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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 8, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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here is marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. the rapper drake's tour bus burglarized. $3 million worth of jewelry stolen. tonight, police announce an arrest in the case. the 2016 race getting cut throat. someone caught stealing signs but not from trump or this video was shot here in arizona. we begin with a fox 10 news alert that we've been following. sky fox live over state route 51 near mcdowell where the northbound lanes are closed after a woman was shot while driving on the freeway. the woman died from her injuries. also closed, the onramps to the
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will be closed for hours. plan on avoiding that area after that tragic incident involving that m woman -- woman that appears to be random. ty brennan joins us live from the scene with the latest on this. ty? >> reporter: such a sad update. the woman did die from her injuries whileei driving in the northbound lanes on the 51. i want to show you video taken from sky fox. this all happened around 7:25 between mcdowell and thomas that is where we are at right now. police tell us the woman was traveling from the i-10 westbound lanes and transferring to the 51 northbound when she called 911 to report a truck following her and driving erratically. this is what police said happen
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adult woman who stated the truck was chasing her. while she was on the phone with 911, the dispatcher heard three gunshots and the call was ended. d.p.s. officer and phoenix officers responded to the scene and located an adult woman who crashed her car in the center divider in between mcdowell road and thomas road. she was taken to the local hospital in critical condition and has since died of her injuries. >> reporter: again, right now police are scouring the city. they are looking for a white work-type truck with a ladder rack on it. they say from descriptions they were able to give them there were three hispanic males in the truck. they believe the truck exited the 51 fear -- near thomas. they are urging anyone with information to give them a call.
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480-witness. they are estimating this portion of the road could be closed upwards of most of the night. anyone with information, they are urging you to call phoenix police. a truck slams through the front of a phoenix home today near fifth street and hatcher. you can see that truck made its it is not clear what hand here. both police and fire crews were on scene and hire crews told us they are having trouble collecting information from the scene. no arrests have been made and luckily, nobody was hurt in all of this. $3 million worth of jewelry is the amount stolen from drake's tour bus when he was performing last night. police have a suspect behind bars. marcy jones is following the story for us and she joins us
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>> reporter: it was this time last night that police say someone went on to drake's tour bus and stole $3 million worth of jewelry inside the briefcase. they believe the same person the behind jail. they say the case is more complicated than they might think. talking stick arena security and surveillance. phoenix police say they were able to track the 21-year-old suspected of robbing drake's tour bus. >> the suspect was able to rock on the tour bus, remove a briefcase that contained $3 million worth of property and jewelry. >> reporter: police got a good look of the suspect from security foot around but unable access his information because he was being booked by another department. >> he was trespassing and
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university police and in the process of being transferred and booked into maricopa county jail. >> reporter: they believe king could be a contracted worker. >> he has experience backstage and may have been comfortable on where to go and what time to be there. >> reporter: with king behind bars less than 24 hours after the crime, it is not special treatment for a celebrity but hard work and a little bit of >> yes, this is a high-profile crime with a celebrity involved but it just so happens that the person who did this was caught with the merchandise and caught in another jurisdiction. so luck of the draw and a good-working relationship. >> reporter: king was booked here this morning on trespassing charge. he has been rebooked on new charges and we're talking about a felony count. marcy jones, fox 10 news.
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people around the state dealing with the reminisce of tropical storm newton today. a storm system seemed to fizzle out. it did not bring the showers that some people were expecting but southern arizona took the biggest hit with flooded roads and washes. here in the valley, it was overcast. some people getting sporadic showers and cooler temperatures. flooding several sections of they brought in trucks to try to pump out of the water. truckers passing through pinal county were relieved that the road conditions remained clear and the winds were calm for them. >> we were in buckeye for two days. we were in buckeye. it is bad but one of them had dissipated so hopefully, it is just heavy rain.
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>> adot was bracing for possible flooding. signs were warning drivers to be on the lookout for adverse weather. washington post poll released yesterday has donald trump neck and neck and now the a.s.u. poll has clink leading trump in arizona in a four-way race with the libertarian and green party gold man sacks is barring their employees from contributing to certain campaigns such as donald trump but it does not bar contributions to clinton's campaign. somebody was caught on camera stealing signs for kate brophy mcgee's campaign. it is all caught here.
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she is running for state senate. her campaign wants the thief caught. an arrest warrant has been issued for jill stein. she is accused of spray painting construction equipment. stein faces misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief. drivers were able to make their way up and down grand avenue today but that will change coming tomorrow because work on grand avenue was postponed today due to the adot is expected to close grand avenue between dysart and litchfield roads tomorrow night starting at 9:00. it will go through friday morning at 5:00 a.m. crews will be pouring a new bridge deck. the nearly $42 million project will be complete by next spring. coming up next, days of searching for a man who went missing while boating with
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maricopa county deputies maricopa county deputies recovered the bodies of chintan shah who was at lake pleasant. he was boating with friends over the holiday weekend. they jumped off of the boat and into the water. shah never surfaced. his family said he was an excellent swimmer. this is not the right video, i want to point out. he friends and deputies are trying to figure out what went wrong. we're learning more about the deadly police chase yesterday afternoon. three suspected bank robbers led officers on a 45 minute chase. when officers got the car to stop, they say steven del rio pointed a gun at them and that is when officers opened fire killing him. the other two suspects are in custody. >> it was scary. >> reporter: this woman shaken
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one after the bank robbers. she was inside her house when she heard three loud knocks on her back window. >> i open the window and that guy is like open, open the door. i said oh, my gosh. >> reporter: police say three men robbed a bank and took off in the s.u.v. one of the robbers is identified as sergio shooting at the officers from the backseat. >> i ran to the police. i said help me the guy is in the backyard. he said you're safe. >> reporter: ruben rodriguez and escobedo are facing several charges. they will be in court next week. so we have a question for you, which intersection in phoenix do people feel the most unsafe?
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trek it is here near save's downtown campus by the taylor mall area. first street and taylor street, safe trek is a panic button and you push that when you feel unsafe. the intersection is north first and east of taylor. more people use the app here than any other area. here is a look at the frequency. do you see the blue dots? that is where pressed the panic button the most. dots is the intersection.ple- it does not mean it is the most dangerous but that is where the app was used most frequently. >> reporter: maybe it is the most dangerous intersection because people are pushing the app when they go through it. both hands on the wheel, folks. we're going to look at the weather. pretty wet out there, not
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incredible video of a pretty incredible video of a funnel cloud compliments of newton. this was posted on our facebook page by john storm, great name, by the way. this was taken from the lookout tour at the kaibab national forest. you can see the funnel cloud making its way downward but it never hit >> reporter: you have john storm taking pictures of funnel clouds, not from the ground but from a lookout tower. >> john storm is all over it. >> reporter: that is weather talk. he was all over that. that was a beautiful shot of that. things are starting to calm down a little bit now after a day of scattered showers across the valley. heavy rain and flooding south of us as you have heard already. 80 degrees already. the winds are dying down at
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82 degrees in scottsdale. 80 at sky harbor. 77 in ahwatukee. surprise, 81 degrees. you can see the moisture winding out of the valley, staying south and to the east. we did get some moisture down into the valley. not a tremendous amount but some of the amounts weren't bad. 3.5 inches right a little over 2 inches here and just a little more than that. south of phoenix, not that much, .3 of an inch. down toward tucson, 1.5. seeing good moisture and around the city, not that much. i think over here by chandler, a little more than .5 of an inch. many were less than that, .25 in most areas.
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we're concerned right now. we have eastern moisture hanging around out there but that stuff is exiting as well. it is making its move out of here at this particular time. 88 degrees is what we went to for a high. 90 degrees in glendale. 84 degrees out at gateweight. 76 degrees in prescott. beautiful temperatures. mid 80's at gila bend today. this was your day. 88 on the high. 77 on the low. 102 and 80, normal high and low. record high, 111. record low at 61. taking a look across the country here. this is our moisture here off into new mexico. you can see there is pretty good storms across minnesota into the great lakes. another storm approaching chicago and causing a few storms
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the night. 86 degrees through the night. there is an early chance of rain. we have a little bit of moisture hanging around. a few clouds on friday with that 101. into the weekend with triple digits and a chance of rain on sunday. watch your kids around water. coming up after the break, the valley paying tribute to
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sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks. a tribute is in place at the scottsdale center of the performing arts building. >> when you are looking through the faces again, it is amazing the amount of life that we lost that day. >> reporter: walk into the scottsdale center of the performing arts and you will see photographs of the 3,000 people we >> we have towers that represent the trade centers. all of the cards with the faces are people who died in the towers that day. we have a pentagon, airplane, and a big flag that represents the first responders who passed away on that day. >> reporter: also this bell and a piece of the world trade center. >> this bell was on an fdny fire truck. we will be ringing the bell as
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reporter: the ceremony is at 2:00 p.m. on sunday until 5:00. this comes to represent america's strength and patriotism. this picture was memorialized on a stamp. it went missing until it turned up in washington. in 2014, a man named brian showed up at a fire station with a he said it was given to him and it was the same one in the iconic 9/11 picture. since then, it has been analyzed by scientists. >> comparing it to the trade tower dust collected at 9/11. i realized the same particle types were found on the flag and the 9/11 ground zero dust. >> reporter: the particles
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so it is the flag from the 9/11 photograph. it will be prevailed this sunday. >> reporter: there will be plenty of reflections this sunday throughout the league and the country on 9/11. it is going to be the opener for the cardinals. brandon williams, the young man from texas a&m is going to be the starting cornerback for the arizona cardinals.
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two years ago brandon williams >> reporter: listen to this, two years ago, branden williams was a running back for texas a&m. he is going to be the starting cornerback for the cardinals against the patriots he got better each and every preseason game. he got the most reps with injuries to other corners trying to win the against the patriots with the rookie. we'll see what belichick does. as for larry fitzgerald and the entire cardinals team, high expectations. what about the pressure of trying to win it all this year, coach arians? >> it is no pressure. it is one game. it is one game seasons and one-day practices and we set a goal a long time ago then you
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to work every day. >> reporter: switch over to fox 10 sunday night right after the game. bruce arians will be live at the podium. you will be in that locker room with richard saenz and we'll break down the plays. for the sun devils, todd graham up against texas tech saturday night. can they grind and play a little ball possession with demario richard? kalen ball for 276 yards. for todd graham, he knows the challenge ahead and he is confident. >> it is an opportunity for us to spread the ball around and give different guys open space and allow people to miss and go score. so that is our plan to get the ball in a lot of guys' hands and give us the ability to make plays. >> reporter: d-backs at dodger
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game for chip hale. a rough couple of days. paul goldschmidt floats this one inside the right field line. he goes for it and drops the ball. a.j. pollock scores. d-backs lead, 1-0. bottom of the first, robbie ray gives it up to cody seger and drives in kendrick. robbie ray, 12 strikeouts. kendrick going for it and he is at one. puig ready to roll and his ninth home run off of the ray. the dodgers win, 3-1, the final. they get swept in l.a. we're going to be on sports night after dark. fantasy league questions and i know you will be in on that. >> we have a lot of imems "modern family" is up next.
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