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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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specifically everyone in phoenix. >> adele saying hello to phoenix on twitter but what she says next leaves thousands of fans disappointed. thank you for joining us at 10:00. we begin with a news alert. police on the scene investigating a deadly hit-and-run in phoenix. sky fox overhead at 44th street and mcdowell. this is within the last half hour. it is not clear crash. one person was hit and killed and so far, no description available on any vehicles that officers may be looking for. the intersection is closed and it will be as the investigation is underway. we'll keep you updated as we learn more details. a tempe man was sitting on the couch watching tv with his wife when he is struck with a bullet and has to be rushed to the hospital. another area of the house was
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discharged traveling through four walls and discharging and ending up in his neck. >> reporter: what makes it more complicated is both men are army men with extensive gun training and now one is fighting for his life. >> at this point, we don't know the extent of his voice damage, if he will ever be able to breathe, talk, eat normally >> reporter: valerie just came from visiting her 26-year-old brother from the hospital. he was not shot in the line of duty. he was watching tv with his wife when a bullet flew through his neck. >> she looked over and saw the blood coming and she ran to get help. >> reporter: their roommate who just returned home from afghanistan claims he was
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up the pool of her brother's blood was terrifying. >> i don't remember any of that. i just remember doing what we had to do to make sure his wife was as comfortable as possible through the ordeal. >> reporter: today, the husband and father of one is fighting to stay alive and get back home. >> they got him to stand up today and start getting some movement going. he is moving his arms and legs so all of unaffected. >> reporter: with no insurance, stress and medical bills are piling up. >> he is trying so hard, you can see through this. he wants to get home and take care of his family. he is not thinking he has to heal, he has to take his time. he wants to be there and take care of everybody else. >> reporter: treadway was arrested on several accounts,
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disorderly conduct. valerie was informed today that the charges have been dropped. if you would like to help with medical costs, head to where we posted a link to do so. police are investigating a serial shooter case and they found 10 shell casings where one of the victims died after being shot five times. pena returned home after work and had his keys when the attacker opened fire. they saw a white sedan parked outside and heard shots and then the car was gone. it is not clear if it is connected to the serial shooter. the serial shooter has attacked nine times and killed seven people. it has been a month since jesse wilson disappeared from his home.
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outside and called police. the officers contacted the boy's mother. >> hi, officer fletcher of buckeye police. do you have a child named jesse wilson? >> yes, i do. >> he is out front. >> yes, i just saw the window. >> neighbors told police they saw jesse alone in the dark. he didn't have much to say other than he was hungry. jesse was reunited with his mom who put a lock on his window to keep it from happening again. three months later, she called police he had gotten out again and that is the last time jesse had been seen. a 3-year-old girl hit by a police car remains critical condition. police say that girl was hit when she ran out in front of an ice cream truck leaving the ice cream truk as the officer was driving around it. the officer stopped when she saw
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hitting her. a valley man took a vacation to florida with his wife to celebrate their anniversary. they say it was a great trip until they were heading home and he came down with symptoms that looks like the zika virus. >> reporter: so far this year, there has been 24 confirms cases here in the state of arizona. luckily, no one has died. this man who traveled to miami in july for his wedding anniversary is hoping he is the 25th case. >> scared, now i feel scared because i don't -- we were married in miami but i don't think i'm going to be going back to miami. >> reporter: david marshall and his wife amy traveled to miami to celebrate their six years of marriage. when they came back to arizona, david did not feel well. it hit him when he was working with his pest control company. >> my elbow started hurting and
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within two hours, i felt like i got beat by sledgehammers. >> reporter: he was at the hospital for several hours. because he traveled to miami and his symptom, doctors said they believe he has the zika virus. >> nine day quarantine is something that i never thought i would have to experience. i never thought i would get e-mails from the arizona department of health telling me >> reporter: because of what has happened, marshall has invested in the mosquito fogger for his company. he is hoping to prevent this from happening to anyone else. >> they are down in the dirt so if you walk and kick the dirt, you see mosquitoes come up at you. if you're not using a fogger and blowing with a fogger, you're not going to get to that by spraying around the area. >> reporter: marshall is waiting on confirmation on his
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have the virus. he is feeling better and still taking medication. danielle miller, fox 10 news. a phoenix pizza delivery man the accused of possessing child porn. deputies arrested john brunsman. they found hundreds of images and violence of child porn on his computer. sketch of a man who poised as a police officer to sexually assault a woman. she was sitting in the car when he approached. the man said he is a police officer and come with him. once they were in a secluded area, he assaulted her. border patrol agents arrest a woman who tried to enter the
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methamphetamine and it was taped around her legs. she tried to walk into the port of nogales when agents found the drugs. the street value, more than $15,000. maricopa county is taking steps to sell chase field that is the home of arizona diamondbacks in the heart of downtown phoenix. the board of governors hopeful private investors can put money& into the ballpark and work with the d-backs to keep the chase field. >> the great philosopher at bruce arians says no risk it, no biscuit. this is an inher rant risk to step out and do something great for the community and that community is the phoenix core to keep diamondbacks baseball here hopefully, 2028 and beyond. >> reporter: today was the letter of intent to l.l. r to
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$60 million. >> i don't want to get to vetted to $60 million or not. we have to get the appraisal done and fair market value is not pennies on the dollar. >> reporter: the diamondbacks would have to agree to the deal. i'm sorry. i had a cold for a couple of days. i did my show last night and i loved it and i pushed too hard and my cold has gotten the >> she doesn't sound like she is feeling great. adele apologizing to her fans on twitter after her cold forced her to postpone the concert tonight. tickets will be honored when she reschedules her concert or will be refunded. we don't know when the concert will be rescheduled. fans at the last night show had
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flagstaff. they were brought on stage during her performance. >> where are you from? >> flagstaff, arizona. >> what is your name? >> cody hayes and i'm 20. >> where are you from? >> i'm from flagstaff, arizona. >> how do you know each other? >> we're dating. >> how long have you been dating? >> two years. you are boyfriends. are you together? serious, two years. you have a ring. >> yeah, she was having fun with those two guys. they are a couple and both are n.a.u. students and they were in the sold-out crowd when adele called them out of the crowd. they got up to chat with her and took selfies with adele.
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just right in the middle and we have like a direct look at adele. >> she is like hi, how are you, i'm adele. let us introduce ourselves because you have no idea who we are. >> cody posting video from the show and thanked adele for calling them on stage. it is a moment they will cherish forever. coming up, the superintendent diane douglas and the board of education is over but ended in way that many did not expect. who would steal a veteran's american flag?& if you would like to contact me on social media, contact me on facebook and follow me on twitter. ask me any questions you want. give me story ideas.
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? protecting your dreams goes beyond the house itself. for just the right insurance for you, find an agent at american family insurance. the president of the the president of the arizona board of education says he has had enough and he quits. greg miller resigned and says it is a result of an ongoing feud with diane douglas. miller says she refuses to work
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work with the board, governor ducey asked him to step down. police looking for a man caught in surveillance camera stealing a flag. >> the owner is a veteran so when he saw it, it upset everyone in the office. some of our tenants realized it so a lot of people were shaken up by it. >> reporter: making matters worse, it is not the first time he has stolen the flag from the flag pole. >> we're on the third flag. we put a lock on it now. >> reporter: the man is a white man 5'10." if you recognize him, call scottsdale police. a burglary at a phoenix bike shop is caught on surveillance cameras and the manager is hoping someone will recognize him. the man tunneled through the
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near 20th avenue and bell. officers were not able to catch the guy. he wore a hat and a bandanna it is probably going to be hard to identify him. he did not get away with much but he caused damage from the shop. if you saw anything suspicious, you are being asked to call phoenix police. two wildfires continue to burn across california. after five years of drought, there is no end in sight.
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[ricky]quality top tier gas can help engine performance. hmm,wonder what that's like... [reporter]ricky,how does it feel to be a champion? [ricky]i can't take all the credit. this guy's performance on the road inspires me. he's the real mvp! we did it,man!ha-hah! [ricky whispers]you inspire me. [announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less. well, a state of emergency has been issued for california and it is not hard to see why after a wildfire rapidly expands in size. thousands of people are evacuating from their homes. a ferocious brush fire is rapidly expanding in san
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80,000 people to evacuate their homes. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire, i have never seen fire so extreme as it was yesterday. >> reporter: it continues to surge 30,000 acres fed by strong winds, dry bush, and 100-degree temperatures. an unknown number of buildings have been destroyed. flames have been seen creeping passed cajon pass. emergency crews are battling the fire. >> in a word it is devastating. a lot of homes lost yesterday. there will be a lot of families that come home to nothing. >> reporter: this wildfire is the latest in a series of wildfires burning across the golden state, including one near california's wine country fueled by drought and high winds. the fire season here isn't
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we want to let you know that three firefighters left this morning to help the california firefighters. the trio will be in california for two weeks and they could end up with the bluecut fire that we saw with adam housley. >> reporter: we do have storms around the state. some of them trying to make their way into the valley.
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(jet engine reving up) you hear that?
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so get ready to take off ... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding) >> reporter: well, we finally get beneath the triple digits here at 97 degrees. the winds are still up there, north at 14 miles an hour at the present time. we have 93 degrees in surprise. 92 in deer valley. 93 in apache junction right now. yes, there is a little bit of
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that stuff is trying to get in on the west side a little bit. you can kind of see it getting closer. we do have a chance of rain in the forecast tonight. there is some in the prescott area as well. as we give you a look over here, that is a big cell that is working its way into the wickenburg area. that is not falling apart. with that, we're looking at good amounts here. here is 1.3 and here is 1.2 there is 1.25. there is a lot of rain coming down with the storms we're seeing to the west of us and to the north of us. this is anywhere from .5 of an inch to 1.9 so almost 2 inches in some areas. as you can see in the flagstaff area, the numbers are continuing with that. we continue with that on the east side.
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little bit. so are the amounts picking up a little bit over there as well. 109 degrees for the high today. 108 degrees for good year. 106 at deer valley. you can see other numbers here, 111 at bullhead city. 90 in sedona. 108 in casa grande. this is your day, 109 on the high. 84 on the low. 104 and 83 would be your normal high and low. 114 your high for the forecasting for tomorrow, a little cooler than today. you see some of the numbers are picking up, however. getting hot out there. coming down off of today and the last few days. once again, you see the moisture coming down in the gulf states a big problem as they continue to flood louisiana. and now portions of eastern texas is getting into that as well with the flooding.
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day today. they are picking up a lot of moisture in the past 24 hours. they have had a lot more rain than that over that period of time. 84 degrees overnight. not as hot, 102 degrees for tomorrow. take a look here. this is the way things are going to be wrapping up. you will see temperatures coming down as we get into the 90's after all of this. we do remind you to. watch your kids around water. the arizona cardinals back to work and getting their head coach back. what bruce arians had to say about his health scare last
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if you disagree, the cakes are free. that's the denny's love'em or they're free guarantee. when a player gets injured the >> reporter: when a player gets injured, the rallying cry is next man up. when your head coach is missing from practice and you are not sure why, that is a different vibe all t that is what happened to the cardinals after their head coach was rushed to the hospital with a stomach issue. >> reporter: we are in san diego for cards camp and the legend of bruce arians gets bigger and better. b.a., the cardinals' head coach was in the hospital this morning. once he gets out, he makes it to the media session in the morning but he makes it to practice in the afternoon. how is that for leading by
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i have a tendency to push it. i'll go out today and see how long i'll stay. it is not serious. a bunch of stomach pain and doubled over and that is what it does to you. i thought it was a kidney stone at first. i have been diagnosed with diver tick you lie tis. changed the diet a little bit and that is it. drink a lot of fluid and no big >> reporter: did you second guess what you ate yesterday? >> no, no, i've been on a pretty strict diet anyway. it was odd that it happened. >> reporter: no larry fitzgerald at cardinals' practice. we know what he can do. he earned the day off. i think fitz and b.a. earned the right to today a day off.
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the diamondbacks and the mets. rickie weeks jr. and this is like a moon shot. get out of there. 2-1, diamondbacks. yasmany tomas with two runs on the night, including this solo shot. 3-1, in the fourth. it is weeks jr. again with two on at the bottom of the fifth. it i two for weeks on the day. d-backs go on to win, 13-5. nice to see them put up some runs. >> young all of -- i think all f the people had a real estate meeting with all of the open runs. ) oh, great.
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buy movie tickets, tell us the weather. i just want one that opens. (alert chirps) maybe we should have gotten that one. (chirps) (chuckles) mitchell? oh--oh, my god, teddy. cam, this is teddy. (chuckles) teddy? teddy teddy? doc--doctor teddy! teddy was mitch's one significant boyfriend before me. uh, mitch had recently just come out. and as he put it, it was hard to love someone else if he couldn't love himself. i actually said those words? ugh. it's kind of hard to love myself right now. u were the one who said, "i need some time. i'll call you when i heal more." ten years later... ohh! i never said that. time to heal more! that's so sweet and sensitive. why did you kill that part of yourself? you know, i'm hosting a fund-raiser for the hospital this weekend at that roller rink on south main. any chance you guys can come? yeah. absolutely, we'll be there. possibly. okay. great. so 4:00 saturday. i'm so glad i bumped into y'all. us, too. say bye, lily! bye, lily. (laughter) i taught her that, so...


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