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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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complete concussion training and that program is called the brain book. it is out of barrow and a new study from barrow shows training may have a big impact on students reporting concussions and choosing particular sports to play. a new study from barrow neurological institute shows more arizona high schoolers are reporting concussions than ever before. >> a third of high school seniors report having had a concussion. this is far > than published in the literature of the 10% range. >> reporter: the doctor who led the study believes that concussion education is the reason for the spike. of the 300 high schoolers polled, 80% of the student athletes said they told their coach if they thought they had a con cushion. 30% would tell their parents.
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before saying something. >> the coaches trust you and we entrust the coaches to make sure the proper policies are followed to keep the athletes from further injury. >> reporter: andrew sustained a concussion while playing football and she got hers from volleyball. both told their parents an now th recovery. >> if you don't tell somebody, you won't be able to play sports in the future because you will be damaging your brain. you need to let your brain have time to heal to go back and playing the sport you love. >> if someone has a concussion or an injury we're not going to call them a wimp because of that. they will be out longer. >> reporter: the study showed the threat of a concussion keeps
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football field and one in 10 girls off of the soccer field. 40% of students polled say they are not afraid of the longterm impact of a serious concussion or multiple concussions. a swat team serves a search warrant on a home this morning. multiple people inside the home had outstanding drug warrants. two people came out willingly and two others came out after the swat team deployed gas. one woman got away but she is not a danger to the public. d.p.s. searching for a suspect in the back of a patrol car. it happened in sun city. the trooper opened the window to get fresh in for the suspect and the suspect managed to get his handcuffs out from behind him,
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and open the door from the outside. he was taken into custody for being stopped with expired tags with drugs in his vehicle. many people are guilty of it, looking at their cellphone while behind the wheel of a car and that can lead to accidents that can turn deadly. an arizona man was killed by a woman who was distracted by her phone and never saw him. she i charges and now the victim's son is hoping the story of his father can lead to a change in the law. >> i don't have my dad to call when i get off shift to talk to him about my day. my mom does not have my dad to be with every day like she has been for the last 41 years. >> reporter: to most, six seconds may not seem like a long time but six seconds is all it
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kill tom hall. >> she wasn't looking at the road and that is what killed my dad. my dad was on a street legal motorcycle doing 50 in a 55 minding his own business on his way home and this happened. >> reporter: he is not looking for sympathy but justice. >> i don't think people consider what sort of damage can come from a decision to check a text message or i wan get on facebook or whatever. you look away from the road. >> reporter: according to jonathan, yavapai county pursued no charges against the driver feeling the only charge to be pursued with failure to control a vehicle. changes in state law, he hopes
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marcy jones, fox 10 news. for more information on tom's law, we have a link on our website, a texas school bus driver has the ferguson family concerned after their son returned home an hour late. he showed video of the bus driver and the bus went to a complete parents were left with a lot of questions. >> what is wrong with the bus driver? was he drunk? was he on drugs? is this a health issue? don't we have a right to answers? >> the school district placed the bus driver on administrative leave and they are investigating that incident. the family of kayla mueller is pressuring president obama to make good to donate a foundation that honors the slain worker.
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boyfriend who worked for doctors without borders when she was kidnapped by isis militants. she was tortured, raped, and eventually killed. her father told the news that the president made a commitment to make a donation but has not done it yet. >> it is consistent with the that the president has supported in the past. i do anticipate that the president would make a commit to support this organization. >> mueller, of course, grew up in prescott and her parents still live there. tomorrow is the grand openin of a playground opening in her honor. her parents will speak at the event and we're going to stream it live on our facebook page. it starts at 10:00.
5:37 pm look at the destruction here. can you imagine if that was your home or your loved ones were in there? death toll in italy continues to rise as they check out the aftermath from the 6.2 earthquake from earlier this week. italian authorities say the death toll has risen to on the 281. more than 200 people died in amatrice, italy. the mayor estimates there are 15 more people that are missing in that city and rescue crews are scrambling to save anybody from the rubble before it is too late. a woman in a washington, d.c. area ends up in a drone incident. she ends up shooting down the drone flying over robert duval's home. she saw two men flying a drone in the quiet neighborhood when a
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drone over her yard. the woman did not like it one bit and she shot it down. a blast from a 20-gage italian shotgun and it made the drone nosedive and shattered into pieces. >> when it came, i reached my gun up like this, pow, got it. it is my belief to give people their privacy. >> i applaud her move. >> i'm not sure that is the law but i feels that way. >> what i was told is a powerful nozzle on a hose is one way to get it out of your yard. the two men were scared of what happened and they ran off but their drone is in tatters.& >> my first thing would be get it out of my airspace. a wisconsin man is in
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ex-girlfriend a python in the mail. the suspect threatened his ex in front of a group of people. a short time later, a box showed up at her apartment. a python was you -- was curled up inside. the animal is at the animal shelter. >> to they have broken up and it is bad blood like what taylor swift sings about. a life-saving decision one woman makes for her husband. the reason why so many teens turn to vaping. later on, why bruce springsteen's performance last night was one for the record
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a miraculous match is made in georgia.. a man a miraculous match is a miraculous match is made in georgia. a man from dekalb county was diagnosed with kidney disease. he spent several years searching for a donor and then he soon learned that the organ donor is under his own roof. >> it has been tough trying to
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him with kidney disease three years ago and placed him on dialysis. >> he has had bouts in and out of the hospital all of the time. he has been a diabetic for a long time, ever since he and i were together, amputation. >> reporter: he tested five different relatives to see if they could be donors and then his wife tried her luck. >> the kidney was with me all along. i knew it would be a good one because of her exercising and eating right and drinking a lot of water. >> reporter: the two are proud of lock time members of the local baptist church. he is a deacon. their pastor says they are an inspiration. >> two shall become one in the spiritual realm and then in this case.
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their story inspires others. >> for god to use me to give me a kidney, you are really showing out. you are doing your thing. >> the odds of two unrelated people being a match for a kidney transplant is one in 100,000. >> that is incredible. >> no in the health watch, vaping is now more common than smoking among teens. there is a new s university of michigan that says fruity flavors may be the reason. flavors like strawberry, bubble gum, chocolate cake. vapeing devices can be loaded in substances that are nicotine or without nicotine. two-thirds of teens are vaping without the nicotine.
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he may be smoking something else. the spike in youth vaping has coincided with the steady decline in teens smoking. >> someone walked by me smoking a cigarette and you never smell that anymore. so many people have quit, which is good. >> we talked about this weather of vaping if you can do that in a nonsmoking area and apparently, you can. >> are you going to take it up at >> i might. i'm losing time with this clean healthy living stuff. a couple wins a year supply of pizza. what they decided to do with their prize. find out about the gas station where ryan lochte and the other swimmers got in trouble.
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to the guy with the kidney, i want to watch this movie, i want to watch this movie, how is that kidney working out? the cardinals are just getting started. david johnson looks like the
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now i feel like eating a pizza. >> look at that. it is pepperoni.
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a nice donation for a detroit couple. they entered a raffle and they won pizza for a year. they donated the voucher to a homeless shelter so they could enjoy the prize. the gas station where ryan lochte and the other swimmers got in tourist attraction. i'm sure the statue is bigger. >> this is where ryan lochte shattered the mirror. >> broke the door. everyone gets a selfie there. the company is offering an eight-hour tour of the olympics sites and the gas station is one of the stops. the gas station has seen an uptick in business with a lot of
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selfies. reporter: you got to take the picture like you're breaking the mirror. you're pulling a lochte. let's talk football. two more preseason games and it is time to start playing for keeps. the fans, players, coaches, all excited for good reason. this is the year that could be the expectations are sky high, especially when you see these guys back. david johnson was so good as a rookie last year, he is now the starter and he looks fantastic in camp so far. last year, he burst on to the scene. this was his breakout game against philadelphia. what a run for a touchdown. he was a scoring machine. the first time he ever touched the ball in week one he took it to the house.
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big year and the pressure that comes with it. >> it is good. for me, after the way i ended last year, expect takes are higher and i feel like i'm ready to, you know, prove that and prove my worth. as team wise, i can't speak for the team but i feel like we're ready to go. i'm excited for the regular season to start. >> reporter: wouldn't you know, we'll have the game for you here on fox 10. it is the the houston texans and reaction in the locker room right here. the super bowl is going to be in houston to the cardinals plan t be back. a.j. pollock broke his elbow days before the regular season and now 128 games later, he is back. he was an all-star for the d-backs when he was healthy.
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started was not only a tough blow but a sign for things to come. a lot of injuries this year. more from the cardinals, how things have been smooth for the cards, so far, so good for the training camp. i get the feeling that head coach bruce arians would like to keep that it way. details at 6:00. coming up, the record set on stage by rocker bruce
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? he is known for his long concerts. have you been to a bruce springsteen concert? >> no, i remember when he was at gammage. he went for like four hours. >> he broke a record in new jersey went four this was his longest ever in the united states. he enjoys what he does. springsteen's longest show ever was back in fin land back in 2012. gammage must be on the lissome where. that concert went four hours and six minutes. ? what is the greatest paul simon solo hit? that is a tough one to think about.
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stone, it is a song from 1973. "grace land" finished second on the list. ? a generous donation, $10 million is being given to help out the music department and will pro with private lessons. a heartbreaking story at lake powell where a mother drowns after she saves her toddler from drowning. a battle to keep recognize
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a mother loses her life at lake powell while saving her toddler from drowning. how she is being remembered tonight. a major announcement regarding donald trump and former arizona governor jan brewer. investigators destroyed millions of dollars worth of marijuana eastern arizona. what led to the discovery. we have an update on the huge water main break that swallowed up the back end of a city bus in phoenix. plus, what u.s. blood centers are being asked to do to screen donors. good evening, everyone. first tonight at 6:00. after his campaign said the presidential nominee donald
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for wednesday in downtown phoenix, well, it all changed. donald trump took to twitter saying he will be in the valley but in a larger venue. the demand is, in trump's word, unreal.. jan brewer is going to be in vegas for the headquarters near the airport. in a statement, brewer says as mr. trump made clear, he wants to give hope and opportunity to minority communities through real solutions while people like


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