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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  September 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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right here, police say bailed out near 65th avenue and thomas and is that reuben rodriquez and that's where police say he tried to break into a home to escape. our ty brennan spoke to the home owner who says that he she came face-to-face with rodriquez. that must have been one of the scariest moments of her life. >> when she was retelling that story she was trembling. both of the suspects are locked up here at the fourth avenue jail. now according to that paper work one of t reuben rodriquez jumped out of the suv and then jumped over a fence and into the back yard of that woman. she heard him knocking on the window and pointing a gun at her. >> look at me. >> it was scary. >> this woman still visibly shaken after coming face to face with one of the suspected imang robbers tuesday afternoon in her own back yard she was inside her house when she heard three loud knocks on her back window. >> i opened the windows and the
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like that. and he say, open, open the door. >> and oh, my gosh. >> according to police records after the three men robbed the credit union west location in avondale, they took off in this black suv. police were on their tail. according to police, one of the robbers began shooting at police from the back seat of the car. police say both men ran from the suv at different locations. and that's when reuben rodriquez ended up in this bag yard near 65 avenue >> from here to there. >> the woman called 911 but by the time she called police, they were surrounding her house. >> and i run to the police and help me, help me. the guy is in the back yard can you help me? and it's okay, you are safe. >> it's day she says she won't soon forget. >> yesterday change. changed my life. >> and reuben rodriquez told police he needed money to pay off a drug debt.
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about theo facing serious charges including armed robbery with a deadly weapon. they will be in court next week. reporting live in downtown phoenix, ty brennan, "fox 10 news." and now a story you will see only on fox 10. it really shows the dangers of working as a corrections officer. this is video of an inmate attack on an officer at the eyman prison complex in florence. this happened in the maximum security area. inmates have to be of their cells one by one to shower. one inmate attacks the officer. they fight on the ground until another officer comes over to help. the d.o.c. released a statement saying the video illustrates the danger that inmates pose to our officers and staff every day especially in a maximum custody unit. we applaud the officer for his quick response to regain control until additional staff arrive to help resecure the inmate who was moved to an enhanced security area.
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aggravated assault charges against him. in court today, the former yoga teacher accused of sexual indiesancy with young boys at a bar mittsa, a judge -- bat mitzvah, a judge ruled the case will continue and no mistrial in the case. prosecutors say lindsay redmps key got drunk and let the boys touch her breasts. facing 18 counts of sexual indiesancy. she is tried in scottsdale because she a grand jury so the city of scottsdale is trying her and she will be back in court tomorrow. and we have a "fox 10 news" alert about a truck that has plowed into a home. >> marcy jones reports from the scene fifth street and hatcher in phoenix. >> taking the same route home from work every day but today was different. she saw something very unusual. >> i see a truck inside of a house. >> phoenix fire department says
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real story from the residents. but to onlookers it's a pretty scary sight. >> i think it's horrible. i hope no one got hurt. >> with little information to go on and unanswered questions about what led up to the crash, bystanders like shandy say they feel for the home owners. >> i am happy i wasn't -- it's sad. >> marcy jones, "fox 10 news." two men have been arrested in yuma. they are accused of intentionally driving a car right into a crowd of people. yuma police say ryan and cory troy got into a fight with two other people and police say the suspects then got into a car and allegedly ran over one person and striking several others. albright and troy are facing six counts of aggravated assault, six counts of attempted murder and several other charges. six people were taken to the hospital after that incident. do you know what the least safe intersection in all of phoenix is? safe track which is a mobile app designed to keep you safe by
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it's right here in the heart of downtown. we will take you to first street and east taylor street and zoom in here. it's kind of in the heart of that downtown area where the asu campus is. this right here is taylor street and this is first street. of course, this is central right here to give you your bearings and this is where people have felt the most unsafe this year according to the app. this intersection is where people have felt unsafe to date this year. first str have triggered that safe trap app 2500 times because there is a large concentration of people living here and this is again where the asu downtown campus is. look at the frequency. you see right up your screen here that a lot of people press their safe trek panic button. first street and taylor is in the middle of the cluster of purple dots. doesn't mean it's the most dangerous part of the city. it's just where people who were
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unsafe. most frequently. and we told you about that scheduled closure for grand avenue. well, it has been postponed all because of the rain we have been having. adot was set to close grand avenue between dysert and 4reu67field road in -- dysert and litchfield road. the closure will take place tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. and it will go through friday morning at 5:00 a.m. and it will be to pour that new bridge deck at bell road and grand avenue and the almost $42 million project is still on track and will next spring. coming up next, hard to believe it's been 15 years since the september 11th attacks that changed so much about this country and in this world. find out how you can honor and remember the victims right here in town in scottsdale. >> plus, if you use pandora, some good news. they cutting prices and offering a cheaper monthly plan. what you could get for five bucks a month. >> after being crowned miss world on monday, this beauty
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own people in japan why they say
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valley residents can pay their respects to the nearly 3- thousand people who died on their respects to the nearly 3- people in the valley can pay their respects for the nearly
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>> it's a mini museum. and courtney griffin went there teed to show us. >> mini museum set up inside of the scottsdale center for the performing arts building honoring those who died 15 years ago on 9-11. >> this was a horrible event but it also brought us back into giving back to our friends and our community, brought everybody together. >> lori schmidt with scottsdale fire says every year the memorial grows. >> and when you are going faces it's amazing the amount of life that we lost that day. >> this year photos of the nearly 3,000 people who were killed on 9-11 are posted up on replicas of the twin towers and pentagon. built by the city's building department. >> we have towers that were represent obviously the world trade center. all of the cards that are on here with the faces were the people who died in the towers that day. we have a pentagon. we have an airplane and we also
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away that day. >> also on display is a steel piece from the world trade center. and this bell. >> the bell that we have here was actually on a new york fdny fire truck. we will be ringing that bell as part of our ceremony on sunday. >> sunday a ceremony will be held at 2:00 where all of the names of those who died will be read. the tribute is open from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. now until next tuesday. courtney news." last year 800 people attended the ceremony. it takes place at the scottsdale center of the performing center. >> you thinking about crowned a beauty queen would be a happy time but it's been hard on the new miss japan because of her race. miss japan 2016 was crowned on monday. she is half japanese and half indian but now many people in
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look japanese enough. her crowning comes one year after another beauty queen was criticized for being half japanese and half african-american. the new miss japan says she is proud of her heritage. >> i think if i didn't live in india or if india was not inside of me, a part of me, i don't think i would be here right now talking as miss world japan right now. yeah. >> she has lived in india and call japan home and is an elephant trainer. >> that's unique. i never heard of that. >> in tonight's business watch, goldman sachs, they are banning their high ranking partners from donating to donald trump's campaign. politico reports that the bank told staff they actually want to -- the -- avoid look like they are taking sides in this campaign. politico reports that bank told the staff to avoid any problems in the future.
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because their top officials can still donate to hillary clinton's campaign. so conflict of interest there. ford reporting its best ever august sales in china selling more than 96,000 vehicles. growth was driven by sales of small vehicles with the new ford focus sales almost doubling. and pandora the internet radio company are reportedly cutting their prices offering a $5 monthly plan that actually gives users more ability to skip songs and play music offline. right now 76 million pandora users listen for free. and taking a look at the market watch, the dow jones industrials lost 11 points today finishing at 18,526. the nasdaq managed to climb eight points today closing at 5,283. and the s&p was down fractionally finishing at 2186. the controversy behind colincapernic's decision tosh
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hit the hockey world. >> what the head coach of the usa national hockey team had to say if any of his players decide to sit during the anthem. >> and in your health watch tonight, the woman who received the first partial facial transplant has succumbed to her injuries a better look at what went wrong. well, you know you made it in the nfl when you go by just one name. gronk. arguably the most dynamic tight end in football. how do the cardinals defend the all pro tight end? we will count it
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here.
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nters of america. a sad day in the science sad day in the science world as the woman who received the first ever facial transplant has died possibly from complications of her surgery. it was 11 years ago that the woman was mauled by her dog. she was given new cheeks a new nose and lib lip -- lips. french media reporting she suffered repeated ailments and and she also suffered two bouts of chancer that were linked to her antirejection medication. the hospital where she died did not release details about her death. new advice to people traveling to zika infected areas. the world health organization is saying that anyone who goes to those regions should abstain from sex or be extra vigilant in
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return. the virus can remain hid in a man's body for much longer than originally thought and it can put a newborn's life at risk. they suggest taking every precaution to make sure the virus is cleared. the head coach of team usa for the world cup of hockey later this month is causing a bit of a stir. he is making it known that he is not going to tolerate any "national anthem" protests. he told espn yesterday that any of my players sit on the bench, they will sit there for the rest of the game. it's unclear if any american hockey players were planning to protest but their coach's stern warning makes it clear he wants no part of it during the world cup. the body of work includes one major accomplishment after another. most touchdowns by a tight end in a season, 18. most receiving yards by a tight
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receiving td's by a tight end. when you look at what gronk has done in his short career in the nfl, it's amazing. he has plenty of weapons, no doubt about that. forget about no tom brady. when you look at the variety of skill position players the patriots have, it's extremely impressive but headlined by this guy, number 87. rob gronkowski. the numbers, the career, his ability to make the variety of ways to get him the football. here is richard saenz with more. as soon as yo -- >> all week long on the cardinals fans come up to me and say i wish tom brady was playing for the patriots. well, for the cardinals it doesn't matter because one jimmy garoppolo is pretty good and he still has the gronk to throw to.
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a bunch of other tight ends but one gronk and he is a different animal when it's coming to defending him. that is something we are very accustomed to. >> b.a. said patriots have a lot of tight ends but only one gronk. he is the challenge he presents. >> gronk is labeled as a tight end but is a big receiver. he is a good player. like i said, it will be another task at hand to stop hims in his size. he is a monster and very strong and he has been doing it for awhile being but what we can do is just stick to our keys. >> it's official, rookie corner brandon williams is starting. when asked if he was ready, he responded with, i have to be. it's the regular season. welcome to the nfl, rookie. in tempe, richard saenz, for fox 10 sports. reminder, there is a lot coming your way on sunday. pats and cards, post game after the game. want you to switch over to fox 10. bruce arians at the podium and richard saenz in the locker
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makers you want to hear from that decide the fate of this game. the guy that once backed up tony roam oach rudy carpenter the quarterback guru will join us post game analysis. a lot goingen. when it comes to bill belichick he does think so differently and effectively in the nfl. what is it about this guy in game preparation that makes the patriots so effective in winning football games. we will return with that side of the story coming up at 6:00. all right, see you then. brace youel taylor swift breakup song. taylor and tom are done. why the three month romance came to an end. when it starts to get good at three months and then you break up? >> get through a year at least. plus the nasty custody battle over madonna and guy richie's son rocco. it's over who will rocco live with when he goes back to school.
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ever ever ever getting back together" after three months of dating taylor swift and tom hidlesten have called it quits. they were seen together at the met gala in may. right before she broke up with calvin harris it was before she broke up they were seen
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with the scottish dj, she was seen canoedling with the -- caked inling. it was a publicity stunt and even if it was it is now over. >> all right, things are on the men for halle berry and her estranged husband. the two of them have called off their divorce. last year around this time they both filed for divorce papers. trying to beat each other to the punch. now that case is dismissed. they will work on their marriage. madonna finally settling that bitter custody battle with her ex-husband guy richer. exs informed a judge that they have resolved their issues regarding their son rocco. they have been fighting where the 16-year-old should live. rocco spent a lot of time with his mom but it looks like the teen will live in london with dad while he goes school but madonna will still get to see a
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jersey boys, have you seen this? >> i have not. >> i saw it at gammage a few years back a story of fracky valley and -- frankie valli and the four seasons. you better see it quickly because it will end its historic 11 year run. declining ticket sales led to the decision to end the show. mark ballast who was a pro dancer will be the final frank january. coming up at 6:00, the ceo of starbucks endorsing hillary clinton for president and some people are now calling for a boycott of the coffee giant. what some of you are saying on our facebook page. plus when the new swim with the dolphins attraction is set to open in the east valley. and steve krafft is live in downtown phoenix with word that police have arrested a suspect in the multi-million dollar theft of jewelry from drake's tour bus.
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days after medical student vanished during a trip to a valley lake, deputies locate the man's body. tropical weather doesn't pack the punch that was expected but there has been decent rainfall. dave munsey has the forecast. thieves stargate a t in downtown phoenix while rapper drake was performing. now police are working to solve a multi-million dollar heist. plus when the new swim with dolphins attraction is set to open in the east valley. thank you for joining us first tonight at 6:00. late breaking news in the $3 million jewelry heist during the drake concert last night over at talking stick resort arena in phoenix. officers have arrested a man
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rapper's tour bus and taking off with a briefcase that contained the jewels fox 10's steve krafft joins us live with the latest. >> late breaking development, let me show you a picture of the man we were talking about he is 21-year-old traifian king. take a look. here is the back story. sergeant vince lewis of phoenix p.d. tells us investigators identified traveon king by looking at surveillance video and then t king was already in jail because he had been arrested for trespassing earlier in the day by campus police at asu in tempe. they put two and two together and now traveon king will be looking at burglary charges. >> in this video you can see the rapper drake gesturing. he looks irate after someone made off with $3 million worth of jewelry and valuables and a


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