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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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somewhat, we still have this and this is the advisory for flooding. and that -- or excuse me, for dust storms and that is going to be until 6:00 this evening. unless they extend it and take a look. we showed you that long line of storms. this is a big area that they are covering with this advisory for dust. we will have more on this as needed and of course we will have a full report on what's going on with our weather, the hurric up. i should have known it would rain. i washed my car today. you can blame me. a lot of people are filling up at the gas station before hitting the road and thieves are looking to take advantage of you at the pump. >> the number of skimmers, those are those card readers that are used to steal your debit card information. >> marcy jones is live with what you need to look out for. have been looking out for this since we have been covering these stories. thankfully i haven't seen one
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about this. you can't see it with your naked eye and thousands of people are going to be hitting the road this holiday weekend and that means they will hit this right here before that. that's why experts say it's critical to raise awareness about this rising problem. >> according to the agriculture department of arizona, last year only 11 credit card skimmers were found at gas pumps. this year it's a whole different story. >> we have been out doing our inspections and we found 60 of these in arizona in month nearly 31 of these. >> export says you need to protect yourself. >> when you go to fill up for gas, you need to go in and ask the attendant first. when was the last time you checked for skimmers on your pump. if they haven't checked for awhile, pay cash or go somewhere else. >> adding that one thing you never want to use is your debit card. >> these skimmers take your debit card and number and will drain your bank account just like that. >> undetectable to the naked
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to stay ahead of skimmer technology like sam's club where they use security tape that says the word void if tampered with. >> come to expect that we are protecting their data in store or in club when they shop with us what we want to do is let them know when they are shopping at our sam's club gas stations we are taking those measures to protect their data as well. >> and always stay vigilant. as a skimker be attached in the blink of an eye. >> seven seconds. >> you could hear my surprise in that i con believe just seven seconds of here is an up close of the security seal that is the thing that turns void if it's been tampered with. now here is the tricky thing. is that job that's never done because as the skimmer technology starts to advance and evolve, so do the ways they need to protect us. reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." and staying up with the gas pumps, prices are up a little
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nationally the average price of gas is ringing in at $2.23. and here in arizona the average price per gallon is $2.10. prices are up 10 cents from this time last month. 10 cents but down 24 cents from this time last year. >> still cheap for a road trip. >> not too bad. despite the recent increase, aaa expects arizona drivers will be paying the lowest labor day holiday gas prices in more than ten years. a two-year-old boy finding a gun and shooting himself in the upper leg this could have been so much worse. it happened in northwest phoenix last night. our steve krafft joins us with the story. you are so right. it did happen near 40th avenue and peoria last night this is another example of with a could happen when grownups leave a gun in a place where a small child can find it. this was the scene last night as officers rushed to a home in northwest phoenix. phoenix police say the little
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and shot himself. the bullet hit the child's upper leg and groin. and neighbors says the accident happened in front of another child in the house who is just six years old. the neighbor could tell something was wrong and rushed over to help. >> well, i was in the house in the back and my dogs are carrying on and carrying on. i usually don't look and i open the curtain and i looked out and i saw paramedics and ran out real quick and i went over there and the little window hanging out screaming, screaming. and i said and grampa was there and what's wrong? my grandson just shot himself. >> little boy is in the hospital with those serious injuries. police say they not life-threatening. that's good. phoenix police are investigating this case. the bottom line if you have a gun lock it up in a gun safe and make sure your guns are in a place where children cannot get to them. reporting live, steve krafft, "fox 10 news."
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someone's home through a doggy door. look at this picture. unbelievable. they say the man stole a pearl necklace and other items on tuesday afternoon from a home near 46th avenue and bell. take a close look. do you recognize that guy? do you have any information on this suspect? the one who entered the house. call silent witness at 480-witness. let's get back to the weather that we were telling you about danielle miller is live now in chandler where the are picking up out there right now. well, we might have lost the signal due to the blowing dust out there. >> i hope she didn't blow away. >> we were showing you those pictures from skyfox. let's take a look and see where the storm is move inning the pictures we were showing up earlier. and here is a picture right now that blowing dust that dust wall making its way on into the valley. >> dave was showing us the radar and you can see strong thunderstorms down there. as they start to fall apart you
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basically forced out of them and sometimes that can kick up the dust and they typically form in this part of the valley because so many of these monsoon storms coming up from the south and that's happening right now. there is also some storm activity up north and anybody taking off early and heading up north. they might hit a little bit of traffic up along the i-17 due to storms. danielle is back live and we got that signal and she can hear us. how is it looking out there? i can tell your hair is blowing around. is it dusty as >> reporter: yeah, it actually is. we are here if chandler, chandler and mcclintock area. this storm kinda hit us out of nowhere. my hair a few seconds ago was not blowing and as you saw there, my hair is kinda wild out here if you can see it might be a little difficult to see but in the distance we can't even see the sky out here it's so dusty. i'm not sure where this dust is blowing in from but you can't see clouds or the sun or really see the sky because there is
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the trees are blowing out here. wind just picked upup and. we were standing out here and it was sunshine of, my hair wasn't blowing and no wind. we were getting ready for a live shot and then all of a sudden here it is and it hit us which most of us are used to around here with these monsoon storms. here in arizona they come from nowhere. i know there was a little clouds -- in the sky. >> having trouble with that signal with all of that wind. there. that is our weather. but there is another weather story, a big weather story in the southeast specifically florida. hurricane madeline weakened tropical storm. this one is in hawaii. it's going to batter the east coast of hawaii the center of the storm ended up passing south of the big island but heavy rein and strong winds and huge surf are hitting the shoreline. 15 inches of rain could fall. hurricane lester currently a
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hawaii over the weekend and one that is ready to hit florida. >> the gulf coast bracing there for hurricane hermine. that storm is expected to strengthen throughout the day before making landfall sometime tonight. and if hermine does make landfall as a hurricane, this will be florida's first since wilma back in 2005. hurricane warning right now in place for florida's gulf coast. that is a first since hurricane isaac threatened that area in 2012. here is a live look right now from florida as hermine approaches. >> hard to see much there. >> you can barely make out part of the coast line. >> i was expecting to see one of those reporters getting blown away with the surf. >> i saw them out there earlier standing in that water. it's from daytona beach, florida. and waives kicking up. the -- waves kicking up it will be an active weather night out there for them. >> florida's governor has declared an emergency for 56 counties in florida and schools along the gulf coast. they told students just to stay
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to mobilize once the storm has passed to help out. stores are running low on bottled water and flashlights. the typical things and city crews were struggling to keep up with the demander to sandbags and sand. officials are warning residents to be careful. we will have storm surge, wind, rain, we are going to have flooding. all of this together and parts of it by itself are life-threatening. >> serious stuff. an impact in the carolinas and in georgia with heavy rain and even flooding possible. job nearly killed her. what top v.a. officials are say being the retirement of the director of the phoenix's v.a. hospital after just nine months. i'm nicole garcia.
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look at that. the dust wall coming up over the mountains. the question is will the mountain stop it or moving in? >> this is looking again -- it looks like skyfox looking south over the queen creek area. we have been watching that dust storm roll in. you can see from this picture just how wide this dust wall is as it makes its way. always interesting to watch this view from skyfox as you can watch these buildings get swallowed up. >> and you get the blue skies out there and then you will get the really dark cloud of dust. this one is hauling, moving in. >> is it moving fast. >> we were talking earlier.
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because it cleans up after itself. when you just get the dust and no rain, it's just a mess behind sphaz weekend project. we will check in and check with dave in a bit. this blowing dust advisory is in effect until 6:00. be prepared especially if you are driving through. the veterans affair department deputy secretary in phoenix today visiting the embattled v.a. hospital here two years ago it was at the center of a hidden wait list scandal which revealed that veterans seeking appointments faced man a year and as many as 40 veterans died while waiting for care. >> leaders say progress has been made but they do admit there is a lot of work still to do and now there is another challenge. nicole garcia has the story. >> reporter: the phoenix v.a. hospital is losing its director again. deborah ander is retiring after less than a year on the job. meanwhile employees are saying while wait times are veterans have improved there are systemic
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deborah ander recently announced she is retiring for personal health reasons. this amid reports that long waits and scheduling manipulations persist. >> this job has nearly killed her. with deb after the first time she landed in the hospital. i didn't even find out about the second time she landed in the hospital. and if some jerk wants to assert that something that happened with her retirement, they are full of crap. >> the v.a. deputy secretary getting defensive when questioned about ander's short term in phoenix. he praised her work saying she has created more transparency within the hospital and reduced wait time for veterans. ander is credited with hiring more than 750 new employees expanding the hospital and streamlining emergency care. but employees say the hospital is severely understaffed and the scheduling system has not
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of patients in a lot of different areas and a lot of it has to do with limited amount of resources for schedulers for nurses and doctors. we have a strong accountability system. we are still going to have people that -- we will still have people that hide appointments or that delete appointments. we have a very archaic scheduling system that needs to be replaced. it's over 50 years old. ordered a new contact center be established in phoenix by the end of the year to fix ongoing complaints that call to hospitals and clinics go unanswered. and deputy secretary sloan gibson says he will be back here in phoenix every month for the rest of the year to oversee progress. i'm nicole garcia. "fox 10 news." well, we have some changes starting to move into the valley at this time.
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this action. take a look at that it's a big dust storm. we will take a look at what is
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can see this dust moving in. we get you a shot from skyfox here. and you can see it's windy out there. blowing that stuff around a little bit. look at that far edge of it starting to fall apart just a little bit here. so let's take a look and see exactly what we are dealing with. 103 degrees that wind out of the west, southwest at 11 miles per hour. not so bad. 99 right now. up in deer valley and surprise, 101, 99 in and here is it, yeah, it's active around the state today. not only just south of the valley, but here we are, here is the storm system we are talking about. you can see it much larger here as it rolls on in. but we see it dissipate just a little bit start to fall apart. some of the colors coming out of it those colors are the heaviest rain that we are seeing and when you see that happen, that means it's falling apart and shooting the air out of the bottom end
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kicks that dust up and then works it right in toward the valley and that's why we have the advisory. big area for the advisory. there is gila bend and casa grande and here is phoenix right up in here. a blowing dust advisory until 6:00 and as you can see also we continue to see moisture up to the north of us. working its way across that eastern edge of the valley. and here is the pine, payson areas where they saw a lot of moisture and you can see that stf very, very rapidly and up in the flagstaff area seeing quite a bit of this active weather as well. high on the day today 104 degrees. numbers surrounding it not quite that high. so we were the warm spot. 76 in flagstaff. 86 in sedona. 104 in yuma. 102 in gila bend and 75 in show low on the day. this is your day, 104 on the high. 87 on the low.
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big mess across the country of course. already mentioned we are -- the active weather that we are seeing by hawaii. two hurricanes, madeline and lester there is madeline there. and lester back in here. and that hermine right in here. take a look at it boy that rotation going and then you take a look at the path. we will plot this thing as it rolls up. you see it rolling up here and we get it into friy saturday we will occur and you will see it's getting way up on the coast here so is it going to drag a lot of moisture up that eastern seaboard. 86 overnight. 101 degrees with scattered storms through the night and you can see here we will hit those 90s and we will stick with them for a little while. more storms in the forecast. watch your kids around water. some of the craziest weather we had here is in september so we are starting september off
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monsoons. coming up, why more people in arizona are choosing to rent rather than buy a new home. plus the fiery explosion today at the kennedy space center that could be heard and felt for miles away. >> and what scared a group of bears away when they were swimming and dumpster diving in
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on.
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. there is a massive cell right over i-10. look at the rain coming down and
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you can see it dripping across the lens. this is at the i-10 westbound ap chandler -- and chandler. the loop 202 connects and some of the areas that need to be on the lookout over into eastern ahwatukee and right around chandler boulevard and the i-10. so this is an area where there is a strong cell and you can see that there is quite a bit of rain there on the freeway as you drive be careful this is the dust storm that we showed you a remember how thick that dust was. you can see it sitting up against the sky there it is starting to fall apart a bit. there is a lot of dust out there and still a big mess but as for the big wall that was rushing our way, it is starting to fall apart. we were keeping an eye on it and will check back in with dave throughout the evening news cast. >> a huge plume of smoke funneling out of the kennedy space center after an explosion
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pad. the mishap dealt a severe blow to space-x and to nasa. nasa says the explosion happened right here and there you see it during space x routine testing. now the unmanned rocket was scheduled to take a facebook satellite into space this weekend. that will bring internet access to africa and the middle east. the force of the blast shaking buildings several miles away with a lot of explosions. now nobody was hurt which is the good news. space x says theos during a propellant fill operation and originated around the upper stage of the oxygen tank. the exact cause is still unknown. some employees of home depot making a big difference at a valley animal shelter. the group raised money to purchase much needed supplies. anita roman was there for the big delivery. the home depot delivery truck pulled into the parking lot this morning outside of the
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building supplies. instead members of team home depot brought much needed pet supplies. >> it's amazing. we really needed through the summer the heat of the summer, it's hard to get donations in and we have been needing everything. >> the no-kill shelter is overloaded with kittens, puppies and even older long timers. >> in the last two weeks we have been lucky enough to save 30 from the county shelter but are piling in faster than we can take them their employees saw our website and thought we would be a great charity. >> the home depot employees held a dog days of summer drive these past three weeks collecting funds to buy supplies everything from cleaner to dog food to toys. >> we survive on donations. and adoption fees. so without that, we can't keep the doors open. >> with nearly 2,500-dollars in supplies, donated by team home depot, the shelter will be able
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anita roman, "fox 10 news." and if you would like to help, you do so by donating money, supplies or even time. the volunteers there, the shelter needs people to walk the dogs and play with the animals as much as they need cleaning supplies and dog food. for a link you can head to after a quick dip in a california pool, this looks great. >> can't blame them. >> they are having a ball. the three little bears. they are kinda big. the animals enjoyed their afternoon dip and then what happens after you have been swimming, you get hungry so they went to a nearby dumpster looking for a snack. a chopper camera was rolling the whole time as they strolled through this pasadena neighborhood. i thought it was a bigger city. >> it is a pretty big city. part of -- up against the foothills and that's where they came from see that little dog? >> i think that little dog came to the rescue and scared them
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at them and they ran off because of that little tiny dog. it's unknown if the bears went up a tree or just ran off. coming up, a daredevil known as the french spider-man is at it again. what he climbed today. >> plus why this surveillance video has people living in one zip code pretty worried. >> and later just how justin bieber was bailed out in a big
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we continue to follow the weather - continuing to follow thehe weather in a fox 10 weather alert. skyfox south of the valley and you can see we have blue skies out there but there is a wall of dust and storms. >> mentioned earlier it looks like that dust wall when you saw it at the beginning of news cast is breaking up a bit but a lot of dust out there.


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