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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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violations of the law. so think of that. we have a war on cops. now i'm a veteran. i talked to donald trump many times. i know what comes from his heart. he loves the cops. he loves the military. he loves the veteran and he loves all you too. i will tell you one thing, when he becomes president, they will wipe out these the crime on the streets. when you burn a building down, they ought to be locked up and not being politically correct or incorrect. lock them all up and throw them in jail. that's what you do. we have to do something. we have cops being killed. we have politics involved. they call the justice department when they see a video. they don't even give the cops
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so we got -- >> sheriff joe arpaio obviously he is in form tonight. he wins big last night and is feeling good right about now. he has a tough race in november. but he is a powerful ally for donald trump and for the people who want border security and are demanding border security. we begin tonight with team coverage of donald trump's fifth visit to the valley where he will make a much anticipated speech on immigration. we got coverage of that speech and people gatheringo out against donald trump. let's begin with steve krafft on the inside following the action. steve, i feel that some of this has been telegraphed with what donald trump said earlier today in mexico. he even laid out five points he made to president nieto. i think some of that we may hear tonight. do you agree? >> yes, i think the five points, john, you are right, are going to be the lynch pin of his immigration policy going forward
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so basically if you remember, donald trump was the candidate who came out and said, the 11 million undocumented immigrants should be deported, kicked out of the country and there should be a deportation course to round them up and boot them out and should be a border wall. 2,000 plus miles separating the united states and mexico. and most famously that mexicans should pay for it. i think what we saw today in mexico were measured steps by mr. trump to walk back from those earlier promises as he cobble could in order to broaden his base of support to get more latino support tomorrow get more to get the never -- the republicans to vote for him. that's his challenge going forward while not betraying the true believers who powered his rise and his victory winning the republican nomination for president. let me show you what's going on
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4,000 people behind me. a series of speakers no ho have been warming up this crowd to a fever pitch waiting for donald trump to come out in this very important address tonight to explain. how much will he keep, how much of it will he get rid of. how is he going to moderate it and how will he smooth the rough edges down in order to win the election? that's the challenge for donald trump. an him to pull this off. are people' opinions about donald trump so fixed that he cannot possibly win this support at this relatively late juncture . we are waiting for donald trump to come out here and speak to the crowd. they are fired up and waiting for details and they are waiting for specifics. should be quite interesting to see. reporting live, steve krafft, "fox 10 news." great job out there. appreciate it. before coming to phoenix the
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meeting with the country's president nieto and in the past trump had said that many illegal immigrants from mexico are drug dealers, rapists and murderers. today it was a much softer message from donald trump. >> the united states first, second and third generation mexicans are just beyond reproach. spectacular, spectacular hard working people. >> the mexican peo insulted by certain comments, but i was certain that his genuine interest is to build a relationship that might lead us to provide both our societies better conditions. >> it's interesting because president pe?a nieto was quite complimentary of donald trump saying that they found some common ground and that they like
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position a little bit here. donald trump says they discussed the idea of building the wall along the u.s./mexico border but no discussion about how it would be paid for. meantime, young latinos here in the valley are speaking out against donald trump very concerned about their status and their futures here in the u.s. many young latinos who are allowed to stay in the u.s. under the dream act they are very afraid that if trump were elected and becomes president, the would be taken away. those latinos are children of undocumented immigrants and the dream act allows them to stay here in the u.s. if they meet certain criteria. >> i am not allowed to vote. but if you have some heart and you know what it feels like to be at home and you don't want to get the rug pulled from underneath you and stay at home, don't vote for trump. >> meantime phoenix mayor greg stanton is very critical of donald trump calls his trip to
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and many other democrats say they will continue to reject donald trump. continueing team coverage, another group gathered in front of the convention center. nicole garcia is live with people who had been protesting donald trump's visit to the valley for the better part of three hours. >> yeah, it's practically a party out here in front of the convention center. take a look outside across the street. you see several hundred demonstrators and protesters waiving flags. there they have a inflatable joe arpaio in jail stripes and inflatable donald trump in a ku klux klan robe. for the most part this crowd has been very tame compared to other crowds protesting donald trump rallies in the past. we've seen a couple of verbal confrontations, but that's pretty much it. as you can see the crowd protesters are pretty much on the opposite side of the street
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so they are separated. so not a lot of confrontations here and there is phoenix police officers saturated in this area. they are everywhere and on every corner. you see there is a metal fences separating this sidewalk from the street so we don't have any crowds spilling on to the streets or nobody really trying to get into the streets to do any road blocking or any kind of civil disobedience. the mood here is pretty tame. we have seen several dan dancing cultural dancers, lighting incense. everybody here on the opposite side of the convention center has the same message and that is that they don't feel donald trump represents them or their values. >> you welcome in that place. anywhere you go you see 99% or close to it white folks and then they are thinking about how wonderful they have it and how great donald will make it.
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america, arizona, a lot better. >> so far this crowd has been very peaceful and we are seeing a lot of the police officers and security out here. you see a lot of phoenix police officers, chief joe yahner was out here a little earlier. they are keeping the peace pretty well. the crowds have been separated so no confrontations so far. again, pretty tame compared to crowds past. we will be out here keeping track of everything and bringing you anything that comes up. i'm nicole news." we continue our team coverage of the trump campaign event throughout this news cast and if you want to watch trump's speech full live unedited we are carrying it streaming it as soon as he takes the stage you can watch it on-line on our youtube channel. that is fox news now and you can find a link on our website, meantime two races from yesterday's primary still too close to call. christine jones leading by less
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for house district 5. the former executive with go daddy is ahead of former president andy biggs in that race. maricopa county recorder helen purcell may lose her job. her opponent erin flanry leading the race by a few hundred votes. persel has been on the job for 27 years but was harshly criticized for problems at the polls in arizona's presidential preference election back in march. it led to people standing in line for hours to cast their ballots. official vote totals are expected sometime tomorrow. coming up after the break, two tucson reporters in court today after their baby tests positive for cocaine. what they admitted to today. plus an historic day as a plane from florida lands in cuba. we will bring you the latest. well a warm day out there today but a little drier than it has been. we will take a look around in
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mayor that guided them through 9-11, if you want the good house keeping seal of approval for law and order this is the guy you want and he has give than to donald trump. let's check in with the former new york mayor. >> that obviously he understands and respects and admires tremendously the contribution of mexican-americans who have come here legally over the years. first generation, second generation, third tremendous contribution they have made to the united states and how much they loves them. he also made it clear that illegal immigration hurts both countries. donald trump will secure our borders and hillary clinton will not. it's as simple as that. >> rudy guiliani will introduce donald trump.
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will come back and share some of that with you. we have it on fox 10 news now streaming live. go to our website, there is a link there if you want to watch the streaming. south of the valley two former tucson tv reporters plead guilty to endangerment after police say their four month old baby tested positive for cocaine. drug and child abuse charges were dropped against kristen and the husband. police say that kristen she was breast-feeding her ingesting cocaine during a party at the couple's home in oro valley. the child became lethargic and was sick and not eating properly and the baby was taken to the hospital and there tested positive for cocaine. the couple will be sentenced in october. for the first time in more than 50 years passenger on a u.s. commercial flight from florida lands in cuba. >> jetblue flight 387 was set
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lauderdale/hollywood international airport before touching down in santa clara this morning. it's the first commercial flight to land in the country since the height of the cold war. this comes after the u.s. and cuba announced they would begin restoring ties back in 2014. >> we really hope in the near future all remains obstacles that limit exchange between our two countries will be removed. >> americans are still not allowed to travel to cuba for tourism but they can go there if they meet one of 12 approved travel cultural or educational visits. coming up after the break, we will take a look at your full forecast. dave is on tap and we are looking at i-10 and what is that? 20th -- where is that? 27th ave. and i-10. slow in that right hand lane. the other side not looking too bad. as the sun is setting and we are watching for donald trump at the phoenix convention center.
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hi, everybody. let's take a look. you can see a few storms. look at this stuff across
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new england. there are a couple of things going on out there. let's look at madeline right here. madeline is a hurricane that's working its way south of the hawaiian islands right behind madeline is lester and lester is doing about the same thing only lester is going to go north of the islands and it will be a windy and a very rainy situation for the folks especially on the big island. we head back over gulf of mexico. and what do we find over here but we find a tropical storm and this is hermine right here that is giving us some problems. you can see the track that that is going to take as it makes its move and then we will have over here tropical depression 8. not much left of it so we just kind of left it alone here as it just falls apart and starts to dissipate a little. 103 degrees right now.
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south, southwest at six miles per hour. 105 in ahwatukee. 101 in cave creek. 105 in -- excuse me in cave creek. 105 in queen creek and 101 right now in apache junction. in glendale it's 106 degrees. you see a little bit of moisture through the day today. but a lot of that stuff really not reaching the valley getting close to the valley. there is a slight chance of a storm through the night tonight and we will keep our eye on the stuff especially the generating toward the valley right in here. you kind of see it falling apart as it gets in that area. we go to 106 degrees on the high today. and then you take a look at it overnight, 86 degrees. 99 degrees for tomorrow with some cloud cover out there. we will get back into triple digits by halfway through the weekend we are back to double digits and stay there for awhile. watch your kids around water. thank you all.
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ready to take the stage. jeff sessions will introduce him. jeff sessions an early senator who got on the trump train and hear from donald trump when he takes the stage right after this. coming up in sports western are talking about the deepest part of the cardinals defensive unit who stays and who goes when to comes to the very ive line. we will get into that and hear
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one more pre-season game after tomorrow against denver. they will get down to the final 53 man roster. defensive line. think about the players that you got to look at here. you loaded with talent. you go across the board calais campbell and and ed stinson and rodney gunter. the top pick could muchy. the department will be deep all season long them have so many options. >> it's always good to have depth. it gives you more security. because football season is -- guys are going to go down and missing games and the more guys that can step in to make big
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>> baseball d-backs and san francisco how about this? shelby miller on the hill. took 31 pitches to get through the first inning. buster posey double. scores joe. 1-0 giants. battling for that playoff position here. he got through the first inning. was not easy. hunter pence goes opposite field. posey scores so you are down 2-0 and then settled down and went six innings and gave up six hits and it was just two runs for shelby miller. he got through that. this catch. going back, 66 right on the wall. great grab here. giants just trying to split the short series with arizona. watch it again into the wall. holds on to the baseball. randall delgado with the pitch and pepagon drives in the run and the giants split two games and they win 4-2 the final. we will come back with more football and i do not have my
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devils great again cap on. here we go. >> this is mike pence. donald trump's running mate. he will introduce trump it was alabama senator jeff sessions who was on the podium a moment ago. you are getting the full ticket tonight here in phoenix. amazing. trump's sixth visit to the valley and this is really where it all started. more than a year ago when trump took that stage at that place and started with what some would cll a movement. t' mate. >> i was humbled to accept my party's nomination to run and serve as the next vice-president of the united states of america. and tonight, tonight is it my privilege to introduce a man i have come to know.
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loves this country with an unshakeable faith in the american -- >> vice-presidential nominee mike pence is getting ready to introduce donald trump and you can watch this unfold live on our youtube channel. it is it fox news now. go to our website, we've got a link there and you can watch it all as it happens live and we will have full coverage of trump's visit to the valley, his immigration speech tonight at 9:00. sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. gross. don't live with ants. get raid ant & roach spray.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: the woman accusing chris brown of pointing a gun at her, has had her share of problems. grand larceny possibly for stealing a super expensive purse. >> this incident could be significant because, you know, during the chris brown she claims there was some sparkly jewelry that she was admiring. harvey: she's got this gaping hole in her story, and -- [laughter] >> we've got kanye west. i go, was there anything wanted to talk about that you didn't address? >> just that we love each other. have a good time. >> he's so normal. he doesn't have an entourage. >> he was by himself at the airport.


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