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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 12, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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thank you for joining us thank you for joining us tonight on "fox 10 news" at 10:00, this is a very emotional day as the nation marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> several events were held across the valley today as people came together to remember the almost 3,000 lives lost on
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veterans group in apache junction and pinal county organized a wreath ceremony at the apache junction veterans memorial gazebo. >> john e. conley, jr. james lee connor. jonathan m. conno >> meanwhile the tempe healing field the names of those who lost their lives were read at the tempe beach park this morning in a touching tribute as well. now viewer gabriella romara sent us this video of a woman in uniform going around saluting the flags that bear the name of the nearly 3,000 victims. we learned her name is adriana sandoval and she said she took several hours from 8:45 in the morning until 5:15 in the evening before she finished saluting each and every flag.
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many other tributes continue around the valley and the country. the city of scottsdale hosting a memorial for victims and heroes of 9-11. >> and marcy jones spoke to a first responder who was there on that tragic day. she joins us live with more. that's right. everyone has their own story of how 9-11 affected them. many of the heroes of that day say it's not easy to talk about but continue to do so because it's too important to forget. if you ask are they remember exactly what they were doing the morning of september 11th, 2001. especially if they were a new york city first responder. william hennessy at the time a lieutenant for the new york city fire department says he was off duty that day. but as soon as he saw what was happening like so many he jumped into action. >> we grabbed all of our gear, our helmets and bunker coats, rope, gasoline, medical supplies and actually command eared a new
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happened to be running right by our firehouse and we asked the bus driver if he wouldn't mind taking us down there and he helped us load up our gear. >> even though they were some of the closest in devastation, at first it was hard to comprehend what was going on. >> call me naive. i thought it was an accident. i just didn't believe anybody would do something that evil. i assumed it was an accident and i assumed probably like every other firefighter in the city that we wer rescue everyone from the building and put the fire out. >> will learned this wasn't just another day. that it was a terror attack that would be the end to almost 3,000 lives. lives now honored at memorials around the country. >> people were screaming, covered in dust, running up the street, firefighters were covered in dust and dirt and debrises in there were images of that day that he will never forget. like the office workers covered
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his captain's face. >> i remember seeing him and his face was pancaked with dust and debris and he had some tears that had started coming down his face and were making these tributary little rivers in his face. >> adding even though this is the day he doesn't particularly enjoy talking about, there is a lesson to be learned from the first responders. that our country could use right now. united we stand. >> they ran in not asking about race or religion. about they ran in when those bells went off and their only thought was to help people. >> the tribute at the scottsdale performing arts center will remain open to the public until tuesday. and it wasn't just ceremonies that people paid their respects. hundreds of people, thousands packing the stadium parking lot before the big cardinal's home opener tonight.
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day of remembrance and folks danielle miller joins us live with why this somber anniversary is close -- hits close to home for many fans. 9-11 took the lives solve many people it was a tragic event but it was that event that inspired pat tillman to join the armed forces. it was hard not to notice how many people were wearing tillman jerseys. all of those people told me he will be remembered not only for a great football player but a hero. >> football on the minds of hundreds of cardinals fans at the tailgate ahead of tonight's season opener against the new england patriot. >> we have some wins. knock some stuff out. >> a patriot many of us can be forget especially on a day like today also on the minds of many. >> i'm very excited and happy that he did what he did as a person. and he served our country well.
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and woman who serves in our country. >> former cardinals player pat tillman quit his successful football career and enlisted in the army of the aftermath of 9-11. he was killed by friendly fire in 2004. many fans wearing his jersey and stopping by his statute to pay tribute to his sacrifice. >> pat made a big sacrifice for the whole country and it just today it means a lot. it's a big day for the country. we should all come together. >> along with a winning season for the cards, these fans are hoping never forgotten. >> he was a great guy. he stood up for everything that's right in a man. >> i think learned sacrifice. people aren't willing to sacrifice for their country. it's a big deal. the united states, it's all about sacrifice. >> and cards fans weren't the only ones out there taking their pictures with tillman's statute a few patriots fans were paying their tributes. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news." a follow up now on a
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breaking news last night right here on "fox 10 news" at 10:00 a shooting at desert ridge marketplace was allegedly over an on-line sale. officers say that two people had agreed to meet at the shopping center and that suspect allegedly tried to rob the victim but the victim had a gun and opened fire. and the suspect who also had a gun fired back. took the merchandise and took off. officers are looking for the suspect. they say he may have been shot in the crossfire. anyone with information on witness at 480-witness. a house party is the center of a shooting investigation near 83 avenue and lower buckeye. police say a black mercedes sedan drove by that party and started shooting at people there. a tan suv also started exchanging fire with those at the party. one teenager says he was about to go home when the shots were fired. >> i don't know. i came outside and i guess i
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so i decided i will go home. and out of nowhere i get home and there is like -- i don't know, shots going off. >> police are still looking for the people in that black mercedes. >> two elementary schools in the glendale school district, they will be closed for a few weeks after there was structural problems found with those buildings. classes in the challenger and landmark schools canceled tomorrow through thursday as a result of this. the schools were closed for a total of five weeks. the district got structural engineer saying the schools are not safe. and you can see the damage there on the walls of the school. >> and the uncertainty is what led our structural engineer to say he cannot certify these buildings are safe and once you know that, you cannot put kids or your staff in danger. >> and the cost to repair the schools is estimated at more than $2 million. students in both schools will return to classes this thursday
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>> both candidates are visiting ground zero to commemorate the lives lost during the 9-11 attacks. why hillary clinton had to leave early. well if you are a cardinal fan, you want an explanation. you want to know what didn't happen tonight with the arizona cardinals from the first to the fourth quarter and to the last play of the game. we will show you the good, the bad and the ugly with the help of rudy carpenter. former asu quarterback and a guy that was once a give you an idea what should have happened that final play. as for the cardinals, we will take you to university of phoenix stadium and richard saenz will take you inside the locker room. one-on-one with running back david johnson and we will revisit asu big night last night over texas tech. sports night, 20 minutes away. stick around. we will make it worth it just
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we remember and we will never forget the nearly 3,000 beautiful l cruelly. >> president obama spending part of the day at the pentagon where 184 people died when a plane slammed into the building there. the president placed a wreath of white lillys ins the memorial garden. smaller tributes were also held overseas where united states and nato forces mark the day with a short ceremony in kabul. >> both presidential candidates were at the ground zero memorial
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attack. >> and hillary clinton causing controversy. she had to leave early because she was feeling ill. video appears to show her fainting as she got into a van. >> you can see in this video, you could see her knees seem to buckle as she was escorted into this black van. she left for her daughter chely's apartment nearby to take a break. her doctor says she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday after a break in chelsea's apartment for awhile, clinton says she >> republican nominee donald trump was at ground zero earlier today. trump has made several attacks, accusations and innuendo about clinton's health. in the last couple of days. now the clinton has canceled a trip to the west coast for
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hope you enjoyed your sunday and we got some changes in store for you coming up. we aren't supposed to give this away. we will be right back after the
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pretty nice weekend out there and it's turning out to be a nice sun evening as well. we got 93 degrees. sky harbor airport with the winds out -- and take a look at our fox satellite and radar we had some activity earlier in the state but that has moved its way on out. tell you what we have going on.
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coast of california here that will pull in more monsoon moisture so it will have a chance tomorrow for some isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms. mostly southern and eastern arizona is where we expect to see those in thehigher terrains. and then things will be dry out and more dry air coming in and clear conditions for the rest of our forecast period. you will see the storms moving out now and tomorrow some warm moisture moving in and chance of monsoon activity. the dew points i the southern part of the state they are up there enough to fire off some of those monsoon storms and get the moisture in with it and that's where we are seeing the possibility for that activity tomorrow. here is a look at the highs now across the valley. mostly to mid- to upper 80s and mid-90s. as we take a look at the valley and we look up north and see 69 for you in prescott. 57 in flagstaff right now. 80 still up in page and 79 in kingman. 62 for the grand canyon.
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today we hit 105, three degrees above the normal. record 112 was set in 1990 and see our overnight low will be about 80 degrees. the rest of the country we had that active weather we saw moving out of the desert southwest area. also down here in the gulf states we had a lot of moisture this weekend. some storm activity for louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia, they all have been hit hard for the past couple of weeks. more moisture for them and now moving its way out to the atlantic. look at this we have 77 for us in phoenix. 57 in casa grande. 64 in prescott. 65 in sedona. it's nice and cool in the high country. for tomorrow you can see we got a nice day in store for us. 97 here in phoenix. 79 prescott. 69 in flagstaff and 77 for you up in the grand canyon. here is what our nights will look like. 77 for our overnight low. again slight chance of showers for tomorrow. the morning looks nice starting out at 78 degrees at 7:00 a.m.
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now here is a look at the ten day forecast which i accidentally showed you earlier. like telling you the end of the movie before it starts. >> we knew the end of the movie. >> the forecast like, this i don't mind showing it twice. so the chance of showers for tomorrow continuing into tuesday a little bit and then drying out for the rest of the forecast period. and it's going to be a nice day. >> i always like to reach this point of summer because hopefully it's all downhill. >> i think that's what we are seeing and the mornings and >> a lot to look forward to. >> we will look forward. that's for sure. a giant inflatable cow stolen from a local chick-fil-a. what the restaurant is offering
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police are asking for your help trying to fiep a man who robbed a dollar tree a couple of
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store with money and merchandise. this happened at the dollar tree over by 67th avenue and van buren. take a look at the video. the suspect holing that clerk up at gun point until she gives him the money right from the store. police are hoping you may recognize them and help find that suspect. >> he had green soles and fact he was fleeing in a buick suv. >> after robbing that dollar tree store, the suspe phone store as well. if you have any information on this case or recognize the people in this video, you are asked to call silent witness, 480-witness. a giant inflatable cow is missing and what may sound like an udderly ridiculous case, but we were perfectly serious this much inflayedable cow is the only one of its kind in arizona. the cow wept missing after saturday night's asu football
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the 350 pound cow is a staple in the community. it makes appearances at grand canyon university, asu, all kinds of chick-fil-a openings. a police report was filed and an investigation is unfolding. one of the customers finds it amusing that somebody would even want to take the cow. >> i think it's horrible. what will you do with it? you can't put it in front o >> the manager says he will give away a year of free chick-fil-a sandwiches to whoever brings the cow home. if you heard of any information regarding this case, you are encouraged to please call police. and coming up after the break, we will have a final look at your forecast and then jude is here with sports nice to
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here is the final look of the ten day forecast. we have possible storm activity for us tomorrow and then drying out for the rest of the week. nice thing is if you look at that we don't look at anything over 100 until next week at this time. >> we like to kick off fall with a big win. that didn't happen sadly. jude cliff and maybe you off a cliff. that was no way to end a football game we should have won that thing. >> marc and linda there is so much hype and expectation so when an opener goes the way it went tonight you want an explanation. why did this team start out slow. it was more than just a bad snap toward the end of the game there was great plays and phenomenal runs. david johnson put his imprint on this football game. and there was some excellent plays by the defense.
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rudy is here to break it down and take us through the story lines of this football game and that's not all. we will send it to richard saenz and talk with david johnson and calais campbell. plus last night the sun devils put up a ton of points against texas tech. we will revisit a record setting night for kalen ballage. asu over texas tech. a lot of football and coming your way. stick around for the next 30
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