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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, students and parents demanding answers tonight after a popular valley principal abruptly resigns from her position. what the district has to say about it. controversial comments from a key donald trump supporter has the local democratic party using it why some believe the comments weren't all that bad. the latest on the arrest of chris brown, why the singer's lawyer says his client was set up, and what officers really found inside his home. and later, why some believe casual friday has now become casual every day at work. thanks for joining us. we begin with a fox 10 news
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this is near central and dunlap, where police say a fight has turned deadly. this is the sunnyslope neighborhood. detectives believe that two groups of people got into a fight just before shots were eventually fired. >> yeah. we are learning that one person has been shot and killed here at the scene. but it's not clear if anyone has been taken into custody. we are working to gather more information on this. we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available to us. thanks for joining us tonight. new developments in the sudden resignation of a principal, this one right here, of williamsfield high school in the far east valley. >> and her resignation kind of caused some chaos there on campus. it sparked a large student walkout at school this morning, hundreds of students just leaving their classes as a show of support for that principal who they fear was forced out of her position. >> and tonight, the higley unified school district is taking action, a special board meeting wrapped up just about an
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marcy jones is there now. she joins us with the latest from gilbert. what's going on here, marcy? >> that's the question on everybody's mind. what was most striking to me, kari and marc, was just the amount of intense emotions in that room. lots of students and parents crying, very upset about this decision. and the question on everybody's mind is why did all of this happen. unfortunately, that wasn't answered tonight because this was considered a personnel issue, which meant that the board discussed it behind closed doors, and to include the public. but that didn't stop them from having an opinion. >> that she notified the district of her decision to resign from her position effective immediately. i think it is necessary and appropriate to honor her decision without delay. >> no! >> reporter: the crowd erupts with booing after the higley unified school district board came to the decision to uphold
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williamsfield high school. >> i know for a fact she loves these kids. she loves you guys. she loves this community. she has worked her tail off for this community. and this isn't right. >> reporter: many students and parents saying they felt let down by the board's decision. >> i'm angry because there was no public comment allowed tonight. the district administration gets to go into executive session and talk to the school board. but we, the not get to talk to the school board. the teachers that support her did not get to talk to the school board. the students, look at the students. >> reporter: a few seniors who started the same year as her were in tears. >> it broke my heart that after four years, she has given up and they tried nothing to prevent her from going away. >> with heavy hearts, some say school won't be the same. >> the kids love her. the parents love her.
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of support for a principal. higley unified school district, you messed up big time today. >> reporter: again that closed door decision only open to board members, took about an hour and 20 minutes to reach. i talked to many students who said they would not stop fighting for the principal. marcy jones, fox 10 news. the head of a school district in buckeye has apologized to student there after she was banned from bearing a black lives matter t-shirt to the 15-year-old wore that shirt to school on picture day and was told that she had to change. but she had been previously told by administrators not to wear the shirt to school after she was harassed by other students. the superintendent now says that was a mistake, that the shirt was a way to open educational dialogue. it was an ugly sight on i-17. this was the scene this afternoon on i-17 near black
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traffic backed up after a truck hauling a flatbed trailer causes people there, the authorities, to close down northbound lanes of the freeway, and that's the side that everyone wanted to be on to get out of town and go up to flagstaff or places up north. tonight the road is back open, but we are told that the traffic is still slow going in that direction. traffic backups never fun, especially when it's a holiday weekend. labor day weekend, even more people out on the roads than usual, and the road was shut down for at least an the flames that jumped from the truck to a nearby -- some nearby brush along the side of the road there, and it quickly spread, and we are also told tonight that the beeline highway has been closed for sometime in the northbound lanes. 17 miles south of payson, so if you were trying to head up north towards payson way, it was slow going or no moving for a while. now, luckily this fire on i-17 did not spread too far, but the truck, as you see there, was
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was able to show -- tell us -- he was able to save the car that he was pulling on that flatbed. >> i had just enough time to get it over, and then i couldn't get it all the way over so i had to shove people off the highway to get the trailer and the truck off of the main part of the highway so that other people weren't involved, so i let it roll downhill and got it off the highway. >> he did kind of save the day. at least he saved whatever he was hauling thankfully, no one was hurt again. the road back open, but there is pstill heavy congestion in that area. a lot of people did hit the road early, kicking off the long holiday weekend, of course, thanks to labor day, and you might have some special plans as well. >> dave munsey is big part of that. maybe you're not taking him along with you. >> i thought i got to go. i heard that. >> you're invited for my weekend if you want to come along. what's the forecast going to be
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weather as well? >> i think the weather is going to be a little bit more cooperative than it has been so far. look at the moisture exiting the state here. so what was a very wet day is turning out to be just a little bit. people like to hop in the car and take off on labor day. so here we go. overnight in the valley, take a look at this, this is nice, these temperatures finally dropping down into the 70s. that's a real good sign here as skies clear off. and then as we look at around the entire state here, look at flagstaff, 49. 65 up in sedona, 56 in show low. mid-70s down in tuscon along the desert here. we see a few 80s but for the most part we are seeing 70s. and then forecast highs tomorrow, nice looking 70s across the mountains, a few 80s popping in here and there. show low at 77 degrees. down in tuscon, we have just about 100 degrees, a little over that. the desert is going to be just a little bit warm, and then day by day here in phoenix, saturday,
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sunday sunny 98 degrees, and then labor day sunny and 99 degrees. so the weather looks absolutely perfect. however, weather around the country, not so great. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> okay, dave. and we'll see you in a few minutes. what was once hurricane hermine now downgraded to a tropical storm after hitting florida. but the storm still bringing a lot of rain and wind to the east coast, and tonight north carolina is bracing for the brunt of the storm expect overnight. the governor has declared a state of emergency in at least 33 counties. hermine expected to continue heading north, affecting coastal states from virginia to new york over the holiday weekend. that's going to dampen some plans for people's labor day. well, tonight, we are learning more about what hillary clinton said in that interview she conducted with the fbi about her personal e-mail server, the one that's causing all of the controversy. it was an investigation that ended with a recommendation of no charges.
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director about extreme carelessness, as he called it. the 11-page summary, notes from hillary clinton's interview, shows that the former secretary of state could not remember key details about her e-mails more than two-dozen times. clinton also told the fbi that she could not recall the details surrounding the setup of her clinton domain, the server. she said the personal e-mail account was a matter of convenience. meantime, donald trump is shedding some light now on the immigration speech that he made right here in phoenix earlier this week. he told the wall street journal that he toughened up his speech after the president of mexico tweeted that his country would not pay for trump's proposed border wall. that meeting followed trump's
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president. trump now doubling down on his plans that he will get mexico to pay for it, despite the mexican president's refusal. in a cable interview on a television news show last night, the founder of latinos for trump attempted to issue an anti-immigration warning, but it didn't have the effect that he was looking for. >> it's been trending on social media da talking about. he said, my culture is a very dominant culture, and it's imposing and causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks on everyone's corner, and that is what everyone is talking about now, taco trucks. danielle miller is joining us live now to explain more about this. danielle? >> reporter: marc and kari, the phrase taco trucks on every corner is now even here on the marquee of the arizona democratic party. here's the building.
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about it, poking fun it, many say having a taco truck on every corner would be a fantastic thing, we spoke to a few who work in the industry that say they found offense. >> we are proud of being people who knew how to prepare food. >> making troefls comments saying that if trump isn't elected president, there will be taco trucks on every corner. since then, have been popping up with the hash tag taco trucks on every corner, and apparently some people don't think it's a bad idea. >> you're saying if there was a taco truck on every single corner -- >> that's fine with me. >> let's say that you're really busy and it's 10:00 in the morning, and you're not prepared, you know, to make breakfast or something, you go to a taco truck, and you get it prepared in, what, five minutes? >> reporter: while some are taking offense to the comment,
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franco with ralph's snack bar. she says they take pride in their authentic mexican food, and it shouldn't be turned into a joke. >> we can make different types of chili meat, and fajitas. >> they are just one of the many mexican food traditions that have added to the culture of it party officials with the arizona democratic party say there will be a taco truck on party here starting around 1:00. they are telling us this will be in correlation with the voter registration and outreach event. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. kate middleton's nose,
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some of the features that one doctor believe would make for the perfect face. we'll tell you which other ones make the account. after years in the makings, one of the largest aquariums in the country opens up for business here in the valley. we get a look inside, coming up. plus doctors at one valley hospital are doing a double take. the surprising number of twins that have been born there in just the past few days. >> i have been here ten years, and this is the most amount that i have seen delivered here in
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one of the one of the largest aquariums in the united states is set to open right here in scottsdale tomorrow. odysea aquarium has been under construction for the past two years. it's located off the loop 101 and dia deventura in scottsdale. >> we have animal care
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aquarium, giving private experiences with animals and a spectacular time. >> again, this is at the loop 101 and via deventura. the aquarium will be open from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. daley. admission about 35 bucks for adults, 35 for kids, and tickets can be purchased online. it's a busy day for workers over at the university of phoenix stadium. they had just 24 hours to transition the field here from an nfl football venue. that's because tomorrow is the first ever college kickoff classic, taking on the b.y.u. cougars. it's going to be a big one out there. in the meeting today, we were like, is this real? it is. doctors at banner desert medical center in mesa have been seeing double this week. >> hard to believe, when you do the math, how many twin babies
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they delivered nine sets of twins, that's 18 babies, right? >> right. >> in just three days. and the hospital says it is a new record for them. >> just when the staff at banner desert medical center thought they had seen everything, something amazing happened. ni nine sets of twins all born within three days. >> it's a record for as far as i have been here. i have been here ten years, and this is the most amount that i have seen delivered in this short of a time period. >> it's the first for the hospital, but for michael and destiny, who just had identical twin boys, twins run in the family. >> he has a twin sister. this is the second time that i have had twins. >> twin babies can double the fun but also double the work. >> it creates a lot of extra for parents, first of all, and then for the staff who are helping to take care of the babies, they usually require more help with feeding and monitoring. >> the people who take care of these little bundles of joy don't mind it. >> for those of us that work in
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time that we get to see it. being able to support the families and see the joy when they hold their babies for the first time, it's incredible. >> this hospital will deliver many babies in the future. but as more michael and destiny. >> done. >> done. >> going to cut you off right there. >> they look surprisingly calm. >> they absolutely do. i'm looking forward to the reunion in a couple of years. >> when all 18 together. >> that is going to be a party. >> 18, so nine sets of twins in three >> three days. that's got to be unheard of. >> we are wishing each and every one of those parents good luck. we are hoping that they are getting a little bit of sleep in there. every year, more than 30,000 babies are delivered at banner health hospitals. you know, it's hard to believe, but football season is here. the sun devils kick off their season tomorrow as the n.a.u. lumberjacks come to town. and finally we have a starting quarterback in tempe. manny wilkins is the man.
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he'll have plenty of help. why the sun devils chose him to run the show.
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more than a week after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit central italy, a golden retrieval is rescued from the rubble of the collapsed buildings there. this is amazing. live. look at that pup. looks pretty good, too, considering what he has been through. firefighters came across the dog by accident. they were escorting a couple back to their home when firefighters heard the dog barking. romeo appears to be in pretty good healthy despite spending several days under the rubble. the earthquake struck august 25th, destroying several
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remarkably good shape. 98 degrees right now. we have no wind to speak of at this hour. the temperatures are coming down nicely. 95 right now in deer valley, 91 out in fountain hills, 92 at queen creek. it's 97 in goodyear right now. and the moisture is leaving the state as well. you can just kind of see it working its way out here. we'll go down and take a look around and see, that stuff just a little sprinkle or two hanging around a few places up north, but that's all that you're seeing. 105 degrees for the high 102 in buckeye, 101 at deer valley. at gateway we had 100 degrees on the day. other numbers, 105 at yuma, 78 at prescott, 86 up at winslow, and 99 down in tuscon. your day went like this. 105 on the high, 84 on the low, 103 and 81 were the norms for this time of year. 112 the record high for the day, 64 the record low for the day. this is what we are forecasting
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you can see sky harbor forecast at 102, surrounding areas pick it up a little bit, 105s, 104s surrounding as well. a little warm tomorrow. and then take a look at the mountains if you are heading out. these are the forecast temperatures, some 80s, a few 70s showing up. going to be warm in the deserts, at their seasonal norms for this time of year, to kind of keep things going. of course, hermine still a tropical storm working its way up that eastern time, pumping a lot of moisture into the area, up to ten inches of rain in some areas. in general, it's been five to six inches of rain, and you see it 50 miles an hour, still good rotation around hermine, and then you can see also the track that it's going to be taking as it heads up that eastern seaboard. and this is going to hit some warm water up in here, and it feeds off of warm water, so it's going to be hanging around this
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day or so, and that's going to have kind of a wide reach there, reaching in and putting some moisture and some windy conditions as it just kind of hangs around. it's going to get kind of stuck in that position. as we look at some of these numbers from the day, 81 at st. louis, charlotte at 73, 81 in washington, d.c., new york at 83 today. in denver, it was 84. look at salt lake city, 92 degrees. 70 in portland. as we look at your night, it will be 86 degrees overnight. those clouds will beet of here. this is your labor day weekend at 102 degrees for saturday, and then take a look at what these 90s are going to produce here, sunday, monday, and then into next week. there's labor day at 98 degrees. and yes, you do see a few storms finding way their into our forecast. pthat's going to be next week. so a nice dry period of time here to get this holiday weekend over. enjoy the weekend, and watch your kids around water. >> coming up in the next half
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one, the latest local health insurance company to opt out of obamacare, and what that means for patients in maricopa county. brock, do you have anything to say, brock? >> a former stanford swimmer convicted of sex assault, walking out of jail a free man after only three months behind bars. where he's headed now. plus the illicit on -- the latest on a valley man accused of bilking more than grand from the pat tillman veterans organization he was supposed to be running.
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day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema
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shot by police say that he really never would have pulled a weapon on an officer, but police say that did happen. that's exactly what happened. the shooting happening this morning near deer valley road and 33rd avenue. a patrol officer tried to talk to a 23-year-old man believed to match the description of an armed robbery suspect, but police say the man wouldn't cooperate and lunged at the officer with a 12-inch knife. the officer fired at the man. the man is expected to survive. the man's brother, who does not wnt to be identified, does not believe the story that police are telling. >> the situation is they said they have a knife. i need to see proof of that knife, because i don't believe he never carried with him anything. >> the officer is a nine-year veteran of the police force on paid administrative leave during this investigation. we are learning more now about the man who is accused of stealing thousands of dollars
9:33 pm
>> police say kirk davis has served as a president of the pat tillman memorial vfw post for the past two years, and during that time he is accused of stealing more than a hundred thousand dollars. >> steve krafft has been looking into the story. he has more for us tonight. >> the v.f.w. is a group of veterans serving veterans. pit's a band of wroers. but according to avondale police, kirk davis was stealing from them instead. stealing over $115,00 himself checks using the post's money. >> the allegations against kirk davis, the commander of vfw post 40 in avondale, arizona, if they are proven to be true, then it's a betrayal of the worst kind to the veterans and the supporters everywhere. >> a treasurer at tillman vfw post 40 notified avondale police. investigators, armed with a subpoena, studied bank records
9:34 pm
money. kirk davis works for the veterans administration. he was arrested on wednesday at his job and released back to his home. >> we want mr. davis's side of the story. we want to see if he has anything to see about this situation, so we are going to knock on his door. no answer. at the time of his arrest, kirk davis had the opportunity to make a statement to avondale police. but he declined. steve krafft, fox 10 news. goes up in flames today, that fire breaking out this morning. this was near 15th avenue and dobbins, and is as you can see, there was a lot of damage done to that home. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> brock turner, the former stanford swimmer convicted of raping an unconscious woman walks out of jail after serving 90 days behind bars. turner was initially sentenced
9:35 pm
because of overcrowding and good behavior, his time behind bars was cut short by a judge making people already angry over his light sentence even more upset. turner will now return to ohio to live with his parents. he will serve three years probation, and during that time he cannot use drugs or alcohol. he will also be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. the case against chris brown, the singer and rapper, taking a new turn tonight. his attorney is actually suggesting that a deadly weapon incident earlier this week was just a setup. >> yeah, the attorney claims the accuser in this case is not only lying about what happened but that her relationship with the mother of brown's child makes her allegations even less believable. >> there was no gun or guns found in that house, whatsoever. there were no drugs that i'm aware of that were found in that house, whatsoever.
9:36 pm
defended his client after his singer's most trouble with the law, saying his latest arrest earlier this week for assault with a deadly weapon was a setup by his accuser --. >> who he says ties to brown's -- >> what we are investigating is that there are reports that the accuser now has a relationship with the mother's child. what's particularly disturbing to me is that this comes on the heels of a custody battle he won. >> brown's daughter, seen here on a instagram post for father's day, was not at the house when the event allegedly occurred. it all began when police say they got a hysterical call. >> wow. i am not sure what that's all about. >> that's not what it sounded like. no, i don't think so, extreme slow-mo. but the bottom line is in all of
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of jail tonight after posting bail. >> i thought maybe i was hearing something. my ears weren't working. she had gone slow-mo, like you said. >> it sounded like we were under water. good-bye antibacterial soap, why you won't see it on shelves anymore, and why it may have been doing more harm than help all of these years. plus, why more people, including millennials, are
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless.
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dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. the phoenix area will be health insurance options in the federal marketplace. the ceo of phoenix health plan announcing today that the company will exit the public exchange next year because of, quote, "economic challenges and underlying risks." the decision means cigna would be the only insurer expected to offer obamacare plans in maricopa county. however, officials with the arizona department of insurance
9:41 pm
the marketplace. about 120,000 other residents are covered by obamacare. fda announcing bans on 19 antibacterial soaps and washes, saying companies will no longer be able to market soaps containing certain ingredients that it says have not demonstrated that they are safe for long term they are more effective than plain soap and water. that ban does not affect hand sanitizers or wipes. >> a new study shows millennial aren't buying as many homes. >> according to an arizona census study, the hoim ownership rate fell to the lowest levels
9:42 pm
a lot of people moved to phoenix because of the job market and it's affordable to live here, and more rental places are popping up all over the valley. >> they are saying i don't want to own a home. i want to have flexibility. i have to be able to move to an area if a job comes up that i like. they fill a group that can again live in a house but not have all of the responsibilities. >> i can see the appeal of that, that's for sure, and a lot of studies are showing that r it's getting higher. the average rent here in july was $961. that is $62 higher than last year's numbers. all right. a weak summer for the job market. the economy creating 151,000 new jobs in the month of august. that's fewer than expected, and it is a slowdown from the past two months. the unemployment rate holding steady at just under 5%, but get
9:43 pm
they were so discouraged that they just gave up looking for work altogether. and take a look at this one, gas prices are driving higher, up 16 out of the past 18 days. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas now at $2.22 a gallon. that's still around $0.23 lower than this time last year. wall street ending the week, seeing some green, the dow up 72 points, the stock market of course is closed on monday for labor day. and samsung literally on fire. the company is halting sales of its galaxy note 7 smartphones because it turns out the battery on some of these smartphones actually exploded when they were being charged. if you have got one, you can go turn it in for a new one. that's business, i'm trish regen. trending tonight, this photo of what a plastic surgeon calls the world's most desirable face.
9:44 pm
kendrick to me a little bit. the face combines the looks of notable women. let's examine this. kira nightly's eyes, penelope cruise's lips. >> j-lo's eyebrows. >> and reese witherspoon's >> and the skin, angelina joly. >> and this surprised me, cher's chin. >> that i pretty remarkable, i will say. >> can a doctor make that work for you. >> you have got to deal with what you have kind of got, and is you can kind of tweak it a little bit, i imagine. >> there you go. that's the perfect face,
9:45 pm
coming up next in the buzz, you get invited to eat dinner at somebody's house. time to be on your best behavior, right? so what are some of the most awkward situations that you can find yourself in? we'll talk about the dinner faux pass. what do you wear to work every day? suit?
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coming up tonight at 10:00, we'll have the latest on an unfolding controversy in an east valley high school after the principal suddenly resigns. plus, nasa releasing new images from its juno probe, what scientists say they show. and is your smartphone in danger of exploding? the recall from samsung, and what the tech company is doing for customers. that's coming up tonight at 10:00. and it's time now for the buzz, where we talk about the stories that people are talking about. >> and first up, we were just talking about this, marc, you have heard the saying dress for the part or the job that you want. and more and more, that means casual dress, a lot more companies are getting rid of dress codes that mandate business wear when you're at work. law firms, once a bastion of very strict dress codes, suit and tie, panty hose for women, even some accounting firms are
9:49 pm
businesses to go more casual? >> i don't know. we were talking about this, k kari. i feel a little more professional when i'm dressed up than in jeans and a t-shirt. >> it just doesn't feel like work. i get too casual. next thing you know, i have got my feet up on my desk. >> right. but i would still say probably wear nice clothes to your interview, i hope. >> definitely. even if it's a casual place. but you don't want to overdress and dress over the boss. >> no, it's always a fine line there. what are the worst things that you can do if you're invited to a dinner party? it's all happened to us at one point or another. here are some faux pas. don't ever arrive early.
9:50 pm
ready at 7:00. >> i have had people show up before when i'm still getting dinner ready. >> and you don't want to answer the door early. you want to say wait out there for ten minutes. >> very stressful. some other faux pass, asking for the wi-fi password. are you kidding me? texting at the table, and don't get drunk at somebody's party. >> occasionally i have had too many. >> you know it's bad when they say your uber is we called one for you. get out of here. >> and you're not going to get the wi-fi code. teaming up, doing outreach on one of the dangers of internet porn. it's an add grouping, pam anderson -- warning that porn causes internet addiction, hurts
9:51 pm
father and a parent. in the warning, they brought up anthony weiner, ironicically, who has been in the news. and they warned that his seemingly harmless sexting is costing him his marriage, because of porn. >> pam, she was really popular preinternet, early mid '90s, before we had ways to get access to all of this. >> she's raising two boys. i think when you start raising two kids, bit more lax, no big deal. and then when you raise kids, you go, oh, it's a big deal. have to try to stop this stuff. >> time for you to chime in. share your thoughts on facebook, marc martinez fox 10. >> and i'm kari lake fox 10. we would love to hear from you. have a good weekend. it's not bay watch, but it is cut watch. a lot of players getting cut in the nfl. some good players cut by the cardinals. and there's more to come.
9:52 pm
head coach bruce arians, how b.a. needs to have his roster down to just 53 players by tomorrow. the details coming up right after the break
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz in hd. tomorrow, by 1:00 phoenix
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53 players. oh, yeah, the fight for 53 is on. the cards making some tough cuts today with more to come tomorrow. bruce arians with good problems to have. you see, he has so many good players, but he can't keep them all, so guys like this guy, running back kerwynn williams, are gone. let go, williams is a good running back, but the cardinals need a guy that can also help out on special teams. that's how you make the team, if you're a bubble guy like kerwynn another cut casualty, number 35, cariel brooks. he had a rough night, the young db got beat for touchdowns last night, also missed a tackle in the open field. and shipley is good, but the cardinals are loaded at wide receiver, so maybe, maybe shipley could end up on the practice squad. and we have got a couple of more names that have been let go, a handful of guys sent back today.
9:56 pm
there you see it, clemons, butler, crisp, mcclain, and bundy, another good wide receiver, just the odd man out with that loaded wide receiver crew. bruce arians talking about making these tough cuts. >> some teams are happy to cut guys, you know. they get it over with. you know, we have got a very talented group. there are calls being made back and forth, a lot of things can happen in the last few hours steve's -- they're pretty active right now, and when you have a roster as talented as ours, you want to make sure that you make it right, all the way down to the end. >> more football, thanks to the college kids. a.s.u., the sun devils take on n.a.u. tomorrow, and when it comes to quarterback, manny wilkins is your guy. wilkins beat out both brady white and bryce perkins for the starting spot. the good thing for manny, the
9:57 pm
back, so he'll have plenty of help come game time. the a.s.u. coaching staff are sounding very confident when talking about their new starting quarterback. >> manny is a guy that's got the most experience we have, which is very little. he's a very competitive kid, a dual threat kind of guy. we think he is a good quarterback. he can throw the football. >> the arm band in honor of childhood cancer awareness month. that's cool to see. this is also cool to see, pollock, solo shot, first home run of the season for him. dbacks lead by a score of 7-6, but here comes colorado, tying it up, and that's just the beginning of the end for the dbacks. big eighth inning for the rockies.
9:58 pm
the route was on. are you ready for this? two touchdowns for the rockies, they win it final score, 14-7. ouch. we can't forget about the mercury. the center with a great play coming up right here. watch the pass by taurasi, griner throws it down. so nice, you have to look at it twice. too little, too la. we do it again more at 10:00, a busy night for the local scene, but that's later. right now it's back to the news crew. students protest at an east valley high school after a principal suddenly resigns. what we are learning tonight. and a trump surrogate making waves for a comment about taco trucks. what he said and how the democratic party here in the valley is reacting. plus, a truck fire shuts down the i-17 during the holiday weekend travel rush.
9:59 pm
that caught on fire right on the side of the road. thank you for joining us tonight for fox 10 news at 10:00. the sudden resignation of the principal of williams field high school in the east valley has caused outrage from students. hundreds of students leaving their classes today as a show of support for that principal, who they fear was forced out of her position. and tonight, the higley unified school district is taking action. marcy jones joins us live now from gilbert with the latest tonight. marcy? >> well, marc, the big question on everybody's mind was what exactly happened to led up to the sudden resignation, but that question is still going unanswered tonight because the board said that this was a personnel issue. they discussed it behind closed doors, not with the public included, but that didn't stop them from having an opinion. >> that she notified the district of her decision to
10:00 pm
effective immediately. i think it is necessary and appropriate to honor her decision without delay. >> no! >> reporter: the crowd erupts with booing after the higley unified school district board came to the decision to uphold the resignation of dr. terri wattawa, principal of williams field high school. >> i know for a fact she loves these kids. she loves you guys. she loves this community. she has worked her tail off for this c and this isn't right. >> reporter: many students and parents saying they felt let down by the board's decision. >> i'm angry because there was no public comment allowed tonight. the district administration gets to go into executive session and talk to the school board. but we, the stakeholders, do not get to talk to the school board. the teachers that support her did not get to talk to the


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