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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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all right, so you decide 2016. the big question is, is the trump campaign coming or not? they caused confusion after local party leaders announced the visit was canceled then trump tweets out he is coming to the valley. >> they were supposed to be here wednesday. i think the venue is downtown phoenix. things keep shifting back and forth. is it miscommunication in the party or what is going on and
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mar -- >> reporter: dozen changing stance on my policy come at a price? we took to the experts and the streets to find out. ith the political question that is top of mind, will trump's softer stance on hot-button issues like immigration move the needle in his experts say if they learned anything from his campaign is nothing about it has been predictable. >> people like me, political types, pundits have been wrong for a solid 18 months about him. i think we'll continue to be wrong until he is elected or not elected. >> reporter: when asked about what voters thought about the change in tune about the campaign, there were pros and cons.
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>> this election is like i'm shooting myself in the foot. it is hard. i can't really deal with this. i would love to vote for donald trump, but i see the odds with hillary clinton. >> he needs to make up his mind on what he is going to do. you can't be going back and forth. >> i think he is wishy washy. and he is trying to go with the flow and come up with something to get more free press. >> reporter: with just months until the election and a trip to arizona on the map next week, it seems like we'll get the front is row seat. >> there is nothing about him that is traditional. he is not a republican. he is an independent who has taken over the republican nomination for good or for ill. it is really a political experiment to see this play out in real time and what we're here
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>> reporter: after his arizona's director said the event was canceled, he took to twitter saying changing venue to a larger one. demand is unreal. marscy jones, fox 10 news. >> i guess we'll find out early this week. police are looking for a man they say is in the area in a shooting near 35th street and thomas. police say a suspect the door asking for someone who was not at the home and he was told to leave. he kicked the door down and shot the victim in the chest. police describe him as a hispanic man with tattoos and they think they have information that will help solve investigators solve the crime. a record number of people
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visitors regularly break the rules by getting too close to wildlife. they say the rule breaking puts others in harm's way and displaces wildlife. all of this comes as the national park service celebrates its 100th anniversaries. >> if you want to take a trip to see the national parks, bad news, gas prices is on the rise. according to, the average price rings in at here in arizona, we're paying $2.06. hawaii is the highest gas in the nation with an average price of $2.76 a gallon. south carolina maintain the lowest price of $1.94 a gallon. in world new, two men from the same remote community in canada have discovered they were switched at birth. this is the second time this type of mistake has come to
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causing anger and raising new questions about substandard health care for canada's in indigenous people. they were swapped. as they grew up, people realized how they resembled each other's families more than their own. d.n.a. testing confirms a mistake was made. >> i don't know what to say. >> we want >> 20 years old, people started confusing us and saying we were switched. >> in november, the government said two other men who were close friends were also switched at birth in 1975 at the same hospital. some suspect there were more undiscovered cases. a valley man is not letting his disability get in his way. he is currently training to compete in the lifetime
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be his fourth. ty brennan shares his story and why he hopes to inspire other in his situation. >> reporter: like an artist at work, he spends hours sculpting but this piece of work will be life changing for someone. >> a new leg for someone is always a personal thing for me. >> reporter: personal because he know what is it is like. he lost his leg to cancer in 2006. he says his amputation changed his life for the better. >> had a rough time as amputee getting a prosthesis that would work, at least where i wanted to be at. i was 24 at the time and played a lot of sports and was active and it wasn't happening. i got frustrated enough that i decided i wanted to go back to school and get in the field and learn how to do it myself. >> reporter: he left his job in radio but that is not the most amazing change he has made.
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his fourth triathlon. >> it was a bucket list goal. finally, just one of those things that someone said, if you're going to do it, do it. >> reporter: he hopes to be a motivator to other amputees. there is a huge satisfaction in what you think you can. it is not a disability unless you let it be. >> reporter: ty brennan, fox 10 news. police announcing the arrest in the
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police in chicago tonight announcing the arrests of two people in the shooting death of nba star's dwayne wade cousin. >> nykea aldridge was pushing her baby in a stroller on friday when she was caught in the crossfire. >> reporter: two brothers are behind bars arrested in the
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they are each facing first-degree murder charges. both are documented gang members and on parole for previous gun charges. >> this reprehensible act is an example of why we need to change how we treat habitual offenders. when will enough be enough? >> reporter: nykea aldridge was killed in chicago when she was pushing her newborn in a stroller near an elementary school. >> she was not aware that her short life is a stance of what is a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago. she was just another mother who wanted her children to get an education just like any good parent would. >> reporter: civil rights leader across the country is saying this murderer is indicative of a larger problem.
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>> reporter: according the the chicago tribune there has been 455 homicides in chicago this year, compare that to the 490 murders in chicago in the whole hoff 2015. aldridge was not the intended target of the shooting. her baby is being cared by for family members. in new york, brian llenas, fox news. >> reporter: we con our cover coverage of the cardinals game in houston, texas. richard saenz is going to take us inned the locker room. the lineup on sports night
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? ?
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cut to 75 tomorrow. brock osweiler's new team, a lot on his shoulders with a big money contract. third and seven, carson palmer, the ball is tipped and picked off by howell right here. you can see the tip by the big-nose tackle. this happened early in the first quarter. lamar miller takes it in and powers it in and the texans take a, first and 10. palmer looking for darren fells. his standout play of the preseason. inside the 35. here is the drive. david johnson kicks it outside and turns it upfield. strong performance for d.j. touchdown, ties the game at seven. david johnson having a good training camp and preseason.
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looks like the knee is injured on this play. we don't know the extent of this injury just yet. he was vying for a starting cornerback position. brock osweiler, oh, man, chandler jones gets inside the left tackle. turns the corner and comes up with the sack on brock osweiler. palmer looking for a screen to fells. he catches the ball to the house. turnovers, turnover, turnover, bruce arians not happy about that for sure. watch it again. look at the hit right here by devon still right on the side of the helmet. palmer says he is ok there. bruce talking it over. second and five, it is osweiler going to the end zone. a nice grab on justin bethel. beth is trying to battle for the
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osweiler impressive with 146 yards. sun devil jaelen strong with the touchdown catch. there it is. 34-24, the final. we go live to houston, texas. richard saenz standing by with more on the cardinals. richard? >> reporter: you know, jude, i had football fans tweeting me what's going on with the arizona cardinals? for a second week in a row, carson palmer throws a pick six on a tipped pass. chipped his tooth but calm down, he is just fine and so are the cardinals. bruce arians sounding cool and calm after another preseason loss. >> it is easy to evaluate that game. it is called turnovers. it has been a problem each of the three games. we got a touchdown pass and they run it back for a touchdown. we just have to complete the
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i thought we handled a well. matt just over throwing people at the end. nice drives and a lot of yardage. third down looks good but you don't win the game turning the balls over. >> reporter: coach turning about two tipped passes. >> unfortunately, sometimes the ball bounces in the other people's hands. a tipped pass by a defensive lineman, 99% of those balls get tipped and go down to the ground. i have to do a better job of making sure that does not happen. >> reporter: could bit a good thing when you get the bad luck plays out of the way when the games don't count? >> you can say that.
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down larry and down smoky and looks like they are getting healthy as we go and we're getting healthy as a team and a unit and i like where we're headed. >> reporter: jude, as you said the secondary had a bad day, especially justin bethel. he got beat a couple of times. hey, he is rusty. i talked to him after the game. what he had to say coming up during fox 10 sports night at 10:30. i'm richard sports. >> reporter: stay with us for more with richard in houston, texas, at sports night, 10:30. the skyline in minneapolis with their brand-new stadium. how about this run, 22 yards. he was 12 of 16. 161 yards in the passing department. bridgewater got started early with plenty of starts and got better and better.
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do you have him in your fantasy league? four carries and 51 yards. mike bercovici threw two interceptions. as for teddy bridgewater here, touchdown. minnesota wins, 23-10 over the chargers. 23-10 the final. coming off of a 13-0 at the hands of the red last night. can archie bradley rally the d-backs at the chase? speedway and more football still ahead. hey, you're clarence! p?p?o?gv yes, sir. you know, at the model year end clarence event, you can get a great deal on this 2016 passat. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll.
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well, the challenge that is the arizona diamondbacks baseball season hits another speed bump, 13-0, loss last night at the hands of zach godley. major league career today, archie bradley will get a shot.
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3-0, lead, arizona. still in the first, it is brandon drury. slams the ball up the middle and watch the play at the plate. cabrera as he hangs on to the baseball. wait a minute. let's take a review. take a closer look at the play here. lamb safe, the ball pops out oft of cabrera's another run for the diamondbacks. 4-2, arizona. bradley went six innings, five hits and two runs. how about the power surge from yasmany tomas, his 27th home run. that is a three-run shot. the d-backs over the cincinnati reds. a lot going on tonight. we're going to get into richard's reports from houston, texas. more from the locker room,
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starks, a.s.u. and yes, we will get into just about what everybody is talking about the controversy involving colin kaepernick. we will get to twitter and get our take on it. as far as the cardinals goes, marc and linda, yeah, you want them to play well and you want to win the games but the games don't count. no excuse. i think bruce arians will tighten it up. larry fitzgerald did action, patrick peterson, this is a veteran-based team that knows when it is go time. the backups evaluated today and they have big decisions getting down to 75 and the following weekend, they will get down to the roster of 53. bruce arians, you can tell he is not happy. you don't want to make mistakes. it is about muscle memory, work habits and you never want to create a new memory of turnovers and you want to clean it up. these guys have been around.
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practice. >> i know it does not matter. i worked with you long enough to know it does not matter. >> i like how you walked in before we went on the air, jude, should i be worried? >> reporter: i think people will look at the score and say this is a contending team but it did not look like that. osweiler was sharp today. again, remember who is playing and who isn't and let's see how the team reacts the next week or two. >> i like coach happy, too. i was like, thank you, jude. >> i feel at ease, don't you? >> fall is coming, cards are going to play in the fall. it is going to be great.
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all right, i hate this part of the newscast because i have to remind people that we have to go back to work tomorrow. everyone is at home enjoying their sundays. here is the beginning of your workweek forecast. it looks nice. >> it looks great. >> we're not seeing the high temperatures. no real sign of moisture or any kind of rain activity until thursday. it is going to be a nice week. the overnight lows are getting about that and how we've been noticing in the mornings, early mornings but still, it is feeling good. it is nice enough to get out there and hike if you want to, as long as you get out there early enough. >> reporter: i will take 102 over 115 any day. >> or 110. >> the light is at the end of the tunnel. >> it is. >> we're going to be fall and it is going to be great. it is going to be a nice workweek for you.
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9:00 and 10:00. see you then. i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics
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"mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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