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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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effective immediately. i think it is necessary and appropriate to honor her decision without delay. >> no! >> reporter: the crowd erupts with booing after the higley unified school district board came to the decision to uphold the resignation of dr. terri wattawa, principal of williams field high school. >> i know for a fact she loves these kids. she loves you guys. she loves this community. she has worked her tail off for this c and this isn't right. >> reporter: many students and parents saying they felt let down by the board's decision. >> i'm angry because there was no public comment allowed tonight. the district administration gets to go into executive session and talk to the school board. but we, the stakeholders, do not get to talk to the school board. the teachers that support her did not get to talk to the
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the students, look at the students. >> reporter: a few of them were in tears. >> she's the sweetest person i've ever known. she's there for me and everyone in the school. she's caring, kind, understanding. >> reporter: with heavy hearts, some say school just won't be the same the kids love her, the parents love her, the teachers love her. that's rare, to have this kind of support for a principal. higley unified school district, you messed up big time today. big time. >> reporter: very strong words and thoughts there. again, this decision happened behind closed doors, just with the school district board, not open to the public. i did talk to some students who said they would not stop fighting to bring her back. a deadly shooting in phoenix, skyfox over the home near central and dunlap. a group of people got into a fight that ended with shots being fired. at least one person there was
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it's not clear if anyone has been arrested at this point. we will bring you more information as that becomes available to us. we are hearing tonight from the family of a man who was shot by police. they say they don't think things add up here. phoenix police say that a patrol officer approached the 23-year-old. they said that he looked like a suspect in an armed robbery, that he matched a description. police say when the officer approached that man, he pulled out a knife, so the officer pulled out his gun and tried to get the man to cooperate. but then they say that he lunged at the officer and the officer fired. i need to see proof of that knife because i don't believe he never carried with him anything. >> yeah. the shooting victim's family saying they are not believing this. the 23-year-old is expected to survive, but the police officer that has been involved in this, he has been placed on routine paid administrative leave while that investigation is underway.
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go viral after an anti-immigration warning that probably didn't have the effect they were hoping for. now it seems like everybody is talking about tacos, even the local democratic party. danielle is here to explain the new phrase that's going around. >> yeah, marc, that phrase, taco trucks on every corner, even here on the marquee of the building for the arizona democratic party. people poking fun of it, a lo taco truck on every corner would be a fantastic thing, but we spoke to a few people that work in the industry that say they find the comment very offensive. the cofounder, marco gutierrez, making controversial comments, saying that if trump isn't elected president, there will be taco trucks on every corner. since then hundreds of tweets
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hash tag taco trucks on every corner, and apparently some people don't think taco trucks on every corner is a bad idea. >> that's fine with me. >> let's say you're really busy. it's 10:00 in the morning. and you're not prepared to make breakfast or something, you go to a taco truck, and you get it prepared in, like, what, five minutes? >> reporter: while some are taking offense to the comment, one of those people, esther franco with ralph's snack bar, they take pride in their authentic mexican food and it shouldn't be turned into a joke. >> we make different types of chili meat, chicken, fajitas. >> we are more than that. we are more than just a lunch truck or a construction worker
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>> reporter: officials with the arizona democratic party say there will actually be a taco truck here on scene tomorrow starting at around 1:00. they are telling us that it is going in correlation with their voter registration and outreach event. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> danielle, thank you. and donald trump in manhattan today, receiving his second national security briefing at the fbi headquarters there. after his meeting, he traveled to philadelphia for a roundtable discussion with african-american religious groups. he also touched on immigration while meeting with a mother whose 20-year-old daughter was murdered, execution style, in a schoolyard. at least one of those suspects was an illegal immigrant. >> we are the only hope. look, we are the only ones that know what's going on with immigration. hillary clinton has a clue and doesn't care. >> reporter: trump will be in detroit tomorrow visiting inner
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carson. the fbi releases an 11 page summary of its july 11th interview with hillary clinton while they were investigating her use of a private e-mail serv server. according to the heavily redacted documents, a separate document shows 13 of her mobile devices are unaccounted for. without examining them, the fbi could not determine if they were hacked. >> somebody with her background, experience, training, she's an attorney with 25 years in government. suddenly she has selective amnesia? it's not plausible, not believable. well, it is labor day weekend, and it didn't get off to a great start for travelers who were trying to head out of the valley today after a truck fire closed down the i-17 for quite some time. take a look at the scene this
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canyon city, miles and miles of traffic backed up, up to 15 miles. after a truck that was hauling a flatbed trailer caught fire, and that caused the authorities there to close down the northbound lanes of the freeway. the good news is tonight the road is back open but traffic was still slow going, well into the evening. hopefully it's clearing up by now. luckily, the fire didn't spread too far, and the truck was completely demolished. >> i had just enough time to get it over, and then i couldn't get it all the way shove people off the highway to get the trailer and truck off of the main part of the highway so that other people weren't involved, so i let it roll downhill and got it off the highway. >> reporter: yeah. it was a pretty tense moment there, but luckily nobody was hurt, and again, the road back open, but you might want to take it slow if you're heading up in
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there was quite a bit of back up. for the holiday weekend, we are told there is quite a bit of weather throughout the state. let's go to dave munsey now. >> well, marc, the temperatures are going to be coming down nicely. in fact we are going to be looking at a very nice weekend here. it will be a little warm though. let's take a look at it here. you can see that moisture is leaving the state, and with that happening, folks are going to want to hop in the car and just kind of head out somewhere for labor day. with things drying out, sun coming out, temperatures coming down, a look at these nightly lows, some mid-70s out there. we do see an 80 or two, but temperatures are definitely coming down at night. as you look across the state here, 49 at flagstaff, 65 at sedona, 59 at prescott, 56 at show low. those 70s and 80s still holding up across the desert, however, and daytime highs, nice looking 70s in the mountains. we do have a few 80s that are showing up there. we are somewhat normal as we get back down into the deserts, but
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we go to saturday with 102 and sunny, 98 on sunday, sunny, and then labor day, monday, 99 degrees and sunny. it looks like the weather is going to hold up. traffic problems, you're going to have to deal with those on your own. we'll have more weather coming up. people along the east coast keeping an eye on tropical storm hermine as it heads north along the shore. a state of emergency declared in rt florida are ramping up relief efforts after heavy rains caused down trees, flooding, and downed power lines. >> at 3:30 in the morning, i was praying. >> the massive storm is expected to hit north carolina overnight. the leader of the pat tillman memorial v.f.w. in avondale. he's accused of stealing hundreds of -- tens of thousands of dollars from people.
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he got caught. and if you would like to contact me on social media, it would be awesome to hear from you. you can find me on facebook, marc martinez fox 10, and on
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the leader of the pat tillman memorial v-f-w post in avond the leader of the pat tillman vfw memorial post in avondale is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from that organization. police say over the course of two years, kirk davis stole more than $115,000 by writing himself checks using money from the post. a treasurer at the post something was going on here, and she called avondale police and investigators linked davis to the missing money through bank records. >> the allegations against kirk davis, the commander of vfw post 40 in avondale arizona, if they are proven to be true, then it's a betrayal of the worst kind to the veterans and the supporters everywhere.
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forgery. meanwhile, the vfw has apologized to pat tillman's family and also promised to make sure to take steps so this doesn't happen again. on to a fox follow-up, the head of a buckeye school district saying sorry to a young girl who was not allowed to wear a black lives matter t-shirt. the 15-year-old wore that shirt to school. she said other students were harassing her about it. when she went to complain, they told again. now they sent a letter saying the students' reaction to the shirt is actually a way to open educational dialogue. convicted rapist and stanford swimmer brock turner left jail today after serving half his sentence, leaving a lot of people. he was convicted of sexual assaulting a student found behind a dumpster at the campus.
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longer sentence would have had an adverse effect on turner's life. today, protesters took to the streets out in front of the santa clara county courthouse focusing on the judge. turner will also have to rgister as a sex offender. hurricane hermine now a tropical storm. lots of moisture with this thing, and we also will take a look around the count around the state to see what's happning for your holiday weekend.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. dave, we talk about labor day being the unofficial end of
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don't really think about it going that way. >> we have a way to get to the end of summer, mid october, maybe. these temperatures do turn around a little bit, these great lows that we were just showing people. 96 degrees right now, the winds have died down nicely. it's 91 in surprise, it's 91 in mesa, it's 91 right now in fountain hills, in cave creek 88 degrees, look at this, not much going on as far as moisture is concerd. around, and most of that moisture is evaporating. 105 degrees for our high today at glendale we had 102. we had 100 at gateway and 102 at chandler. 78 degrees today at prescott. we had 86 degrees in payson, 78 degrees in flagstaff, and 104 at gila bend. yuma was at 105, as were we at 105.
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104 normal high and low, record high 112, record low at 64. by the way, our normal came down to 103 today from 104 yesterday, and many days before that. 102 degrees is what we are forecasting for the valley, at sky harbor, surrounding areas picking up just a little more. so the valley is going to be warm tomorrow. it's going to be seasonably warm tomorrow. and then you can see mountain temperatures looking pretty good really. 72 at flagstaff, 84 at sedona, 77 at show low, back desert, 106 at yuma, 101 down in tuscon. and hermine right here, a tropical storm soon to be a tropical depression, soon to be a low pressure system. lots of moisture flooding along that eastern seaboard, and now we look into the carolinas here and see what is going on with this mess, and then watch it. it gets over water again. that water is going to be fairly warm, so it's going to really
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bit of speed, and then it's going to kind of stay here for a day or so, just a little bit to the southeast of new york and new england, so that's going to be a problem. it's going to spin some moisture. it's going to be windy in those areas. temperature high today in new york today was 73, 76 in orlando, 86 in memphis, 81 at bismarck, and 70 up in portland. overnight, we'll look at 86 degrees, 102 degrees for tomorrow as you head into your holiday weekend. nice looking temperatures because they are coming down. look at labor day at 98 degrees, and we are going to kind of hang in with that 90s theme. in fact there's some 80s in there as well. have a great weekend, and watch your kids around water. thank you, dave. coming up after the break, breathtaking images from nasa revealing the best images that we have ever seen of jupiter. you're going to want to see these, and we'll tell you more
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. some incredible new photos from a nasa spacecraft give us a much better look at jupiter. the juno spacecraft caught some of these pictures of the north pole and southern hemisphere of jupiter on saturday. it also captured storm systems and other weather activity on the planet. some angles of jupiter can hardly be seen from earth because of its positioning. the zika outbreak has been elevated to a new level after the discovery of trapped mosquitoes that tested positive for the disease. crews are still taking very aggressive measures to stop the virus from spreading. with the hurricane leaving standing water in the region, it could make that task even more difficult. >> we are dealing with zika in our state. we are trying to do everything that we can to make sure we don't have anymore cases.
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>> florida officials are still trying to fight for more federal funding as federal funds are expected to run out by the end of the month. the fda is announcing a ban on 19 common ingredients used in antibacterial soaps and washes. it says companies will no longer be able to market antibacterial washes that include popular ingredients. the fda says that it has not demonstrated that these ingredients are safe for long term, daily use or that they are more effective than plain old soap and water. the ban does not affect hand tantizer -- sanitizers or wipes. we finally have a starting q.b. for the devils. we hear from manny wilkins right
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz in hd. who will be the q.b. in tempe? that's been the question for months. the sun devils with an open competition for the starting quarterback spot, brady white, bryce perkins, and manny wilkins, all gunning for that number one spot, and now with the first teams -- with the team's first game tomorrow, it's manny wilkins. wilkins will be the starter of the sun devils, keeping this a secret, but you got the sense that manny was the man. he really seems to be a natural leader. i would always notice him
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them, even when he wasn't on the field, and now he gets to lead them tomorrow night when the lumberjacks of n.a.u. come to town, manny wilkins gets his big break and will start game one for the sun devils. >> we are not worried about what an outsider has to say. obviously, that's the way this world works, is, you know, socially everybody has something to say, and, you know, their opinions really don't matter to us. so like i said, we just take it game by game and go out there ad ball. the big boys of the nfl. the cardinals wrapping up their preseason last night, robert nkemdiche, the cardinals top pick, got plenty of playing time last night, and once again number 90 was impressive, he's finally healthy, and it shows. nkemdiche missed the first two preseason games of the season with a sprained ankle but now you can tell he is ready to go. cardinals head coach bruce arians sounding happy what what
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par. >> he didn't get to go against a lot of starters the last two weeks, but i thought he held his own with the players he was against. >> more local stuff as we hit the diamond, the diamondbacks taking on the rockies, and how about a.j. pollock, the center fielder gets a hold of one, and that one is gone, just like that, two-run shot makes it 7-6 arizona. they take the lead, but here comes colorado, the inning, they tie up at seven a piece. colorado had a big eighth inning. don't believe me? see it for yourself, nick hundley, you can kiss that one good-bye, that's a grand sham -- grand slam, and the route was on, rockies winning 14-seven. >> griner making some big plays.
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how about the slam, nice pass to go with it by taurasi. throws it down, but it wasn't enough, final score 87-74, her first dunk of this season. she has done it around eight times in her career, pretty impressive to see her get it, take one leap, and throw it down. >> those games are fun to watch. >> football season is here. >> here we go. >> sun devils taking on n.a.u. tomorrow, they finally starting quarterback name, manny wilkins the starter. we'll see how he does. >> all right, looking forward to it richard. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. ty and anita will be here bright and early at 6:00 in the morning. >> that sounds early. >> yeah, it really is. they are in bed by now. have a good night.
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