday. it is not clear how this accident happened. but witnesses reported that the harnesses on the ride were not working at the time. the park reportedly passed a private inspection in june. this gives whole new meaning to horsing around town. this morning two horses got loose in a phoenix neighborhood. it wasn't quite llama drama, but it was not too bad. police say it wasn't easy marcy jones has the story tonight. >> members of phoenix police department are trained to handle anything. but some things take them by surprise. like this morning when two horses got loose at 35th avenue and durango. >> best we can do is provide traffic control until we are able to lasso the horses. >> according to witnesses, the two horses had a pretty good run. >> they got a few light downs all the way to 21st ave.
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and washington. >> it was a sight to see it did shut down traffic flow as the two horses wove in and out of cars. >> it's not something you see every day. what complicated things was the fact that the horses went separate ways so we got one at sherman and then this one behind us after the horse's owners and employees came up with a game plan, the two were lassoed and returned home safely. >> we just started chasing after them and ran into traffic and they were just having fun. >> marcy jones, "fox 10 news." still ahead, dave munsey with a look at the forecast as we take a look out there at i-10 and 83rd avenue on this hump day, wednesday. only have a couple more days until the weekend, folks. hump day is pretty much in the books. dave has a look at the forecast coming up. also a reminder, be sure to follow us on instagram and share your images using the
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i know we've got rain moving in. we will get rain tonight. >> we could. >> but the temperatures have really kind of dropped. we aren't looking at these high triple digits. >> not right now. the norm for this time of year is 105 and if you look at the
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in it. the temperatures are reacting nicely to all of this. however, you will start warming up again here. we have 100 degrees right now. no wind to speak of. 98 in surprise. 96 at deer valley. 99 in chandler. 95 in apache junction. we have low pressure, some high pressure kind of working it out to get that moisture up in here. and as you can see, the city really not really being encroached on. however, look south of us here and you will see down by casa grande coming through at the present time. just sitting right in this area right here and watch it come up. it's going to try and sneak in the back door tonight. and we certainly have the moisture available to be able to do something there is tucson right there we head up into the eastern mountains and you can see through the day today there had been some active weather up there as well. and then we get you to look at tuba city here there is some good storms just roll right through there. there you go a couple of them
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sedona got hit hard. as you saw that about two inches, two and a half inches of rain in that particular area. and then once again we see something sneaking up from the south here in the desert. at the present time we are looking pretty good. let's take a look at the future cast. here we go as wednesday late in the evening a little shot of moisture and then take a look at this thing. this is in the morning on thursday. that's a good shot lasting for quite awhile there. lasting until a little bit afternoon. and take a look at that high is on the day today, 101 degrees and you see other 100s on the west side. we had 86 degrees in sedona. 75 in flagstaff. 102 in gila bend. 94 today down in tucson. this is your day. 101 on the high. 84 on the low. 116 record high for the day. 68 your record low for the day. and as we look across the
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rainmaker. this has been up to nine inches of rain in some areas. 79 overnight. we will look at 94 degrees for tomorrow. and then take a look at it as i mentioned temperatures starting to pick up the pace a little bit as the sun comes out. and there we do have some 104s and 105s but that's the norm. watch your kids around water. with all of the attention on offense going to the quarterback, receivers and runningbacks, it's the tight ends what head coach bruce arians thinks will be the key to that
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book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding) cardinals fans breathing a cardinals fans breathing a huge sigh of relief when two time probowler jermaine gresham turns downed multipl return to arizona in hopes of winning a championship. gresham is no doubt the leader of a talented and diverse tight end group. this is kind of a mix bag of players. gresham a good pass catching tight end and joined by former basketball player darren fells, number 85 who emerged last year as a reliable target. he had 21 catches and three touchdowns. another great find by general manager steve kime and then former second-round pick troy
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is that a monster in the run game. his concern is staying healy something that -- something that head coach bruce arians has been seeing in him so far this camp. >> he is looking like the player we drafted and wanted. he had all of those injuries and that bad luck and knock on wood i didn't jinx him. he is where i want him to be right now. he is blocking extremely well and catching the ball well. i understand that's what he is trying to do. >> another kind of guy like troy. he is so big. body a lot of that comes from his basketball background. he has had a great camp, too. he has come along. he has learned the system. to go from a practice squad guy that you weren't sure about because there is so many what-ifs. what if we put pads on and he can't block and he has answered that question. >> to new york now we check in on the arizona diamondbacks. winners two of in a row and looking for three in a row. i said looking for three in a
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robbie ray on the hill with a strikeout and then it's paul goldschmidt. rips a single and that scores gene segura. we will update you at 9:00 ad 10:00 and you love the tight end position. >> i think it's the guy who can get loose and really kind of under the radar. >> the missing piece in this offense. >> let's hope they get it rolling and they have a few candidates. "tmz" next. we will see you back here at
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: orlando bloom is back from his nude vacation with katy perry. >> they're missing what's in his arms. >> 5-year-old flynn, baby with amanda kerr. >> it's finally ok for the k >> who does the kid prefer to spend christmas with? what couple? >> oh, my god, let's answer this and shatter one of the parents' lives. >> michael sam back in the news. he got into a very heated altercation on the streets of west hollywood. michael sam at one point says, touch me and i will lay your ass on the ground. >> michael sam said that? >> kind of hot, right? harvey: a little bit. [laughter] >> the kardashians are pissed


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