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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the monsoon returns to the valley. dave munsey has the forecast. a snake found in scottsdale. what we're learning tonight. and thank you for joining us. first tonight at 6:00, a weather alert for arizona. monsoon storm brings gusty winds to the area and that kicks you have dust and causes low viz county. dave munsey is live now with a look at the forecast for us. dave? >> reporter: things are dying down a little bit as we take a look at the map here. you'll see the storm came in pretty strong but is weakening as it gets in closer you can see it fall apart there as it rolls in. it is rolling in from scottsdale all the way down through the queen creek area. look at that, boy, just reduces
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mostly rain and sprinkles. the winds haven't been terrible but it did kick up dust and starts to fall apart. they get up to good heights and falls apart, which means the air falls down in the middle of it and that comes rushing down to the ground and picks up the dust and spreads it around. as we give you a look here, yep, we have an advisory for dust but the advisory for dust has they are closing it out on this storm. like i said, there is a little out there, a few sprinkles, a little bit of rain. for the most part, this storm has dissipated at this time. we'll take a look at what else is going on. we have a couple of hurricanes, a couple of tropical depressions out there and one of them may have an affect on you if you're taking a vacation. we'll tell you about that coming up.
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an intersection is shut down outside of carl hayden high school and that left a bystander dead and two others injured. it hand at 35th avenue and roosevelt. it is unclear if the 18-year-old killed was on the sidewalk or in the crosswalk. she was an innocent bystander when the cars collided. her name has not been released. officers are investigating the cause of the crash right now. a deadly crash between aar and a big rig shuts doing a big stretch of freeway in the high country. the car crossed the median of the i-40 and slammed head on into a tractor trailer. that collision killed one person in the car. d.p.s. closed eastbound lanes of the freeway while troopers investigated and crews cleared the scene. it is the final hour for
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voters are deciding seats on the arizona corporation commission and the seats of john mccain and sheriff joe arpaio are the closely watched races tonight. arizona's senior senator is seeking a sixth term in always. >> we have been inspired by so many young interns, well over hours getting out to vote and that is why we are confident about the outcome today. we look forward to moving toward the election in november. this group of young people have inspired us. >> mccain's main challenger is former state senator kelli ward. the lake havasu city doctor
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she has vowed to retire mccain today and she is trailing in the polls. let's move to sheriff joe arpaio. his main opponent is dan saban. whoever wins tonight will face paul penzone in november. it has been a contentious race since arpaio faces his toughest race yet. state route 51 and scottsdale road. a federal judge found arpaio in contempt of court and that judge recommend he face criminal contempt charges. andrew hasbun is live with how voting is going. >> reporter: marc, no problems we can report, at least no major problems. during the presidential preference election there were lines that wrapped around
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places at this salvation army. at this spot, voters were waiting in the early morning hours to cast their ballot. unlike that professor election where there were only 60 polling places, this time around there are 724 polling places that is one polling place for every precinct. according to the county recorder there were some polling places that opened late because when voters showed up t workers were not there. they got to the polling place late. some reinforcements were september in to get the ball rolling there. according to the county recorder, a small percentage of voters show up on voting day. the vast majority cast their ballots early and drop it in the mail. only 30,000 voters have cast their ballots.
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it would be. if you look in the past, 4% of the people show up at the polls on primary day. we haven't heard of any lines any place. >> reporter: at the county recorder's office this afternoon, hundreds of ballots have been counted. many more are going to be counted later tonight. so far, that i have 420,000 early ballots at the recorder's 300,000 have been counted. we have one hour left until the polls closed. they are expecting an after work rush at the polling places but there are plenty of staff theres to make sure things run smoothly. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> yeah, andrew, what a difference from the presidential preference election. the polls close at 7:00. we will have the election
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website and live team coverage at 9:00 and 10:00. donald trump will be in downtown phoenix and will be delivering a major policy speech in immigration. he said from day one, i will build a great wall and stop illegal immigration. watch wednesday. trump is expected to speak at the phoenix convention center at monroe. demonstrators against joe arpaio plan to be there. a phoenix woman accused in the death of her 4-year-old daughter pleads guilty in court. back in 2013, she hit the girl in the stomach twice before she complained of a stomach ache and began vomiting. the little girl eventually stopped breathing. they found bruises on the girl's
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the crime and scheduled for a court hearing tomorrow. operator of an unlicensed daycare center will learn her punishment in october for the death of a 2-year-old girl. she pled guilty for second-degree murder. she died from dehydration and acute exposure to meth. ryan reed also pled guilty to counts, including s murder and attempted sexual misconduct with a minor. l.a. police arrest chris brown today on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. a woman reported being threatened this morning leading to a standoff. brown refused to come outside and instead, he posted videos on
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wrong. he posted videos on instagram saying black lives matter. officers escorted six other people outside and they were questioning them what was going on. it was caught on camera from this news chopper. "tmz" spoke to a woman as brown put a gun to her face as she was looking at jewelry a guy was showing off. >> everything was fine, talking to chris, talking i sat in the hot tub and one of my friends was swimming in the pool. we decided to go back in and that is when i saw this male who was selling these diamond watches and the diamond necklaces and that is when i saw the diamond cross necklace. of course, i'm going to admire it. i did not pick it up. i did not try to take it, anything to that sorts.
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friends who kind of triggered chris but he said don't go near the diamonds and started calling me names and said get the f. outside. that is when chris said i have been telling you over and over and he pulled out the gun and said get the f. out of here and that is when i left. >> dramatic reenactment of what chris brown has been repeatedly in troubl with the law since he assaulted his girlfriend rihanna several years ago. scottsdale has been getting quite a few snake calls and the latest was last night where they picked up a 7-foot long boa constrictor. two other pythons have been in
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herpetological society. they are not sure if they are abandoned by the same area or if they broke free from the cages. >> it is one of us holding a bag and one of us trying to shove the snake in the bag. >> if no one comes forward to claim te two snakes, they might become part of an educational parents listen up, there is a new place for your kids to eat free. where young people can get meals from chipotle on the house. plus, a hefty bill from apple after they are found to
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a landmark decision a landmark decision against apple today overseas. the european union finding the u.s. company receiving illegal tax benefits and now apple is on
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benjamin hall reports. >> reporter: the european union thinking differently about apple's taxes. the company ordered to pay up to $14.5 billion in back taxes plus interest to ireland after it was revealed they paid $56 in taxes for every $1.1 million in profit. >> this decision sends message. members cannot give unfair tax benefits to selective companies. >> reporter: the decision comes after a 3 year investigation into the iphone maker. for the latest quarter, they posted a net income of $7.8 billion. the california-based company says they employ 6,000 people in ire land, most of them in cork.
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in ireland. what is under question, is what are the tax rules in ireland? >> reporter: apple says they have done nothing wrong and they will challenge the decision. tim cook says the most profound and harmful ruling will be decided in europe. every company in ireland and europe are be under laws that never existed. apple opened half a point down starting trade on tuesday. good news for families who love chipotle. the company is offering free kids meals every sunday during the month of september. high school and college students can get a free soda or ice team team -- tea if they show i.d.
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attempt to try to regain sales
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dave, we had a little bit of activity out there but it seems like it is calming down. >> reporter: it is calming down now. there was a lot of dust in the air last time we had that shot. we have radar pictures to show you what happened here. something approached from the east and that happens at this time of year. 99 degrees right now. 96 degrees in scottsdale. 94 at fountain hills. 87 in apache junction that is where the storm came in and kind of cooled things off a little bit. as you can see moisture. look at how quickly the moisture falls off of the map there and we'll take a look at it. it is rolling in the east valley through mesa, through scottsdale and down through queen creek. it looks like it is pretty big but then it fell apart. you can see it was holding in mesa an to fountain hills. you see reds and yellows in there. this is the futurecast.
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be happening here over the next couple of days. we get into thursday and you can see we get pretty good moisture around the state. look at that, this is thursday in the evening and pretty good storms so we do have a chance of some rain and shower activity moving until here as we start getting into the weekend. winds are dying down a little bit. had been blowing pretty good to get the dust up and going but as you can see, pretty well down. highs today, we 107 degrees in the valley. in goodyear, 108. glendale, 108. chandler, 104 degrees. 88 degrees in payson. 79 in flagstaff. 112 degrees in yuma. 107 for the high here. record high, 113. record low at 64. looking across the country, we
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taking its way toward hawaii at this time. lester behind it. we have tropical depressions, nine and eight, one in the gulf and one near the carolinas. 101 degrees for tomorrow. take a look at it here. a little chance of moisture as we start to head into the weekend and that will have a little bit of an affect on the temperatures. watch your kids around water. >> reporter: well, he is a three-time pro bowl performer on special teams. can he sustain his pro bowl status and start at cornerback for the arizona cardinals? introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert.
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>> reporter: let's start with going back to 2013 when one major football called justin bethel the best player in special teams in the nfl. the cards' d.b. has been a prow bowl per former are for the last couple of seasons. there is justin bethel number 28. he has been able to come up with big play, blocked field goal, tackles, his energy and passion. the question is, by the way, he is going to have to play through the foot injury.
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just not 100%. playing the past sunday against will fuller, he gave up a touchdown pass here. can you do both? can you play special teams and cornerback at this level? >> it is one of those things that you have to go out and do it and you're going to be tired. guys who have done it, they will tell you running down gunner after getting double teamed, you will be tired and out of breath bu and use your technique to get you through the play. >> reporter: teddy bridgewater had a strong start to his career for quarterback inman opinion. he dislocated knee and torn acl and done for the entire season.
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the playoff spot. this is a setback. >> they are tough. they are vikings. >> reporter: yes, that is his old favorite team. it is a blow for minnesota for sure. >> it takes you back when it happened to carson palmer. there is nothing you can do. >> reporter: your season can change in a moment. >> fox 10 news is coming back at 9:00 and 10:00.
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announcer: today on "tmz"-- harvey: chris brown is in big trouble. chris is a suspect for allegedly pointing a gun at miss california regional at his house this morning. she said she was invited into the house with another friend and this melee breaks out. the best part of the story, if th chris points a gun at her and then asks her to sign a nondisclosure agreement. >> we got teyana taylor leaving ace of diamonds. she's the girl in the kanye west "fade video. we're like, your body is unbelievable. >> i know a twinkie body when i see one. that's not one. >> there are two twin boys that


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