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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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to wrapping up. when we'll hear the official tally and who's set for a recount. plus, a groomer giving some animals some much needed love. how they hope to help these pups find a new home. and thank you for joining us tonight at 10:00. phoenix police are looking into what they're calling a suspicious death after a fire at an apartment. >> yeah. it happened early this at a phoenix apartment complex. authorities responded to a fire and found the victim. marcy jones has more. >> reporter: that's right, guys. still a lot of questions in this case. police have not identified the victim in this morning's fire but neighbors describe him as a white male in his 30s. now as investigators try to piece together exactly what led up to the death, neighbors say they're concerned. just before 2:00 this morning police were called to an apartment fire on 43rd avenue
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sight. >> woke up this morning and there was a bunch of, you know, the police command and stuff out here. so i kind asked them, i got kids and stuff, so i asked them, i'm just kind of concerned what's going on. they have it all roped off and it's obvious that they're going in one specific apartment. >> reporter: police say one person is dead. neighbors describing the rtd as a white male in his 30s. >> he said that the guy is dead, obviously. and that his body was burnt. so -- >> interesting. said, his face. >> reporter: still waiting for details on what happened. neighbors say they feel for the victim's family. >> yeah, it's not something that you want to see anywhere. but especially at your house and walking out to that type of thing is never fun for anybody. but hopefully the family gets some type of answers pretty quickly. and justice will be soifdz. that's all -- served. that's all we can really hope for. >> reporter: police say they don't expect another update
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loved ones. marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> thanks. police investigating a shooting near 35th avenue and baseline tonight. officers say a man was shot in the chest right outside this home. the man was leaving his house when he got into some kind of argument with two people. one of the suspects opened fire, hating the man once. -- hitting the man once. his condition is not known in the hospital. officers haven't said if any suspects were another developing story. a man was stabbed while sleeping in his pickup truck. police say the victim's truck was parked near a convenience store on 16th street and roosevelt and that the victim ?was able to drive a few blocks after being stabbed but then collapsed. the suspect ran off. he is expected to be okay. there's no word on if police have made any arrests in this case. arizona's primary election was over this past tuesday, but unofficial election results were released today.
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races going on. those results showed maricopa county recorder helen purcell ahead by 200 votes against aaron flannery. >> a much closer race for congressional district 5. andy biggs now ahead of christine jones by nine votes. >> wow. >> fox 10's danielle miller joins us live with the latest on that. >> reporter: nine votes between the two candidates is virtually a tie. and automatically triggers a recount. we spoke with a political analyst today and he tells us that although have claimed victory, the only one who can officially call the race is an election official. >> christine jones claimed victory on election night. andy biggs is claiming victory now. it's a political thing to do. >> reporter: the race for the president nomination for -- republican nomination between andy biggs and christine jones. that according to unofficial results released today putting biggs ahead by just nine votes.
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close at the congressial level in arizona. this is really close. really close. so we can say, does every vote matter? yes. >> reporter: starn barnes says this recount process could take up to a week. >> the legal process of taking every single precinct within the broad district and doing a -- an audit of those votes by precinct. >> reporter: we reached out to both camps for a comment. biggs saying, over the last 48 hours, we have witnessed one of the most remarkable electoral turnouts in the history of arizona politics. the extraordinary grassroots efforts in the final weeks to drive out our voters was an undeniable factor in this turn-around. jones scheme also releasing a statement saying, quote, we are committed to leaving no stone unturned in the recount and in the end, we are confident that christine jones will be nominated to run in the general
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canvassing is set to happen on wednesday, september 7th, for county races. the secretary of state will hold their canvass on monday, the 12th. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> thanks. traffic slowed down on the i-17 following a crash and fire earlier today. check it out. this video from fox 10 viewer mitch peterson. this is on the i-17 near sunset point. the left lane you see there. you can see the car is completely in flames. smoke still billowing from the car. there were even flames in a couple of different spots just on the roadway. you know, they caught fire. it's awfully dry up there. no word on any injuries. but looking at these pictures, you can only hope that they got out in time. and it is labor day weekend. and while a lot of people are heading out of the valley
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people are celebrating but police they're on the crackdown right now for drunk and impaired drivers all across the valley. departments statewide will have extra servers out on the roads. -- offices out on the roads. there will be checkpoints in a start tonight at 6:00. if you need a designated driver, aaa is offering tipsy tow. it runs through 6:00 a.m. tuesday morning. this swrfer will take -- service will take a driver, passenger, and a vehicle up to 10 miles per ho f -- 10 miles for free. drivers and passengers can call 1-800-aaa high pressure help. good news if you plan on visiting new mexico anytime soon. american airlines will be offering direct flights between santa fe and phoenix starting next week. the airline says there will be one flight that leaves phoenix for santa fey in the morning -- santa fe in the morning. the flight will offer 70 seats
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good deal. some dogs at the animal care and control are getting makeovers. free haircuts, all in hopes of finding their forever home. woof wagon is a mobile bet grooming business. they groom dogs in a van and animal care and control hopes that the service will help these dogs find their new forever homes. >> it's very important. it really helps potential adopters see what the dogs could look like i. so we were so greatful when they reached out to u resources to be able to provide the grooming that they need. >> that was melissa gable with marine layer animal care -- maricopa county animal care and control. they're helping groom dogs at local animal care and control centers. hundreds of people showing support for those killed 15 years ago on september 11th. how they are honoring the
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this year will mark 15 this year will mark 15 years since the tragic events that haptd on 9/11. in tempe to show their support- for those who lost their lives that day and nose fighting for our country -- those fighting for our country. this was a special run held this morning for the 5k run. runners gathered to remember the nearly 3,000 lives lost on 9/11 and those who served our country. proceeds went to the twrafs
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veterans get jobs. one woman says she flew here just so she could help out. >> i flew in from l.a. last night because anything for charity is a great thing. but something for our 9/11 heroes is even better. super proud of being part of ?this with my family and celebrating on this special labor day holiday. it's a wonderful thing. >> this was the fourth annual 9/11 run. there are 50 runs across the country over the next couple of weeks thatil travis manyon foundation. tropical storm hermine continues on its east coasterror. the states that are being warned
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the u-s and china agree
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the u.s. and china agree to participate in the international climate change agreement. reached in paris last year. president obama and the chinese president jinping announced their support ahead of the g-20 summit. obama says this move demonstrates a, quote, shared commitment to fighting climate change. the u.s. and china are the world's two biggest carbon emitters. a 5.6 earthquake that jolted awake thousands of people in oklahoma city the u.s. geological said the quake hit at 7:00 a.m. you can see cameras shake around. the epicenter 10 miles away from northwest pawnee, oklahoma. officials there were saying there were no injuries or casualties but a lot of buildings were damaged. reports indicate that quake could be felt from nebraska to texas. tropical storm hermine is entinsfying with 70 -- intensifying with 70-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rain. residents in north carolina and
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clean up downed trees. many homes and businesses lost power in the inland and coastal areas. one man says he had to fight these winds. >> some of those gusts were -- were probably 50-mile-an-hour, because it was blowing me from one site of the road to the other. >> severe weather warnings are in effect in coastal areas from virginia to connecticut. we hope you are start of your holiday weekend. and we've got some good weather in store for you coming up over the next few days. some changes in the middle of the week, but we'll get to that in a few minutes, coming up in
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? there is no life i know to compare with your imagination. ? >> what a talent. people honoring gene wilder after the iconic actor passed away this week. harkins theaters will be honoring several of his movies, including willy amonga and blazing saddles. the valley art location. >> it's a great audience. got to laugh with a lot of people who already knew the jokes and just to see it come to life on the big screen was a real street. >> his movies will continue to be shown at the theater through thursday. well, it's shaping up to be a great start to the labor day weekend. in fact, look at this right now. we've got 92 degrees. nielingsz night out there.
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clear skies and no chance of any kind of rain showers or activity to mess up any outdoor plans for the next few days. we've got dry conditions and no moisture over our state right now because of the high pressure system that's keeping that out of here. we have a look at our dew points. these are very low. so they're not kicking up to those numbers that we would see to bring a lot of monsoon activity or pop-up showers or anything like that. at least not for the next few days. nice. we got 91 in good year, also in surprise. 92 at sky harbor. a lot of 90s on the map. and you can see our temps up, the high country, cooling off of course, tonight. 52 for knew flagstaff. 73 in sedona. 68 in winslow along the colorado river, 90s for knew bullhead city and lake havasu and 64 tonight in the grand canyon. 91 down in gila bend. for our record today, we had 106
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normal by 3 degrees. 112 was the high set back in 1983. we're expecting 83 tonight. the normal is 81 degrees. the rest of the country seeing some action. we have this storm system that moved out of here, moving through denver. down in the gulf they had a lot of moisture, but as we move our way, this was earlier this afternoon. making our way to the evening, that stuff is all pushing off into the atlantic. some activity in the eastern seaboard. forecast lows for for you in prescott. 63 in kingman. 44 in flagstaff. winslow 53. down in casa grande 69 and gila bend 73 degrees. for our forecast highs for tomorrow, 98 for us in phoenix. 100 in lake havasu. 70 in flagstaff. 82 in window rock and 102 in casa grande. tucson 100 degrees tomorrow. cooling off to 74 degrees for most of us. warming trend coming up in the next few days, but not too bad.
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tomorrow will be nice at 98 degrees. here's a look at our 10-day forecast. we are looking at under 100 degrees for the 10-day forecast period. chance of -- richard is giving us some cheers over there. we like it. chance of storms firing back up on wednesday and thursday. about a 20% chance. but it looks like your memorial plans are going to be nice and dry and rain-free. marc, you are the man. big night in tempe. the college kids all hopped up on the devils look to take care of the lumberjacks. highlights of the asu/nau game
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after months of waiting. after months of waiting and preparation, the sun devils kick off their season tonight as the boys host the lumberjacks of nau. a lot of new faces in key places, like quarterback manny
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wilkins looking to complete his first pass since high school. so yeah, this guy right here, he's a little inexperienced. good thing he has some good running backs. manny wilkins looking like a running back, calls his own number. takes it in for a touchdown on the opening drive for arizona state. that's a pretty good start. wilkins looking to air it out. oh, boy. he'd like to have this one back. throws into double coverage. interception. nau going the other way. wilkins would settle down. nice play right how about the hops! jumps right over the defender. great play, so nice look at it twice. but this game, too close for comfort. arizona state holding on to a seven-point lead in the third quarter. 13-6 is your score right now. we keep the arizona theme going and check on the wildcats. taking on byu in glendale. university of phoenix. the cats honoring teammate zach him wrena. he passed away recently.
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byu playing some defense early. the cougars with a grade secondary. how about this play by the secondary. byu gets the interception. the cougars would make them pay. they punch it in from the doorstep. and right now, it is a balk. it's a close game. byu has the lead by a score of 15-10 this the fourth quarter. the marquee matchup of the night, usc t trojans taking on the number country, alabama. they have some pretty good guys on their team, alabama. one of them are darius stewart. he gets behind the defense. how does he get behind two defenders for the touchdown. that makes it 7-3. 17-3. 'bama and guess who is back. our darius stewart. turns on the afterburners. run, forest, run. fakes it to the house.
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how about the houston cougars. houston looking to beat oklahoma. really? since when does houston, the cougars, have a good football team. well, they've got some talwroanlt this year's team, that's for sure. oklahoma going for a 53-yard field goal. that's still a live ball. brandon wilson with the catch. he gets the blockers. this guy has some speed. and yeah, you can kiss him good-bye! takes it to the that's a game-changer. houston gets the upset, final score, 33-23. wisconsin, they take on lsu. the tigers always one of the toughest teams in the country. but the badgers came to play. took a 13-7 lead. tigers take the lead on this play right here. touchdown lsu. 14-13. we've got a ball game, boys and girls. badgers come right back. 47-yard field goal. is good with room to spare.
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16-14. lsu looking to come back. a minute left to play. the tigers air it out. oh, interception. wisconsin -- josh with the cheap hit right there. but wisconsin hits it where it hurts o the scoreboard. they final it 16-14. we check on the big boys of the nfl. every team in the league cutting down its roster to 53 players. barkley played well on thursday night. so did the wide he also got cut. that's what happens when you have a good team. the cardinals having to let some good players go. several guys let go from that cardinals. red bryant, a veteran. elijah also played well. that's what happens. that's why they call it the fight for 53. only 53 can make the roster. >> top 10. >> thanks for being with us tonight. >> we will see you tomorrow at
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? breen: like, i was just up in canada, which is a great trip. when ever you go somewhere, people tell you what to do there, and in canada, it's poutine. everyone's like, "oh, you have to eat the poutine!" i didn't know what that was. that sounds filthy, doesn't it? i was like, "eat the poutine? can i just try kissing a girl first?" [ laughter ] tomlinson: we've traveled coast to coast to bring you the best comics in the america. and guess what -- they're all women. welcome to "laughs." i'm your host, taylor tomlinson, and, as you may have noticed, i am a woman, which shouldn't matter at all. except for tonight, because it's the "ladies who make laughs special." i've gathered my favorite female comics who are just murdering the comedy scene right now. so take a seat, dudes. we got this one. jackson: i want to know, are there any former hos in the house tonight? any former --


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