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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 14, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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he serves and protects his community. now an arizona officer is asking for the community's help as his baby girl recovers from surgery. and a homicide investigation leads to an officer involved shooting. what police are saying tonight. hillary clinton dials up the political pressure by her tax returns as donald trump doubles down on his warnings of election fraud. i'm peter doocy in fairfield, connecticut with those details next. a chino valley officer who is sworn to protect and serve his community is now turning and asking for the community's help this weekend. >> and take a look. this is his baby.
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to the hospital where doctors discovered her intestines in her stomach have inverted. >> gabriella needed expensive emergency surgery. tonight her dad is asking for help with her medical expenses. you can imagine they are mounting. >> marcy jones joins us live with this story. such a heart breaking night here for the chino valley police officer and his family. now we only spoke to him very briefly about an hour ago. from his baby girl's side but he did say all he needs and asking for right now is prayers. steven farmer tells us at 10:00 a.m. thursday morning they thought their one-year-old daughter had the flu. but then they noticed blood in her diapers so they immediately took her to the er in prescott valley when doctors discovered her intestines and stomach had
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pch where she remains in critical condition. stevens says it's hard to keep it together but he needs to be strong for gabrielle. their four-year-old daughter and his wife. >> very emotional. tough to see your own child go through this pain and not be able to help them. just stand by and expect the doctors to help and they have been great. >> now unfortunately gabrielle is in a lot of pn she is swelling badly so they put a pic l line in so hopefully she can get some medicine and be more comfortable. they are asking for your prayers. if you like to do something else in way of a donation to help with the medical costs, they did start a go fund me page. some of his friends started that and we will put the link up on our website, reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." thank you so much. take a look at this.
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sent us this incredible video. this is of his actual home. he was working on his car in his garage near 75th avenue and glendale when the car that he was working on suddenly caught fire. he ran to call to get help to get everyone out of the house including his pets. when he returned to the garage the fire had spread to the second story of his house, causing extensive damage to the home. but the important part tonight and the best part, no one was hurt and everyone including the pets are okay. some footage there. i'll say. heading to milwaukee where they had a violent night after an officer shot and killed a suspect more than 100 people -- yeah, 100 were in a standoff with officers. police got in their cars to leave at one point and someone in the crowd started smashing a squad car's windows and another car was set on fire. the shooting happened this afternoon when officers stopped a car with two people inside.
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that car got out and ran. officers chased them. a 23-year-old man shot at officers. he is the one who was shot and killed by an officer and as is standard procedure that officer is on administrative leave. back here in the valley, a phoenix police shoot and kill a man who was coming at officers with a knife. he actually injured one of those injuries. >> police believe this man was involved in a homicide earlier. danielle miller joins us this homicide police believe this man was involved with what happened last night around 8:30 after this police were led to the suspect's home where they found him inside and they say he showed a knife and cut a police officer. this is when that officer shot and killed him. >> phoenix police responding to a shooting last night around 8:30 near 75th drive and camelback. they arrived they found 48-year-old martin lopez mesa lying in the driveway of his
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wounds. he was transported to the hospital where he later died. >> as the officers are on the scene and gathering this information, they are able to find out the suspect in this investigation is actually known to the victim and the family. >> the police tracked down that suspect, 38-year-old reuben strand to his home near 45th avenue and indian school. police obtained a search warrant and went inside. >> we got to the bedroom. they took their time in the bedroom and they are announcing who they are and the chose to come out of the closet and attack the officer. >> the officer whose 35 years old and has served on the department for 14 years was cut on his hand by strand after this he shot strand. >> suspect has been pronounced deceased here at the apartment complex. >> and the officer suffered injuries to his hand and was taken to the hospital for stitches and released and is expected to be okay.
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and another officer involved shooting turns deadly this time in mesa. officers say they were trying to get in contact with a homicide suspect. this all unfolded near country club and mckellips late last night. police say they had cornered the suspect who was driving a car but he then sped up. a detective says they knew this guy was armed and dangerous. the officers felt threatened he says when they fired. valley family looking for justice and closure tonight after one of tir murdered in broad daylight. police say they found robert james smith lying in the mid-of the road with gunshot wounds. this crime all happened back in april. when they got a call about shots fired, they only found smith. no sign of a suspect or a getaway car. smith was taken to the hospital where he died two days later. we are hoping that somebody has information about who did this or perhaps the vehicle involved or maybe even what led up to this. >> police tell us smith was
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if anyone has any information about this murder you are asked to call silent witness, 480-witness. >> police looking for two men who are suspects in a robbery and the men you can see very clearly in this video probably had no idea that they were being taped. police say the two got into someone's garage. this is near 30th avenue and deer valley. you see them there. they are picking through belongings, loading up on stuff they think is valuable. you see their flashlights >> you can see on the video they are loading their arms. they brought flashlights. like they are shopping. >> the police say this happened late at night so the home owners were most likely asleep as it happened. not many people get a chance to see their burglar face to face, but one valley woman did. this happened at her home. now according to her, she got
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in the driveway and then she says a man walked out the front door of her house carrying thousands of dollars worth of her stuff. can you imagine? she says she got into a verbal fight with the guy and says he sped off in a white toyota corolla. police are asking the public to please take a look at this guy and remember white toyota corolla. you think you have seen him or anyone involved in that garage robbery, call silent >> sheriff joe arpaio refusing to accept blame in a lawsuit filed by austin flake. this stems from that animal cruelty case when more than 20 dogs died from heat exhaustion in a kennel in gilbert operated by the flake's in-laws. austin flake alleges that arpaio beefed up those animal cruelty charges against him but arpaio says he didn't do anything wrong in the case. as you may remember, flake and his then wife were watching the
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in-laws were out of town. investigators found the air conditioner was not well maintained and that's why it failed. arizona governor doug ducey ordering all flags to be lowered after the death of a border patrol agent. the agent was killed in a motorcycle accident near tucson earlier this week. 37-year-old agent manuel alvarez served as an agent since 2003. he leaves behind a wife and four children. >> i think this is will be felt by all of us for a very long time. he was a member of our team. one of our family. out there doing the work that border patrol agents love to do. >> governor ducey says this is another tragic reminder of the daily dangers law enforcement officers face. you decide 2016, republican presidential nominee donald trump is asking supporters to
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meanwhile democratic rival hillary clinton is ramping up calls for trump to release his tax returns. fox news' peter doocy has the latest from the campaign trail tonight. >> presidential nominee donald trump is pitching himself in connecticut. a state that hasn't gone red for president in almost 30 years. >> we are making a big move for the state of connecticut, just so you understand. >> the event comes after trump warned of possible voter fraud in the november election and on his official website he is sin inviting supporters to volunteer as election observers. >> the press is protecting her. i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. >> hillary clinton is taking time off from the campaign trail this weekend but turned up the heat on her rival by releasing her tax returns and calling on the clinton's earnings put them
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they paid a tax rate of 32.4%. the clinton campaign also released ten years of returns from running mate tim kaine and his wife while stumping in new hampshire on saturday. kaine waste nod time attacking trump for failing to release his returns. >> every president since richard nixon and including richard nixon, now he was not known for the most elevated ethical standards but i would say each richard nixon relea returns to the public when he was running for president. >> trump claims he cannot release his terms because of an ongoing irs audit but his running mate mike pence just said his returns are being prepped for release soon in fairfield, connecticut, peter doocy, fox news. back here in the valley, some people very upset that hillary clinton is running for president. so upset in fact that they demonstrated outside of the
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this happened at the central avenue in thomas dnc office this morning. about 25 people showed up for the protest. chanting and waiving signs urging others not to vote for clinton. people at the protest say they are not there to support trump or any other account. they say they are simply there to protest clinton and her track record. >> this country can't afford any more corruption from the top on down. we have take an turn that basically it's not right or wrong any more. it's about what we have to do to have power and grab that power and this country is going in the direction we don't like. >> and the protesters say they are several different groups. all came together. they say they their unifying cause is calling out corruption and they say hillary at the top of that list. there is an interesting story. a british man is behind bars here in arizona after attempting
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the fbi arrested 22-year-old george cattrell for offering i had his services to drug dealers on the dark web. that's a part of the internet used by criminals and terrorists. actually need special software to access the so-called dark web. he was extradited back to arizona. this is one of my favorite times of the summer. i worked downtown phoenix for more than 30 years and when the asu students come back from the summer break, they just certain energy a certain snap. and we like it. we like it when they come rolling back into town. >> the class of 2020 -- can you believe it? i had to do the math real quick. they are coming back getting their dorm rooms all ready for the next school year. this is a look at the downtown phoenix campus earlier today at the taylor's place dorms. the students are unpacking into their new home. moving day has been happening all week long for new students
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different days to help with the crowds and chaos of what is asu moving day. many people touched by flooding in one state. flood waters even surrounding the governor's mansion. we will tell you where this is. strange sight around the valley. now the community is invited to take a closer look at google's self-driving cars. >> but first, as the space shuttle turns 40, we te at space travel, past, present and future. you have him in your fantasy league, why cards running back david johnson is poised to do something special this nfl season. rattlers roll it up on the gladiators and who will be the asu starting qb? d-backs take on the red sox at fenway. and we will see you in 30
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astronauts, scientists, and engineers are astronauts, all celebrating a new space milestone. >> nasa shuttle program turns 0. fox news john scott has more.
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spot. rich in history and featuring some of the country's best museums. one of the biggest is still something of a surprise to many. on the east bank of the hudson river, intrepid, a aircraft carrier that served our nation for 31 years now home to the sea, air and space museum. once on board, you can inspect some the nation's legendary aircraft and take a journey through ari including the space program. >> the end of the sea drama as carpenter and rescuers head to the firm deck of the carrier intrepid. >> i remember as a kid watching the intrepid sailing the pacific plucking astronauts out of the watter recovering two space capsules in 1962 and 65. maybe you got to see scott carpenter, lounging and relaxing
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young rescuing the astronauts that just returned to earth are some of the first people that have been in out, spas. outer sps. >> in-- outer space. >> there is an up close look of the earliest shuttle. we got it here because we don't have very much as far as the space program here in new york city and so many people that are here that live here and so many kids that go to school here that there is so many visitors from other countries that come that to have an artifact like the space shuttle is great because it's one of the only things that nasa has here in new york city. >> today, all shuttles are grounded. discovery the first to retire on march 9, 2011. followed by by endeavour on june 1 of the same year. the final shuttle mission that ended the program completed in
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atlantis' final journey home from space. >> this bird and her sisters are not flying any more. but what about the contribution that they made to the american space program? >> with the international space station it could not have been accomplished or built without the space shuttle. we have a laboratory in space that has had people on it it around the clock for the past -- we are going on now 16 years. we had people on the international space station full time. >> micro gravity environment. knowledge of what it's like to keep -- my friend scott kelly was up there for a year. what it's like to keep people in space for a long time. >> now we await more discoveries as juno orbits jupiter capturing amazing images like this one. >> they will fine things they never expected but they will study what the atmosphere is like and the composition of jupiter and try to answer some questions of how jupiter got there and how it it formed and
12:21 am
we different. we meaning why earth is different than jupiter and it's going to be very exciting. >> safe to say there will never be a manned mission to jiewpter with that gravity? >> who knows. maybe they can figure out -- ur -- ur opa -- uruppa is one of the moons around jupiter it would be a interesting study to possibility of supporting life. maybe that's more likely. >> we have come so far. just in my lifetime manned missions into space which barely got into space to now years long missions on the international space station. what's next? >> the next step beyond lowers -- which we have been exploring for the past few decades is to go beyond the orbit. nasa is looking at that and so are the private companies but the goal would be to get beyond the orbit. go somewhere else. go to mars.
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because somewhere other than just circling the earth. >> for now, nasa planning an unmanned space mission to europa sometime in the 2020s. still to come, after the break, after lbs -- absolutely gorgeous night. 100 degrees out there at 9:23. we have some big changes in the
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the governor of louisiana taking a helicopter tour of the deadly floods in his state. governor john bell edwards flying over the st. helena and livingston parishes today, a day after he declared a state of emergency throughout his state. at least three people have died as a result of the severe
12:26 am
rescued as heavy rains fell during a short span and caught a lot of people off guard. >> and the governor himself not spared. heavy rains flooded the louisiana governor's mansion in baton rouge. the governor and his family were forced to evacuate. his staff of course not saying where the state's first family is staying tonight. all right, 9:27 on your saturday eveni. hopefully ya'll enjoyed the weather out there. current temperature in downtown phoenix 100 degrees. calm winds out there, but i want to show you this. these are the temperatures around the valley because they are fairly warm. we are talking 95 in ahwatukee. 96 in maricopa. chandler at 95 as well as mesa and fountain hills. scottsdale getting close to that 100 groo mark right at 98 in deer valley at 99. up north beautiful evening. look at this. 59 in flagstaff now.
12:27 am
73 in payson and show low at 64. the satellite and radar picture some of us some some rain there was rain just up in the northern part of flagstaff also just a few miles north of black canyon city there along the 17 and then toward the easast and the southf our state they also saw some rain today. not a whole lot. not a whole lot to write home about for today. our high today got up to 10. our normal 105 a few degrees where we should be this time of the year but nowhere near our at 115 degrees. so i want to show you this we have amazing pictures on social media today. this one is sent in from rene. she didn't say where this was but it was the sunset for this evening. some areas no clouds at all looking absolutely gorgeous. this one is really cool. this is from karina, this was taken in hayden in gila county. they saw some of those ominous skies earlier on this afternoon
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associated with that and this one my personal favorite sent in from shannon here. this is hewitt everyone a amp -- arch. this isn't the superstition mountains but absolutely gorgeous. we love to see them if you have photos to share, post them on our facebook page and get them right here on the weather forecast. take a look at what you expect for tomorrow, another warm day around the state. 105 in phoenix as well as casa grande. gila bend at yuma 114 tomorrow. lake havasu another warm day for them, 114 and bullhead city. the nice cool places are flagstaff, high of 82 projected for tomorrow. grand canyon coming in around 89. for tonight getting down to 83 degrees and then as we start tomorrow your sunday 85. that's 7:00 a.m. noon getting up to 98. 5:00 p.m. getting close to the heat of the day, projected high tomorrow of 105. we have a warming trend in that
12:29 am
into the beginning of the workweek the temperatures keep on rising. as we get into the middle of the week, wednesday, that's when we have the possibility of seeing some monsoon moisture start to move into the area. you hate when i say monsoon moisture, but that's what we are talking about. some monsoon moisture moving into the forecasted area wednesday and into thursday. but look at those temperatures. not bad at all. >> excellent. >> upper 90s. >> and it looks good to m nothing ever happens. when you say it's going to rain, it does. >> rain. >> i'm probably making that up in my own head because this has been such a freaky monsoon season. >> it really has. a lot of rain and then nothing and then nothing again. >> it's heading our way. i feel it. >> not a perfect science. >> i noticed. in the news, navajo nation president russell begay is calling for the federal
12:30 am
for damage caused by this massive mine waste spill in southwestern colorado. remember this? this week marks the one-year anniversary of that spill at the gold king mine an epa led crew triggered the spill causing 3 million gallons of waste water to taint rivers. you may have seen them driving around parts of the valley. google is testing out their self-driving cars. >> today google inv community to come and check it out. see what they have been up to. marcy jones has that story. >> when it comes to their self-driving cars, jennifer, the head of google's project says they get a lot of questions. the most common one is, why work on this? to which she has a pretty good answer. >> and the number one is safety. here in the u.s. 35,000 people die every year on our roads. which is just not acceptable. >> today is a chance for chandler to get up close and
12:31 am
they spotted on the roads. >> i think people are learning more about us. they are getting a chance to talk to members of the team to hear about the cars they have been seeing driving around their commune. >> tech giant hand picked chandler as a city they wanted to unveil this program in because of good road conditions, weather and their reputation. >> our track record with other tech firms really helped us secure it it. we saw this as a real critical component of what we are trying to build. >> partnership the mayor of >> this is a start of a partnership just like all partnerships have a starting point. we don't know what the limit is but we will continue to work with google and bring in other thing if there is a possibility. meantime we will do the best we can to make sure that driver and the car program is success proflgram in chandler, arizona. >> the cars are a no-brainer. >> self-driving cars, they don't get distracted like many of us do like we -- while we are
12:32 am
angry. the benefit is huge not just for those who can't drive but really for all of us. >> besides not having emotions, the car can restore a sense of independence. for someone with health issues an impairment or even just getting older. >> an older person, i'm really -- when you lose your license you are dependent on other people and that's why older people don't want to give up their driver's len the self-driving cars we will be stay independent way longer. stiff penalty in one library a city councilman is pretending to address a doctor because of an overdue book. >> and hollywood mourns the death of a well-known actor. while he may not look familiar, you will know the character he portrayed. >> people running from a shopping small after they hear what sounded like gunshots.
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the inves
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the leader of a new horrible story here as a leader of new york city mosque and associate are shot and killed in a brazen daylight attack. 55-year-old imam and his 64-year-old associate were shot in the back of the head as they left a mosque in queens this afternoon.
12:36 am
the hospital. a man who worships at the mosque is blaming the shooting on anti-muslim rhetoric from some political figures. the mosques serves a community of bengal --y immigrants. raleigh's police chief say investigators are trying to figure out whether there was a shooting at a raleigh mall whereerances report -- where witnesses reported hearing shots. several people received minor injuries as they rushed to leave the mall. >> heard about five or six shot goes off and i had my wife and my two young children, my daughter is to and my son is two months old and i grabbed the stroller and wife and we ran out and we heard a few more shots and we were probably ten, 15 feet away from the shooter and the scariest thing i ever went through in my life. >> some witnesses say they heard
12:37 am
gunshots. police are looking into it it but so far no one was hurt and there is no one in custody and no shell casings. the actor who played r2-d2 in the "star wars" films has passed away today at the age of 81. three 3'8" actor started his career at the age of 15. he is best known as the inside r2-d2s sindical costume in george lucas' 1977 film, "star wars." baker returned for the empire strikes back return of the jedi and three prequels released from 1999. fiddle castro walked into the carl marks theater in havana
12:38 am
birthday. witnesses say castro looked frail but healthy. he joined his brother president raul castro at a theatrical celebration. the event was broadcast on state television. fidel castro last appeared in public back in april. let's talk about this book that was checked out of a west virginia library 40 years ago. 40 years ago. finally been checked back in. i want to know what the was. >> is that great story it it was checked out by a plastic surgeon all those years ago who now lives in florida. he traveled back to return that book. and get this, his friend and city councilman andy richardson pretended to arrest the plastic surgeon. so he checked out the book and it's called so you want to be a doctor. back in the 70s. then he left for medical school two months later.
12:39 am
chance recently and knew that he had to return it it. >> felt very bad about it and embarrassed. >> may have been a doctor if i had gotten the book out of the library. >> instead i was a lawyer. >> i will serve him. >> that's a great story. so kelly gave the library a check for $500. the library fined for overdue books is 10 cents a day which will make his fine to 1400 bucks but very lucky a cap at $10 for overdue books. glad it's back in the library. it's probably very outdated by now. >> so you want to be a doctor. >> take a look at this, a huge beer festival in a surprising place somewhere and not known for letting their hair down. we will tell you where coming up after the break. and a flag football tournament that's more than just a game.
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for beer lovers in north korea, this was as good as it for beer lovers in north beer lovers in north korea, this was as good as it getsle. a big beer extravaganza opened this weekend. at the opening ceremony, rice beer, dark beer and several other kinds of beer were offered. >> i like the uniforms. what was that?
12:43 am
are they drinking beer? i see no beer. >> there has to be beer at a beer festival. >> there is it. i'm set. it it is opening address the chairman of the preparatory committee says the festival is a good opportunity to inspir competition among the beer companies. >> i can't tell you the last time i drank a beer in a suit and tie like those guys. to each his own. >> it's an occasion. >> unique football tournament was held today with the help of city west >> these games included children of all ages as well as police officers. fox 10's courtney griffin has more. more than a dozen glendale police officers swapped their uniform today for workout clothes and hit the football field to play with kids. >> it will be fun and interesing as we go out and compete and see the police officers quarterback.
12:44 am
the team for the day, but is also the quarterback. >> it's different. personality. >> dominic mourning organizer of the event says this is all to bring the community together. >> our own focus is to bridge the gap between the law enforcement and our commune and see if we can't meet in the middle somewhere. >> playing football while kids get to know police officers on a more personal level. >> i got a lot of experiences in my youth growing up and working with the police and assisting me in foster a better charact successful in life and i feel like they are a positive role mod ?lz gerald is with the glendale police department. he says this type of interaction is vital for communities. >> i like to know that we are here for them and here to help them and here to assist them to help them be positive and productive people as they grow and if they need assistance from us in anyway they can come to us and ask for that assistance. the earlier we can start with that process the better off i think we will all be.
12:45 am
general, like good morning. >> t's important to educate kits at a young age about police officers and what they do on a daily basis. and it's always fun when there is a little competition. >> it takes everyone involved to make sure that we have a safe and productive society so we are out here to connect with the kids to show them our human side. obviously we can see their human sides and they are great kids. >> courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." just talking to martin over here, do you hav in your fantasy league, you got to. are you kidding me? 31 going into his second year. yeah, i put a dent in that radar defense. we will look at the big plays that jumped out last night in the game against the raters.
12:46 am
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it's the play that defined david johnson's rookie season. you remember it against philadelphia.
12:49 am
definer and another. it was 47 yards and you look at this guy's talent and say i want him in my fantasy league. he looks a little bigger this year with that speed explosive. in yesterday's game, last night's game, look at 6149 had -- 6'1", 230 pounds. and david amerson, it's almost unfair when you think about his explosiveness and ability to change direction and t and power that goes with it. and speaking of defining plays that jump out. how about troy nicholas, third year tight end out of notre dame. 6'6", 270, that's why they drafted him. big bruising, taking the hit and going down field. it certainly jumped out for coach bruce arians. >> david looked like he was getting ready to get off to have a big game. andre looked good and chris was solid. those three guys i like where
12:50 am
played wul helluva ball game. he has put it together great eight days of practice and showed up on game day. he is pressing for a lot of playing time. >> here is johnson, breaks the tackle and has the first down. >> not fair. him one-on-one with that much field to work with against a corner, that's the situation where he thrives. and just the big time play for us to kind of wad up the middle of the field and let him bounce it outsi guy we want to get him on. >> david, you may want to pick up that athletic supporter that's on the football field. now on the other side of the ball. brandon williams, he was tested. no question about it. time and time again. this is as we say baptis under fire. welcome to the nfl. whatever phrase you want to use. he is going to get it it and will grow into the position and there is a lot to learn and you got to give a guy time to grow into the position.
12:51 am
to take that athleticism and mental toughness and mold a front line cornerback. not ready and not there just yet. here is brandan after last night's game. >> definitely got better. every time i when on the field and had an opportunity to go out there and compete and i learned something new even at practice i learned something new every day. i definitely got better today. >> i thought brandan competed extremely well. and cooper is a heck of a player and handled his own. shoved him out of bounds and got him out-of-bounds and it was a nice throw and catch on him on the fade in the end zone and he will learn to play those balls better. >> my main focus is to get better and embracing the process. >> arena football, the rattlers kevin guy, they are at it again. making a run to a championship game. putting aside the cleveland gladiators. nick davla, who has rod windsor? anyone got rod windsor from
12:52 am
gladiators. it was one big play after another. and that included jeremy kelam with this int return for touchdown. lighting up the gladiators. it was doubling up the score here. think about this. they are going for their sixth championship and will play jacksonville, philadelphia winner. there is maurice purify with another score. roll it up. the onslaught and the rout was on and the fans going crazy giving the championship belt and watch -- you know it's going we when this happens. 82-41. 82-41 the rattlers advance to the arena bowl. this is without question the biggest decision for the upcoming asu football season. you will hear from one of the
12:53 am
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get pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $10. doritos, fritos, or cheetos, select varieties and sizes, $1.77 each. usda choice petite sirloin steaks, buy 1 get 3 free. albertsons huge anniversary sale. it's just better. coming off his first losing season in tempe, todd graham faced with his biggest decision will start at quarterback. containers, manny wilkens, brady white. for manny a lot of confidence and poise and belief in commanding the huddle. i talked to him earlier today about the challenge and what he exudes in running the offense for the arizona state sun devils. >> i mean, i got a good relationship with those guys and it's cool, calm and collect. that's been my motto and how it will stay and cool, calm and
12:56 am
know i'm not freaking out in the situation we were in because if they see the quarterback who is the leadeder of the team freakig out, they will be freaking out. just stay cool, calm, collect and never too high and never too low and anything the coaches ask me to do i'm able to do. my mind set with the read option stuff is, you know, like i say i have running backs in doubt i give the football to the running back and let him do what he does. again, we got guys on the perimeter that can make and letting that be wide open, just spit it to him and let him get five yards. bevel or a spot -- that's our philosophy. take a look -- a trip to finway. red sox hosting the diamondbacks . bottom of the fifth here we go. andrew, going to bounce it off that monster and here comes holt and ties the game. d-backs had a 2-0 lead going into that fifth inning.
12:57 am
best taking the bounce over jake lamb here and here come the red sox and they are tough at home this year. 4-3 boston again. take a look at bradley this time it's brock holt. a two-run shot and 6-3. brad zigler, who you remember not long ago shutting out game for the arizona diamondbacks. brad significantler's revenge now throwing for the red sox in ten pitches rickie weeks, tomas, and chris owens. zigler's revenge. 6-3 the red sox over the d-backs and that's a quick look at sports. we will be back in 20 minutes.
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police shoot and kill a man they say was attacking them with a knife. what we are learning tonight. >> and the infant daughter of a valley police officer rushed to the hospital with a serious condition. how some in the community are rallying around that family. >> plus, intense video of a garage fire in glendale as crews


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