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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, major developments regarding sheriff joe arpaio's contempt of court case, the judge recommending criminal charges against the sheriff, but will arpaio have to go to jail? it appears recreational marijuana is heading to the ballot in november, fight is still not over. the latest tonight. opiate abuse in america is at a record high. but where do donald trump and hillary clinton stand on the issue? we look at both of their plans at curbing this abuse. and later, how much do you make at your job? the shocking salary that interns at facebook are pulling in each
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good evening. thanks for joining us. sheriff joe arpaio in serious legal jeopardy tonight as a judge recommends that arpaio and several top aides be investigated for possible criminal charges. >> good evening, everyone. u.s. district judge murray snow says that arpaio and his top aides willfully ignored several court orders to stop profiling raciallily latinos, and that the sheriff and top aides obstructed justice and lied under oath. >> the judge's means that the u.s. attorney's office will investigate the sheriff and decide if there's enough evidence to warrant criminal charges against him. nicole garcia has been digging into today's decision. she has more tonight. nicole? >> reporter: yeah, guys. this is the 32-page ruling, a pretty hefty document outlining the evidence against sheriff arpaio and several of his top aides. the sheriff tonight proclaiming his innocence and his attorney
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to trial to prove it. now a federal judge wants a u.s. attorney to look at all of this evidence and hold the sheriff in criminal contempt. judge murray snow alleging that the sheriff, his chief deputy, and others intentionally ignored a court order to stop racial profiling. they intentionally hid evidence, which included more than a thousand confiscated i.d.s, and that they intentionally tried to cover up their crimes by lying about their actions while on the stand. now, embattled sheriff is disappointed with this ruling and is vowing that he is willing to go to trial to prove his innocence. >> he would welcome, if it ever gets to that, a jury of sheriff arpaio's peers to let them look and see what he has done. absolutely not going to back down. somebody earlier today said, well, would there ever be a plea
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you don't plea to something that you haven't done. >> arpaio's attorney went on to say this will not affect the sheriff's decision to run for a seventh term, and he's confidnt that the sheriff will get reelected again. but the big question tonight is if a u.s. attorney does decide to file criminal charges and if arpaio does go to trial and a jury convicts him, would the 84-year-old sheriff go to jail? >> the chances of him actually going to jail i think are very slim. when i say that, people think, well, what punishment is there, or what good is it for him to even go to trial if there's not the possibility of jail? again, there's the possibility of jail, but realistically, we are likely not going to see sheriff joe in jail, even if the court or a jury finds that he should be in criminal contempt. and a lot of that has to do with his age. >> now, the judge has also ruled that the maricopa county board of supervisors create a
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a half million dollars in that fund for the claimants. now it is up to a u.s. attorney to look at the evidence and decide whether or not to file criminal contempt charges against sheriff arpaio and his top aides, and there really is no timetable or deadline for that decision to be made. reporting live, i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. thanks, nicole. the a.c.l.u. which has been obviously staunchly opposed to sheriff arpaio, released a statement tonight saying that judge snow's criminal prosecution of sheriff joe arpaio is the right step for justice to be done when a federal official finds that a judge has lied and willfully flouted court orders, that official must be held accountable." a shooting in phoenix sent a person to the hospital earlier today, and we are just getting word that a shooter, a shooting suspect has been arrested in this case. take a look at here at the scene from earlier today.
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you see quite a big, heavy police presence there after the shooting. there's no word what led up to the shooting or the victim's condition tonight, but again, police are investigating this case and they have made an arrest. a woman in critical condition tonight after she was shot at a housing complex in north phoenix. tonight police need your help to catch the killer. police say 19-year-old maliq thompson shot the woman at a workplace that does work for the homeless and low income families. the motive is not clear but we are told thathe is valerie, and coworkers say she was a mentor to the alleged shooter and that the two were romantically involved. >> i know she was trying to help him and mentor him. he was not a client at you moms nor was she a resident of carson village. he was a person known to her but not to u-mom. >> thompson is considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information about this, call phoenix police
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480-witness. meanwhile, chandler is where we take you, where police are trying to catch the person who stabbed and killed an 84-year-old man. it's just a horrible case here. he was stabbed in an l.a. fitness parking lot, and yesterday they found him. shivaswamy hosakote in his car in the parking lot with stab wounds near dobson and warner. he had been stabbed in the chest and he died on the way to the hospital. police say the 84-year-old man worked out regularly at that gym and they believe this crime was commitd the gym. neighbors say that he had just retired and that he loved spending time with his family. >> he was like the perfect neighbor. they always just kept to themselves, but i would see him out walking on a daily basis. it's inexplicable. i can't figure out why anybody would -- it has to be random, i would hope. but it is scary at the same time. >> obviously, police really want to catch the killer in this case. there is a thousand dollars reward for information that
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if you have details, contact the chandler police department or you can remain anonymous and call silent witness at 480-witness. new tonight at 9:00, a valley woman recovering at home tonight after being involved in a dangerous hit-and-run crash, her car not only flipped over and rolled, but she was shot at by the other driver. >> tonight, she is talking to fox 10 about what happened to her, hoping that somebody will help catch the person responsible. marcy jones live tonight with more. this was some sort of a road rage incident? >> it's absolutely unbelievable, kari and john. out here there's still lots of shards of shattered broken windshield glass out here, and as you can see, very big dark tire marks that lead all the way up to this orange cone where a huge light poll used to stand. that is what the victim says she crashed into. but it's what happened and led up to that crash that has everybody in shock. the victim, who is 25, who wishes to remain anonymous out
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ordeal started at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon on sweetwater and 43rd avenue when she was rear-ended at a red light. the victim says she followed the driver, honking her horn, trying unsuccessfully to try and get his attention. they ended up on 43rd and dahlia. when the driver stopped, the victim pulled in front of him, and that's when she says she saw him pull out a gun. the victim says she heard a loud pop and a bullet struck her bumper. the victim says pull away fast, and that's when she lost control. and the road turned right in front of me and i couldn't really see out of the windshield that well. and i tried to slow down and i couldn't slow down fast enough and my car hit the curb and hit a light pole and flipped over. >> reporter: she's very shaken up. thankfully, she could crawl out of her window. she actually went to this house to get help after it happened. now her friend, who has been taking care of her because her
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this, says she got a call from the phoenix police today saying that they think they have the car that the driver was in. they're doing all sorts of tests on it, trying to find any sort of dna to link to this suspect. now, of course, if you were in that area yesterday, 43rd avenue and sweetwater, and you saw anything suspicious at around 1:00, you are asked to call silent witness or police. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. game 2 of the preseason the arizona cardinals and bruce arians, back on the field on the sideline tonight. cardinals going with their starting offensive unit. i'll tell you something, kari and john, bruce arians was not a happy camper tonight. let's take you to san diego, qualcomm stadium. they worked out this week with the chargers, and then finally you see bruce with that case of diverticulitis was hospitalized, but back on the field, gutting it out a little bit, and then we see just a horrible play.
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ball fast enough. brandon flowers jumped in off the slot receiver, watch it again, and he would later say the slot receiver didn't go wide enough, and it was a bit of a melt down early on. chargers led 6-0. stanton didn't play much better, an overthrow intended for brown. you see the pick right here. this team struggled, again in preseason, certainly no time to panic, but eight, stanton -- bruce arians very candid and colorful, should i say, after the game. you're going to hear that post game commentary coming up in just a few minutes. richard saenz is in san diego. he'll take you into the locker room. we'll look at brandon williams' night, the corner back, the rookie that's trying to make an impression for the defensive unit. more coverage to come. the cardinals lose tonight to
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40 minutes or so. and we'll see you in sports. see you then. >> thanks, jude. and you know who looked good tonight? mike bercovici, former sun devil looked very good as a rookie. coming up tomorrow night, legalize marijuana clearing quite a hurdle to get on the november ballot, but why it's not a done deal yet. plus we'll get an update on the massive wildfire burning in california, more than 80,000 people evacuated in thi local group from here is trying to help victims. plus, how much do you make at your job? how much are you paid? chances are not as much as as an intern at facebook. how much they make. stunning. >> you might want to quit your job after you hear this one. >> it's amazing, later in the
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it's one of the most debated topics this election year across the country, legalizing marijuana for recreational use. voters in five states, including arizona, will decide that issue this november. >> it's kind of become a trend across the country, and a judge today threw out a lawsuit seeking to keep prop 205 here in arizona off the ballot. supporters are pleased with ruling, but that may not be the last of it. steve krafft explains why. >> the fight to legalize recreational marijuana is far from over. opponents of prop 205 say their next step is to go to the arizona supreme court. opponents of recreational marijuana, arizonans for responsible drug policy, tried to convince the superior court judge to get rid of prop 205, even though it easily surpassed the more than 150,000 voter
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ballot. they tried to convince the judge the 100-word summary was misleading and fraudulent and voters didn't know what they were signing when they signed the petitions but the judge flatly rejected that argument, ruling that people knew what they were signing and that it's up to voters to decide. supporters of 205 are happy with the judge's ruling. >> this is not a surprise. we knew going into this that this lawsuit was frivolous in every single regard, it's ultimately a was court's time and taxpayer dollars, and the courts ruled against the prohibitionists. >> people who think that prop 205 is a bad idea say they believe the judge made the wrong call and they are not done fighting. arizonans for responsible drug policy says it, we maintain this initiative perpetrate --
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voters and the ballot, they are going to see all of the many measures and parts of it that they were not told in the 100-word summary and we are confident they are going to reject it. >> but supporters of prop 205 are confident that voters will make recreational marijuana legal. >> there's a lot that can happen between now and november, so certainly don't count your chickens before they hatch. i would ask you to ask me that question on november 9th, but as things stand today, i would be thrilled if the vote were to be held tomorrow. >> in addition to arizona, recreaon the ballot in maine, nevada, massachusetts, and california this november. steve krafft, fox 10 news. well, this story has a lot of people talking on our facebook page, both for or against the issue. if you would like to make your voice heard, log on to our facebook page at meantime, a win for supporters of proposition 206. that is the ballot initiative that would raise the minimum
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the issue will appear on the november ballot. it's because a judge threw out a lawsuit by opponents of the bill who were challenging some of the signatures needed to put that on the ballot. it's unclear if there will be an appeal in this proposition. well, it was an apology of sorts from american swimmer ryan lochte over the fake robbery in rio. you have heard all about this. what he had to say, coming up. could it have been a better apology? >> probably. >> that's my questionment. >> probably. now been reported in arizona. the county where several patients recently showed up with symptoms of that dangerous virus. well, there is some rain out there, and there's a little bit up north. it's kind of encroaching a little bit on the valley. we'll take a look at it coming
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. hi, folks. it's 95 degrees right now. we have winds out of the west at 11 miles an hour. 91 in deer valley, 92 in surprise right now. in ahwatukee, it's 92, out in apache junction, it's 90 degrees at the present time. here's that moisture we have been seeing all day, but look at that stuff getting a little close to the valley. come in, which would be a little bit of moisture that's not reaching the ground. there may be some sprinkles out in the east mesa area with some of that that we are seeing but we continue to see it up to the north of us. we have a little bit of it down south as well. it was a lot thicker earlier around here gila bend, but as you can see, there's a pretty good storm system leftover down there. we'll be keeping our eye on that as that starts moving to the east and then a little bit to the north. and then you can see over in the
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moisture earlier, and back into the valley here on this east side is where we are seeing just a little bit of that active weather find its way in, and as i mentioned a little bit of rain and sprinkles on that east and northeast side, but a lot of it is virga, which means that it evaporates before it gets to the ground. as we head north, we do see some pretty good rain up there. in fact the amounts have been pretty good, anywhere from a half an inch to an inch and almost nine tenths, so just about two inches in some areas, and as you can see here, up in the flagstaff area, lots of moisture around some of that stuff evaporating out, but we still have some showers and some storms around the state. you can see with the dew points, look at that 56 in phoenix now, letting up a little bit. they had been 50s and 60s cross -- across the mountains, as the rain is coming down, you can see
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this is our futurecast, as we put it in the week here, you can see some showers around. not a lot of them making it into the valley, but some of them certainly threatening the valley a couple of times during that period. it takes us all the way into monday. 104 degrees on the high today. you can see that 102 at goodyear, 102 at deer valley, and 100 today at gateway. other numbers that we have, 85 in prescott, 82 in payson, 82 degrees at st. john's, 75 at show low, and 104 at yu. take a look at that on your day, 103, 79 on the low, 103 and 84 would be normal high and low, there's your record high at 113, your record low at 63. 99 degrees is what we are forecasting, as you can see around the valley, there are some forecast highs that are a little higher than that, as we go to 102 and 103 in some areas, 107 at lake havasu city, 100 at casa grande. 86 in sedona, and the forecast
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pretty big storms here across the high plains. you can see this one south of minneapolis, moving towards st. louis and chicago, another one moving through dallas on the night tonight. so a couple of places getting a little bit of moisture and some pretty good storms. 80 degrees overnight. a few clouds hanging on for tomorrow as we head into the weekend, but take a look at it, those 90s get things started, and then we get back into triple digits for it next week. watch your kids around water. all right, dave. we are starting to get into the nice zone here. it's coming. the new study that shows the big difference between the dreams that women have the ones that men have. it's coming up later in the buzz. >> yeah, this -- i can't believe how lucky you guys are. >> really? >> that's all i'm going to say. >> okay. i'm in. >> he was the greatest of all time. later we'll explain how you can
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ali memorabilia. plus it's a growing problem in the u.s., opioid addiction but both presidential candidates have a very different plan for how to tackle the problem. we'll explain next. coming up tonight at 10:00, e are working on some new stories, controversy brewing over a billboard for a state senate candidate, why one group is upset as the primary approaches and a car smashes into the front of a valley store, what we know tonight about what led up to this crash. coming to the east valley, when and how you can get your hands on some free ice cream coming up
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. it's called the blue cut fire and it continues to burn in southern california, north of los angeles and so far this fire has burned more than 37,000 acres and it's only 40% contained. 40 leaing people, thousands of them, displaced. this is massive. and the red cross is getting involved, sending volunteers to the fire. >> today, the first volunteer from the area made his way to southern california to help out with the fire, bob lucas, he's been with the red cross for
9:32 pm
want. he's helped victims of disasters in texas, north dakota, even flagstaff, arizona. he will be assigned to work at one of the shelters. >> they are, really are important to the people who need them, because for them it's hard for us to imagine, but they have lost everything. it's really amazing because you realize how lucky we are, and that's one reason i do this, for the red cross. someday i'm hoping if i have a disaster, somebody will do it for me. >> bob says that he could be in california for two he's prepared to stay longer if he is needed there. >> we have got a developing story as u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte apologizes, sort of, for the way he explained what happened to him and three teammates in rio over the weekend. >> you know -- >> do i sound skeptical? >> i'm sensing you're not buying all of this. >> well, i'll tell you, this is an ugly chapter in american sports in the olympics.3
9:33 pm
teammates were victims of an armed robbery until brazilian police produced videotape evidence that showed that that did not happen. brazilian police say they vandalized a gas station after a night out of drinking. they were confronted by armed security guards, but they had reason. >> the apology should go to the ri of the city tainted by a fantasy version of facts. we know it was a fan ttasy. we know that the robbery did not happen. >> well, and that's the case, the because folks in rio are trying to protect the image of that city that has been really slimed over a lot of stuff that has happened at the olympic games. they are far from perfect. they don't need this.
9:34 pm
apology. in a statement the olympic swimmer says i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that morning. >> he should have been more candid there, like i royally screwed up. >> he goes on to say for my role in taking away the focus from many athletes of fulfilling their dreams of the olympics. >> i didn't hear an apology to three travel-related cases of the zika virus in cochise county. these three people recently returned from a trip to puerto rico, one of 38 countries with a zika-related travel warning. all three people showed minor symptoms, and they have recovered from those symptoms. this year, the zika and the west nile viruss, they have not shown up in mosquitoes tested in cochise county. meanwhile, in florida, another
9:35 pm
transmitted cases of the zika virus, and this is bad because this is in the main tourist zone, talking about south beach, a fun spot in miami, and it brings the total number of cases in the state of florida to 36. these are locally transmitted cases. the state's governor says the newest cases are in miami beach, three were visiting from new york, texas, and taiwan, and two were local residents who picked it up. the mayor of miami beach says the city is doing everything possible to keep the c >> we are pushing even more to inform, educate all of our residents, our businesses, making sure that any standing water in our entire city is taken up as fast as possible. we are providing education to make sure that foliage in certain areas that may be contributing to mosquitoes is being reduced. >> how do you manage standing water in florida? there's standing water everywhere.
9:36 pm
no matter what he says there, there is still a travel warning out. if you are pregnant, do not go to this part of miami. the pfl cdc for 5,000 additional test kits and lab support personnel, also asking for pregnancy prevention kits. san diego county spraying for mosquitoes in areas known where they are known to carry the virus. everyone being told to wear mosquito repellent and themselves from the virus. another major problem for the hillary clinton team tonight, involving recent cyber attacks against the democratic party and an auction of u.s. cyber secrets. this is getting messy. the evidence from those attacks against the dnc, the democratic national committee, the congressional campaign office, and the clinton campaign points to russian backed cyber
9:37 pm
after several democratic staffers opened up phishing e-mails that put their user i.d.s and passwords and other credentials at risk. >> after the foothold is established through malicious code, the real hackers get to work and grow out from there. >> the fbi continues to investigate these data breaches, emphasizing that the hacks of this nature are taken very another big change this week, the second one in the top of donald trump's campaign, people managing his campaign. trump's campaign chairman, paul manafort, resigned today, amid criticism o about his past dealings with the prorussian political party in the ukraine, and some in his campaign admitting, including his son eric, that the entire thing had become a distraction for the campaign. so it's probably better he resigned and donald trump accepted his resignation.
9:38 pm
most of his day in arizona, the state has been through a lot recently, touring the state with massive devastation left behind by flooding there. >> you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard. >> somebody is, somebody is that shouldn't be. they need a lot of help. what's happened here is really incredible. nobody understands how bad it is. it is really incredible. i'm just here to help. >> and last night, trump uncharacteristically apologized for some of his previous comments on the campaign trail, saying he regrets anything he has said that may have caused personal pain to people. senator flake saying he wishes trump were more specific about the apology, maybe more specific about the people he hurt. earlier today on fox 10 this morning we asked flake if he's ready to vote for trump in november. >> i want to vote for him but i
9:39 pm
the positions he's taken and some of the language he's used. he can't. >> ready by december? >> november is when we vote. >> yes. >> maybe it will take another month. who knows. >> okay. >> i don't think you can mail in your ballot that late. >> no, you're out of luck by that point. >> senator flake says trump should and cannot if he continues trump's language on the campaign is not representative of republican party ideals and values. >> opioid abuse is a growing problem here in the u.s. and it's killing americans at an alarming rate, but where do the two presidential candidates stand on that issue and what to do about it? if elected, how do they plan to stop it? we did some digging to find out. >> this is a major epidemic. >> our kids are being poisoned. they are being addicted. >> a record 28,000 americans
9:40 pm
according to the cdc. that is one death every 19 minutes. both hillary clinton and donald trump acknowledged the gravity of the situation in the united states. but they differ significantly over how they would attack the problem. >> i will cut off the source. build a wall. i'm going to stop heroin from coming into this country, and there are going to be big repercussions. >> i have laid out a five-point plan about what we can do together. i would like the federal government to offer $10 billion >> reporter: clinton's proposal would work with states on prevention, treatment, and rcovery, and provide training for prescribers and first responders. she would also end incarceration for low-level and nonviolent offenders, a proposal that addiction experts agree with. >> we need more prevention. we need more treatment. we need more recovery, support. we need access to these services for people. right now, we are only treating, at best, maybe 15% of the people
9:41 pm
>> i'm going to create borders. no drugs are coming in. >> reporter: on his website, donald trump's proposal is less detailed and only includes building a wall along the border to keep drugs out, and providing help for addicts. >> we want to continue a focus on both supply and demand, but we also know that we need a plan for how that's going to be. we haven't seen a plan yet for him. we are urging him and looking forward to see how he would like to address this issue. >> coming up, cracking down on bogus candidates. you know the ones that are like if you know names like this one? >> oh, yeah, my kids thought they were going to vote for this guy. first of all, you can't vote. you're not old enough. >> this guy is doing well in the polls, john. >> i know he is, i know he is. >> a lot of people want to vote for him. even thugh some of them are polling very high in several states, the officials are saying no more. this is not a joke. this process is not a joke.
9:42 pm
the buzz. >> don't tell my kids it's a
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muhammad fox 10 news is back. muhammad ali lived a remarkable life, highlights both in and out of the ring. >> and memorabilia from his amazing career in the ring can now be yours, nearly a hundred items are up for auction in new york city, and some of those items >> wow, look at that. >> ooh, this is amazing, including the boxing trunks he wore for the famous rumble in the jungle fight against george ali passed away in scottsdale on june 3rd this summer at the age of 74. the online only auction ends september 10th, so you can bid. here's something drivers have not seen in a while, rising prices at the pump. the national average for regular unleaded now up four days in a row. we are at $2.14 a gallon, keep in mind that's still around
9:46 pm
year. >> the reason for the jump at the pump, raising oil prices, the cost of crude up 9%, closing at $48 a barrel, oil up three weeks in a row. >> the dow finishing off the week, slightly. >> pandora might be opening a nel new box, according to reports, the popular online music service is close to rhine sining deals with major record companies for on demand record streaming. it would allow users to pick it could be up and running next month. that's business. i'm start varney. protect engines [jess]quality s from harmful deposits. hmm,wonder what that's like... hey! ninjas! step away from my engine.
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[announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less.
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it's time for time now for the buzz, we talk about the stories people are talking about. >> got some doozies for a friday night. first up, i'm not asking you john, i'm asking a rhetorical question. how much do you make a month? a thousand bucks, three? at facebook, interns make nearly $8,000 a month. so if you do the math, which i did on a calculator, that adds up to being close to a hundred grand a year. i guess it's time to polish up the resum?. >> first of all, it's stunning that you needed a calculator for that calculation. that is really an indictment. >> you could have done that without one? >> number two, can you become a professional intern? i mean can your job just be being an intern? forget the regular job, if it's
9:50 pm
that may. >> here's the deal. they want really high end young people coming in that are smart, smart, smart. they are located in northern california where it's really expensive to live, just to survive, as you know growing up there. >> right. >> and it's a short term job, and it's usually three to six, maybe eight months, so it's not a career. >> well, i think it is. >> still -- >> i think it is. i'm going to be a professional intern. that's the way to go. all right. the fec, t f commission, cracking down on bogus candidates who enter races just to put if you know names in. deez balls would be one example. >> i think it's deez nuts. >> did you throw that in to sabotage me? did you do that to end my career? >> no. that was accidental. >> we are talking about the same thing. so it just kind of rolled off
9:51 pm
>> all right, deez nuts, that's the one my kids like, for obvious reasons, they are 12-year-old boys, this one still polling at 10%, and the federal election commission says they are tired of the jokesters. >> forget the f.e.c. how about the fcc. we are going to lose our license over that. th i wrote that for you. >> how you turned nuts into that, that was a typo. that was freudian. >> a freudian slip. yeah. >> women, we do everything. >> sabotage your male coanchor? >> sometimes it seems like men have all of the fun, and it seems like that might be true
9:52 pm
well. women are more likely to have worrisome dreams, stress dreams, while men are more likely to have fun doing things like flying. >> can i get back to deez appendages? that was on my. >> i wrote it from memory, and i thought the guy's name was deez balls and it was deez nuts. >> i hope i see you monday. i am not sure it's been fun. >> i have enjoyed working with you all of these words. if you would like to complain about john using vulgarities, go to john hook fox 10 or kari lake fox 10. we would love to hear from you. >> i am not so sure. >> by the way, did you know deez nuts was the name of richard saenz fantasy league team? i kid you not. i told him to trademark that thing for years.
9:53 pm
san diego. he's with the cards, and he's got an explanation of what
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. yeah, i know, it's only preseason, and of course we know the games don't count. but cards head coach bruce arians is not very happy right now with his offensive unit's
9:56 pm
includes the first team. arians did not hold back in his post game comments. richard saenz will have some of those comments in just a moment. but there's the coach. back from a bout of diver tick li lites, and on the field, ready to go with his team. look at pressure from the edge and up the middle, somehow palmer escapes to throw it away, but this was a performance. and then deion buchanan with the hit of the night. 3rd and seven, palmer looking for brown, brown continues to make some exceptional catches and he converts on the seven, a really good impressive spring training for brown. a little bit of swing pass to the slot receiver, and then you
9:57 pm
and take the ball and interception return for touchdown. man, i'll tell you what, bruce not very happy at all. and then on the 3rd and 5, this time stanton looks for the deep dig route, and it's picked off, it's picked off, and you look at stanton talking at bruce arians, saying, come on, man, we have got to buckle down here. watch mike bercovici, how about this, a nice throw to berco with 108 yards. let's send it out to richard saenz. >> not the best night for the cardinals here in san diego. both calmer and stanton through interceptions and the only points arizona scores is a field goal late in the fourth quarter. let me remind you, it's just the preseason, but don't say that to cardinals head coach bruce arians because he was not a happy camper after this one. >> a very disappointing performance, especially offensively. after practicing against the team all week, we should play
9:58 pm
our quarterback play was not up to par. we'll go back to work. that's why you play the preseason. it's not a -- these don't count, other than you find out a lot about yourself. we have got to get it together. this is two games where we have not played very well. me, i'm fine. just pissed. >> all right. he tells it like it is. larry fitzgerald did not play tonight. he didn't even dress. a reason why. now there's no reason to panic. the coach says it's not serious. we'll see if he plays next week in houston. we're live in san diego, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> great stuff all week from richard, that's for sure. as for brandon williams, i want you to watch carefully. can he execute press coverage here? and this is on allen. man he's athletic. boom, you're at the nfl level and that's something that he has got to work on.
9:59 pm
the receivers here is. you see him kind of in a phone booth, actually made a nice deflection here. probably most impressive play is the play you see coming up next, and that is just running with the receiver and the deflection. so again, kind of a hot and cold night for the rookie corner back. but the bigger story, bruce arians is still waiting for his offensive unit to hit a rhythm, get in synch, move the football. now that will point to game 3 on the road, next he houston texans. when we come back from, more from richard, locker room sound, and insight into the cards game. more in 20 minutes, right now it's back to kari lake with fox 10 news at 10:00. a judge rules in the sheriff joe arpaio contempt of court case, referring the case to criminal prosecutors. what's next and how the sheriff's attorneys are responding. and a woman says she was the
10:00 pm
phoenix, allegedly being shot at after she followed a car to get a license plate number. we'll bring you her story. plus, later in the show, controversy brewing over a billboard for a state senate candidate. why firefighters don't like this billboard. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we begin with the latest on sheriff joe arpaio and the contempt of court case. the judge handling that case recommending that sheriff arpaio and several top aides be ivestigated for possible criminal charges. fox 10's nicole garcia has been digging into today's decision, and he has much more tonight, including you talked to the sheriff's attorney in this case? >> reporter: that's right, kari. remember that sheriff arpaio has already been found to be in civil contempt of court, so now that same judge wants the sheriff to be held on criminal


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