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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> reporter: after two years and nearly three months, those are just some of the words that the owners of those 20-plus dead dogs want wanted to hear and they got to hear some of it today. they pled guilty to animal cruelty and fraud charges. the hughes had to read a letter of apology in court. the dog owners spoke, we're talking 20-plus dogs so many dog owners the judge to impose a harsher sentence. one of those who spoke was a special needs boy who lost his service dog. >> he wasn't my pet. he was my best friend and protector. lie after lie after lie, it is unbelievable. >> these people are truly some of the most unpleasant
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they did not need to die. some would have survived if they were taken to a veterinarian. >> i'm shocked to find out all of the things i find out continuously about this. i do feel there was deception at a deep level. >> reporter: the victims, we should be hearing from them any minute now finally wraps up and the judge ordered that the 60 days in jail to be served now. todd is expected to report to jail as we speak. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. not much left of a twin engine plane after it crashes near a home in wickenburg. >> four people were onboard this plane.
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it is amazing anyone survived. >> reporter: it is amazing. we're in wickenburg right now and this started 7:00 this morning just outside of wickenburg airport. a private plane takes off. it is headed to payson. there are two couples and everyone is in their 60's. linda and fred gagliano and patrick and linda off in a plane. >> i heard a noise coming over the office real close. i knew it was an airplane then i heard a bang. i went out this way to see if it was someone shorted the runway. >> reporter: the tail section of the plane landed in the yard of a house on the business' property narrowly missing the family. it was a close call. >> it was their lucky day
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aiming for the house. where it hit the trailer, it hit and probably saved their lives because it gave and did a 360 in the yard. >> reporter: both couples had to be cut out of the cessna. wickenburg police say they have serious cuts and leg injuries. they are being treated at the hospital in phoenix. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause of this reporting live from wickenburg, steve krafft, fox 10 news. a fox follow-up on one of our top stories from yesterday. a federal government spokesperson says a truck driver is in a tucson hospital after being shot and injured by officers and a border patrol agent. it happened along the u.s.-mexico border down in nogales. the truck driver was shot after he tried to evade and then he
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the port was shut down to southbound traffic heading into mexico for several hours. police tonight, new at 5:00, a 28-year-old woman arrested for possessing drugs she got from her mom's house. marie told her probation officer that she used meth recently. they searched her home and found meth and marijuana in her home. she said she found the meth and marijuana in her mom house. they arrested her mom three weeks ago. an armed man robbed a burger king and fled the scene in a white ford pickup. he is described as a white man with red hair and freckles and a tattoo on his left arm. police are asking anyone if they have information about this to call silent witness, 480-witness. you decide, a judge issues a
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primary election, the one that is so close between andy biggs and christine jones. today, a judge ordered the county to count 18 additional ballots in the race. bigs got 12 of the 18 votes and he has extended his lead to 16 votes over jones. the additional counting will not decide the race because a donald trump facing a new battle. this is facebook's co-founder. they are pledging to donate $20 million to democratic groups to stop donald trump from becoming president. he says trump and the party are running a campaign based on fear and hostility. he was mark zuckerberg's
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miami was sprayed with pesticide today to stop the zika virus. the pesticide they are using won't harm people but police are not sure if they believe it. they say they have a tough time believing this pesticide is safe for people. so far there are 56 nontravel cases of the zika virus in florida. 90 pregnant women in the state have been affected with the virus. we're two days away from the cardinals' kickoff as the regular season gets rolling. big red hosting the new england patriots sunday night, prime time. fans are not the only once counting down the hours to the big game. richard saenz joins us a little bit early. >> reporter: i'm counting the days until opening day. it is super bowl or bust for the cardinals.
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on offense, everyone is back from last year then is scary. believe it or not, they could be better that year and, of course, the honey badger, tyrann mathieu is back. yes, carson palmer is the man that makes this team go. when carson palmer is on, the cardinals are tough to beat. cardinals with a good mix of young players like david johnson and veterans like larry fitzgerald. with the high expectations comes a lot of pressure. i expectations and the pressure that comes with it. >> the question you get about your team being good comes from you. i don't think that adds pressure to us. we understand we have a good group and we have to go out and play. >> reporter: we will bring you the first look at the highlights here on fox 10. we'll be live on the field immediately after the game with reaction from coach and the locker room after the game. we have it all for you on fox
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we have you covered all weekend long. more on the cardinals coming up in sports. we check on the youngster, david johnson. says a touchdown machine and now he is the starter. >> richard has a great gig. good stuff, enjoy that. it will be a great game. an s.u.v., notal good parking spot, dangling off of a parking garage, several above the ground. this is downtown, austin, texas. he was trying to park and drove off of the edge. you would think that is a lift that would prevent that would happen. the wires are holing it up and the amazing part is the driver somehow got out of the s.u.v. one witness came outside and
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by himself. >> oh, man. very lucky. s.u.v. plows into a classroom. what students were doing at the time of the accident. william and kate could be making a big announcement. scary information involving the suspect accused of stealing jewels off of drake's tour bus. z23eoz zvpz
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the temperatures are starting to cool off - but the the temperatures are temperatures are startig to cool off but the heat is in triple digits. today, it proves to be deadly for a 26-year-old man out on camelback mountain. marcy jones live with the story. marcy, what happened? >> reporter: well, unfortunately, as you know, living in the state of arizona this is the type of tragedy we're all too familiar with. even though this was the only
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the first mountain rescue call they had today. according to firefighters, the 26-year-old firefighter from switzerland was hiking with three other friends when he got separated from his group. the hiker made it down to the phoenician property when he stopped breathing and that is when they performed c.p.r. until rescuers arrived. they used the technical rescue basket to transport the in critical -- patient in critical condition. unfortunately, he did not survive. >> we get a lot of people, a lot of regular hikers who come prepared with the right footwear, plenty of water, they hike later in the the evening because it is cooler they bring flashlights.
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town who don't have the mountains that we do and don't understand what 120 degrees is. one of the signs should be, if you're the only car in the parking lot at 2:00 in the afternoon, it is probably not a good time to hike. >> reporter: we're told this group did have sufficient water but sometimes that is not enough for your body to battle this type of heat. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. close to a dozen people are hurt after into a classroom. it happened at a community college in fairfield, california, which is halfway between sacramento and san francisco. students were inside taking a math test when the vehicle plowed into the building. one girl was trapped under the car but she was quickly freed. none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening. the driver suffered a seizure
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accident. >> reporter: temperatures come down a little bit here. nice-looking weekend for everybody. it is going to be in triple digits for the weekend. however, we have a lot of events out there. we're going to talk about them and the weather coming up. one governor goes to great heights to raise awareness for a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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>> reporter: hi, folks. we're at 102 degrees. winds are out of the west at 9 miles an hour. there are a lot of triple digits at the present time. goodyear, 100. 100 in scottsdale. 103 in mesa. things have cleared off very nicely. no cloud cover or little cloud cover. a little bit of moisture around. great weekend for football. 7:00 p.m. saturday, 99 degrees. if you're tailgating, 102 degrees. texas tech comes to town. on sunday, patriots come to town. game time, 99 but it is in the stadium. the tailgating experience will start around 3:00 maybe earlier.
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that event. as we put the futurecast into motion, through the weekend we go. you can see into sunday late in the day, we have a few showers here and there. that moisture really doesn't pick up again until late in the day on monday. it should be a good weekend. 103 today. buckeye at 99. 101 at deer valley. 99 in chandler as well. we had 88 degrs 91 in sedona. 81 in flagstaff. 99 in gila bend. yuma, 103. here we have the same, 103 degrees. 102 and 79 would be the normal high and low. record high at 110. record low at 61. as we look at the forecast highs, we up the ante going into the weekend. add a degree to it.
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forecast. 101 at fountain hills. 105 in glendale. it is going to be a warm weekend for you. 108 in yuma. 81 at show low. this is what the morning lows are going to look like. boy, this is a nice contrast. mid 70's out there. a lot of upper 70's in the forecast. looking across the country. a couple of storms, a little bit of action in the northwest but the midsection of th c where we saw active weather and a lot of lightning strikes with that weather as well. in fact, take a look at this. 3.83 of an inch in wichita. you can see varying amounts and almost an inch in omaha. look at the warm weather stays with us as well. remember yesterday, we were
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90's throughout areas of the east. overnight, we are going to be looking a it nice-looking temperatures in the 70's. 103 for tomorrow. 101 on sunday and back into the 90's with a chance of rain as we get into next week. watch your kids around water. >> thank you, dave. beautiful. >> you said we're going to go into six months of nice weather. >> we're on the edge of it. >> the governor of colorado does a good cause. john hickenlooper rappels down the side of a 380-foot tall building to raise awareness for the cancer league of colorado. the governor says he is happy that he made it safely to the ground. >> it is funny, a lot of fear but probably not as much as when someone has cancer and they have to deal with the issues they are going to deal with.
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>> this was the first time the governor ever rappeled down a building. two, apparently, is not enough. prince william and princess kate want another baby. who can blame them? nanny care is not an issue. space is not an issue. money is not an issue. they have a 3-year-old, prince george running around and 1-year-old princess a source says they can't wait to have a third child and wouldn't be surprised if kate is pregnant by christmas. >> or that could be a bunch of rumor and guessing. >> they seem like cool people. >> they seem like good parents. >> grounded, yeah. it is a tale offer terror. one man goes fishing and comes face-to-face with a group of
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man. it is the country's most
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some unexpected excitement on a british airways flight heading from excitement on a british unexpected excitement on a british airways flight heading from london to orlando. the pilot had to land in boston after the passenger got very drunk. the passenger wanted to jump out
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land the airplane. >> after the first hour, it was ok but after the second hour, he wouldn't sit down. the pilot put on the fasten seat belt sign. >> this is where a roll of duct tape could have solved everything. >> 1,001 uses. the man is from scotland facing a number of charges, interfering with a on and on. a man fishing in florida nearly becomes bait himself. steve moon was trying to catch red fish but instead he attracted about 10 sharks. he was stuck on a sandbar with the sharks circling him for an hour and a half. finally, he got cell service and he was able to call for help. >> it was almost like a feeding frenzy going on around me.
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stifnging up the water. it was not a bill deal until i counted 10 and they got more aggressive and getting within a foot of me. >> so he chummed the water and that caused it, right? >> they got close to him and said we'll just have him. moon doesn't seem to be fazed by the whole thing. he plans to head out fishing next week. this time, he says he is not going alone. >> he needs a better >> on wednesday, apple unveiled the upcoming iphone 7 and at 12:01, the company started accepting orders. people who got their phone order in early will receive their device on september 16. smartphones are ditching the headphone jack, that means you have to use wireless headphones and tap into the lightning connector so there you go. >> are they going to do the
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are out of them and there is a rush on the store. trending today, he is the richest man in the world. that doesn't look like bill gates. it's not. he is the founder of fashion giant zara. his net worth had jumped to $79.5 billion that is a smidge worth $78.5 billion. what is the most underrated city in the country? according to the site, it is a city south of boston. st. louis finished second. portland, maine, third.
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cuisine. no arizona cities were on the list. disturbing new details about how the suspect in drake's tour bulls robbery allegedly snuck into an a.s.u.'s dorm room and tried to climb in bed with her. this weekend marks 15 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. we're going to take you where mourners and students come to
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z23eoz zvpz
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we got married in june... ...on tunaday. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. every day a different six-inch sub for just $3.50 at subway? every day of the week. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. shocking new details these are shocking new details about that suspect in the drake jewelry heist. this is him right here. the new allegations that he -- what he was doing when he made off with the gems. >> according to police, he got inside a dorm room at a.s.u. at the barrett honors college. nicole garcia has more on this
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>> reporter: he was arrested a couple days ago after police say he was caught climbing into the bed of an a.s.u. student. tonight, students say they are shocked and concerned about security measures and they are wondering how a homeless theft suspect was able to get passed secured doors and into someone's dorm. >> that is surprising. one of my favorite things about barrett is it is an enclosed commit after learning about the trespasser who made its way into a barrett honors college dorm room. the community is gated and the key card is required to get passed the gate and into the dorms. >> occasionally, the gates are open or if you say you're a student, they will let you in. >> reporter: he convinced a student employee that he longed


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