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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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not only do we have a duty to protect the community, we also have a duty to thoroughly investigate. >> police opened fire when an armed suspect lungs at officer. now the family of the man who was shot is speaking out about this shooting. >> tragedy on the loop 202 when a passenger is thrown from an suv. the fatal crash that tied up traffic today. new details on an overnight shooting at a hookah lounge that turned deadly. and the galaxy 7 getting recalled because it's at risk of catching fire. thank you for being here.
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open in the east valley after a deadly crash. it happened about 1:00 a.m. d.p.s. troopers say a vehicle speeding through a construction zone near the 202 and 32nd street. >> skyfox over the scene right now of a -- we are going to get to that actually in just a second. first we are going to start with this officer-involved shooting. anita roman has the latest. >> this is where it all happened. according to the phoenix police department, we want to show you what we are finding as we are able to get just a little bit closer. what appears to be possibly a bullet hole in the wall here and then there are some markings in the street that would indicate that this was, in fact, the area where somebody was shot. so we have 23-year-old subject, they're calling him, walking down the street in this area about 3:00 this morning. phoenix police officer on patrol spots the guy. he resembles a suspect wanted in an armed robbery that took place in this neighborhood within the past couple of days. so the police officer approaches, and they say that
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guy, was not cooperating, wouldn't show his hands. when he eventually did, the officer noticed that he had a 12-inch kitchen knife in his hand. the officer pulled out his gun, asking that subject to, again, cooperate, and that's when they say the subject lunged at the officer, so the officer felt threatened and shot. we talked to phoenix police officer earlier this morning about the investigation and everything that took place here. take a listen. >> obviously thinking about possibility of encountering an armed suspect from a recent armed robbery, you have to consider this person's threat potential. and again, protecting yourself, protecting the community, when you are approaching, giving these commands to a subject who is noncompliant, that's going to heighten your awareness. it's going to elevate the threat level. the officer perceived that threat level and that's when he drew his weapon. >> right now, the situation is he said he had a knife. i need to see proof of that knife. i don't believe that he ever
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so in the meantime, right now i want to see where he is at. >> the 23-year-old subject taken to the hospital, said to be okay. what they are trying to figure out right now is if in fact was the suspect in the armed robbery, why he wasn't initially cooperating with the police officer. back to you. >> all right, anita, thank you. now to a fox follow-up, a hookah loung deadly. now we are learning that a man was shot and killed and police have released his identity. he was killed near 32nd street and cactus. he's 25 years old. police say two men forced their way back into the back of the hookah lounge was closed. the victim was playing cards in the back when he was shot and killed. police say two suspects stole weapons and then left the scene. if you have any information,
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now back to the loop 202, shut down much of the morning, shut down after a fatal crash. the freeway was shut down for hours and hours, right in a construction zone at loop 202 and 32nd street. and you can see the wreckage here. skyfox was over the scene of the crash. the white car may have been changing lanes, police say, when it crashed. the suv rolled over. a passenger in that suv apparently wasn't wearing a seat belt, was t at the scene. the backup from the crash was very long this morning, the road back open this noon. phoenix police are investigating a bad crash overnight, near camelback and 2nd avenue. a driver lost control, crashed into the light rail curb, which is raised up from the street there. a friend followed his car, convinced the driver to return to the crash.
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injury, expected to survive, the other driver only minor injuries. flames reportedly broke out of the back of the home and spread to the roof. the man and the woman who were living there escaped but the woman did suffer some minor injuries. she was treated at the scene but she should be okay. the cause of this blaze is still under investigation. political news, votes are still being counted from tuesday's primary elecon there are still a couple of races still up in the air. again, those two big races to tell you about includes congressional five, christine jones still holding a lead over andy biggs there, but that lead is shrinking to less than 600 votes. incumbent helen purcell has a slight lead over aaron flannery. yesterday, she was behind.
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ahead of him. a political move has the democratic party saying what are you doing here, promoting gun violence, they say, all about a poster that was sent to ann kirkpatrick. the democratic party they say delivered a wanted poster with bullet holes on it, running aainst g.o.p. senator john mccain. former congressman gabrielle giffords is calling the republican party to apologize. to southern arizona now, there has been a snag in the plan for a memorial honoring the victims of the tuscon massacre that nearly took the life of then congresswoman gabrielle giffords. here's what we know about this situation. 33 members of congress are now asking president obama for help to find money to pay for this memorial. the january 8th memorial foundation has now launched a $4 million fund-raising campaign. plans for the memorial were released earlier this year. it includes carvings along a
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well, a bit of a weather alert, the valley dealing with i. skyfox tracking a large wall of dust as it moved into the valley from the southwest around rush hour last night, it's a reminder to stay safe when you are driving out in the storm. a reminder about your weekend forecast coming up with the weather in cory in just a bit. the up to keep folks on labor day weekend. dumb drivers and smartphones don't mix. just one of the memorable messages the agency has been putting on their signs, of course a reminder to stay off your phones and keep eyes on the road while driving on labor day this weekend. still to come, brock turner a free man after just three months behind bars after sexually assaulting a woman on a
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hack into hundreds of miles away. >> and temps are on the climb out there. and are the clouds building as well? we'll take you on a little tour
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you're watching the best. fox 10 news. welcome back. an apache junction man, this man, charged with hacking into government websites, not only here in arizona, but also in wisconsin. investigators say randle tucker is behind a sooner attack that happened three days after the police shooting of an unarmed man in madison, wisconsin. according to police, tucker interrupted the communication equipment of emergency responders in madison. he's also accused of tampering with municipal computer systems in chandler and also mesa. former stanford swimmer
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prison in california earlier this morning, his release causing a lot of controversy. he's 20 years old. he's convicted of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster outside a campus fraternity party. his six-month sentence, which he only served three months of, sparked a national outcry, many saying it was way too lenient. he had three felony convictions in this. the judge in the sentencing said the sentence would have a sever he's expected to return to ohio his parents and be required to register as a sex offend. jared fogle, former subway spokesperson, says the parents of one of his female victims is behind his destructive behavior. the victim's parents filed a lawsuit against fogle back in
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u.s. district court in indianapolis, fogle alleges the parents abused drugs and alcohol in front of the girl which may have led her to do what she did. cubs player dexter fowler paid off 43 families back to school lay away bills. fowler credit his wife for the idea saying that she spotted the pay away the lay away program and set the plan into acti. >> i knew, i remembered dexter was always telling me about his childhood, his mom had these things on lay waway. and he would always tell me about it, so i knew that this was something that really hit help for him. >> fowlers howlers donated $5,000 to the lay away bills. >> i love that. great story. all of these people said i
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pay them in town, and they get somebody helping them out. coming up, hermine is still hitting florida, packing a punch as rain hits from georgia to the carolinas. >> showers and thunderstorms of our own popping in the high cuntry. find out if you might be next in
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a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. fox 10 news is back. tropical storm hermine has now turned deadly. one person is killed in florida by the storm within the past a couple of hours making its way up the east coast, starting to move through georgia, already taking out power to more than a hundred thousand people, the governor of north carolina declaring an emergency in 33 counties, and in tampa at least 22 inches of rain have fallen, soaking that city. the storm is weakening, though, as it moves north. >> your exclusive accuweather forecast with cory mccloskey on fox 10 news.
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n yeah. think about it. >> crazy. >> we would be -- half our city would be washed away >> oh, yeah. >> no kidding. >> flooded roads. it would be a mess. >> i can't even imagine. that's tropical, for sure. good news is it all runs off in tampa. >> right. >> plus it's tampa. you can barely tell. have you ever been there? >> you know what, i have, and it's a nice city. >> it is a nice city. >> so you joke. you're jesting. >> i'm kidding. my >> clearwater? >> i have not been to clearwater. >> beautiful beaches, hotel. >> i guess that's gone. no, it will be fine. boy, it feels like friday to me. >> you're going to get a lot of e-mails. >> this is the miracle of the tower cam. it's way up there on south mountain. you can drive up there, by the way, head right down central, just keep on going. you'll get there. you'll see the signs up there.
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climbing. we won't get too much farther than that today. the usual high is about 102 or three, but the dew point is still at 60, still juicy enough that we are going to see the tail end of our showers and storms today. we'll dry ourselves out on towards the weekend. here's the way things look across the state. southern arizona on kind of the quiet side but things have really started to pop here across the northern part of the state. look at the direction all of this is taking. a little bit of a nth drift on all of those storms. things are going to be clearing out behind on all of this. i think by tomorrow and then on into your saturday and sunday, both days are looking to be dry, and by sunday things will be a whole lot cooler as well let's take you on a tour and show you who's getting wet. all north of the valley, heads-up prescott, a real storm coming your way, just north of yarnell, moving in your direction. keep an eye on that, this is a
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barrelled a couple of cells there. they no doubt have some hail and gusty winds in them too. do be on the lookout. all long i-40 and north of it, we have got showers and thunderstorms popping as well, and in the grand canyon, it's going to be beautiful there as the thunderstorms sweep on through. always a lovely sight. near colorado city and the utah border, things getting busy flagstaff, most of the action north of 89 headed up tuba city away, and then all long i-40 you're likely to dance in and out of some thunderstorms as you make your way through the day. now, temps, again, they are kind of steadying out, slowly climbing. we are not going to get a whole lot warmer than where we are right now. here's the way things go today. of course this is tropical storm hermine, 50-mile-an-hour winds now. this storm continues to kind of grind its way off to the north and east.
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carolina and on toward the outer banks, and eventually it will kind of blow itself out somewhere off the jersey shore by the weekend. here's the way it looks up close. it's still a powerful storm, so much rain in there. you heard about the 22 inches of rainfall in tampa, and florida i still not out of the woods. it's still coming on -- this is the tail end of the lower side of this tropical storm, still plenty more rain coming for both tampa and down toward ft. myers as as you get up on the coast, thunderstorms, and big ones, and tornados will certainly be a real caution for the rest of this afternoon and this evening out east. and this storm, again, leading edge is still up here across northern north carolina, now moving through the outer banks, where the wright brothers made their first flight, by the way, that's something that dave will be keeping an eye on as we move through the evening hours.
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scattered showers and thunderstorms still a possibility. i don't think we'll get anything in the valley. maybe some blowing dust but no scheduled rain for us, and we really dry everybody out heading into next week. >> i'm loving those numbers next week. >> i'm getting a lot of praise, undeserved. i don't get enough blame. i have got room for praise. >> it's time, time for it to come back around. we were talking about florida, gators all remember we were talking about tampa? you have been to florida. what i didn't tell you about, you drive by the jet skis, boats, by the dock a large alligator. >> how do they do it? and then those palmetto bugs. there's a horror almost everywhere you turn. >> the bugs are big. samsung phones, they are something some issues.
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fox 10 news is back. massive samsung recall for their galaxy note 7 cell phones. the company saying the batteries are causing fires. they are recalling devices around the world and delaying all shipments while they do more testing. consumers are complaining of spontaneous fires when they charge their devices. the devices just released last month. you can beat the heat this weekend by checking out the you're into this kind of stuff. there are more than 30,000 sea animals in that 2000-square foot facility, penguins, sharks. tickets are sold online. tickets for kids are 25 bucks, and toddlers below two get in for free. >> i was just there. it was amazing. you have got to go see it yourself. in entertainment news, debuting this weekend is the
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the movie stars jim from the office. his high school past comes back to haunt him. the film premiered at the sun dance film festival earlier this year. it costars anna kendrick, josh grobin. >> jackie chan, you're probably thinking when's the last time i saw him in he got an honorary oscar, lifetime achievement award. last month he was ranked as one of the highest paid actors by forbes, only behind dwayne johnson. he's still making some dough, jackie chan. after the break, we don't have to wait very long to see who wins this presidential election. >> these little pigs have done the work for us, apparently.
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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pigs on the run in nevada.. for a racing event! the 3rd edit all right. pigs on the run in nevada for a big racing event. third edition presidential pig race. a pig named hillary clinton took the big prize.
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it's out. we need a replacement. >> you're right. who wants to be on dish nation today? >> me, me, me. >> stop it. >> i got it. i got it. i got it. stop the show. >> ? welcome to dish nation. guess who we put in the middle? we got our girl toni love in the house. later in the show don't worry. everybody's got money problems. talk about nellie but first we've got to give you an update


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