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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 31, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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softening his nominee was republican the speculated recently some phoenix. tonight in immigration... speech about awaited and long- an historic trump making donald pay for the walland mexico will and clappingborder chanting the southern great wall along we will build a now at 9:00, fresh off of a visit to mexico, donald trump arrives in the valley to unveil his much anticipated immigration plan and he did not soften it at all. >> why all of the attention on his speech, why this head of rudy gullianny had people upset. flying with support animals. more and more people are doing it but what if people are caught abusing the privilege. they look like high dollar but they are worth $2. the latest in high fashion coming up in the buzz. we will build a great wall
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and mexico will pay for the wall. >> donald trust in -- trump in phoenix making a speech about immigration and some speculate that the republican nominee was softening his stance on the subject but tonight, he came out swinging touting his plan to build a wall part of a 10-point plan. >> thank you for joini a big night for the city of phoenix and the big night for donald trump in what will be a defining moment in his campaign. >> he was speaking speaking at e phoenix convention center and steve krafft joins us live to break it down and a tone different from what we expected. >> reporter: this is a speech the whole world was watching
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phoenix. donald trump went to mexico city adopting a statesman-like pose as he was there with the president of mexico, very sober and moderate sounding tone. he came here and gave a speech that was not at all like that. it was a speech emphasizing enforcement and being stricter to make sure illegal immigration stops in the united states. he redoubled his efforts to mexicans to pay for it and more. let's listen to some of it. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it yet but they are going to pay for the wall. they are great people and great leaders but they are going to pay for the wall.
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physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall. we will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. we will break the cycle. there will be no amnesty. >> reporter: donald trump clear about what his immigration speech tonight. there was an interesting moment. rudy gillianny wore a hat on stage that said make mexico great good again also. mexico, not america. the crowd didn't like it. he took that hat off and gave it to senator jeff session of alabama.
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also hat on and it bombed with him as well. maybe an attempt to show that trump struck a moderate tone but this crowd fired up about 4,500 people. they wanted make america great again and that is all they wanted and they wanted a stern message from donald trump and they were happy about that. the larger question is if it is going to expand the base theirs trump is going to need to win the election and the jury is out on that. >> he talked about e-verify, enforcing e-verify and people particular with the border say if you fix that alone that will solve a lot of the problem. people here illegally would not be able to get a job if they did not have documentation. >> reporter: yes, that was part of a larger strategy
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different ways. it is tightening e-verify, adding 5,000 border patrol agents and stationing them along the border and building a beautiful wall with sensors above and below the ground. donald trump a had an enforcement-heavy speech. it was the same sort of theme he thinks we can stop illegal immigration by better enforcement mechanisms and he has a plan to do >> steve krafft live tonight. thank you, steve. >> during his speech, donald trump brought on stage a group of kids, family members killed by undocumented immigrants. among those, the mother of brandon mendoza who was involved in a head-on collision and a clerk at a q.t. who was shot and
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immigrant. >> people lined up outside of the convention center early waiting for the doors to open. >> they were not the only once out there. people protesting donald trump's speech gathered outside of the convention center. >> we continue our coverage with nicole garcia. >> reporter: the streets of downtown phone were calmer and quiet than it was earlier. this plaza w 300-400 people standing shoulder to shoulder. the two sides were separated by a metal fencing here. protesters on this side of the street and trump sporters on the opposite side of the street. at one point, there were dozens of protesters who made their way across the street and to the doors of the convention center where they came face-to-face with trump supporters and tense
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ultimately, police officers got in there and got in the mix and physically separated the dueling sides without any major incidents. a verbal clash remained that, just a war of words, protesters swarmed the area and at the height of the evening, there was and sheriff joe arpaio. a lot of noise is trump is hate and dump trump. >> anywhere you go, you see 90 or close to it, white folks and they are just thinking about how wonderful they have it and how great donald is going to make it. >> he has made so many statements that is showing he is bigoted.
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the hair is a play on words because you can't comb over it. he makes bigot seem normal. >> reporter: there was a huge police presence out here throughout the day. phoenix police officers were everywhere, they were in the crowd, on bikes, some were standing by in riot gear just in case there were undercover officers. they did a good job in keeping the peace. there were no major incidents to >> would you say there were more protesters or more pro-trump people on the street? >> reporter: physically on the street, there were more protesters but several thousand trump supporters inside the convention center. on the street, there were more protesters than supporters for trump. >> nicole garcia, live in downtown phoenix.
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unmarked plane. he flew to mexico and back in an unmarked plane. he landed about 4:30 this afternoon and there were many reports this was because of security concerns for donald trump flying into mexico. they wanted to keep it as under the radar as they could. this is the first time he has shown up in an unmarked plane. he usually shows up in the signature plane and they it is because of security concerns. >> before landing in the valley, donald trump made another surprising move with the last-minute meeting in mexico. he met with the president of mexico after a year of controversial comments of mexican immigrants. >> we did discuss the wall. we did not discuss the payment of the wall. i think it was an excellent meeting. we are, i think we are well on our way.
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strong but we have to be strong. we have to say what is happening. >> however, after the meeting, the president of mexico said he told trump mexico will not be paying for the border wall. >> trump's visit to arizona happening after the primary. some results are coming in undecided. >> as of late, there are the undecided different votes and elections here. there are 88,000 early and 3,000 provisional ballots left to be counted and two races are too close to call, maricopa county recorder helen purcell is struggling to keep her job. about 400 or 500 votes here. >> it is about 500 votes. >> challenger aaron flannery is
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purcell was criticized after the presidential preference election. many waited in lines for hours and many walked away. she has been on the job in maricopa county as the recorder for 28 years. >> in the house, district five, this is the g.o.p. race replacing matt salmon retiring in the east valley. kris -- leading. andy bigs is the closest challenger here. bigs trails jones. there are three other candidtes so the thought is that biggs probably can't make up that kind of ground, particularly, if he has to share it with three other candidates. >> the results website was not working during a critical night
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the new system was implemented this year and she bragged about it and the there was a problem with a file in the system that caused the issue. now, after the election, everything is back up and running. >> reporter: well, you can't vote on this. it is just happening. you can see the moisture coming in from the east once again as we see a little bit of encroachment wh some of them getting close to phoenix on the east side. we'll have weather in just a little bit. the vote to legalize recreational pot use in arizona. some have fought to keep the issue off of the november ballot. today, the arizona supreme court weighs in. trying to keep zika from spreading across the u.s. why time is running out to fund
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sometimes called therapy animals are considered a new trend among air travelers. doctors are warning about the dangers of trying to trick the system to get your pet on for a
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(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh.
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they provide emotional they provide emotional support for those who need it and those therapy dogs or sport animals are widely used, more are concerned that those who them on flights. >> what are the rules and what are your rights regarding therapy animals on a plane? danielle miller went looking for answers and she has more for us. >> reporter: john and kari, almost every airline allows a support animal to fly for free, the owner has to have a signed letter from a mental health professional saying the animal decreases their symptoms from what they are suffering from.
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are faking a disorder to save money. >> we don't have to write the diagnosis on the letter to prove the airline. we can just say they are under our care and they have a diagnosis supported by the animal. >> reporter: traveling with a support animal is a problem. dr. kristin ray says she is seeing an increase of people looking to get a signed note saying they need the this note is required for that animal to fly for free out of a carrier and in the cabin. >> the person who is requesting to have an emotional supportive animal has to have a psychiatric provider so a psychologist, psychiatrist or a mental health provider says they are under the care of that person. >> reporter: an emotional support animal can be dogs to
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>> it can be for depression, anxiety, pt ssks -- ptsd. they reduce anxiety like heart rate and things like that. >> reporter: those gaming the system are usually doing so to save a buck. >> ultimately, a lot of things we're seeing is how expensive it is to fly with a dog. it is $125 to fly with without a note but with a note it is free. >> reporter: anyone caught without a mental health problem, the doctor could lose their license. if you are planning to take a trip this labor day weekend, experts say labor day is the least traveled holidays. according to tripped adviser, 3% of people plan to travel. of those traveling, about a
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drive. >> reporter: from the day training camp started this question was asked, who is going to be the starting cornerback opposite of patrick peterson? we don't know but tomorrow night can go a long way in the decision. cards-broncos and the one-on-one conversation with justin bethel. it is all yours in sports. evening student at our beautiful campus in the heart of phoenix. earn you bachelor's, masters or doctoral degree to take your career to the next level. engage with industry expert instructors in small classroom settings where you can get the support you need to excel. scholarships available. see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> reporter: hi, everybody. you can see a little haze in the background here. a little moisture coming down in a few spots across the valley. 96 degrees. winds out of the east, southeast at 13 miles an hour. 95 in deer valley. 102 in glendale. 95 right now in mesa.
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moisture coming up from the south. moisture in the east valley at this time as we shoot on down there. you see this stuff developing and there is gill gilbert and fountain hills. you can see redevelopment around apache junction as the stuff keeps moving in closer and closer to phoenix. this is where the heaviest of it was in the cave creek area. here is phoenix and encroachment. most of this is virga, which means it is moisture in the air. it is not reaching the ground. it will come down as rain if the rest of the moisture catches up to it. here is the city of phoenix right here. south phoenix that is a pretty good shot right there and this is sky harbor in here. you can see some of that encroachment is over the top of sky harbor as well. we are not getting any reports
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there have been reports of winds at 35 miles an hour in some of the storm areas. as we back off a little bit into the southern southeastern portion of the state. there is tucson there. plenty of moisture available over the next couple of days here. it continues to roll in. we see some across the south and once again, a shot up here and we go to the high on the day, 106 degrees. you can see the 104 in 103 in scottsdale. other numbers from around the state, 88 degrees in sedona. 77 up in flagstaff. 107 degrees in yuma. this is your day. 106 on the high. 102 on the low. record high, 113. record low at 62. as you look around here, you can see the forecast highs are coming down a little bit. as we go to 99 degrees at sky
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there are triple digits hanging out in there. mid 80's is the forecast for sedona. 74 up in flagstaff. 103 down in yuma. as we look across the country here, there is a flow of moisture working its way into oklahoma where we see stormy weather. also, we see madeline here and going south of the hawaiian islands. this is lester back here and lester is making another trek in. lester is going to be going rain, wind, and lots of activity over there. we are also looking at a tropical storm at this time. this is hermine in here. it is moisture laiden. it has 60 miles an hour winds. it is, working its way into tampa at this time. they are going to see flooding and pretty good storms in there.
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way out. that is tropical depression number eight. they have .76 of an inch in miami. almost an inch in orlando as well as the moisture rolls through there. 86 overnight. 99 degrees for tomorrow. take a look at it here, as we get the 99-degree temperatures, we see triple digits but for the most part, we're going to the 90's as we get through saturday. watch your kids around water. coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news at 9:00. the phoenix city council approving a citywide identification system for undocumented immigrants. ripped, dirty, and covered in duct tape. say hello for the newest pair of shoes selling for $600 at a
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what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. gross. don't live with ants. get raid ant & roach spray. raid??? raid kills bugs dead. sc johnson new developments on prop 205... the initiative to new developments on prop new developments on prop 205, that is the measure to legalize marijuana in arizona. it will be on the november ballot after the arizona supreme court rejected a final legal challenge. the high court threw out a lawsuit from opponents who is asking the judge to ban the initiative from the ballot saying it is misleading. in a separate lawsuit
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orders one change to the initiative description that will appear on your ballot. this lawsuit was filed against state officials by backers saying the description was wrongly worded that marijuana will be legal for people over 21 when it should say 21 and over. another measure arizona voters will see is the fair wages and the healthy families initiative. >> voters will decide on to raise the minimum wage by 2020 to $12 an hour. >> supporters say it is about time and opponents say it is bad for the economy. steve krafft has the story. >> reporter: right now, the minimum wage in arizona is $8.05 an hour that translates to $17,000 a year if you're working full time. >> what we know is a single mom
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that family on $8.05 an hour, which translates to $17,000 a year. you can't raise a family on $17,000 a year. it is time to give hard-working chance to put a little money in their pocket. reporter: the proposition would phase in the higher wage. $10 an hour next year and creeps up to $12 a lot of people work minimum wage in arizona so this is a pocket book issue. >> i think a lot of people will be affected by the passage of this initiative and a lot of people will be -- lives will be changed and changed for the better. >> reporter: at both of her trade cafes she is committed to pay $12 an hour. >> i've been at this location
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location for five. >>reporter: minimum wage is $8.05. what do you pay? >> we pay above that. i'm in accordance for the 2020 goal initiative. i'm in com compliance. >>reporter: why are you doing that? >> my tag line is coffee with a conscious and i mean that to the deepest level. truly a company's biggest investment should be in their bringing to life their vision as a business. it is almost like how can i not pay them well? >> reporter: she says paying them more ensures her employees are loyal and happy. one employee has been working there for six years and now she is a manager. >> i love working here. all of the people are so nice and it is people from the
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are like family. >> reporter: it is not hard to find people who oppose the initiative who feel it would be bad for business, feel it would cost jobs. >> this will be damaging to small business and as concerning to us, this is going to make it very, very difficult for a lot of entry level workers to get they foot in the door. >> reporter: the arizona chamber of commerce says the free market should dictate minimum wage. >> we are opposed to proposal. it is a well-intentioned proposal but in developing economic development for the state, it goes about the wrong way. >> reporter: $17,000 a year working full time at the $8.05, if you're a single mom with a couple of kids, how do you make that work? >> the minimum wage was never meant to be a full living wage.
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who came in and made additional wages as they progressed up. >> reporter: arizona voters have a chance to say yes to $12 an hour in 2020 in november. a photo i.d. card will be available for people living here illegal. >> a controversial plan. the measure has been long debated due to security concerns. marcy jones joins us live with details on the proposal. interesting that this comes tonight on a night that donald trump is talking about sanctuary cities, cities that support people who are illegal. >> reporter: absolutely, guys, a councilman told me that this is replicated in one other city in the world and that is in canada.
9:37 pm
could use this as a form of i.d. the city doesn't have control in the process as the i.d.'s would be issued from an outside party. it came after a heated and lengthy debate and concerns that it will make the city inclusive. it will be compared to a library bank card used as a second form of i.d. kit not replace a driver's license orbiter certificate but you can use paycheck or rent an apartment. many can benefit from it, such as victims of abuse, homeless and immigrants. card is an expensive library card and cannot replace a government issued idea to vote or drive. >> have an opportunity to have the i.d. in the city so in case they lose their i.d. because they are traveling from one place to another, they have an
9:38 pm
>> most shocking to me is that the city of phoenix is going to let people use a foreign passport to get a city of phoenix i.d. after a brief period of time in our city. >> reporter: we're told the first of the city i.d. cards could be rolled out as early as february. marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> we're hearing from a valley woman who was allowed to stay in the u.s. under the dream act and about to now. she is an immigrant rights activists and works with the dream act coalition. she was named "time's" magazine one of the most 100 influential people. she will soon take her oath to become a u.s. citizen and she will be able to vote in the presidential election. she says donald trump's
9:39 pm
anything in her opinion. >> every time he is talking about deporting people, he is talking about separating families. in my case, i have my mother who is undocumented and i have a child who is a u.s. citizen. i'm a legal permanent resident. there is a lot of gray area. >> she says she wants to see common-sense solutions to fix the broken immigration still ahead at 9:00, new concerns over the zika virus and why the federal government may be running out of time to fund
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two former tucson t-v two former tucson tv reporters pleading guilty to felony child endangerment charges after their 4-month-old baby tested positive for cocaine. investigators say kristin breast-fed her infant after ingesting cocaine. the child was la tharchic, wasn't eating properly. the baby was taken to the hospital and cocaine. kristin and her husband are facing up to two years in prison or probation. federal funding to stop the zika measure meaningests -- efforts to stop the spread needs more money. president obama requested $1 billion more and republicans
9:44 pm
which democrats blocked. the c.d.c. spent $194 million of the $222 million that it was initially given to fight the virus so they are getting towards the end of the money there. health officials say preventive measures will likely come to a halt and this could be a problem because mosquito season runs through october. >> we are not getting funded for something that is a public health emergency and it is very, very disturbing. >> this is an epidemic in progress and in my opinion, it is going to get worse. >> senate republicans have scheduled a vote on zika funding next tuesday when congress comes back into session. it is expected to be blocked because it excluded planned parenthood.
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this since j.f.k. was president, a direct flight from u.s. to cuba. jetblue touching down in cuba after leaving fort lauderdale, florida, wednesday morning. it is part of renewing relations with the previously communist country. 177,000 jobs added in august. all eyes are on the government's jobs reports that comes out friday morning. stocks not having much sizzle the dow and s&p dropped slightly. if you love breakfast and dessert, check out this super sweet deal. baskin robbins rolling out a new sandwich served on a powdered doug -- doughnut from dunkin'
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>> i find doughnuts, free food, extra via -- vacations. >> how can your bosses squeeze more out of you? money is not the driving factor. plus, he has been the face of the university of iowa. is he the best mascot? moo what is his >> herky. why she says the school needs to find a new mascot
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it's time for the buzz... where we talk about the stories people are talking where we talk about the all right, time for the buzz where we talk about the stories that people are talk about. >> first up, the vintage look is in fashion. something kind of old that does not look like it is brand new. luxury department stores have taken things too far. barneys new york selling these shoes fo almost $600. they are called the distressed style. shoes are covered in duct tape. i could make these for $3. >> you can see these on the streets in downtown phoenix. >> critic says the shoes mock the poor and glorify
9:50 pm
earned those ouchys on there. >> duct tape? your going to spend $600 on that? >> it is silver plaited? it had a broken shoe lace that looked broken. next, what makes people work harder? a new study says pizza, not money increases the study offered incentives to three different groups and the group given pizza was the most productive. the group sent good job texts were second and the group given money or a bonus came in third. >> you can't use the money if you're at work working. >> by the time the taxes come out of it, there is not a lot
9:51 pm
>> doughnuts was not on the list. >> i agree with a thank you. a nice text goes a long way. it is important. it is cheaper than pizza. >> it is free, easy, and employees don't hear it enough. >> thank you for your hard work, john. >> thank you. >> i mean that. lastly, herky the hawk is the coolest mascot in all of the university of iowa. great school. a professor there wants to change the facial expression. >> we are talking sports, he should look menacing. >> she says the expression is too angry looking and might
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>> is this p.c. gone crazy? >> remember when the cardinals did this. they change it to a bird with attitude and look how good they do. >> it is in the mascots. >> you have to look tough. >> head to our facebook pages. we want to hear from you. >> is herky the better mascot or sparky? >> head to my facebook page and give kari a piece of mind about that. >> reporter: i ordered you a double cheese pepperoni to kick it up a notch. we have to talk about the cardinals' secondary. this was a question before training camp. it is still a question as we look beyond the week to the regular season. our conversation with justin
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can
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rough 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. well, this question was out there when training camp started and it is still out there, who is going to be the starting cornerback opposite this guy, number 21, patrick peterson?
9:56 pm
williams? could we see justin bethel? i had a chance to talk to justin bethel at practice yesterday to see where he is returning from a foot injury over the last week. >> rogers down and the pass is caught. intercepted, justin bethel. >> reporter: give us a sense of the denver broncos and what it looks like in terms preparation and opportunity for you to get more reps. >> every game you have to take it like a game day, in season. this will be a big opportunity to get out there and get more reps. it comes down to staying healthy. as long as i'm healthy, i will play. >> stafford has it picked off. rashad johnson. >> reporter: rashad is long
9:57 pm
on the operation and the calls being made. how is that going to play out with new personal back there? >> i think it will be fine. obviously, you know, rashad was a very intellectual guy and new the plays and knew the defense inside and out. watching ty and tony and d.j. in the back and pat and watching everybody dive deeper into playbooks and get the ins and outs of the defense and what the offenses are trying to do. collectively, we will be ok. >> the play is made by chandler jones. welcome to arizona. >> reporter: when you look at the addition of chandler jones and marcus golden, you hear the analysts say they can rush four and take pressure off of the secondary. is that being discussed in the media room?
9:58 pm
needs to do. obviously, adding those guys definitely adds a new dynamic to our defense. >> reporter: richard saenz will be live out there tomorrow night. as for the sun devils, saturday night, the stadium and the one-two punch. this running back core is solid, physical. who wants to try to tackle this fellow? man, he can bring it. this is one of the more dynamic runs of ucla. look at this scrum, rugby style across the goal line. he brings the physicality, athleticism and determination for the running back core. saturday night against n.a.u. >> we just want to play football and if we play football the way
9:59 pm
we know the end result can be big amount of points on the board. >> reporter: d-backs in san francisco. there is a shelby miller sighting getting the start. got roughed up in the first inning. buster posey shopping at the gap and 1-0, miller settled down. 31 pitches and that includes bringing in san francisco lead. hernandez out there at center and goldy but the giants win, 4-2, the final. we have a special addition of sports night after dark coming up but right now it is fox 10 news at 10:00. we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> donald trump in phoenix
10:00 pm
plan. but not everyone is happy to see the g.o.p. presidential candidate. hundreds of protesters came out the welcome trump. before he arrived in phoenix, donald trump traveled south of the border to meet with mexico's president in mexico city. >> we did discuss the wall. before we get trump, we begin with a fox 10 news alert. sky fox over the home at 39th avenue and peoria and this is tragic. paramedics has rushed a 2-year-old child to the hospital with a gunshot wound. the toddler got ahold of a gun and it went off. thankfully, we're told the injuries are not life threatening. a major police presence this


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