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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> the drought conditions have been horrible, the heat, the dry conditions of the summer and they don't have any control over it. it looks like they have a bulldozer and they made a fire line there. >> yeah, that is exactly right. they just constructed that line or it may be part of another fire line they had, which looks pretty good. the winds don't look terribly bad right now as you see the smoke going upward, which means you don't have a lot of winds. >> looking at the bulldozer moving in. firefighters are. the- this is a pretty big fire. back out here, you can see a remote area. looks to be up in the hills. quite a bit of the fire retardant has been dropped. what we're not seeing is how close to homes this is and with
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and the homes and buildings damaged and lives lost, we just hope they can get a handle on this soon. fire tears through an abandoned house and a triplex next door. >> two dozen firefighters worked against the triple digit heat and the fire. nicole garcia is live at avenue and thomas. it was a difficult day to be fighting a fire. >> reporter: yeah, kari and john, the fire is intense and it is hot out here. it is over 100 degrees. they were checking for hot spots or flare ups but the fire started at the back of the gray house, which we're told is empty. witnesses say embers from the
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a wall of flames shot into the air and it went into the home that sat empty for months. embers of the fire jumped to the home next door. >> it got sucked into the attic and cot the attic on fire. >> reporter: all three units were o able to get out safely. >> i started hearing a commotion and popping so i came outside because i thought someone was knocking and i opened the door and there was a huge cloud of smoke. it was pandemonium. >> reporter: the tripl suffered the most damage. 30 firefighters were called in
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100 degrees. as to the cause of the fire, one neighbor speculates it could have been caused by a squatter. >> there was a crazy person living in the backyard. i could hear himself screaming at himself. he was like, don you're a loser and i was like he is laying into don and i look over and it was just him. >> reporter: all three people that live in the triplex is already founder places to live. we can see a little bit of the wind where nicole was and there is wind up there from the storms that are collapsing and the wind is picking up from the storms and look at the power lines down. this is scottsdale near granite reef and indian school road. >> we are told about 1,000 people without power because of this so that is a big inconvenience. >> that is when you don want to inspect.
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>> it turned out to be hot today, 105 right now and it is 5:30. >> we'll keep you updated and we will continue to break in with storm coverage. police involved in a barricade situation near 40th street and pecos. officers tried to stop a car and the driver took off. it is believed that the driver had outstanding felony warrants. the nehb lockdown. he came out and police arrested him. a phoenix woman pleads guilty in the death of her 4-year-old daughter. she hit the girl in the stomach twice before she began complaining of a stomach ache and began vomiting. she eventually stopped
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child abuse and her boyfriend is charged with the crime. he is scheduled for a court hearing tomorrow. i-40 shut down near flagstaff because of a deadly crash involving a semi truck. you can see where it is shut down. this is east of flagstaff and look at that to the right. you see the aftermath of the crash there. eastbound lanes of i-40 close closed at twin department of public safety is on the scene. they are trying to piece together how this happened. it is unclear when 40 will open back up. shakeups with donald trump's visit tomorrow. donald trump will be in phoenix tomorrow to deliver what he is calling a major speech on illegal immigration. we have now learned this is a big deal. governor ducey who has been iffy when it comes to supporting donald trump saying he would
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going further. doug ducey will speak at the event delivering welcoming remark. anti-trump protesters will be there as well and steve krafft spoke to some of the protesters today and steve joins us live. steve, this is a shift on the ducey front, first of all. >> reporter: it definitely is. he stayed on the sidelines with respect to the trump candidacy and campaign. obviously, now he will be part of it going forward. now, as to that i going to be here tomorrow is called basta arpaio and loosely translated is enough arpaio. they are critical of arpaio and trump. they say stop the hate. they believe sheriff joe arpaio must go.
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communities be terrorized by arpaio. my parents are undocumented and i don't want them to live in fear and i decided to become an organizer. >> reporter: she came to the united states as a 1-year-old child and graduated from grand canyon university. she fears a trump candidacy could crush her american dream. >> arpaio and trump are friends and went won't take his hate as we won't take arpaio's hate. >> reporter: they will make their stance clear. >> tomorrow, we will be protesting against trump and arpaio and putting out their hate and we'll be celebrating our culture out there. >> reporter: now, the doors
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3:00 in the afternoon. we learned protests will kick off at 4:30, the rally itself starts at 6:00. steve krafft, fox 10 news. all right, you can watch the entire thing tomorrow, trump's entire speech when it happens tomorrow night on fox 10 news now. >> just head to that's kind of your catch all for all of your information. and find a link there. we have an out of florida. it is primary night in florida as well. marco rubio, no surprise here, he has won the republican senate primary so he will be running for a second term in the u.s. senate. remember, he took a vacation to run for president. now he is back running for senate. rubio insisted he would not run for the senate if he did not win the nomination but after losing to donald trump, he changed his mind and put his name on the ballot two days before the
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in the war room, the spokesperson for the islamic state is killed in abub muhammad al abnamny was the spokesperson in iraq. look at the impact there. you see the smoke where there is a fire. moments after the crash, the semi truck plows into the back of a car. the brakes failed and the dash cam captured heroic moments. they tried to pull open the doors and look at that. the flames continued to grow as
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trapped inside. someone grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames. the woman was not seriously injured. people jumping in to help out. one night and out. the arizona couple moved to chicago then they decided it wasn't for them. they moved back home the next day. their viral video that has chicago residents pretty upset. what they have to windy city. apple is handed a $14 billion tax bill, not from the u.s. government. who is asking apple to pay up? charlie chin -- sheen is not
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dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. did you see this story? a newlywed couple, adorable couple, they were raised in the
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they decided it was time to leave arizona and explore life. they moved to chicago. one day after arriving into the windy city, their big move turned into a big nightmare. >> it is one of the most amazing cities in america. >> why not, we're doing ok. we can go there and be ok financially and see what happens. >> reporter: what happens next was terrifying. all unpacked, the couple took >> the guy tries to ask questions and i'm trying to be nice. >> reporter: the stranger followed the couple off of the train and down the street. >> i don't know what he wants. he could have a gun. he could have a knife. >> reporter: they darted into a subway restaurant hoping he would leave them alone. >> he is looking at us through the window and stuff. >> reporter: when he wouldn't leave the couple, they called uber and 911 for help. jaelen tried to talk to the
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sandwich and he was like no, i'm hanging around in a creepy tone. >> like my whole world was flipped upside down. >> i go to walk out and he clocked me. >> i was crying in the car. the uber driver took them to their car and they thought think were safe but they were wrong. >> we go to pull into the parking lot where our car was parked. the next day, we said we're probably going the see him on the train. >> it is hard to be away. more than 1.4 million people have watched the video on youtube and some critics say they made it up. we asked them about the critics and they say everything about the brief move to chicago is absolutely true.
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government is ordering the company to pay back taxes in ireland. apple c.e.o. tim cook says they will appeal that. i.t.t. technical institute has stopped enrolling new students after the department of education banned students from receiving federal aid and students enrolling in the graduates have too much debt and opportunity to pay off of that debt. sears is looking to cash in on the home improvement market. the store will sell paint for the first time. they will sell different brands and have a dedicated paint salesman in each store. check out the numbers on wall street.
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nasdaq down nine and the s&p lost four. chipotle is once again offering free food trying to lure back customers. >> they have been offering a lot of free food lately. it is like going to your mom's house, eat, please. we want you to eat. still summer but former "american idol" kelly clarkson is making plans for christmas. she has been a huge hit. >> reporter: john and kari, no offense has sputtered. have we been looking at the best offense the cards have ever
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here they go again. chipotle trying to lure customers back to their restaurants by offering free food. kids will be able to eat free on sundays through the month of chipotle has been struggling with slow sales because of a series of e. coli outbreaks. >> reporter: last season the 13-3 cardinals finished with the fifth best defense in the nfl. the cards' defense ranked second in the league with 33 total takeaways. they were tied with the league in returns for touchdowns.
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deone bucannon. buchanan, now a seasoned veteran and playing in the box. he is quick. he is physical. let's think about the offensive line with robert nkemdiche and the edge rusher of chandler jones and marcus golden and kevin mint we are the a-gap blitz, the gap between the center and the guard. in the preseason. look at chandler jones with this turn to get to brock osweiler. i asked deone bucannon with a look at this offense, could this offense be better than last season's? >> i think we struggle to get
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with the type of defensive backs we have and it spells trouble. it going to be good. we're looking forward to it. there is a lot of excitement going around with us because we trust each other and we're brothers. >> reporter: here is living proof that in a moment's notice your season could change. teddy bridgewater, knee. he is done for the rest of the season. he had an outstanding start to his career in minnesota. now they have to turn to 15-year veteran shaun hill. he played with detroit, st. louis, but bridgewater was a guy who managed the game well. they had a nice running game with adrian peterson and now the vikings will have to find out who they can scour the wire for when it comes to another
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depth charge. teddy bridgewater dislocated knee, gone for the rest of the season and that includes a tear of the ligament. could justin bethel win the cornerback position with one preseason game left. >> that is a cork. i did not hear about bridgewater. it has been charlie sheen. how is him going public with his h.i.v. sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp"
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charlie sheen - may not charlie sheen may not be winning anymore, at least not when it comes to his finances. he had so much money. "tmz" reporting his ex-wives have agreed to cut their child support in half. became last year after he revealed he was h.i.v. positive and started settling legal claims against him. big honor for kelly clarkson. she has been named the grand marshal for the nashville christmas parade. she lives there and says she could not be more proud. >> reporter: i'm marc martinez. coming up, we hear from the woman who says chris brown threatened her with a gun as
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singer into custody. plus, an intersection is shut down outside of a local high school after an 18-year-old bystander is killed when two cars collide. dave munsey is here with a look at the areas affected by the
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put your finger to good use.
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an 18-year-old woman is killed outside of a west valley high school after a chain-reaction crash involving two cars. he pulled out the gun and was like get the f out of here and that is when i left. >> r&b singer chris brown arrested after a standoff at his home. hear from the woman who was
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the monsoon returns to the valley. dave munsey has the forecast. a snake found in scottsdale. what we're learning tonight. and thank you for joining us. first tonight at 6:00, a weather alert for arizona. monsoon storm brings gusty winds to the area and that kicks you have dust and causes low viz county. dave munsey is live now with a look at the forecast for us. dave? >> reporter: things are dying down a little bit as we take a look at the map here. you'll see the storm came in pretty strong but is weakening as it gets in closer you can see it fall apart there as it rolls in. it is rolling in from scottsdale all the way down through the queen creek area. look at that, boy, just reduces


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