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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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about their a home invasion in phoenix ends when police use fatal force on the armed suspect. we have got a report from the scene. a teenager appears in court, accused of when he was trying to take his own. what the victim's family had to say. plus, two presidential nominees coming clean about their health records. what this means for the polls. well, good afternoon. we begin with some sad news. former arizona governor rose mofford has died. >> she was a real trailblazer
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arizona, the first female governor for our state, the first female secretary of state. she was an icon, is what former arizona governor brewer called her this morning. mofford died this morning at the age of 94 in globe. she was the business manager for arizona highways magazine for years, served as the secretary of state for 11 years, and served as governor from 1988-1991. governor doug ducey saying in part here, mofford's story was a really unique arizona story. she shattered a once that you thought unbreakable glass ceiling and served as a role model to many. flag will be flown at half staff to honor the former governor. it was a wild morning that
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>> anita roman picks up the story where the suspect crashed his car and then tried to take off. >> it all came to an end here in the area of 20th street and watkins. according to phoenix police this is where the suspect crashed his vehicle, and then attempted to make a run for it. before he was shot by phoenix police officers. let's go back. it all started with a home invasion near 64th avenue and avalon just around 1:00 this morning. so phoenix police tell us that two suspects and three people who live inside. when police were called. the three people who live inside were actually taken into custody as well on an unrelated investigation. one suspect was taken into custody at the scene. another suspect took a car and made a run for it. well, police were able to track him down, and what they did in anticipation that he would leave again is put spike strips down in front of all four of his
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next. >> the suspect lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a track. the suspect got out of the vehicle, ran eastbound on foot, followed by three officers. the suspect then turned and fired a firearm at the officer. one sergeant shot the suspect and ended the threat. >> a spokesperson for the phoenix police department says a total of three officers, three members of the phoenix police department actually chased that it appears only one opened fire. at this point investigators are trying to figure out if the suspect fired his weapon at any point. anita roman, fox 10 news. >> thank you, anita. well, we are learning more about an alternative shooting that seriously injured two bystanders. this happened around 11:30 at a 7-eleven near 27th avenue and indian school road, not too far off the i-17.
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were hit by gunfire. they were taken to a hospital. they should be okay. right now police don't have a suspect or a motive. the two people who were shot are in the giving up much information. another shooting overnight at ocatillo in glendale. no information about a suspect or a motive. we have some calls into the police department trying to get more information on this. today a teenager accused of a deadly car crash in surprise appeared in cour are now saying this crash was in fact intentional. this is keith johnson, just 18 years old, accused of causing the crash because he wanted to take his own life but he wound up killing someone else. this happened at litchfield and peoria avenue early yesterday morning. a woman named margie was killed, three others injured. the victim's family read a statement made in court today. take a listen. >> his daughter was a dedicated
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a six-year-old boy, and she was going to work to earn a living following her divorce. this has now left her two kids without their mother, without a parent, and obviously her parents without their daughter. >> well, johnson now faces murder and aggravated assault charges. bond was set at $250,000. developing here at noon, the suspect in a hit-and-run, a deadly one, has turned himself in. 24-year-old smith surrendered to state detectives in this morning. he took off to the navajo indian reservation. on monday it's believed he was driving along i7 near thomas road when he hit a motorist whose car a had stalled out. the victim, javier gonzalez, just 19 years old, was killed. smith was booked into the navajo county jail on charges of
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hit-and-run. leslie merritt, jr. now saying he was in fact the victim, his suit claiming he was falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned. he spent almost eight months behind bars before the case was dismissed. right now the lawsuit doesn't have a demand for a specific amount of money. a university of arizona football player is released from the team following an arrest on domestic violence charges. tuscon police say a woman claimed that o assaulted her multiple times over the course of several days. the 20-year-old faces three counts of domestic violence, kidnapping, and four counts of domestic violence aggravated assault. wildcats football coach rodriguez says bradford was cut from the team as a result of his actions. police say a 17-year-old would approach female joggers. it was a dirt path, over the summer. witnesses in the area of bethany home road and central avenue
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person matching the suspect's description, known as the bridal path there along central avenue. trees all alongside there, very, very popular. the teen is now facing several charges. coming up, she has faced criticism about a lack of transparency, and now hillary clinton has a new plan to keep her supporters always in the loop. donald trump's health also a topic of discussion. we have got a special preview of what dr. oz had to say about the candidate's health. and we haveot day underway out there. have you been outside yet? temperatures are warming up, not too badly. find out what your weekend will
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you're watching fox 10 news at noon with troy hayden and syleste rodriguez in hd. hillary clinton says you can expect her to release more information about her health very soon. the democratic presidential nominee says she wants to answer people's questions about about her health. just yesterday, a letter from her doctor declared her, quote, "fit to serve as after being diagnosed with pneumonia and almost fainting on sunday, she faced criticism for not telling anybody about her health, mainly because she didn't tell anybody that she had pneumonia for a couple of days. she'll be back on the trail in greenville, south carolina. donald trump talked to dr. oz and revealed details about his health, as you'll see here. he says his health is good but
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the 6'3" candidate weighs about 230 pounds and says he would like to lose about 15 pounds. >> he does say that he gets physical activity, just not the physical exercise of a treadmill that you would expect to see. when i heard him describe why he says he's getting enough physical activity, you have got to take it back and say, i get that. >> the interview will air in its entirety right here at 1 fox 10. donald trump surging in new battleground polls. in nevada he has taken a 2-point lead, one poll shows he's up by 5 in ohio and now leading in florida, a los angeles national poll showing he has taken a 6-point lead. a wing flap of malaysia airlines flight 370 washed ashore on an island off the
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today the australian transport safety bureau has confirmed that, yes, it is from flight 370. several pieces have washed ashore on coastlines around indian oceans. the aircraft vanished with 279 people on board during a flight to china from malaysia. jobless claims last week remained at levels consistent with a healthy job rc department saying jobs rose by a thousand last week. the unemployment rate is at 4.9%, which is considered healthy. coming up, prince's estate was set to host some fundraisers and make a wish parties, but now event planners are out hundreds of thousands of dollars. we'll tell you why. and we have got a couple of
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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it's nice out there, corey. >> oh, goodness. great day. >> i don't use the word hero a lot. >> well, let me use it, let me use it. you're like a hero >> i didn't mean me. but thank you. there's no time for what i was going to say. let's get to where we were headed. this is is the good stuff this afternoon, 94 degrees under those beautiful skies. 91 right now, so we won't see top of more than we are getting right there. your typical high is at about a hundred or so, so we are doing
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dew .32, no chance for rain in the valley today. in the high country, a couple of clouds on the move. here's the way things look across the state, again, mostly fair skies, just a few clouds over here in the mountains, stretching all the way up into new mexico. that's as near as the weather gets to the valley. a closer look at the showers, again, most of the action is here kind of south of white river and moving slowly over past hanigan meadow, and really they are light for now. we'll see if they develop into anything before the end of the afternoon. here's the way the day will wrap up. again, mid-90s or so tonight, nice full moon out there, and then on we go into your friday. we'll wrap up the workweek just the way you like it. we are going to drop our morning temps just to about 70 here in the valley, and even cooler in the suburbs. so you can look for some 60s tomorrow morning, and tomorrow we'll top out once again under
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line on triple digits for the weekend. 89 in lake havasu, 82 in sedona, just 67 degrees under those clear skies in flagstaff, that is just about perfect, and here in the valley our numbers look all pretty nice too, mostly the low 90s out there, although deer valley airport and gateway airport are both pulling in around 88. the rest of the country, memphis, 93 there this afternoon, very humid. in fact all of the southeast is still kind of sweltering under some pretty rough conditions. well we are still keeping an eye here on old tropical storm julia. it continues to spin showers a back on shore from southeastern carolina into coastal south carolina as well. that storm will continue to waggle its way offshore there and really won't be causing too many more troubles. the high today maybe 69 in flagstaff, 91 for safford, 81
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lows, 35 at flagstaff, three at the south rim, fall is falling in the high country. here's the way the weekend comes up, as if to mock me, sunday is up a degree. >> how does that happen? >> i saw you with an alan wrench behind my weather >> you need a better disguise. >> a better method, for sure. ryan lochte gives the real reason of what happened when he stormed the dancing with the stars stage, what happened with a relatrio. and if you are hoping to
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. well, the follow up continues for wells fargo after
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than 2 million fake customer accounts. shares have fallen more than 7% since the scandal came to light last week, which has caused the bank to lose more than $9 billion in value. the feds also announcing they have launched an investigation into wells fargo's sales practices. >> iphone 7 is selling fast. in fact the initial supply of phones has already sold out across the globe. i'm convinced apple every time, saying they made as many phones as they need, but they love us saying apple phones have sold out. thousands will line up around stores tomorrow but will not be able to get the phones unless they preordered. the new iphone 7 has an improved
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today we learned more about ryan lochte protesters who rushed the stage at "dancing with the stars," the real reason they say is that one of their relatives was arrested in rio. a nephew of the two stage crashers was allegedly selling fake olympic tickets to a volleyball now they are saying lochte gate made them a target. a man was planning a make-a-wish party at the prince's old estate, but the man who was holding it said no and pulled the plug. tmz says they were also planning another fundraiser, already investing $350,000 into that
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organizations were very close and would have wanted the events to go forward. it was march when playboy issued its last nude filled edition. it's possible are just curious what's in the magazine now that the naked photos are all gone. madonna is back to full-time mom duty. earlier she took her 16-year-old son, rocco, out to dinner in london. just one custody battle with his father, the boy is back in london and will go back to school, but madonna is sticking around to help get him settled. we'll take a look at a
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all right, weather believers. here you go. tomorrow, fantastic, 95 degrees. you know, when you consider the average high is about 101, doing just fine if we can just talk sunday off of its ledge, we'll all be great. so good looking wednesday ahead. >> sunday is sticking out like a sore thumb, right? >> i know. i might give it something to cry about. >> that will teach it to pop its head out, like whack-a-mole. >> trip advisor announces that a museum in phoenix is one of the top in the u.s. >> you know, i went there to see a show, they have got that great auditorium there, but we didn't get a chance to go through the museum. the travel planning and booking
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on visiting the musical museum this year. the others on the list, the met in chicago, the national 9/11 memorial. the mim is the only one centered around music. you have been there? >> yeah, if you have friends coming to town, it will blow them away. >> is there an elvis center in th >> what is it? a guitar? >> probably got his side burns for all i know. >> probably got a wall of stuff, huge display. >> great. i'm there. hey, everybody, have a great afternoon. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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welcome to "dish nation" over here b.r.a.t. of course we've got portia williams over here. listen, we come away, buckle your seat, let's go. ? ? >> okay. what's up, everybody? wco football just started and we're already talking about super bowl. we'll have the dallas team on a little later to get more into that. also nay, a rivera is dropping major bomb shells about her relationship with big sean. that is really juicy. first amber rose is defending herself. she's frustrated, people calling up the fact she was a stripper before.


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