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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  September 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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leads to a massive fire-- and then a major backup! witnesses detail how the whole thing played out. then -- two young pop stars are in the valley a wrong way driver pulled over after traveling eight miles on the loop 202 in the wrong direction, how d.p.s. troopers say his passenger tried to cover the plus --. >> i almost hit the --. >> the dump truck. >> the dump truck and tires and everything. >> a crash leads to a massive fire and then a major backup. witnesses detail how the whole thing played out. plus two young pop stars in the valley this weekend, when you can get your chance to meet demi lovato and nick jonas.
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valley freeways, really an unbelievable scene unfolding in the east valley, a dump truck crash involving several cars backs up traffic for several hours. >> amazingly, though, no one was seriously injured in what could have been a deadly accident. ron hoon joining us now live with what happened. >> it's called the superstition freeway. it's out there in the east valley. and if you were traveling on it this morning, you no doubt noticed traffic was a mess, and it all began when a dump truck going west crashed over the median. that's a concrete barrier and into the eastbound lanes of the freeway, right around alma school road. here's a look at how bad the crash was. you can see a tow truck and a few other cars or a dump truck and a few other cars were all smashed together after the crash, debris all over those eastbound lanes. traffic actually was narrowed to one lane, making the commute extra slow, and at one point they had to close all of the lanes. the freeway has since reopened.
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story is just how burnt and charred the vehicles there. this is why. this is the video that is so stunning when we had it for you early on the morning show, about 5:45, and the dump truck crashed and crossed into the eastbound lanes, it collided and caught fire. can you imagine the shock of the drivers who were hit by it? the flames and this plume of smoke were steady for a good half hour. once they were put out, our fox 10 crews got to the scene to talk to some of the victims >> and all of a sudden i see a vehicle just sliding this way with sparks and everything and fire, and then stopped, maybe just inches away, from hitting the debris. a couple of seconds later, a car hit me from behind. but the flames started going up, so we had to back up our vehicle. seriously, i'm just amazed that nobody seriously got hurt. that was the biggest miracle of all. >> when you have a dump truck break through the median barrier and strike vehicles in the
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speeds, to have nobody injured is absolutely incredible. >> incredible, amazing, or as you heard that one man say a miracle. such a positive outcome after such a huge mess, considering things could have been so much worse, and how often those concrete barriers have kept drivers from doing this very thing. by the way, as for the driver of the tow truck, d.p.s. is still investigating what caused him to crash in the first place. i'm ron hoon, fox 10 news. >> ron, thank you for that. a man behind bars accused of driving down a valley freeway drunk onhe road at very high speeds, his passenger apparently tried to cover this whole thing up for him after the chase was over. d.p.s. tells us the suspect drove nearly eight miles going 90 miles an hour the wrong way on the loop 202. so think of what could have happened there. luckily troopers were able to stop him before there was any accident or impact, and our fox 10 crews right there at the scene. they talked to the passenger in that car. the passenger, d.p.s. says, tried to switch seats with the driver to keep that driver from
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>> i don't want to talk about it. all i know is i was sleeping the whole time, and, yeah, that's it. i don't even want to talk about it. >> that's fine. >> i apologize if anything might have happened, but i can't tell you anything because i don't know anything. >> well, the actual driver was eventually taken into custody. >> new developments now in the deadly shooting from earlier this month, two weeks after cortez was shot to death during a fight, police have now arrested a suspect. we have learned that the suspect police say he actually admitted to his role in the death of cortez while detectives were interviewing him. the teen is from mesa, and he's facing one account of second-degree murder. america's toughest sheriff isn't going down without a fight when it comes to that racial profiling case filed against him in his office. sheriff joe arpaio has filed a
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the judge in the case found internal investigations into officer misconduct were biased and manipulated. a federal prosecutor is now considering whether or not to bring criminal contempt charges against joe arpaio where, theoretically, he could face time in jail. a tree catches fire behind a glendale business and then quickly spreads to the building close by. look at that, crews from all over the west valley were on hand to battle this blaze, the scene off 51st avenue and glendale at a carpet warehouse. the fire quickly spread throughout the building but crews were able to put that fire out before it damage. investigators are working to determine a cause right now. but crews say that witnesses reported seeing children playing with fireworks in that area. set to be sentenced today, a former teacher and track coach who admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl. this is christopher mckenna. he's going to be sentenced after pleading guilty to several charges, including sexual conduct with a minor. he taught pe for students with special needs at eight different
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cross-country at chaparral high school. coming up, the birther movement put to rest, at least with donald trump, and hillary clinton as well. so what donald trump said today. and then some, well, they call him a hero. some call him a traiter and a spy. we are going to see what an intelligence committee is now
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you're watching the best, fox 10 news. well, that birther movement, it got pretty big for a couple of years, and today it's being talked about again on the campaign trail.
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election. the birther movement is the idea that president barack obama was not born in the united states. well, yesterday hillary clinton accused her republican rival of ugliness and bigotry for helping fuel this idea, but donald trump has now gone on the record saying the g.o.p. nominee now believes president obama was born in this country, for many years, though, trump was the most prominent supporter of the birther movement but has since brought the both candidates spot flying today. a marketing director made these gliders, so it's making a lot of people stop and stair. hillary clinton is on a broomstick and donald trump is dropping hundred in the air. those things can really fly though. look at that. the creator said he made them as a marketing tool for his company, not trying to make a political statement. >> you should see donald trump when he is dropping the cash.
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it's good stuff. well, you can't get republicans and democrats to agree on much of anything in washington, unless they are talking about edward snowden. a congressional report slams the nsa leaker, a summary released by the house intelligence committee says snowden is not a whistle-blower. it says most of the documents he stole were military and defense secrets, having nothing to do with americans privacy. every member of the committee, republican and democrat, also wrote a letter to president obama urging snowden. snowden right now has a massive pr effort under way where people have been pushing to pardon him and it coincides with the snowden movie coming out today. new test results showing arizona students are doing better than they have been, 4% higher than the first year that they were tested.
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schools' letter grades, but 38% are now proficient in the math and reading tests. which "game of thrones" star and supersuper hero is calling for the pipeline construction to stop. serious cleanup, massive flooding after a typhoon hits china, millions of people flooded out of their homes. big weather in some parts of the country, your world, however, nice and quiet.
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y23w6y y5yy southeastern china in fox 10 news is back. china having some real issues after a deadly typhoon hits the country, the death toll has climbed to eight people, nine others still missing. more than a thousand homes are destroyed, and you can see children having to be evacuated out here, the streets just
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water, some 30 million people had to be relocated. and you can see still a lot of cleanup left to be done there. so great this morning, you know, getting out there, in the 60s in ahwatukee when i came into work today. >> i know, lots of 60s. tomorrow should be nice and cool too. we were warming up as we are heading into the weekend. >> i thought you were supposed to make it perfect all the time. >> you too? >> i'm on board. >> talk to the >> i can't believe you're both in league against me now. >> you can do it though. we do have faith in you. >> i know. you wouldn't kid if you didn't love. >> you know what, you have got a point there. >> 92, that's where we stand now, and we are climbing today. i think we'll keep things under a hundred today, but i'm afraid sunday may show us numbers pushing up closer to normal, your record at 109 coming in
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things across the west, so nice out there, lots of sunshine and not a whole lot of weather to speak of. in fact, there's barely a cloud to be found there. we have got one little sprinkle over, come on, i know you're there, there we go, just south of hannigan meadow there, rolling over towards new mexico, but that's it, really. no clouds to be found anywhere. so it's going to be a beautiful finish to your friday, saturday looking good as well. the way the day somewhere in the mid-90s. tonight, big beautiful moon out there, temps will fall somewhere into the 70s, probably the low 70s at sky harbor, maybe even the 60s again for the rest of the valley. on we go tomorrow, your saturday looks like a bright sunny one too, high again close to 100 degrees. we'll check the numbers at the moment. it's 68 in flagstaff, 90s out along the colorado river, 77 in payson, a perfect 72 over there in show low, and the valley numbers, boy, they look pretty
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airport, 90 in goodyear, 90 in chandler, and we have got a 95 already down in maricopa. so around the rest of the country, more warm weather for the southeast, 90 in memphis, almost 90 in atlanta today. as far as big weather goes, we still have showers and thunderstorms popping here across the country. they stretch from oklahoma up into eastern kansas, missouri has been very busy today. this is going to be troublesome today, as showers and thunderstorms will continue to roll their way o st. louis and much of the rest of the state, so that will with the busiest part of the nation. your world, however, looks a lot quieter. again, lots of sunshine. here are your afternoon highs. pick out your favorite, where every you go, it should be really nice. flagstaff, mid-30s once again, about 38 at window rock, but nice and warm 71 degrees in yuma. so the rest of the weekend and next week are all looking pretty good. wow, sunday, climbing again, 104
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but once we get into next week, we'll try to steady ourselves after that harsh blow. . >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> tuesday looks good at about 90. >> harsh blow like false promises of not getting to a hundred again. i'm dealing with my own harsh blow. >> you just wait. >> are you predicting what the last day we are going to see triple is that how this started? >> no one picks a scab like liz. >> holding you accountable, our jobs as journalists. johnny depp, band mates with alice cooper, and he will share how he dealt with the very public divorce while on tour. and marvin gay's family ready to court, this time over a movie being made
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. welcome back. a massive vehicle recall to tell you about now. the fiat chrysler pulling back nearly 2 million vehicles because of an airbag defect that could keep them from deploying in a crash. three deaths, five injuries have already been linked to this defect. the recall includes a number of models sold between 2010 and 2014, including the dodge caliber, avenger, jeep and compass suv. dollar general said it's going to add 10,000 new positions in the next couple of months as it expands. the discount retailer is on a schedule to open 1,000 stores next year and says it's going to host hiring events at 600 different locations nationwide. you know who else is hiring? your arizona state fair. i love the state fair, close to 300 people going to be hired
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parking attendants, ticket takers, customer service, things like that. it's obviously very temporary. the job fair begins at 10:00 a.m. at the lower level of the veterans memorial coliseum on the grounds, and applicants are asked to have right to work documentation ready. "game of thrones" hunk and soon to be aqua man jason momoa making it known that he is opposed to the pipeline going through sacred native land, on instagram encouraging fans to respect and get on board, respect the water. ? father, father, we don't need to escalate ? ? whoa, it's not the answer ? >> so much great music from
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ready to fight in court again, this time trying to stop the release of a biopic about his father he is calling trash. the movie is called sexual healing. the son says the movie is untrue, exploits the father, and doesn't depict the father accurately. phoenix's own alice cooper johnny depp's contentious divorce from amber heard. cooper says during the very public divorce, depp remained very professional. he said he never talked about the accusations of domestic violence or even the breakup but just continued to make good music. mark wahlberg has been pardoned for an assault from
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man with a stick, also punched another man in the face. wahlberg says he was high at the time, served 45 days in jail he says he's since become a better person. demi lovato and nick jonas are at the phoenix premium outlets until 3:00 p.m. of the tour. they will have meet and greet, backstage passes, plus q&a with fans, if you get there early enough, there's a tote bag. >> what am i doing here? >> exactly. coming up, a chance to get to sit on the golden throne. >> where you can have a chance to sit on a golden toilet.
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on the next azam. >> i'm anita roman. on saturday's show, a can't miss family friendly event with legos and animals, we'll tell you all about it. >> and i'm ty brennan. on sunday's show, we'll take you out to a huge vintage market out in scottsdale that will satisfy your need for some shabby, sheik merchandise. all right, weather believers, off we go. we are rolling through an afternoon that you'll just love, beautiful sunshine out there. and then tonight, did you moon? . >> yeah. >> well, you get another one tonight. >> i actually caught it this morning, on the way in >> that's right, we are up early. it will be out there in the east, you'll catch it tomorrow, and today with a high just like those triple digits. anyway, have fun. >> uh-huh. >> oh, there's more to the show? >> we were also being sassy with you. you missed that. >> no, he got it. he went right through it.
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in new york, you get a chance to sit on a golden throne. take a look. that's an 18-carat commode, part of the american exhibit at the guggenheim. if you know how to take care of things, you can go to the fourth floor restroom and there you go. >> why is this happening to my television? >> because they are saying they want to give normal people the chance to live like the 1%, at least for a few minutes. >> i can't believe it's even 1%. 18-carat. >> a very thin slice of america right there. >> yeah, you would think. even if i had the money, i don't think i would spend it on that. it's a toilet, you know. >> have a great weekend
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welcome to "dish nation." it's throwback thursday. how ill is it? one of my favorite groups, bell biv devoe. they made some of my favorite songs growing up. ? out of my mind ? i'm so ready to get today. i hope you're as excited as i am. big stories coming. let's start the show -- ? because that girl is poisson ? >> hey, how you guys doing? >> we did it. it's thursday! welcome to "dish nation." meg, how you doing? big show for you. we'll talk to mark paul gossler and damon williams about their new show and our dallas girls will be joining the party.


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