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tv   FOX 10 News 430pm  FOX  August 28, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm MST

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he was a couple of seasons ago. and of course mike mccarthy, i have a great deal of respect for his ability to get the team ready. and like i said, for the cardinals and bruce arians, the pressure on this team is only going to get ratcheted up more once they get into january. if in fact they even get into january. they have to get their first. but, knowing that this is an awfully talented group, and yet they just haven't played. even when they beat green bay in e year, it was not a well-played game. you know, at the quarterback position, offensively, they got out of it with a win. but, as a quarterback when that's what you're being judged on. there's a lot that comes with it that once you come to the postseason. back at it for real sunday, september 11th. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. 8:00 a.m. out west where they will have the kickoff show followed by america's number one
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houston. that's not even talking about the clooial panthers. and cam newton, the defending nfc champ. so the minnesota vikings a much-improved team. on september 11th, it all gets under way. texas will be here to host the bears, boston falcons, packers start with the jaguars. vikings and titans. and as the lions take on t colts will be in texas for the giants and the cowboys. dak prescott who has gone 39-50, 454 yards, five touchdowns in pregames this season. he's been on fire. >> he's been on fire. i have not met him yet, i'm looking forward to it when we get ready for that ball game. >> riled up in the back field and down goes matt barkley.
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ton after this effort here in this preseason game against arizona. he's been everywhere. >> he really has. he's had a couple of penalties on him, but he's been tenacious in his pursuit and disrupted in the offensive back field. good performance by him. >> and the texans defense was good, a five takeaway game, and bill o'brien and the texans improved to 3-0, and arizona splits to 0-3. and we'll take a brk on the other side of the break. texans win it by ten. over the cardinals. excuse me...i think there's a misprint. oh. model year end clarence event. looks right to me. shouldn't it be clear... clearly... it is time to get a great deal and a reward card on this turbocharged jetta. gotta make room for the 2017 models. it is a clarence event. why is that so hard for people to understand? it seems clar to me... clear to me. ready for a test drive? whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event.
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well, we know plenty about carson palmer, he's in his 14th year in the nfl, but the jury is out on brock osweiler. he looked terrific today. >> yeah, he did. and he'll continue to get more comfortable with this offense. i think the biggest takeaway for him was having a young guy like will fuller make he did. and doing it in a game environment. knowing that he could start counting on him in critical situations and games. >> well, we can't wait until september 11th when the regular season gets under way. next on fox, accept on the west coast, brooklyn 99, family guy, that man on earth. there we go, september 11th, for our entire crew, we will end
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houston, super bowl li next
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? and thank you for joining us for this special fox 10 post game edition. you saw the arizona cardinals take on the houston texans here on fox. >> cardinals lose. i go should i be worried? jude, what's up? >> reporter: don't be worried. these games don't count but we can take away some of the evaluation of what we saw earlier today in houston, texas. in a couple of minutes, max starks will give us an insight analysison how this game played out. for brock osweiler, they are going for their third win. for carson palmer, he just wants
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football and it falls into the hands of holland. you see it right here. the first turnover for palmer early in the first quarter. lamar miller powers his way, left side, touchdown. texans take a 7-0 lead. next set of downs, turns in and turns it up field, 44 yards later. cardinals on the move. david johnson, outside here. i love this run. it goes outside and cuts it back the touchdown tied at seven. d.j. having a strong preseason. keep an eye on number 43, mike jenkins that is the key to the play right here. jenkins picked up as a free agent and it is feared it my be an acl. remember, he is competing at the
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we'll wait for the medical report. there we go, chandler jones turns the quarter. brock osweiler, the ball is picked off and it is taken to the house. are you kidding me? it was intended for 85, darren fells. watch the replay again and look at this. take a look at the hit right to the side of the helmet. lost part of his tooth on that hit. brock osweiler goes to the end zone, touchdown. very impressive catch here. will fuller against justin bethel. osweiler looking sharp. he was 11 of 13. osweiler takes the hit and it is jaelen strong, the sun devil up against the defensive back with the touchdown.
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houston texans as we wrap up the third preseason game. for more insight and analysis, let's bring it back to max starks. first impressions on what you saw today? >> i didn't see the clean, crispness that i expect to see when we're talking about the third preseason game. a lot of people allude to it being as a dress rehearsal. i don't like to refer to it that, the most starters will get before the season opener. i would like it cleaner but it is not doom and gloom like everyone is making it to be. >> let's look at carson palmer, the interception, two on the day. let's take a look early on in the first quarter. again, you get tipped balls and
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>> he is showing the vertical leap. when you are playing the houston, they are taught to keep their hands in the air. he gets in the a, the ball should have not been thrown in the first place because of the design of the screen. carson palmer saw the guy barreling down on him so the thing you want to do is pump fake and try to throw it into the ground because you don't want the intentionally grounding penalty because there is nobody behind carson if it is caught. this is the preseason. this is the time you are supposed to get the kinks out and supposed to make sure this is crisp, as far as the play calling. we know the play calling will
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technical efficiency from the cardinals. i did not see that today. >> it doesn't alarm you? >> no, it does not alarm you. i have never seen a team where the third preseason game counts on their regular season record. it is just a preseason game. we have a lot of questions that need to be answered so this is an active evaluation. you have the first round of cuts coming tuesday and the team will pair down to 75 and then we'll have another pair of the fourth game. we'll see who is going to play against the new england patriots. >> two impressed you today. let's look at the pressure on the quarterback. it is the todd bowles a-gap that put it in the face of brock osweiler. >> you look at this play and it is a simple dog. linebacker blitz the a-gap, the running back going for the
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cut to stop kevin minter's progress and minter delivers a great sack. chandler jones, this is why you traded jonathan cooper, you wanted a guy who can pass rush and create his own lanes. chandler jones gets around the edge, four steps, turns the corner and zeros in on osweiler and makes a great play that is what we wanted to see with the defense. that was lacking a the end of generated pass rush without doing a blitzing scheme. we have not seen robert nkemdiche. he had his first game today and looked rusty but you have to expect that. he hasn't participated in camp.
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nkemdiche, chandler jones, that is scary and when they get on the same page and they practiced more together and they do a couple of twists it is going to be a nightmare for any offensive line this season. >> let's look at the defensive backs. brandon williams, you believe he is in good position, as a rookie, to be a starter. made a nice play here. >> you're going rookie versus rookie. an up. he i.d.s where the ball is. youyou're not going to make an interception but if you you can put your hand in the way and affect the throw that is what you want. this is justin bethel going up against will fuller. justin bethel did not turn around to i.d. the ball. he is in a hand battle, whether it was a flag or not, justin
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affect the pass catcher's ability to catch said ball and that is what i wanted to see from justin bethel. he has been injured so he has not had practice rep at that. brandon williams has gotten a lot of snaps. yes, justin bethel is a pro and got a contract extension has been out and he is rusty so i don't think it is balanced to make an you lose the third guy who was stand by. >> we're going to go to bruce arians after cardinals lose 34-24. let's hear what bruce arians has to say. >> it is easy to evaluate that game. it is called turnovers that has been a problem each of the three games. we got a touchdown pass, we get to bat it down and they run it back for a touchdown. we have to complete it on a screen play. it has to get corrected.
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huddle-offense on the road extremely well. two tipped balls for interceptions killed the first-team offense. matt overthrowing people at the end, had nice drive, a lot of yardage, third-down looks good but you don't win the games turning the ball over. >> reporter: evaluate carson and do you feel better about carson with the >> they are going to the right guys but silt bad luck. screen pass, you have to get it to him somehow, some way because we had them knocked down. you can't throw it through the guy. yeah, he just chipped a tooth. he has a knee injury and stepfan
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well, yeah, you hope we can learn from them and get them out of the way. the second half is inaccuracy and the first one is two tips and going to the right guy, hopefully, it is gone. i mean, we have had great the first-team a februaries hasn't done anything to make me feel like we're not where we need to be other than turning the ball over. >> all right, that is quick, put the lid on this. you played for coach arians in public. your takeaway. >> he hit the nail on the head,
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thing. it is not a huge worry, it is quarterback throwing to guys who were not there or throwing to the t ball where he thought it should be. coming up, he has caused a firestorm on social media after refusing to stand during a national anthem.
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see by the dawns early light ? yeah, this guy is one of the many angry 49ers fans. he is burning his colin stayed seated during the national anthem. this happened at friday night's game. this video was posted by shane white on his facebook page and viewed more than seven million times and, of course, shared all over social media. when you say firestorm, this controversy has become one. >> a lot of people speaking out about the san francisco'
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others are showing their support. >> tonight, he said he is going to sit down for the national anthem until he sees significant progress on race relations in america. on friday, kaepernick said "i am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. to me, this is bigger than football." he went on to say "it would be selfish on his part to look the other way." he bodies in the street and getting paid to leave and getting away with murder." kaepernick is biracial. he has been outspoken about the black lives matter movement and civil rights issues. nfl says "players encouraged but
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>> this story has a lot of you sounding off on your facebook page. you can log on to to join the discussion. after the break, a look at the workweek forecast. we'll have that when we come back. at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. all with fresh salad and unlimited bread.
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an us. thank you all right, here is a look at your 10 day forecast. we've got nice temperatures in the forecast. we don't expect any chance of moisture in our area until thursday when we have a slight chance of monsoon activity coming back into the forecast. overnight lows will be nice, especially as we make our way into the end of the 10-day forecast period.
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hikes. we're getting back to the time of year where you can feel it in the mornings. stick around for fox 10 news at 5:00.
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