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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 28, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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people gather in prescott to honor kayla mueller, the arizona woman who died while being held captive by isis. officer-involved shooting ends in the death of a suspect. one of our producers has a snack on a it turns a lot of stomachs. thank you for being with us tonight at 9:00. family, friend, and community members gatt gathering in prescott to open a playground dedicated to kayla mueller. >> she was held can'ttive and
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courtney griffin spoke to kayla's parents about the playground and what it means. >> reporter: it started as a gloomy day but quickly turned to sunshine as the ceremony began. >> this morning, we did not know know it was going to happen. look at the beautiful weather we have now. kayla could not be here but she sent her tears. >> this was built in her honor. >> i feel her everywhere. >> reporter: her parents say it represents everyin stood for. kayla was the same. she was happy. she was joyful but she was on a mission and it was a gift from god, i truly believe that. >> reporter: they named the playground kayla's hands because of what she always said. >> i go back to her giving me her little hand the morning before she went back, june of 2013 saying mom, you will always
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here it is, i will always have kayla's hands. >> my hands are to relieve suffering so that is where the name kayla's hands. we want to relieve suffering and make people enjoy what we're doing. >> reporter: the president of the kiwanis club pushed for the playground after hearing words from her father. >> we have no body, we have no grave, and we have no marker. i couldot mind. on the way back, i decided we're going to do something for kayla but it is not going to be a tree. it is not going to be a bench. it is something that the whole community can enjoy and use. >> reporter: after 15 months of planning and gathering money, the $250,000 playground is completed and being enjoyed by kids of all ages. >> one, two, three. >> kayla would be proud that she
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we can feel kayla here. from the bottom of our hearts, our family thanks you all. >> reporter: kayla is not physical here, spiritually she is and always will be as she continues to be so much joy to the kids at the playground dedicated in her honor. courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> kayla's parents say the playground will soon have a plaque out front and an owl thing kayla loved. caught on dash cam, a man driving the car says he was driving down 75th avenue when someone shot at them. they say it hand around 8:00 on thursday. you can see the truck flying passed the car and that is when the driver said they were shot at right now. phoenix police went out to investigate and found bullet
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they have yet to respond. one man is dead following an early morning officer-involved shooting. >> it happened in maryvale. danielle miller joins live with what happened here. >> reporter: marc and linda, police say this 25-year-old man was shot and killed by police in these apartments right here behind me after he pointed a weapon at officers. they tell us he was here with a woman he was involved with. he wasn't expected to be here so that is why they were initially called. phoenix police responding to an early morning call of a person with a gun at this apartment at 37th avenue and thomas. >> the person inside the apartment got word to a family member saying there was a subject inside known to her, believed to be on drug, believed to be armed. >> reporter: when police officers arrived, the woman
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who was not supposed to be there was in the hallway. >> one of the officers fired on the suspect after the suspect aimed the gun at them. >> reporter: they say there was an ongoing domestic situation between him and the woman who lived there. before entering the apartment, they knew the suspect was possibly armed and on drugged. they tell us they took this into consideration before entering. >> the unpredictability of the human behavior when you're talking impairment is something you consider. we do the best we can to approach safely by taking bystanders' safety into consideration and our own so those are the i thinks this on our mind. >> reporter: we actually just caught up here on scene here in the apartment complex.
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us they are 25-year-old angel torres. he is a father. he is going to be missed here. it was his ex-girlfriend who lived in this apartment complex but there is a lot of people, dozens of people over here in the apartment complex. mr. are candles -- there are candles and cards and neighbors say this is devastating news to wake up to and angel will be missed. >> this is horrible. i don't wish it is horrible that no family should have to go through. >> it's horrible. it's horrible. we are going to miss his smile, his dancing, his laughing, singing. we're going to miss him, period. >> reporter: police tell us that this woman who lived in this apartment, her two children were home with her at the time.
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officers were hurt during this incident. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. police are looking for a person who shot and killed this man, 25-year-old fernando chavez. he was shot and killed in a parking lot last month in the knight inn hotel. police are hoping witnesses will -- suspect. glendale and phoenix fire crews battling a house fire early this morning. this is near 39th avenue and acoma that is north of thunderbird road in phoenix. you can see smoke billowing from the house. thankfully, everyone inside the home was able to get out without any injury. no word on what started the fire. it is still under investigation. police need your help trying
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it happened at the desert skymall near 75th avenue and thomas. the suspect ran up to the woman and grabbed the chain from her neck. she chased the suspect but she was not able to catch him. you saw him running out the doors. he escaped in a gray p.t. cruiser. >> this lady is shopping at a mall near 75th avenue and thomas. he sees her and grabs the necklace off of her neck. suspect and the necklace. if you have any information on this case, you're asked to call silent witness. here is a story that made so many people mad, including me. police looking for the person who abandoned this puppy in the streets of phoenix earlier this week. the puppy was left beaten in a shopping cart near 69th avenue and van buren.
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maricopa animal care and control had to euthanized the puppy. the wounded could have been treated if they were treated in a timely matter. if you know anything about this, call silent witness, 480-witness. you might want to watch your back if you're hiking in tucson. >> there is a bear following hikers and it tried to enter a frailer. >> wow, scary. >> i know. they say the aggressive but people should still take precautions. they didn't catch this bear yet. i thought they caught him but apparently, not. they recommend cleaning up your area and keeping food and trash out of sight. if you are ever approached by a bear, the department says wave your arms and make loud noises before slowly backing away. we ran into more people who
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today. >> come on. >> this is made up of crickets and cockroaches. why they were chowing down on insects. >> i would eat a bear before i eat that stuff. hillary clinton leaving the f.b.i. headquarters in new york after an hour's long meeting. why the presidential candidate was there. >> reporter: the murder of a chicago mother in broad daylight is sending shock waves throughout the country. i'm brian llenas. i'll have the latest. >> cardinals in houston getting tomorrow. preseason game number three. you can catch that game here on fox 10 and also catch our richard saenz with a report from
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police arrest a suspect police arrest a suspect in the murders of two nuns in
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46-year-old rodney earl sanders is being charged with two counts of capital murder in the case. police say he killed the sisters in their home thursday morning. police have not released a cause of death though the reverend who oversees the church the nuns attended say they were stabbed. a motive for the attack has not been release. shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin in chicago continues to sen waves of concern throughout the country. >> there is a death perception going on in chicago. >> reporter: strong emotions for a prayer vigil for aldridge. >> she was going to register her kids in school and bullets flying around with no name found
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>> reporter: she was the cousin of dwayne wade. ironically this week, wade was part of an espn special about gun violence in chicago. >> we can start the work today and hopefully, eventually, we can stop it. >> reporter: according the the chicago tribune, there has been 455 homicides in chicago this year compared to the 495 homicides in the whole of 2015. o fear. how do you go to school and get an education when you're afraid to go to school and praying you get home from school alive? >> reporter: police say aldridge was not the intended target of the shooting. her baby was not hurt and being cared for by family members. in new york, brian llenas, fox news. >> this morning, donald trump sent out a tweet about the death saying dwayne wade's cousin was
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baby in chicago. he said like i said chicago will vote trump. then he got criticism for that treat and thehen sent out the family of dwayne wade is in my thoughts and prayers. g.o.p. nominee speaking to voters this afternoon in des moines. he criticized hillary clinton for her scandals during her >> her criminal conduct at home and her failed interventions i don't ever seas simply make her unfit. she is unfit to serve in the oval office. >> trump also made a pitch to minority voters saying he is the best candidate to revitalize december tut communities. trump's running mate in
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the indiana governor stopped at millie's diner where fans asked to take pictures and shake his hand. >> hillary clinton gets her first national security briefing today. clinton left the f.b.i. office this morning in white plains new york after getting the briefing. donald trump received his first briefing 10 days ago and while some top secret information may be discussed, the briefings do not include details on methods tim kaine held a campaign event in south florida today. clinton's running mate spoke in pinbroke pines. >> we are going to make history on november 8 and make history after. i'm not going to lose this one. i'm not going to lose >> a mason dixon research
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leading trump in florida by two points among likely voters. a realtor in austin, texas, hopes to cash in on the controversy around this election with this billboard. it reads "leaving the countr after the election, we can sell your home." that is creativity. some celebrities have threatened to leave the country candidate they support threatens to leave. i have a lot of friends who are realtors. they are ?shrewdwhenit comesto getting business. we're going to have a look at your weather forecast. have you connected with me on social media?
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surprise storms popping surprise storms popping up all over the state this weekend and this morning was no different. look at this freeway camera. this is from adot of winslow up in the northern part of the state where people receive sudden bursts of rain this morning. this is what it looked like west of winslow over west of winslow. overnight in flagstaff where adot warned drivers to slow
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getting a dose of the monsoon. 4:00 a.m., i got a wake-up call that was frightening. there was a lot of thunder going on. this is more a dot video from early this morning shot along state route 51 in phoenix. i'm with you, 4:40 this morning, i was asleep and out of nowhere a loud clap of thunder woke me up. a lot of people experiencing the same thing t had a lot of rain in some parts of the valley but it is cleared up right now. as you can see as we look at the valley, such a nice night. 92 decision with light winds out of the north. a nice evening to take a walk or chill out on the patio. taking a look at what we have going on with the fox satellite radar. we have a lot of moisture in our state but that has cleared up, utah, colorado, and new mexico.
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show you what we're talking about. we had moisture in the my country. move into this hour, we're clearing out and it looks like that is going to be the pattern we're under for the next several days. all of that moisture and the monsoon activity, it looks like we're going to get a break from that. when you look at the dew points, the dew points are low when when we feel the moisture and get the showers this time of the year for the monsoon, especially the overnight showers that we've been seeing recently. it looks like we're going to be out of that pattern and we see the dew points getting up there a little bit. not down in the valley for us. as we mentioned 92 for us. we're in the 80's and 90's down here in the valley as you head up north.
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a cool night for those escaping the heat. if you're up in flagstaff, 55 degrees right now. that is going to feel chilly, especially if you're living down here in the valley. here's what we have going on for gila bend. 89 here in the valley. safford, 74. across the lake havasu area, 84 and 28 for bullhead city. here is what we have going on for our overnight. we are beginning of to -- going the record high was set back in 2009, 113 degrees. we are well below that right now. the rest of the country, we showed you this activity here in albuquerque and colorado. what we are seeing down here is concerning in the western gulf states. this could bring 2-5 inches of rain for southern and eastern florida so that is something to keep an eye on and could bring flooding activity down there as
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we're seeing possibly even more rain for louisiana, maybe 2-4 inches that is the last thing they need so let's hope it does not dump as much as it may. that could be problematic for those folks. 74 degrees for our overnight here in phoenix. 45 at the grand canyon. 47 in window rock and 57 in nogales. let's take a look at forecast highs for tomorrow. it is going to be a warm one not anything too bad. we're going to be below normal so that is going to be nice. we're going to be in the 70's and tomorrow warming up but not too bad. it is pretty nice. i like the temperatures. we have a bit of a warming trend starting on monday. we're going to be back in the low 100's but we don't see any chance of the monsoon activity until thursday that jumps up to
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that could pop up but the dew points are so low it does not look like it is going to happen. >> it is the overnight activity that is throwing me off. this 4:00 a.m. stuff, hey, it is moisture. we'll take it. it sounds good. i need protein today. i did not get breakfast. >> anita is going to take a picture of this. how many are you going to >> oh! >> it reminds me of the old life cereal commercials with mikey. >> mikey, he will do it. he will try anything. he said it tasted like fung he was eating insects. i told him insects was the
12:28 am
so they forced him to do this. they were like who can we make do it and hans is the guy. there you go. >> he is going to get revenge on us at the christmas party. >> the insects were at the morning show as they talked about their and sect exhibit. >> it featured a cake shaped a cockroach. people at the exhibit were split on if they liked eating the insects or not. >> it had a nasty aftertaste. >> i would eat this again, absolutely. it was pretty tasty. >> no. >> we kind of freak out about this. >> i can't handle seeing it in the bowl like that. >> we might billion outliers
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people eat insects as part of their diet. new federal regulations -- >> i will take it. they are slowing down semi drivers on their highway. why some people think stopping them from speeding is a bad idea. linda can't get over the bug story. we'll get her back. we have incredible video he rushes into help someone who- what is being said about the rescue today. i'm back. this is a terrible story. a horrible crash leaves a family devastated. if you would like to contact me on social media, it would billion -- be great to hear from you. find me on facebook or on twitter. i retweeted that picture that linda was talking about earlier.
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police are looking for a police are looking for a
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this is the scene near 99th avenue and van buren. according to police, the suspect was driving a dark blue ford explorer and left their car right after the accident. police say the victim was an adult white man but have yet to release his identity. if you know anything about this incident, you are urged to call police. you might remember this story that we brought you last week. a un life after crashing her car into a cvs pharmacy in peoria. >> now they can asking for the community's help to lay the young woman to rest. >> reporter: losing a loved one is something you don't plan for, especially when they are so young that is why family and friends appreciate the community coming together to show support for auburn. getting a car wash is something we all should do but today there
12:34 am
soap and subs. >> we're trying to earn money for my step sister's funeral. >> reporter: she died after crashing her car into a cvs drugstore last week. now friends and family want to raise funds to say goodbye properly. >> she was a great sister. >> we're asking everyone to come by and get a car wash. >> reporter: they also put together a rummage sale and raffle. >> this is going to help quite a bit. funerals, for anyone who knows had a loved one pass away, is very expensive. >> we don't expect to bury our children. >> reporter: they are so grateful to the community for the outpouring of sport both financially and emotionally. >> the turnout and donations is more than what we ever expected.
12:35 am
1-year-old. he is now in the care of his father. we put up a link to the go fund me page on our website, we're taking a look at a car fire that happened earlier today. this is from adot cameras. this is on the loop 101 northbound near bell. if you were in the area and saw the smoke and wondered what it was, here you have it. the fire slowed down traffic as precaution. no word on how the fire started or if anyone was hurt. video captured on an officer's body cam after the car burst into flames in athens, georgia. the officer rushes in and saves a man who is hanging out of the burning car right before the car explodes. the officer's name is daniel whitney and the deputy chief
12:36 am
in danger. >> i think it is also a great example of when others are scared or too dangerous, this officer went in. >> yeah, that officer putting his life on the line as well. the driver of the car died in the accident. the passenger almost surely would have died if officer whitney did not happen upon that scene. >> wow, well done. a new federal regulation is looking to pump the brakes large trucks and buses. >> this comes as regulators announce a plan to use technology to put a cap on large vehicles at 60, 65, or 68 ?riment. >> reporter: california law regulates any big rigs towing a trailer to 55 miles an hour but it is not always heeded. now, the national traffic
12:37 am
considering electronic devices that would limit trucks to 60, 65, or 68 miles an hour. they would be retired on any vehicle weighing 2,000 tons or more. >> if you have a certain speed to go, it is easier for the driver, experienced or inexperienced to react quicker. >> reporter: richard has been a truck driver for 15 years hauling goods west of >> it is a good idea but in reality, no, because it takes too long to get from destination to destination in a safe manner. >> reporter: the government says reducing the number of big rigs reduces the crashes involving heavy trucks, more than 1,100 each year. >> anything slower is going to be better than faster. >> reporter: the proposal does not force older vehicles to add the speed limiting technology
12:38 am
this couple on a motorcycle says slowing down trucks won't make the roadway safer. >> it can hinder the rest of the traffic by going that slow. a lot of people going 80 miles an hour on the highway and they don't want a truck going slow in front of them. >> most truckers are in the two right lanes anyway. reporter: the use of technology can improve the safety on the road. the proposal drivers because it already has built-in technology that implements speed and the drivers are paid by the hour. this will affect drivers who own their own rigs. >> they are paid by the mile. the sooner they make the delivery, the sooner they make another load, the more they can make with their trucks. people gather to watch a daredevil here using a jetpack.
12:39 am
feat coming up. the dodger honoring vin
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12:41 am
from australia has made his a teenager from australia has made his way into the history books by becoming the youngest person to circle the
12:42 am
he made history when he touched down on the sunshine coast. he is 18 years old, a year younger than the previous record holder. one colorado man is making sure the summer goes out with a blast as he performs a death-defying stunt with the help of, you see it there, a jetpack. kevin torres has the >> reporter: on a priceless summer evening. >> money. >> reporter: patrons of the view house got a taste. >> my cornhole is on point. >> reporter: of something beautiful. >> you're lucky you are cute. >> reporter: and bizarre. that taste is a slice of his adventurous life. nick works for jetpack. he is one of the flyers. >> it is ironic that this came
12:43 am
in a sense. >> reporter: when a fellow asked him to work out with a jetpack device, he said sure. >> i started doing research and i realized this is real. >> reporter: now the awestruck 27-year-old is the focus because of stunts like this. on this night, a jet propelled nick rocketed up from the view house. >> >> reporter: nick says the stunt is just as cool as it looks. >> it is like what every kid dreamed of. >> you imagine yourself flying and that is what you're doing. >> reporter: unfortunately, the flight only lasts 30 seconds and it is back down to earth. onlookers with picture after picture to capture the moment. >> it is business and you can die doing it but i love it. >> reporter: capture a taste
12:44 am
>> kind of my destiny. >> very cool. the l.a. dodgers showing their appreciation for a legend. we, of course, are talking about play-by-play commentator ervin scully. >> everyone wore masks in commemoration for everything scully scully announced for the dodgers when they were the brooklyn dodgers and he has announced more memorable plays, including the walk-off home run in 1988. scully will retire this year after announcing for 67 years. >> reporter: a fine wine. he has gotten better with age. arizona offense yet to get on track this preseason.
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count. richard saenz is in houston.
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we'll get to richard in a minute but ask any cardinals fan and they will tell you they are worried about the production of the offense. ask any expert and they will tell you it is just preseason. take a deep breath. everything will be ok. how does the dress rehearsal against the texans.
12:49 am
houston, texas. let's hope the offense plays better. both quarterbacks struggling. first it was carson palmer throwing a pick six in the first quarter. the pass got tipped and taken back to the house. after that, it was drew stanton throwing to a wide open j.j. nelson. you can see bruce arians talking to him saying what is going on here? the starters should play longer, at least the first half. carson palmer knows they h play better. >> efficient, consistently good football. you just want to focus on each play and i think being efficient in the run game, in the pass game, and everybody go in and be on the same page and do your job and come out healthy. >> i see it in practice enough,
12:50 am
play in this game, you would hope just to be comforting. everybody is back from last year and i feel confident. >> the older you get, i hate to say this but preseason is drudgery. you have to go out and play but it doesn't mean anything in standings. detroit lions were 4-0, in the preseason. when the pat regular season, they were 3-1. you just never know. it doesn't have any bearing but it is good to go out and however much time you are out there and have success just get in the right mindset and puts the coaches in a better mood. >> reporter: we check in on the defense side of the football. the captain calais campbell talks about taking on the texans tomorrow. in houston, i'm richard saenz
12:51 am
>> reporter: you can catch that game here on fox 10 tomorrow, 1:00. join us after the game. jude lacava in studio breaking it down with max starks. we'll have all of your post game tomorrow after the game. more nfl news today, tell me if you have heard this before, tony romo is hut. this play on thursday night against the seahawks, the crushing blow on romo and it is a broken he is out six to 10 weeks. bad news for the cowboys but the silver lining is the play of rookie prescott. he has thrown no intersptions with beautiful passes like this touchdown. this could be a blessing in disguise. we'll see how that goes throughout the rest of the season.
12:52 am
the raiders. i was just in vegas and a lot of raiders fans excited about the team moving to las vegas. how about this, mariota to scholarship up the middle. that will set up demarco murray. murrey with the touchdown looking like his former self. huh about derrick carr? expecting a being it is more carr. he has arm strength and touch. beautiful pass, beautiful catch. cooper in the back of the end zone. oak land takes the lead, 14-13. derrick henry, the former heisman trophy winner plows into the end zone. 27-14, the final. plenty of points in that game and plenty of runs put on the
12:53 am
to the cincinnati reds.
12:54 am
12:55 am
so it is no secret the arizona diamondbacks have fallen well short of expectations this season. what do you do when bad times come along? you relive the good times with guys like gonzo, reggie sanders. it was the d-backs alumni game.
12:56 am
the baby backs scores. steven randolf, the pitcher taking this one deep. scottie harrison, chris snider. you watch guys like gonzo, not a game winning hit here. come on, gonzo. you have to get there. j.j. puts having a good time. unhitched the trailer. he is not going to beat the throw. the purple and red purple wince, 5-2. then it was time for the big boys to play. zach godley running to the mound and he runs back to the dugout just as quick. two-run homer just inside the right field pole. still in the first and this is not a replay. another two run homer, second inning now.
12:57 am
a bloop shot. 6-0, reds. the reds were on fire. it was left lane hammered down all night. next batter, a three-run homer. godly, two innings, nine hit, nine runs and this is the kind of night it was for the d-backs. two outs in the inning. michael bourn drops the ball. another run comes in to score and that is little league right th wow. more on the cardinals coming up at 10:00. we'll tieing check back in with richard saenz and calais campbell and why the defensive
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america thought our pancakes were pretty special. but we knew we could do better. so we did. we made denny's new pancakes 50% fluffier with fresh buttermilk and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free.
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an emotional day as a playground is dedicated to kayla mueller, the arizona woman held captive by isis before she was killed. >> this is horrible. i don't wish this on anybody. police shoot and kill a man in phoenix after he pointed a gun at them. what he was doing at a woman's apartment when police showed up. the fundraiser for a funeral for a woman killed in a car


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