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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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ence, and information technology. grand canyon university. the quality of private, christian education. the affordability of a state university. visit back to our top story. a fox 10 weather alert and look at this monsoon storms return to the valley and light showers have hit in some spots around town. >> there are clouds hanging out over the valley tonight. we'll keep a close eye on the weather and we'll let you know if more storms pop up. family and friends of an 84-year-old man who was found murdered in a chandler parking lot outside of an l.a. fitness last week is desperate for answers. they are asking people to come forward and help solve the crime.
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hoping for justice in this violent crime. >> this loss has devastated all of us, especially his wife of 50 years. we still have not come to grips about what happened. >> reporter: he is talking about his friend for more than 20 years. the recently retired engineer was stabbed to death in a parking lot in chandler. >> he was kind and gentle soul and affects many lives in chandler and the community. >> reporter: they are asking anyone who may have seen anything to come forward. >> we pride ourselves to be a safe city in chandler. people are worried, we understand that. that is why we reach out today to ask for their help.
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silent witness offering a $1,000 reward leading to an arrest in the case. meanwhile, his family and friends have to try to understand his death. >> we wonder what his last minutes were like and its extremely hard to explain. please, if anyone has seen anything, anywhere or heard anything, please help us so want to get to the bottom of it and find justice. >> police are asking anyone with information to call silent witness that number is on your screen, 480-witness. a $1,000 reward in this case and you can remain anonymous. new stay testerrics out today involving the latest voter registration numbers. it shows promise for arizona democrats.
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republicans have added 179,000 voters. the some areas of the country will see a lot of hillary clinton ads in the next couple of weeks. the clinton campaign reserved $ 80 million ad space in some states and they include pennsylvania, nebraska. the clinton has spent $60 million on ads and the trump campaign spent under $5 million. a judge puts an obama administration order on hold that would allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their identity. the judge stopped the injunction. earlier this year, the justice
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allow students to use the bathroom and locker room of the gender they identify with. the justice department says they are disappointed by this judge's decision and they are reviewing their options. as students head back to school, one local organization is working to open parents' eyes about tenage drug use. they set up an entire room to see firsthand on how easy it can be to hide drugs in plain sight. >> reporter: in this 40 different items of drug paraphernalia. >> i shook it and it does not sound like liquid inside. this is inconspicuous. >> reporter: today, a mom to three kids went through to see if she could pick out the hidden spots. >> i knew it but i couldn't
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i was trying to pull the bottom out. so here is another one and this room is clean. what bout a room that is disheveled. >> reporter: a prevention specialist with not my kid, an organization that educates youth and families on current trends, warning signs, and destructive behaviors. >> this is for ahead start if their kids are experimenting with drugs and alcohol. anything from household items or smoke shops or amazon need to be looked at if you think your child is in the midst of using. >> it is not about invasion of privacy but it is about safety and prevention and taking, you know, preventive measures for their kids. here we go. >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> that room will be open to all
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august. you can stop by monday through friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. not my kid is giving away free drug testing kits through the end of this month. the blue cut fire burning north of los angeles, all evacuation orders have bun lift -- have been lifted. the blue cut fire burned more than 37,000 acres. it crews in california burning the so-called chimney fire. it got within two miles of the hearst castle. it is a huge tourist draw. it is the fist wildfire that has ever got than close to the castle. cleanup is under way after a train jumps a track near fort worth, texas.
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crews will have to repair a quarter of a mile of track that could take several days. it is unclear what led to the accident but fortunately, no one was hurt. divorce rates go up in august. summer holidays are important for many families and once those are over, filing for dwrs might be considered appropriate. rate goes up at the the year following the winter holidays. >> get the kids back in school and you split it up? hopefully, no one is having to go through that. the focus of the world has been on rio de janeiro with the summer olympics but now there is another competition taking place in south america. ? >> this may be the most romantic
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taking cough in buenos aires, argentina. the couples putting their first foot forward. the champions will be selected at the end of the month. >> they make it look so easy, too. >> i think it is a complicated dance. >> it looks like it. speaking of rio, now that the games looks like a ghost town. for weeks, people were packing the streets and venues and beaches but there is hardly anyone around now. copacabana beach, which was the largest site for the parties is deserted. >> i bet you can get a good deal on a hotel. zika scare was dominating the olympics.
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after all, according to proposed changes to reading and math standards this could happen. the body of education announced the new standards that would require third graders to read and write in cursive. we learned how to do this but a lot of people don't know it anymore. >> a lot of people are texting. my cursive is terrible because i don't use it anymore kids across the country are back in school but students in florida have a new worry this school year. they are talking about the zika virus and school administrators are taking steps to keep kids safe. when it comes to the zika virus, florida students aren't taking any chances. >> when transferring to classes, i we don't know if we're going to be bit. >> reporter: they are wearing
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protect themselves around the epicenter of the outbreak. >> you need to come up with a way we can get this information out to the neighborhood and out to the community. >> reporter: schools are making sure students are educated on the virus. a superintendent is giving tips on how to avoid catching zika. >> long pants and apply insect repellant. >> reporter: he says as long no reason for parents to panic. >> it is a threat to pregnant women. >> reporter: the school leaders lending a hand to students. they are handing out uniforms with long sleeves and making sure everyone has bug spray. >> i'm hoping with that we can cross our fingers and hope for
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are not related to the travel outside of the u.s. health experts say you should like your job. people in the low job satisfaction group reported higher levels of depression and excessive worry. only the group that did not have physical or mental health affects from the jobs is the ones satisfaction then increased to good job satisfaction by the time it progresses. if you're happy at work, you are healthy that is why you're so healthy. coming up, the most affordable housing market in the country. you're looking at it. plus, the new product from kentucky fried chicken that could have people holding their noses.
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cards' training camp. guess who is on the field? he is the new number 90. his impact and impressions on his first day on the field. we're live at university of
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? all right, well, colonel
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kfc invented a fried chicken sunscreen. some have said the smell is revolting and it will linger on your skin even after you try to scrub it off. >> you smell edible with the chicken sunscreen. a big purchase involving circle k. the operator of circle k is buying now, housing market in the entire country? says the answer is pittsburgh. cleveland and cincinnati finishing second and third on that list. on the other end of the spectrum, san francisco that is the least affordable market followed by san diego and los
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on to wall street, stocks were up and down but at the closing bell, the dow jones was down 23 points and the nasdaq jumped six points and that is tonight's fox business watch. >> reporter: cardinals coaching staff waiting for this day for quite some time until the start of training camp. tyrann mathieu's second day on the field, justin bethel in uniform and tak of the drills today. then you got the cards' number one pick, robert nkemdiche. some call him darnell dockett 2.0, just a sight that the cards have wanted to see for quite some time. a guy that when you see him, when you watch him, his power, what he brings to the table and his impact could be in the rookie season could be dramatic,
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they will take it slow. there is a chance he could see action coming this sunday against the houston texans. for robert nkemdiche, the cards' top pick this was a major step forward into getting into real game action. >> it sucks being out and watching your teammates grind through, you know, training camp and you want to be out there helping them and there is a couple of d-lineman want down. you see reps and you work so hard and you want to join them. you have to be calm and patient. >> i did not feel like i was behind at all. i am thankful and getting back used to the sharp movements and those explosive movements and things like that. >> it does not take time. he has been to the meetings. just see him in practice and see what type of power he has and
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and, knock on wood, stay healthy. >> reporter: keep in mind, the game will come your way this coming sunday. our post game show followed on fox 10 news with special analys max starks. we'll take you inside and see if nkemdiche can get some reps. there is a chance he could get limited action and start to make his way back. the coaching staff would love to see him when it starts for real come september 11 when play host to new england patriots. there is another story brewing here opposite of patrick peterson. brandon williams with the last preseason game. you can hear what bruce arians has to say as we look at that cornerback position. when we return, we're live in glendale with cards' training camp back at 6:00.
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seeing you then. time to update the power rankings involving the arizona diamondbacks. according to u.s.a. today, the d d-backs are in 29th place that is next to last. only ahead of the atlanta braves. did i have to read this story? i hate to give the bad news. holding on to the number one spot and this is when you say is this happening, you have to root for the cubbies. you have to unless your a white sox fans. why aretha franklin has been told to take it easy by her
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? wow, this is somebody i would love to see in concert. arena canceled some of her shows. her doctors told her to rest up. she is expected to go back on the road in november. students at stanford university will get a celebrity teacher next summer. can you imagine how excited some of the students are going to be when tyra banks shows up to teach a business course.
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own talk show. ? mike nesmith will join the remaining monkkees. davey jones passed away in 2012. several shootings over the we trying to make a change. who gabby giffords is supporting
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wewelclcomome.e. i it't'! ththe e exextrtra a crcrisis. mymy e extxtrara c crir, twtwenentyty d dolollalar p fefeededs s a a fafamimilyl.
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itit's's e extxtrara c crir. a valley man threatens to viciously murder his roommate over social media and police say
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killed one valley man and put another behind bars. a new way to fight terrorism. we'll show you where you can find the antiterrorism billboard here in the valley. which value thinks are helping to fight the raging wildfires in california. thank you for joining us at 6:00. we had a lot of weather happening in the last few hours but as you can see live look from our adot camera, they seem to be clearing up as the evening commute wears on. let's look at the same stretch of highway. this was two hours ago so you can see quite a difference. you can see the rain coming down in the foreground and a lot of people making their commute here at pee of -- peoria. as we saw now, things are
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camera was pointing towards the north valley. dumping a lot of rain there. the rain was coming down hard in phoenix as well. this was near 15th avenue and northern. a lot of people out there around 3:45 in the afternoon caught by surprise out riding their bikes or out for a walk and they got hammered pretty hard. let's take a live look from the south mountain tower camera. it is quiet out there right now. dave munsey joins us early look at the forecast. >> reporter: things are drying out after seeing a lot of moisture in here. some of the totals are good for seeing the storm roll through. you can see it going through there rapidly. there it goes again. we get you some of the numbers. look at here. we get 1.2 just to the northwest of peoria. we get south of peoria or south


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