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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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why investigators say they may be linked. plus hurricane hermine making landfall on the east coast. we'll track the storm and tell you where it will be next. plus an atv stolen by a scottsdale police officer. that officer finding and arresting the people responsible. we'll show you the body camera footage from the arrest. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00, and we begin tonight with a fox 10 news alert. police in phoenix are searching for two suspects after a shooting near 32nd street and cactus, and that is where fox 10's marcy jones is live now with the latest for us tonight. marcy? >> that's right, marc, as you can see the flashing lights behind me. a lot of police still here. i'm going to step out of the way. we are on 32nd street and cactus where police say they were called for an armed robbery. here's what we know so far. according to officers, this could be a deal of some kind
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at a closed legal hookah lounge where there was a private game of some kind going on. we are told that one male was sot twice in the stomach. he was awake, walking and talking when he was transported to the hospital, he is expected to be okay. but like i said, we are concentrating right now on the two black male suspects in their twenties, that's how they were described by police, one in a white t-shirt, one in a black t-shirt. they fled the scene, still on the loose. definitely still a fluid scene. we have been people and out, conducting witness interviews. really trying to put together all of the pieces. we will bring you any information as soon as it comes in. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> all right, marcy, thank you for that. in chandler, investigators looking into a string of suspicious fires there, as many as five started in the last month, and investigators are now trying to figure out who is starting the fires. they held a neighbor with concerned neighbors tonight about their investigation.
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>> this is the home where the latest suspicious fire is thought to have happened. it happened on sunday. fire officials are telling us this was the biggest and caused the most damage out of all of the fires deemed suspicious. fire officials, along with several people living here in the neighborhood tell us ta their fear is that these fires could get worse. chandler officials and police and fire in the neighborhoods holding a community meeting tonight, one of the topics, four to five suspicious fires that have happened near chandler in the last month. >> started in the beginning of august. the last couple was a fence fire that kind of grew a little larger, didn't get to the house. >> the last one happening here on sunday here on tyson street. officials say this fire caused the most damage. it started on the back patio and moved to the home. luckily, the home was vacant. >> i was woken up by the police department, banging on my door, informing me that there was a fire behind me, and if it spread i needed to be prepared to leave
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>> tom, who lives behind the home, says he and other neighbors have had growing concerns since the fire. >> all right after dark, usually between dark and most recent one was about midnight. >> officials aren't telling us what links the fires or when deems them suspicious. lieber is just hoping it stops before getting worse. >> i have two young children. my neighbor has two young children. and they're very close to our houses. it's scary out here. i'm getting worked uphi >> reporter: fire officials are asking anybody with any information on any of these fires to call police. they are also asking people here in the neighborhood, if they see something suspicious, to report it. danielle miller, fox 10 news. a two-year-old boy is rushed to the hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. it happened overnight near 40th avenue and peoria. police say that that boy found the handgun in a drawer at home and then shot himself in the leg. a neighbor says this happened in front of another six-year-old
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to help. >> i was in the house, in the back, and my dogs were carrying on and carrying on. i usually don't look, and i opened the curtain and i looked out and i saw the paramedics. i ran out real quick, and then i went over there, and i -- the little boy was in the window hanging out, screaming and screaming, and i said -- and then grandpa was there, and i said, what's wrong joe? and he said, oh, my grandson just shot himself. >> well, that boy was taken to the hospital with sio injuries, but the good news is he's expected to be okay. police are still investigating how exactly this happened. a weather alert tonight in florida, where hurricane hermine is hitting the shore, wind and waves starting to pick up along as the eye of the -- the wall of the storm made landfall in just the past few hours. dave munsey is tracking the hurricane for us, and he has a look at where hermine is heading in the next coming days. dave? busy night. >> hermine certainly a force to
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panhandle tonight. let's take a look at the map here. we'll give you a look and you can see. it's very well organized. got nice looking eye to it, churning a lot of moisture around. could see ten to 12 inches of rain in these areas, maybe 20 inches in a few areas. it's about 35 miles south-southeast of tallahassee, coming on shore at near a place called st. marks florida. so you can see it has 80-mile-an-hour winds at this time. the movement is north northeast at 14 miles an hour. we put it into motion. you can see it heads up to charleston by friday at 8:00 in the morning, 70-mile-an-hour winds. it now is heading up to norfolk, and it has still the 50-mile-an-hour winds. this is saturday morning at 8:00 a.m., and as we extend it on out, you can see it becomes a
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and it does have 65-mile-an-hour winds at that time. so it's going to travel up that eastern seaboard, drag a lot of moisture with it. i would imagine we are going to see a lot of flooding throughout the weekend up and down that area, and boy, let me tell you, marc, a lot of lost commerce with the labor day weekend, and all of that moisture forcing people off of the coastline. we'll have more weather, coming up. >> all right, dave, we'll check in with you in a few minutes. a woman who ran over her boyfriend with a allegedly told her that he had hiv and then laughed was sentenced today. andrew hasbun has the story on how long she'll be behind bars. >> misty lee wilke pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six and a half years to prison. this entire crime was caught on video and that video played a significant role in this case. we want to warn you though that the victim is pretty graphic. it showed the victim riding his biological, and then wilke speeding up right toward him, hitting him.
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and lands on the street. he ended up seriously injured but he survived. wilke took off and called police, this all happened in april. she told police she was her boyfriend, and this all started over an argument where the victim told her he had hiv and the victim laughed about it. the victim was not in court, but wilke was able to speak to the judge just before he sentenced >> i'm really sorry about what happened that day. i was out of my mind, and is i was also on drugs, and i'll make sure that nothing like that will ever happen again. >> in addition to the six and a half years in prison, wilke will also have to serve three years probation after prison. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. caught on camera, thieves steal a scottsdale police officer's personal atv only to be caught by that same officer less than 24 hours later.
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scottsdale police officer dustin frias to start his week, his brand-new atr stolen overnight from his home sunday. >> the next morning i woke up and it wasn't there, so it was kind of weird being on the other side of law enforcement having
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the parts were removed, most likely to sell online. >> it was nice to kind of wrap it all up. i initially called the phoenix officer who took the report, and i said you'll never believe it, i solved our case. i actually caught the guy last night. >> wow, what are the odds of that happening. coming up, what hillary clinton and other democrats are saying about donald trump's trip to mexico. and if you would like to contact me on social media, it would be ea you can find me on facebook. look me up at marc martinez fox 10 and over on twitter. i'm @marcfox10.
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complaints about calls to hospitals and clinics going unanswered. you decide 2016, the republican race for county recorder is still too close to call. helen purcell has a slight lead right now over helen flannery, just over 374 votes separating the two. as donald trump continues to talk about his proposed immigration plan, democrats are calling his meeting with mexico's president a failure.
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today, donald trump repeated many of the same points from last night's immigration speech here in the valley. >> it's our right, as a sovereign nation, to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us. >> but democrats are not impressed. hillary clinton tweeted that trump failed his first foreign test, and his runnin mate kaine, says he does not have what it takes. >> he has been talking nonstop since the beginning of the campaign, we are going to build a wall and we are going to pay for it, but when he sat down and looked president pena in the eye, he didn't have the guts to bring it up. >> trump will receive his second national security briefing tomorrow in new york. there is a hurricane in the gulf. we were talking about it earlier. but we had some storms around here as well.
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fox 10 news is back. a pretty active weather day out there today, at least for parts of it. we had that big dust wall moving in right around the 5:00-hour or so dave, just in time for the evening commute. >> well, you know we have said many times over the last few hours that a lot of our monsoon weather is coming in lately. >> right, right. >> and we have had some of our heaviest rains lately, boom, september 1st, right on time, and that dissipated rather rapidly after it got into the valley, but definitely a nice looking storm for some people. >> brought in some nice rain for people too. >> we did have some of that dust that washed dust away. not everybody had it. still some rain coming.
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the winds out of the east at 11 miles an hour. in fact, might even see still a little bit of haze across the city, 90 degrees a across scottsdale, 88 up in cave creek, 87 in apache junction. i mentioned that we still have some moisture out there. it's really not coming into the city. it's avoiding the city. but, watch, yeah, this moisture here, it evaporates fairly rapidly. but this is the storm system that was rolling in about 5:00, and as you get look at some of these numbers here, you can -- look at that, one. -- 1.7, just about everything is a half an inch or better. we have a few areas that are a little bit less than that. pretty good moisture coming down in a short amount of time, and saw some storms over in the buckeye area. saw some storms over here in guadalupe with a half an inch coming down there, right near apache junction, about an inch and a half.
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on out of the place now. you can see flagstaff up here. lots of moisture running through there, still a little bit left over. we have a little bit on the west side here, some pretty good storms coming out of the peach springs area, and then we get over here show low, where you see some active weather continuing in that part of the state at this time. and then once again down south we do see some very active weather as well. 104 degrees on the high today. that valley. all of these other temperatures just a little bit below that. 76 in flagstaff, 86 in sedona, 103 at gila bend, and 99 down in tuscon. here's your day. 104 on the high, 87 on the low, 104 and 81 would be your normal high and low. there's your record high at 116, your record low at 63. and forecasting for tomorrow,101, a few temperatures a little warmer than that across
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what's going on. this, of course, hermine going to be tracking up the coast over the next couple of days, and if you're headed to hawaii, it is now lester that you have to be thinking about, although lester is headed north of the islands, according to what we are seeing, another look at hermine here, and what's going on there. 86 degrees overnight, 101 degrees for tomorrow. look at these temperatures. they down here in a couple of days and stay down for a little while as well. watch your kids around water. thank you, dave. coming up after the break a massive explosion right there during a spacex test, the expensive payload that was on board.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back.
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we pay at the pump when we fill up. you may want to keep an eye on your bank account if you do. investigators saying credit card skimmers have become more common in arizona. last year, only 11 skimmers found in arizona, this year more than 50 found in arizona. these credit card skimmers can steal your pin info and use your credit card. the state agriculture department says they can attached in just a few seconds. >> they will tak card number and drain your bank account just like that. >> you probably won't know you're a victim until it's too late. they say you should never use your debit card at the pump because they will get your pin that way. one of the spacex rockets destroyed at the cape canaveral launchp launchpad, just days ahead of a scheduled launch. yeah, and there it goes.
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of the falcon 9 rocket. the unmanned rocket was scheduled to take a facebook satellite into space this weekend, and that would bring internet access to africa and the middle east. luckily, nobody was hurt. they say that it happened during a spill operation right around the upper oxygen tank. promising news in the fight against experimental drug in the study of nature shown to reduce the toxic plaque in brains of those with alzheimer's, showing a decline in dementia. it could be a year before the drug is available to the public. this is a really, really big night for players on the bubble with the cardinals.
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pick robert nkemdiche. richard saenz is standing by at university of phoenix stadium, checking in with the play makers of the night against the denver
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sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. gross. don't live with ants. get raid ant & roach spray. raid??? raid kills bugs dead. sc johnson you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. one last chance to impress the coaching staff, one more shot to try to make the team, preseason game number four tonight in glendale. cards hosting the denver broncos for bruce arians. who is going
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about matt barkley. it's been a sub par preseason for him so far. but tonight he shined. back throw shoulder here to j.j. nelson, look at the numbers for barkl barkley, 20-29, 261 yards, and then there's robert nkemdiche, you want to talk about a powerful bull rush, gets his hands on paxton lynch here, plenty of snaps tonight. finds jackson shipley, 20-10, arizona, carson palmer likes whaez -- what he sees, all cardinals, 38-17. let's send it out to glendale, richard saenz, standing by. >> jude, i know it's just the preseason, but it's nice to cover a cardinals win for a
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we been able to say cardinals win. >> yeah, i felt like i definitely needed that, especially building up my confidence and everything. in my opinion, i don't feel like i had the best, you know, preseason and training camp, so i felt like today, going out there, making plays, and getting a touchdown, it helped me confidence. >> i was just hoping that i didn't get released before this game. but i knew it was coming, and i just -- you kno prayed up, and i remained faithful to the game, and i knew the opportunity was coming, so i just had to be ready when the moment presened itself. >> a bit of a bummer when line backer kareem martin went down with a hurt knee, but a big sigh of relief when bruce arians announced it would only be a couple of weeks, nothing serious. he announced that right after the game. still, good news there. on special teams they are going
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i'm richard saenz in glendale for fox 10 sports. colin kaepernick on the 20th annual salute to the military, by the way, in san diego, chargers hosting the niners. he took a knee during the national anthem, along with his teammate, eric reed. the national anthem was sung by petty officer steven powell. you see him there, by the way, he's from phoenix. had a chance to see him at a variety of events around town. and then colin kaepernick was booed continuously on each and every snap that he in this football game, and again we'll see what happens next in this ongoing protest. the big story for the cardinals, though, they get down to 53 on saturday afternoon, we'll it for you on sunday. >> thanks, jude. modern family is up next. you have a great night.
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