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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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were hoping for, she had to postpone her concert in downtown phoenix. she's pretty emotional, sounds like she's not feeling great. just hours before she was set to take the stage for a second show tonight, sold out at the talking stick resort arena. last night's show was apparently so great, sold out. nicole garcia is live now with more. nicole, a lot of bummed out people tonight. >> reporter: yeah, stick resort arena kind of a ghost town tonight as fans continue to trickle in here. they were excited to see adele and they are leaving heartbroken. you can see this sign that says adele's concert has been postponed, stay tuned for updates. nearly 20,000 people had tickets for the second day of a two-day stop in phoenix. people at last night's concert said she looked and sounded amazing, but as you heard in the
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says she was sick at the concert last night too. even fans from out of the country, really disappointed, especially a british couple who flew here from canada. they planneded a trip to phoenix around this concert, and they get here to the arena, and they didn't find out until they actually got here to the arena that the concert had been postponed. >> yeah, and we don't really normally come here because it's too hot. but we came here specially for this concert, so we are disappointed for sure. we are definitely disappointed. >> any message for adele? >> i hope she gets well soon. >> yeah, get well soon. >> yeah, like tomorrow? >> tomorrow night or saturday. we don't mind. i hope she feels better. >> reporter: now, here's the official statement from the venue here. it reads dushgs to illness the adele -- due to illness the adele show tonight scheduled for talking stick resort arena will be postponed.
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and wait for updates. we apologize. refunds are available. if you want to hold on to a ticket, you can, or if you don't want to risk it, you can get a refund from the person who sold it or the venue. adele postponed but she is to still scheduled to aea los angeles on saturday. we are going to hear from two n.a.u. students on flagstaff who were brought on stage by adele last night during her show on stage at talking stick resort arena, in an interview you will see only here on fox 10. new at 6:00, a man is caught on camera stealing an american flag from a flagpole in scottsdale, and he did it not just once but twice in the past few weeks. and the surveillance images aren't very good quality, unfortunately, but police are
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kari lake has more. >> so we are on our third flag in the last few weeks from him, so we have put a lock on there now, so we are hoping he stays away. the thief caught on camera stealing two different american flags from a pole on scottsdale, the scene just outside of scottsdale park suites on miller road. we talked to the manager who was dumbfounded by this crime. >> i'm very upset by it. i'm a very to see somebody throw the flag in the street to have cars run over it, it was very upsetting. >> police say the man who did this threw the flaggen o to the ground and then damaged the light that illuminates the poll. he did it on both the nights of july 27th and 28th and now police are working with a team at the complex. >> the owner is a veteran, so when we saw it and explained the situation to him, it really just kind of upset everyone in the office.
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realized it, so a lot of people were kind of shooken up by it. >> police are looking for a white man, about 5'10", between 250-275 pounds. >> thank you to the scottsdale police department. they have been great. they have come out every single time and i think have even been doing drive-byes to see if it it's still going on. >>. >> we don't know who he is or really what he looks like. we have a description of him but we don't know, you know, what his motives were. >> if you know anything about this suspect, you are asked to call the department. kari lake, fox 10 news. and this story has a lot of you sounding off on our facebook page. danielle writes, literally makes me sick, all of those that have given their lives so we can be free, and this scumbag takes advantage of it. either you love america or hate it, if it's the latter i'll gladly show you the way out. so sad.
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dleen it every day for three years. rachel writing, others have no respect for our country. how can we have respect when our own citizens do not respect our flag? if you would like to write, go to and send us your feedback. three arizona firefighters are heading to california to battle several wildfires they will learn which fire they will end up on when they get to california. they could be sent to san bernardino county where an spence fire broke out yesterday, more than 50,000 square miles, more than 80,000 people and 30,000 homes under evacuation tonight. 3d mapping software here, the fire started here in the cajon pass area, east of los angeles. we'll zoom in here and show you this rugged terrain that the firefighters are dealing with.
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they are working hard to save property and really obviously to save lives more importantly. this area here we are showing you includes the areas of wrightwood and lyedell canyon. >> i have never seen fire behavior so extreme as it was yesterday. >> tens of thousands of people and their pets forced to leave home behind in the area, scarier moments earlier in the day, delayed by people refusing to leave a home when flames trapped them. there is no count tonight on the devastation. tonight, tens of thousands of firefighters are battling eight fires across californa. back in the valley, a three-year-old girl is being treated at phoenix children's hospital after a police officer accidentally hit her with a police cruiser.
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cream from a truck near 75th avenue and camelback. she ran in front of a police cruiser as the truck happened to be passing by. the officer swerved but was unable to avoid hitting the little girl and she suffered critical injuries. a pima county sheriff, investigators say a deputy tried to pull over a eventually stopped in his driveway and the two got into a fight. the deputy then shot gastellum killing him. the arizona daily star is reporting that the deputy suffered cuts to his face, including one that required staples. a phoenix pizza delivery man is arrested for allegedly possessing hundreds of videos and images of child porn.
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admitted to showing and downloading child porn for the past four years. he is being charged with ten counts of sexual exploitation of a mie -- >> mckenna taught physical education for special needs at eight schools. he also coached track and school. a woman was caught trying to caught in nogales yesterday. agents say the 26-year-old was selected for secondary inspection, which is where they found the packages taped to her shins the drugs have an estimated street value of about $15,000. the woman was referred to homeland security. a big shake-up today over at the arizona board of education. the board's president has
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greg miller says governor doug ducey asked him to resign this week. miller has long been feuding with superintendent of public instruction diane douglas saying that she has blocked the board from implementing its policies and has been difficult to work with. you might remember earlier this year douglas accuseded miller of assaulting her when he touched her arm during a heated exchange during a board meeting. the county attorney says miller will not be prosecuted for that. a new group is i buying chase field in downtown phoenix. the upkeep of the stadium has been a hat topic of debate lately, and now the maricopa county board of governors voted today to sign a letter of intent with the private company integral group llc, the $60 million price a starting point. >> i don't want to get too wedded to the idea of 60 million or not. we have to get the appraisal
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fair market value is. it's not a fire sale, not pennies on the dollar. it's a fair market value. >> but this is far from a done deal. the diamondbacks would have to sign off on the deal to have it move forward. it's being called an alternative to poison and traps, birth control for rodents. it's a sweet liquid that the rats ingest, causing female rodents to lose eggs and sperm in male rodents becomes ineffective. production of the product will soon get underway. possible pat, surgery to remove excess skin from his body after losing hundreds of pounds on his own, marcy jones has more. a couple got called up on stage last night with adele in
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selfies with her. >> they probably both have a cold right now too, as a matter of fact. hey, folks, we do have storms around the state, nothing threatening in the valley right now, we'll take a look coming up. pancakes but we knew we could do better. so we did. we made denny's new pancakes 50% fluffier with fresh buttermilk and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free.
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fox 10 news is back. a valley man is recovering at home from the hospital after undergoing a ten-hour surgery in scottsdale to remove excess skin from his body. we are talking about possible pat, the avondale man who lost hundreds of pounds on his own by working out and eating healthier. marcy jones caught up with him today to see how he's doing. >> it didn't even hit me that i was having surgery until i started getting me, and then i started getting light-headed. and i'm like, okay, it's about to happen. and then one of the doctors said, i'm going to give you some happy juice. next thing i know, i'm home. >> just two days after his ten-hour surgery, pasquale brocco is making recovery look easy, even though this is the beginning of a new journey for pat, his story started three years ago at 605 pounds. after losing more than 330 pounds
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had a lot of skin, skin that was removed in a custom surgery yesterday free of charge from dr. repta in scottsdale. >> think took about seven feet of skin, and i have a couple thousand stitches now, but they are all inside, and he said, you know, with time they will all disappear, which is exciting. >> he's known to thousands on social media as possible pat as his weight loss story has inspired possibly thousands of people to get fit. >> i did send loo a mass message saying thank you for all of the love and support. they are definitely helping me get through it. >> for pat, it's his number one fan, his wife jasmine, who has helped him every step of the way, to be a stronger and better man, even outside of the gym. >> she has been there every step of the moment and recentl
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me, working out with me, and i know she's going to support me when it's time for me to actually recover or go back to the gym. i know it's going to be a long process, and it's just a wonderful moment to have something like that by your side. >> marcy jones, fox 10 news. fans of adele are pretty bummed out, of course, that the singer had to postpone tonight's show in downtown phoenix because of a cold. but a couple from flagstaff, they are still pretty excited after being brought on stage during last night's performance. >> flagstaff, arizona. [cheers and applause] >> what's your name? >> cody hays. >> how old are you? >> 20. >> and where are you from? >> flagstaff, arizona. >> how do you know each other? >> we are dating. >> how long have you been dating? >> two years. >> two years? that's more than dating.
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two years, that's more than dating. oh, my good, a ring, he's going to put a ring on it. >> there they are, both n.a.u. students. they were in a sold-out crowd when adele called them up on the stage after chatting with her they each got to take selfies with her as well. >> we were on the floor about nine rows back, and just right in the middle, and we had like a direct look right at adele. >> and there were so many times, we chatted about where it felt like she was looking at at us, but we were kind of like, adele, are you looking at me? where are you looking, adele? >> yeah, and she was looking at them, and apparently it was cody's shirt that caught her attention, and that's what got them up on stage. on twitter today, cody posted the video of the time at the show and he thanked adele for calling them up on stage, saying they will cherish that moment forever. still ahead, dave munsey is here with a look at the forecast for us.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, hi, everybody. here we are, 107 degrees, there's no wind at this hour. and look at these numbers,
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in mesa, 103 in apache junction. we have 108 in glendale, and in ahwatukee 107 degrees. take a look at it here. there is some moisture around, around the state here, and you can see most of it stays north of the valley, there's a little bit of encroachment on the east side trying to get something in, but you can see that stuff drying up very rapidly. up in the flagstaff area, some moisture finding its way over there, and over in the eastern mountains, there's young right there, we get over into the show low area after that. it is a little slow in catching up. it is getting a little bit of moisture in there. we do have an air quality issue that we are dealing with, through the day tomorrow, the ozone levels up there. the thing that's not up, up a little bit in the high country but not so bad here, that's the dew points and that's how much moisture you can see around the area, and as you can see right here in that central area, it's
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chance of getting some rain through the night tonight. you can see it over the next couple of days here that there is a shot of a little bit of rain just in a few different places across the valley that we're keeping our eye on. we go to 109 degrees for the high on the day today, and as you can see here, once again, down in the gulf states, more of that moisture flowing into louisiana, texas, and then look what happens to it after it gets through there. it ends up heading up into the east and finding its way into the west has got a little bit of shower activity. 84 degrees overnight, 102 degrees for tomorrow. now, you can see those temperatures kind of leveling out. in fact, a couple of 90s showing up as things cool off a little bit. watch your kids around water. we are live here in san diego, all eyes on ba, cardinals head coach bruce arians, the cardinals main man
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz in hd. oh, what a difference a day makes, a much better day for cards camp today. no one rush to the hospital here in san diego. larry fitzgerald did not
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practice today, you guessed it, bruce arians, yes, the cardinals head coach rallies and makes it to practice. are you kidding me? how tough is this guy. te guy gets released from the hospital in the a.m. and makes it to his 11:00 a.m. media session and shows up to practice. really? diver titiculitis can't keep hi down. the rest of the team working, practicing with the chargers, that was the goal things up so the guys don't get bored. maybe this was all part of bruce arians' master plan to keep cardinals on their toes going to the hospital last night. >> that was part of it, yeah, i did it on purpose. i was in a bunch of pain, doubled over, which is what that does to you. i thought it was a kidney stone does to you.
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i missed the practice. it was a good one, and obviously we got a lot of good work done. so i'll watch the tape and move on from today. i'm too old not to listen to doctors. >> reporter: i hate to end the show with bad news, but nancy bidwell, the mother of michael bidwell, passes away this morning at the age of 84. rough stretch for the cardinals. live in san diego, i'm richard saenz, for fox 10 all right, richard, thank you very much. tmz is next. we're back tonight at 9:00. wewelclcomome.e. i it't'! ththe e exextrtra a crcrisis. mymy e extxtrara c crir, twtwenentyty d dolollalar p fefeededs s a a fafamimilyl.
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itit's's e extxtrara c crir.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> drake went way, way, way over the top to prove there's no beef with eminem. >> the greatest rapper to ever get on the >> drake begins to bow down to eminem. >> say he's the greatest of all time or bow, but don't do both. >> in terms of how people think of eminem, they think of him as one with of the greatest rappers. no one i think, thinks of drake that way. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> i don't. >> that never stopped him before. >> officials in rio are questioning the legitimacy of ryan lochte's claims he got robbed. there's video of them coming back to the olympic village in good spirits. >> to draw a picture of ryan lochte being the mastermind of something --


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