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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  September 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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we continue to follow the weather - continuing to follow thehe weather in a fox 10 weather alert. skyfox south of the valley and you can see we have blue skies out there but there is a wall of dust and storms. >> mentioned earlier it looks like that dust wall when you saw it at the beginning of news cast is breaking up a bit but a lot of dust out there.
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effect until 6:00 and dave is back with us to show us where those storms are. >> well, let's take a look at the radar and as we go down take a look and you can still see a little bit of storm activity hanging on. quite a bit of it. all along this area. and you get a look at it coming in from another angle. here you see gila bend and casa grande in the background there. and then take a look at what is going on as far as this little cell right over here. you were justa you had a shot of the i-10 camera. out in that area. that is the guadalupe area, the ahwatukee area. really getting hit hard. take a look at that cell that's in there right now. that cell is not falling apart it looks like it's actually gaining in strength and then with that in mind, we do take a look at the dust advisory. we also have a flood advisory that's been tossed into that mix recently. just south of phoenix.
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6:00 p.m. this evening and of course we will keep you up with this storm throughout the evening. thank you, dave that area right around where i-10 meets chandler boulevard and the 202 kinda treacherous out there it does look like it's calmed down a little bit. earlier we saw the rain dripping down the learns of the camera -- the lens of the camera. still quite a bit of water on the freeway. >> dave just mentioned that's the flood advisory is happening now. we are keeping an eye on it a definitely a little creepy and scary out there when you drive on it. >> and danielle miller was out in it earlier and we saw it was windy where she was. let's check in with danielle now. how is it looking. >> hey, we are actually here in chandler near chandler boulevard and mcclintock where it's dusty. it's starting to get better but i feel like i spent a day at the beach. my cell phone is covered and my eye lids, dust in my eyes and teeth. definitely a lot of dust.
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shot around 5:00 when this huge wall of dust just hit us. what you can see here the sky, you could not see that about five minutes ago because it was covered in dust. a big -- that wall of dust came here and hit us. there has been a lot of thunder here in the last five minutes or so. that seems to be dissipate agent this time. just a few rain drops, nothing too serious. the main issue here has been this wind. you see the trees blowing out here and that wall of dust that hit us. there was a lot of thunder here that has stopped at this time. as i mentioned no rain. just a few sprinkles here on us but that wall of dust hit us out of nowhere because it was sunny and you see a few clouds in the sky but definitely blue skies. a little bit of the sun and within five minutes it just -- hit us. it does look like it's clearing up at this time. still a little windy and no thunder and no rain so it's not looking too bad but the dust is definitely blowing out. it's definitely not as bad as it was.
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a woman who ran over her boyfriend with a car is sentenced for that crime. this is the woman we are talking about. the whole incident was caught on camera and horrifying to watch. today misty lee will key apologized for what she did but she still going to spend the next several years behind bars. andrew hasbun joins us with the story. >> the undersentenced -- the judge sentenced her to six and a she was upset with her camera and i want to warn you the video is graphic. >> the video speaks for itself. it shows the victim riding his bike and misty lee willky headed straight toward him. she appears to speed up just before the car hits him. he is tossed over the car and lands on the pavement near 15th avenue and hatcher in phoenix. as bads that looks, he is able to get up. he was seriously injured but survived. willky left the scene and
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she had the chance to apologize just before the judge sentenced her. >> i'm really sorry about what happened that day. i was out of my mine and also on drugs and -- my mind and also on drugs and i will make sure nothing like that will happen again. >> willky's attorney tried to explain. the victim was willky's boy friend and the two were going to meet in a park to talk about the future when someone told her the victim was hiv positive. >> she tracked him down because she had been meaning to tell him the good news and confronted him with this a yeah, he did give her hiv. he has it and now you do, too. >> the explanation didn't appear to affect the judge's decision. >> series of events that attorneys explained -- i suppose helps explain why things happen but it doesn't justify it. >> willky's attorney says the victim could not be located and did not show up to court. >> in addition to the 6 1/2 years in prison, willky will have to serve three years probation after she is released
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news." a phoenix mom accused of killing her three young sons appears in court today. police say back in june octavia rogers stabbed her three sons to death and tried to take her own life. the boys were five, three and two months old. rogers has pleaded not guilty three counts of first-degree murder. he was in arizona last night but today donald trump was back east stopping off in the battle ground state of ohio. the gop switching gears from immigration which was the focus yesterday to today he was talking jobs and the economy. most polls show trump and democratic nominee hillary clinton are in a very tight race in ohio. >> and no schedule appearances for hillary clinton. joe biden was out on the campaign trail. the vice-president also in ohio. greeting supporters at a fair. clinton's next scheduled appearance is money when she will be at an event in
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president ronald reagan in 1981 will live in virginia full time beginning september 10. doctors at the hospital where john hinkley was confined say he no longer poses a threat to himself or others. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity back in 1982 for that shooting. hinkley has been granted more and more freedoms over the past decades spending upwards of 17 days per month away from that hospital. hinkley will be required to live with his mother at her home williamsburg, virginia. have his mental state evaluated once a month and obtain a job or some kind of volunteer work. people living in the 94101 zip code thes are on a. a master mailbox key is in the hands of some crooks and that means everyone living in that zip code is at risk for their mail to be stolen. surveillance video has captured a man and woman using the key to open some mailboxes.
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packages and the suspects are going to face some major charges when they get caught. these investigations very seriously. potential penalty of up to ten years in federal prison for the mere possession of a count if the or a real key. we have the mail theft charge which is also a federal offensive board potential penalty of five years in federal prison. >> and police are hoping to catch these thieves soon because changing all of the locks in the affected area could cost a $200,000. the famous french spider-man pulls off his latest stunt this much guy can climb. that's his whole thing. he is well-known for these stunts climbing 600 foot sky scraper this time in paris. alain rober has scaled 100 buildings. the daredevil making the climb using just his bare hands and no harness. kind of a scary thought it took him about 30 minutes to get to the top and after getting there, he peered around for a couple of
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down. coming up, the reason one school is thinking about getting rid of valedictorians. >> plus the medical mistake at school that landed one young boy in the hospital. >> and we are taking you back to chandler. i-10 and chandler this is just north of the firebird freeway -- or the firebird raceway. you see that roads are still wet but it looks like the hard rain has stopped. however, the freeway is still a little wet so be careful out
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we were continuing to work the weather alert and skies are so beautiful this time of night if you are watching from a distance from a helicopter. in the middle of it, it's a different thing. >> skyfox giving us a great view and you can see that dust making and that blowing dust advisory is still in effect until 6:00 tonight so let's check back in with dave to show us what the storms are doing now. >> a good look at the entire storm. you see it's not only the valley that is getting hit tonight. and we will look at more of that when we do the weather here. but take a look at it you see a storm system extending all the way from ajo into the phoenix area. you can see buckeye in the middle of all of that and get another angle of it and you will
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falls apart a little bit and you can see when it gets just south of phoenix here and look at that redevelopment that you are see in that particular area. also up here you will see some redevelopment over near ahwatukee and into the tempe area. right there and guadalupe is getting a shot of that. with that in mind, that area now under an aerial flood advisory until 7:30 this evening and then the rest of the area and a wide swath. look at that all of gila bend down to ajo over into the casa grande area, that's a blowing dust advisory and that's until 6:00 this evening. and of course we will keep you updated on what's going on with this weather around the valley. thank you, dave a five-year-old boy rushed to the hospital after the school nurse accidentally gives him the wrong medication. he was supposed to get this. a medication for asthma. but instead the nurse gave him
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adhd. >> little jakarry has quite a few allergies. >> pineapple, eggs, chocolate. >> he uses certain medications for his allergies and has an inhaler for his asthma. but the nurse at this charter school somehow gave him the wrong medicine. instead of giving the inhaler, she gave him ritalin which is a pill. >> how did she get an asthma pump mixed up with pills? how did >> his grandmother was obviously furious when she arrived at the boy's school. >> he is a chronic severe asthmatic. so you didn't see the name on that medicine? she said, no. i was not looking. no, i say you got on damn glasses. you should have looked. >> because of his allergy, he had to be rushed to hospital immediately. >> he was at the hospital he was like a nervous wreck and that's
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and he was like, like, slobbering and i'm like, okay. >> his grandmother says she has never had trouble with the school but he is very upset with the nurse. >> they want jakarry to come back to school but i told them not right now. but i am going to get a lawyer. >> jaarry is out of the hospital and is expected to be okay. and an indiana school come up with a new idea to honor its best students they want to drop th salutatorian and honor all of the students that finished in the top 10% of the class. the school district has to approve this measure but if they do that will take effect immediately. i don't know. if is that like giving a participation? >> i think so. you want to be the valedictorian. >> is that quite a badge of honor. >> is it. >> and they still need to say by the way if they say if this is the top 10% and this is the top
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it already is beginning to look a lot like christmas even though we are only into september. >> and it's one of the nfl's big events that will be switching cities next year. where the nfl draft will be taking place. >> and speaking of the nfl, pre-season ends tonight for the cardinals. why this football team could be even better than last year's football team. the team that went to the nfc title. bruce arians, you will hear from him and richard saenz is standing by in cards and broncos in just a few
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down
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l candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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i think it's too early for this. >> i do like that song. >> it's still over 100 degrees outside for us so naturally let's start thinking about christmas. wal-mart is starting its holiday layaway program tomorrow. the company is hoping for a head start to the year in shopping strong toy sales driven by "star wars" products. the expectations have never been higher all or nothing has become the theme for this year's edition of the arizona cardinals. richard saenz is where you want to be right now tonight. university of phoenix stadium. cards and broncos one last pre-season game before it's real. let's send it out to glendale
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>> jude, you are looking at live pictures of cardinals head coach bruce arians talking to patrick peterson. i don't think you will see patrick peterson in action at all today. cardinals resting several key players. these are good problems to have for the arizona cardinals some of their players are so good they don't want to play them because they don't want to risk them getting hurt. pro bowl players. guys like the captain on that defense, calais campbell. is that contract year for calais campbell. bruce arians says he wants him to be dominant and has help on that defensive line. patrick peterson absolutely fantastic. we saw him talking to coach. what a luxury. just shutting down receivers and speaking of receivers, larry fitzgerald one of the best receivers in the business. cardinals are reloaded and head coach bruce arians believes they are better than last year. >> extremely comfortable.
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defensively i have all of the confidence in the world. we are fast and longer and should show up on special teams. >> we are just getting started, boys and girls. much more on the cardinals at 6:00. we check in on the guys on the bubble. the rookies, the undrafted free agents looking to make this team. that's coming up at 6:00. we were live in glendale, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. you got it we will go back out there at 6:00 when you think of guys like hubert from fayetteville state. rb chris, a young tackle trying to make the team. marcus bunny, very not talked about this young man. he played his high school football in arizona. went to new mexico. number 18, a big lanky receiver trying to make the team. lived that nfl dream. there is a lot of guys tonight that you won't know their names and aren't star players but they are just trying to follow and live their dream in the nfl and somehow some way make the 53 man
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so they can hang around and maybe develop and get some time in the nfl and evolve as a top player. so lot on the line for guys that are just trying to make it in the nfl. when we come back at 6:00 we will look at those players and more on the cards/broncos at 6:00. jude, it's your music here. since 1961 the nfl draft will be held in the city of brotherly love. philadelphia, pennsylvania. the draft is only been held in two other cities over the past five decades. new york and chicago. so maybe this will be good luck for the hometown philadelphia eagles. that team has never won the super bowl. just a change of pace there for the nfl. coming up, where justin bieber's credit card got rejected. can you imagine? and the fan that swooped in and
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a new pink floyd exhibition will be unveiled a new pink floyd new pink floyd exhibition will be unveiled next year in london that will include 350 objects and artifacts including instruments and even original
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>> a fan comes to the rescue of justin bieber. he was ordering and his credit card got denied. all of the money this guy has made. maybe he forgot to pay the bill. so so a fan stepped in and offered to pay for the bieb's meal. bieber got a foot long sandwich in case you were wondering, four bottles of milk and cookies. well rounded. >> four bottles of milk that person who bought his right, one bottle of milk. >> we are tracking the rain and the dust as the monsoon makes a return to the valley right at the height of rush-hour tonight. it was called the miracle on the hudson. hard to forget this. the u.s. airways flight forced to make an emergency landing on the hudson river. tonight we hear from a valley woman who was on board that
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay.
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et, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema
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thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00. we begin with a "fox 10 news" alert. a rush-hour storm bringing rain and dust to the valley tonight. here is a live pictures right now from skyfox and you can see there is actually here is a ground shot, a driving shot right now on the freeway. things have started to clear up which is nice because earlier it was a pretty some people at about the 5:00 hour. we have a lot of rain and blowing dust going across the freeway but this is a nice-looking shot right now as we have our crews driving along one of the freeways here in the valley. now let's take a look at skyfox and what a difference we saw about an hour ago when we saw that dust storm that wall of dust moving its way on into the valley from the southern part of the valley from the casa grande area. things look like they are clearing up as that storm starts to break up a bit.
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plenty of rain. here is a look at the east valley this was the brunt of the storm from the adot camera right at i-10 and chandler boulevard. they had that soggy commute and see a lot of rain falling at that time and just about an hour or so ago. dave munsey tracking the storms for us. i think -- things are breaking up out there. >> starting to break up a little bit. as you look at the tower cam shot you can see there is still quite a bit of dust around the valley. that hazy look that we have with all of that going on. you a look at what's going on with the radar here. you see that stuff behind us has broken up just a little bit but still something back there hanging around back there. we will give you another angle as you watch it work its way up toward the valley, fall apart a little bit. nice storm system right down in here. you can see near buckeye working its way and that has not dissipated as of yet so the folks in buckeye keep their eye


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