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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 10, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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son for the cardinals, plus the patriots are shorthanded big time. but that's later. right now it's back with the news crew. the latest on the gilbert 23 trial. the owners of a boarding facility where almost two-dozen dogs died will be spending months behind bars. and a hiker dies after becoming group on camelback, what we know tonight. plus, later in the broadcast, a.p.s. fighting a subpoena to release its political spending during an election. what the power company did today. and good evening again, everybody. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. it was an emotional day in court as a judge hands down a sentence in the gilbert 23 case, where
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boarding facility there two years ago. nicole garcia joins us now live from the courthouse with the latest on this. nicole, this was an emotional day. >> reporter: it has been a rough two years for the families who have lost their pets. the hughes pled guilty to several counts of animal cruelty and fraud charges and were expecting 23 days in jail each. today the judge handed them a harsher punishment, nearly tripling their jail today and maleisa hughes sentenced to 60 days in jail each, six years ago of probation, and 230 hours of community service. justice handed down for nearly two-dozen dogs who died one hot summer night while they were boarded at the green acres facility in gilbert. they weren't just pets. they were family members and best friends. several victims spoke of their losses during the sentencing
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gio has asperger's syndrome and is still mourning the loss of his service dog, coda. >> i had trouble focusing in school. my grades dropped. i don't want to talk to anyone. all i could think was -- was my brother coda. >> the judge took his testimony to heart and likened the dogs to children, completely dependent on their todd and maleisa hughes also addressed the court, asking for leniency. >> i am so sorry this happened. i am so sorry of these gorgeous dogs died. i am so sorry for all of the pain that they have gone through. >> reporter: the judge sentencing the hughes to 60 days in jail each, on top of probation and community service. >> i am ecstatic about it. i was hoping that we would get something, and that is better than -- definitely better than
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anything better than the 23 days, i feel like it's successful. >> it's not the outcome anybody in this courtroom wanted. in the end, nearly two-dozen families will never get their dogs back, and the owners of green acres will pay with their freedom. >> and sheriff joe announcing today that the hughes will each spend their jail sentences in tent city. reporting live, i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. >> thanks, nicole. four people hospital when a small plane goes down just outside of wickenburg, the plane crashed shortly after it took off. it almost hit a home nearby and ended up in the parking lot of a business. the tail of the plane ended up in a family's yard. >> i heard a noise coming over the office real close, and i knew it was an airplane. all of a sudden i heard a bang. pretty much it was our lucky day, because it looked like it was aiming right for the house. >> two couples were on board
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galliano, and patrick and linda brewster, taken to phoenix children's hospitals with serious injuries. the cause of the crash under investigation. new information on the nogales port of entry shooting, they say the driver saw police and sped sped towards them. agents drew their guns and fired. the driver, 26-year-old national mexican was shot multiple times. he's he is in a tuscon hospital in stable condition. his border patrol custody, being questioned. another hiker dies on camelback mountain today, a 26-year-old man visiting the valley from switzerland ended up separated from his group while they were hiking the cholla trail. marcy jones has the details tonight. >> a very sad story. employees here at the phoenician resort heard the hiker yelling for help. but sadly, they say by the time he reached the phoenician
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and bystanders gave him cpr but sadly it didn't help. according to firefighters, the 26-year-old from switzerland was hiking on the cholla trail of camelback with three other friends when he got separated from the group. a while later, employees from the phoenician heard him calling for him. firefighters say the hiker made it down to the phoenician property when he stopped breathing, and that's when employees performed cpr until the rescuers gravid. we are told firefighters used the technical well as other resources to transport the patient in critical condition. unfortunately he didn't survive. rescuers say in many cases, being unprepared for arizona elements can cause injury or death. >> we get a lot of regular hikers who come prepared with the right footwear, plenty of water. if they come later in the evening because it's cooler, they bring flashlights or things like that. but we get just as many, if not more people, from out of town who don't maybe have the
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really understand what 120 degrees. one of the signs really should be if you're the only car in the parking lot at 2:00 in the afternoon, it's probably not a good time to hike. >> reporter: now this was the only fatality but firefighters tell us this was not the only mountain rescue call of the day. in phoenix, marcy jones, fox 10 news. a developing story tonight, sex offenders released from prison will not be taken to a temporary housing location in north phoenix. not anymore. residents got fired up and the arizona department of corrections said they spoke with residents who were really concerned about this housing program. the maricopa reentry center located at i-17 and pinnacle peak road, opened several months ago, to help sex offenders who were released to fooig find a home and a job. across america today, a federal judge denied a request
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access pipeline. but then the federal government stepped in. the justice and interior departments and the army asked crews to voluntarily pause work on an area where the standing rock sioux tribe is protesting. their concern, water supplies would be harmed and they say it is a sacred site. the pipeline could carry oil more than 1 north and south dakota to existing pipelines in iowa. back here in the valley, vandals damaging an ambulance used by a wrapped in a design used to honor veterans. it appears somebody used a torch
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the decorative covering. the company provides medical services at big events, like concerts and sporting events. >> a lot of us are firefighters. a lot of us are veterans. so it's kind of like having 911 on site. there's a lot of different emotions that are going on right now. i have got the anger, i have got sadness, i have got where do we go from here. >> the cost to repair that ambulance, $5,500. a local company called desert signs, though, has stepped in and offered to for a new wrap for that ambulance. coming up next, the 15-year anniversary of the september 11th attacks approaching. it will be sunday. tonight we hear from a valley woman who was there that fateful
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and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. sunday marks 15 years since the terror attacks on september 11th. 2001. today thousands of flags were
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lives on that tragic day. hundreds of volunteers put the flags up this morning, a name on each flag. tonight a valley woman who was in one of the towers when the first plane hit shared her story with us. kari lake with more. >> this was a day when we saw the ugliest parts of humanity, and we saw the greatest part of huma about september 11th, 2001. it is a day our country will never forget, and for cindy, the painful memories are still fresh in her mind. she was walking toward one of the towers just after the first plane hit. >> so as i came out from underground, the north tower was burning and people were standing around. >> reporter: cindy says most people didn't understand what was happening. some thought it was a small plane. but seconds later, that all
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>> and it took a moment to register once again, because you don't think you're ever going to see something like this, that those were people. >> reporter: cindy then watched this horror was people on the top floors of the towers did the unthinkable. >> i was watching people make a decision between being burned alive or crushed and leaping to their deaths, and that -- that is the stuff that really haunts >> reporter: she lost a lot of friends and former colleagues that day, and for those who survived, she says many have not even gone back to see the memorial or the freedom tower. for them, it is just too painful to bear. it took cindy 14 years to do that. she visited the memorial last year for the first time. >> it is very meticulously put together, very well organized, and very respectful.
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the photo of all of the victims, and i did choke up. >> it's incredibly emotional still. i went to shanksville over the summer, and that was just an amazing stirring memorial. coming up next, a.p.s. going to court, subpoenas demanding the release of records of its political spending during an the release of records of its political spending during an election two years z23eqz zvpz
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f spacex ceo elon musk is asking for help from the public and from nasa to figure out what happened that caused this accidental explosion on the pad. the rocket exploded last week, two days before it was scheduled to launch. it happened during a routine prelaunch operation. and it seems they don't know what led to the explosion. as musk tweeted this week, asking for pictures and video and audio that anyone might
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quote, "the most difficult and complex failure he's ever had in 14 years." the falcon 9 rocket was going to take a facebook slight into space to bring internet to africa and the middle east. north korea tested what may be its most powerful nuclear weapon to date. south korean defense officials say it was north korea's largest, with the force equivalent of tnt. by comparison, the bomb dropped on hiroshima had a load of 15 kilotons. the u.s. says it will start discussions on significant measures, including sanctions. pushing back against a subpoena demanding that it show its political spending in 2014.
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filed two injunctions asking a judge to invalidate those subpoenas. the people they were backing, the money they spent, there has been speculation that the utilities spent more than $3 million backing the elections of two commissioners who favored their leanings. a.p.s. won't confirm or deny that it contributed to groups backing the candidates. you decide 2016, arizona's fifth congressional district still undecided tonight. we know there will be a recount, that's automatic, next week. and today a judge ruled on a lawsuit filed by candidate christine jones over the unofficial results, ordering an additional 18 ballots be counted. those ballots actually put her opponent, andy biggs, 16 votes ahead of jones. it's official, the first ballots of 2016, the general
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cast, and it appears that every vote will count as the race for the white house tightens, heading down to the finish line. . a new quinnipiac university poll shows trump leading in ohio while tied with hillary clinton in florida. the democratic nominee remains ahead by low single digits in pennsylvania and north carolina. today, trump traveled to washington to meet with conservative grass roots activists. >> imagine what our company could accomplish if we started under one god, saluting one flag. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton met today with a bipartisan group of experts on national security issues and terrorism in new york. >> national security experts on both sides of the aisle are chilled by what they are hearing from the republican nominee. >> mrs. clinton plans to visit the 9/11 memorial on the 15th anniversary of the attacks this sunday. temperatures are very
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they're coming down nicely on the lows. we'll take a look at your
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, hi, folks. here we go with winds out of the west at seven on a friday night, the city looking pretty nice here. 85 degrees right now in cave creek, 85 degrees in apache junction, we have 88 degrees right now in ahwatukee, and in surprise it is 90 degrees. well, look at that. just a little bit of moisture way down in that southeastern corner, and it it goes away about as fast as it shows up. we put the futurecast into motion to give you a look at your weekend. you can see a little bit of active weather over in the east mountains, a couple of shots
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that we really start to see some active weather. in fact, this is monday afternoon that we are looking at on the futurecast. there you go on the high today, 103 degrees at buckeye, 99 degrees, 102 in glendale, and 100 out at gateway. other numbers that we have, 88 in payson, 86 in prescott, 103 at yuma, 95 in safford today. this is your day. 103 on the high, 80 on the low, 102 and 79 n there is your record high at 110, your record low at 61. this is what we are forecasting for tomorrow. 103 degrees, very much like today. you can see that 106 at goodyear, 105 in glendale. 102 the forecast for mesa. 87 in prescott, 78 at flagstaff, 106 in gila bend, and yuma gets really warm at 108 degrees, but the nightly lows are absolutely beautiful.
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in the whole valley here, looking for an 80, we have got some 79s and you can see this mess right in here. that caused a few problems. that was a lot of -- a lot of storm coming down in the midsection of the country, and in fact, take a look at that number at wichita, 5.76 inches of rain. tonight and overnight in the morning we'll be looking at 78 degrees for tomorrow sunday and then back into the 90s. watch your kids around water. we check in on the cardinals, the cards taking on the patriots, the pats will be missing some key players on
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sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. gross. don't live with ants. get raid ant & roach spray. raid??? raid kills bugs dead. sc johnson you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz in hd. after all the talk, all of the hype, it's finally here, the regular season in the nfl has officially kicked off. it all started last night with the panthers and the broncos. for the cardinals, the party starts this sunday as the patriots come to town, and this really could be the year. the cardinals were oh so close last year, a franchise best 13 wins in the regular season, and a trip to the nfc championship game.
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or bust for the cardinals this yore. the team is stacked on both offense and defense. larry fitzgerald is still the ageless wonder when it comes to trying to stop the cardinals, it's almost like pick your poison. yeah, the boys are pumped, but coach arians wants to make sure they save it for sunday. >> you can feel it, you know, but it's still a long ways away. you can burn up a lot of energy with anxiety trying to get ready to play today when you don't play until sunday night. rs natural reaction to starting to get excited, and it's not time yet. >> tough break for the patriots. first, tom brady out four games suspended, and now rob gronkowski out for the season. in the opener, a hamstring injury, he'll miss this game aginst the cardinals. he's been nursing that hamstring for most of the preseason, but
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time. good luck with that new england. we are all set for sunday, including the first rack of highlights. i'll be live on the field with post-game reaction from inside the locker room. i'll tell you, fox has it figured out when it comes to nfl and football sundays, not one but two games, the packers taking on the jags, aaron rodgers and the packers rg looking to pick right where they left off, the giants taking dak prescott and the cowboys, that game always a shootout. >> inner division rivalry. >> you have got to love it. enough football for now. let's check in on the dbacks taking on the giants, bum beganer on the mound, a.j. pollock at the plate, shot to center, an easy out, but watch a.j. as he rounds first base, his face says it all.
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return. a nightmare of a season so far for a.j. pollock. done for the day. game tied at 7 in the fourth, laser to left, you can kiss the ball good-bye, 5-4 san francisco. the ball is dropped, always looking to score on the inside-the-park home run. what is this, media softball? the damage is done, we are tied at 5, in extra innings. >> wow. >> hopefully the dbacks pull it out. we'll have an update tomorrow. >> you have seen muncie in fox 10 softball. modern family up next. go cards, go devils.
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