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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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story window. next at 9:00, a one-year-old falls out of a second story window. >> we'll have an update on that child's condition and all of your day's news, coming up next. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late.
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thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with a fox 10 news alert out of glendale where firefighters rushed a one-year-old baby to the hospital after the baby fell out of a second story window. this happening at an art home road. >> now, paramedics say the child was awake and breathing, eyes open when they were transported. right now police are still on the scene investigating. they have not made any arrests. we'll continue to follow this. w will bring you updates as we get them. meantime, live pictures from 35th avenue and northern where a man was shot outside of a bar. police say two men got into a fight, one pulled out a gun and shot the victim.
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survive. the shooter is in custody, but there are a lot of questions and a lot of officers on the scene investigating this. if anything changes, we will be sure to bring you it during our newscast. almost two weeks after the primary election, the race for congressional district 5 finally coming to an end after the primary. state senate president andy biggs and challenger christine jones, they were separated by only a few dozen votes. >> but after the recount, biggs prevailed by t margins. marcy jones is live outside the capitol. i am not sure if it is worse to lose by a few votes or a landslide. it's painful. >> it's times like these, john and kari, that you really get to see the human side of politics. christine jones choked up when she announced she was conceding. it was so close, but it just wasn't enough. after the judge read the results
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said she made a phone call. >> i called andy biggs, congratulated him, and offered my full support. >> biggs' attorney says he believes the process was fair and thorough. >> we have counted the votes twice, we have been through court, counted it once again. at the end of all three rounds, we have seen andy biggs one. >> before conceding the win, the former go daddy executive was p, but jones says the toughest pill to swallow was the 200 ballots that were thrown out for things like mismatched signatures or failing to mail an envelope. >> there were more than 300 voters in congressional district five who tried to vote whose votes didn't count. that is a meaningful number when you are separated by nine votes.
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small amount was heartbreaking but also flattering. >> we had the support of approximately the same number of people as andy biggs, who has been representing this district for 14 years in the state legislature, and i find that to be very telling but also very humbling that that many people would say, christine, we want you to represent us in congress. >> jones says come november 8th, she plans to vote republican all the way. she also added that she is not completely ruling running for office again. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> thanks, marcy. an old controversy getting new legs tonight after years of questioning president obama's national origin. donald trump today suddenly reversed field, saying that the president was indeed born in the united states. but will his new position, trump's, win him any votes in the upcoming election? will it help him? and what does sheriff joe arpaio think of all of this, considering that he once sent detectives to hawaii to
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steve krafft spoke to the sheriff. steve has more tonight. >> today, after years of expressing his doubts, donald trump made it official. he says he believes that president barack obama was born in th united states. for years, donald trump has been the country's biggest birther, doubting president obama was born in the u.s.a. today, mr. trump changed his tune. >> president barrack obama was born in the united states, period. >> donald trump claimed hillary clinton got the birther ball rolling. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. >> reporter: hillary clinton says that is a lie. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and the bias that lurks in our country.
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now wants to move on, sheriff joe arpaio is still investigating the president's birth certificate. we asked, do you agree with donald trump the president was born in the united states? >> i have no idea. i do have ideas about a birth certificate, yes, and that's my trust right now. we had no information to substantiate that that is a legitimate document right now. >> reporter: in the past, donald trump has agreed with joe arpaio. on twitter, he said congratulations to real sheriff joe on his successful cold case posse investigation, which claims barrack obama's birth certificate is fake. as for the sheriff, he says his investigation in hawaii is open and is continuing. steve krafft, fox 10 news. the first presidential debate is only ten days from now, but don't expect to see anyone other than donald trump and hillary clinton on stage. the commission overseeing that
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candidate gary johnson and green party nominee jill stein, you are looking at them there, they have not garnered enough support in the polls to make it. the commission set a 15% threshold, and right now johnson has about 9%. stein is at 3%. this is a special night at deer valley high school tonight. they honored fallen heroes. it was deer valley's first ever military appreciation night during their football game versus queen creek. the school has lost two former middle east, and tonight it was a chance to honor them. and among the highlights were the world famous arizona skyhawks skydiving team. they parachuted in to deliver the game ball before kickoff. >> that is very cool. >> super cool. >> and tonight students say the event, this is important. >> i think it's really good. i think they should do more nights like thisment especially nowadays, they don't get as much recognition for what they do, and people don't realize how
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sacrifice every day. >> and they hope this is not a one time thing. the school wants to make this an annual tradition. a new gym is ready to open its doors here in the valley. >> and instead of your traditional workout, this gym is inviting people to try in really kind of a nontraditional way of staying in shape by rock climbing. >> and the man behind this idea has strong ties to the valley. danielle miller got a sneak peek inside. >> the black rock gym is now open in boulder, and the owner says this is open for all ages to climb and have fun, but for him climbing has a deeper meaning. >> i like going to the top, yes. >> is it scary? >> no. >> parents and children, even as young as four years old, like ash, having fun, all while getting a physical and mental workout climbing the 15-foot walls. >> it's physically challenging,
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actually, because you can only use certain holds to go up the wall, so you have to think about it. it's almost like a puzzle. >> it's that physical and mental challenge that inspired chris dodge to open the gym, spending several years in the army, even in iraq. he says rock climbing was always his escape to help him stay focused. >> this is really a stress reliever. you can only focus on right in front of you. if you're paying attention to anything else, not paying attention to your hands or feet, you'll immediately fall. there's a direct consequence to not being in the moment. >> it's going to be going on from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. there's going to be a live band, food, and of course plenty of climbing. danielle miller, fox 10 news. warming up a little bit here comes the weekend. and your weekend forecast just
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homeschooling is on the rise, but what's behind the withdrawal from public education? some experts believe it boils down to one core issue. a couple of pop super stars making a stop here in the valley today. why today was extra special for singer nick jonas. and later, a librarian leaves millions of his fortune to his former employer, but drawing a lot of criticism.
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they are two of the you're watching fox 10 news with john hook and kari lake in hdment they are two of the hottest perfectliers in the country right now, and pop star demi lovato, she looks fantastic, doesn't she? and nick jonas, he doesn't look too bad either, they brought the world tour right here to the
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time out from their busy school to greet fans in chandler today, and today it was extra special for nick. ? happy birthday dear nick, happy birthday to you ? >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> you think she didn't hit the high note? >> she bailed out of the high note because she's got to perform tonight. >> want to save her voice, that's not a bad idea. jonas turning 24 years old remember when you were 24? >> no, i don't. i really don't. >> that's a foggy memory? >> very foggy. >> both he and demi are performing at the talking stick resort tonight, but before they answered some questions from their fans. >> do you ever get nervous on stage? >> i get nervous if there's a cute guy in the audience. like if there's somebody that i like that came to the show, i'll
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do you have any special plans for your birthday today? >> playing a show in phoenix with my fans. that should be good. >> that's pretty cool the two pop stars ending their future now tour, a final stop in los angeles, and then they will go big, as in the big apple, in new york city next weekend. the phoenix zoo today, several animals and life sculptures made entirely of legos, 27 lego structures being set up all over the zoo grounds as part of a show called nature connects art with lego breaks, created by new york artist sean petty. while building them can be tricky, the hardest part is moving them. >> you really have to be careful how you lift them, because of the the legos. you can't twist them. >> leo might go for this more
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apart, rebuilding them. >> tomorrow is your first chance to see these amazing creations at the phoenix zoo. a special after-hours event happens from 4:00 to 7:00 to celebrate the new arrivals. >> it's easier to cleanup after those animals, right? people celebrating downtown parking day in phoenix. this happens every year. it started in san francisco back in 2005 as a way to promote nor walkable and greener spaces. they take the parking s turn them into their own private space. artists temporarily transform the metered parking space in public parks as part of the annual event. >> where do you have to park then? >> you don't. do they get ticketed? >> i have no idea. well, items from the personal effects of president
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will be up for bid, in all more than 700 items up for auction, everything from dishes to furniture, but one of the more famous items, a piece of the berlin wall signed by president reagan. >> many personal items, gifts from family, gifts from friends, so there is something very personal, private, and sentimental about some of these objects. >> auction reeds will benefit the reagan foundation charity. the tuesday followed by the public auction on wednesday and thursday if you're in the market. coming up, it is amazing no one died. a raging inferno along a valley freeway this morning, we'll tell you what sparked the blaze during morning rush hour. chipotle settling with victims who got sick earlier
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outbreak, one victim who didn't want the money. the cardinals will have to wait until sunday. it's time to turn things around if you're the cardinals. the cards looking to beat the bucs, but quarterback jameis winston and his boys will have other days. we'll hear from cardinals head coach bruce arians, what b.a. had to say about the second game of the season.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. hi, everybody. it is 91 degrees. the winds are out of the east northeast at about five miles an hour right now. city looking pretty good. that's probably a friday night football game right there. those folks enjoying the game. hey, take a look at it right now.
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83 degrees up in scottsdale. in surprise we have 79 degrees right now. still in the mid-80s in ahwatukee. we back up a little bit to show you there's nothing going on in arizona as far as rain, but we have some next door, some up in colorado. we had a little bit to the north of us here, but things have dried up there a little bit. take a look at your high on the day today, 97 degrees. we had 94 at deer valley, and 95 in chandler. other numbers from around the state, prescott at 81. we had 82 degrees in payson, 72 at flagstaff, and a 97-degree reading at gila bend. this is your day, another 97 for us. we had 70 for the morning low. that's as cool as it's been since the 31st of may. 100 the normal high, 77 the normal low, and there's your record high at 109, your record low at 56. taking a look at your forecast lows for the night, tomorrow
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some beautiful 60-degree temperatures, some upper 60s, some mid-60s, and a few low 60s sneaking in there as well. here's your forecast high for tomorrow after all of that. we'll go to 99 degrees at sky harbor. we'll see some 100-degree readings on the west side, mostly 99-degree readings, 98-degree readings as far as the east side is concerned. going up to the mountains, we'll be looking at the low 80s in payson, we'll be looking at the mid-80s in prescott and the mid-70s up at 102 tomorrow at gila bend. as we look across the country here, this system has pushed in to and through st. louis. we'll be getting a little bit of chicago mixed in there as well, and also down in the gulf states some pretty good storms down there. and you can see this storm system here just kind of advancing towards dallas. here you'll see it start developing and just working its way as it picks up a little steam right in that area, getting up close towards dallas,
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going to see for a little bit, anyway, of julia, which is still meandering with winds dying out a little bit with winds down at 35 miles an hour at this time, and the track that it's taken as you can see is all over the place, and that's going to continue. you can kind of see it coming back around here, but it's probably going to come back here and then meander off and out of the way. look at omaha with over an inch of rain, in fact 1.18 inches of rain on the day little less than half an inch down in new orleans as well, overnight and tomorrow morning, 69 degrees, 99 degrees for tomorrow, lots of sunshine for you. we'll see a few clouds by monday, but we'll see triple digits by sunday, and then back after that you see the first day of fall at 96 degrees next thursday at 10:21 a.m. watch your kids around water. >> 10:21 a.m. i'm marking that down.
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minute. >> well, i mean, we could be. >> we have those flashes of, you know, heat in the -- >> yeah, i remember a few halloweens it got pretty darn hot. coming up more evidence that drones may soon be taking over the skies. the startling number of drone registrations so far this year, and why that number could double by the end of the year. also tonight it's not quite a mass exodus, but more and more parents are pulling their kids out of class and homeschooling them. why? what's happening? we are going to look at it coming the arizona supreme court could land you in trouble by just simply changing your child's diapers. we're going to sort it out, next. coming up tonight at 10:00. >> there isn't a problem i have in the state of arizona that the legalization of marijuana makes -- >> governor doug ducey giving an impassioned response to whether recreational marijuana is a good way to fund arizona schools.
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opening up here in the valley. i'm danielle miller. and coming up, we'll show you why this rock climbing gym means much more to the owner than just climbing. and a beautiful sight in the night sky. we'll tell you about the moon, why it looks so big and bright, and what kind of weather you can expect in the upcoming days.
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live from fox studios,
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this is big news today, the arizona supreme court handing down a decision that has so many people talking. >> it involves the case of an arizona man who appealed his conviction for sexually mole molesting his stepdaughter. they upheld his conviction, but the reason for doing so has some speculating that even changing your baby's diapers could constitute a sex crime. >> could this land you in court? it's unlikely but possible, according to the two dissenting justices in this 20-page state supreme court ruling. the justices examined the language in arizona's sexual abuse laws, which do not require sexual intent in order to be charged. >> the statute says intentionally or knowingly having sexual condutact, right? well, sexual contact is just the direct or indirect touching of somebody else or a child. that's where the whole changing
9:31 pm
play. >> in the ruling, prosecutors are unlikely to charge parents and the like when there is an affirmative defense. however, others say that parents who ha who have changed a soiled diaper could be surprised to learn that they have committed a class ii or iii felony. >> no reasonable prosecutor is going to bring that what the dissent is saying that there is always that possibility that it could be abused. >> the three justices in the majority point out that while the language in the sexual abuse laws are broad, they aren't written much differently than the other laws on the arizona books, and it's also the job of the legislature to change that language, not the courts. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. a suspect wanted in connection with the death of a valley woman is now in custody.
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killed ro czarrio cortes back on november 2nd. the teen faces one account of second-degree murder. because of his age, however, his identity has not been released. well, this is not what anyone wants to see on their morning commute to work. this was a nightmare, and there it was. several cars fully engulfed in flames. this was a big fire on the freeway, tying up traffic for hours this morning along u.s. 60. hopefully you weren't caught in it, but it was a mess. the fire started following a crash with a dump truck. 11 people were treated for minor injuries. it all happened in westbound lanes of u.s. 60 near alma school, narrowed down to one lane for most of the morning so crews could clean it up. from a look at the damage, it's frankly amazing that no one was killed in the crash. >> all of a sudden i see a vehicle sliding this way, sparks and everything and fire, and then i stopped maybe inches away from hitting the debris. a couple of seconds later, the
9:33 pm
the but the flames started going up, so we had to back up our vehicles. seriously, i'm just amazed that nobody got seriously hurt. that was the biggest miracle of all. >> and they are still trying to figure out what caused that tow truck driver to crash. some tense moments this morning after a driver sped the wrong way down the 202, narrowly missing drivers, many calling 911 to report what was going on. the driver was going westbound on nearly eight miles before stopping. d.p.s. identified the man as 26-year-old fernando lopez martinez. d.p.s. officers say that the driver and the passenger even managed to switch seats during this. >> out of the corner of his eye, he saw what he thought was a vehicle it looked like making a u-turn on the freeway with its headlights off, turned the headlights back on, and then went eastbound into the eastbound lanes. >> the driver was taken into custody on suspicion of dui and
9:34 pm
endangerment. new tonight at 9:00 for an increasing number of students, back to school is taking on a whole new meaning. that's because they never have to leave their home to go back to school. homeschooling has become more and more popular in recent years, and some believe it all boils down to one core issue. it was the summer of 2009, and stimulus money was gushing in from the federal government. few took notice that $4.3 billion of it wen public schools. 45 states who were hard hit bit recession eagerly signed on to what the administration called the race to the top, as well as its companion curriculum that few had heard of. it was dubbed common core. three years later, when parents were first polled about common core, 90% had a favorable opinion of it. this year however that number has sunk to 50%. now mounting frustration over common core may be driving a
9:35 pm
those rash of calls from all over the state, people saying, oh, this is not what i thought it was. this is not working out. this is not working for my child. what do i do to homeschool? >> even before common core standards, homeschooling was gaining in popularity. in 1988, fewer than 2% of students were homeschooled. by 2011, that number had doubled, and adding to the surge was the in schools and the threat that some schools could lose funding if they violate the president's executive order to provide transgender bathroom access. >> this general sense that parents don't have a voice in what is taught this their child's classroom i think has led more and more parents to look for options that really allow them to customize and to tailor an educational experience that works well for their children. >> public school unions remain deeply opposed to homeschooling,
9:36 pm
student with a comprehensive educational experience, but a recent study suggests the opposite is true. saying that students who are homeschooled score better on standardized tests, and they even have a better chance of graduating from college. we'd like to know what you think. is homeschooling something you would consider, something you're doing? you can join in on the discussion on our facebook page at [cheers and applause] it's finally here, fans of the new iphone 7. >> tim cook just doesn't quite have the pinache of steve jobs. >> i'm an apple user. i'm just not part of the cult. >> but you have got them. you have got one right there. i'm looking at it. they are doing something right. >> i'm not flying to san francisco go to all of the meetings, john. >> okay.
9:37 pm
getting their hands on apple's latest device, and in palo alto this morning, you saw it there, tim cook greeting customers, even helping to open up the apple shop today, selling some phones. cook even took some time to take selfies with customers as they walked through the store. we found number of people standing in line at the at&t this morning at tempe marketplace, waiting to get their very own hands on the iphone 7. the processor, thinner, water resistant. >> that's what you need. >> i haven't done it for a while. >> it's been a while, but you do it. >> my husband dropped my brand-new phone into a glass of water as we was telling me not to drop it. it was perfect. i couldn't be mad at him. the most talked about feature is the lack of that headphone jack so users now have to go wireless. fans that we talked to say that
9:38 pm
one. >> i couldn't sleep because i was afraid i wasn't going to get an iphone at all, so i just screw it, and i came in at 3:00 in the morning, so i watched a couple of movies on my tablet and just waited for the store to open. >> some retail experts don't think the iphone 7 will sell as well as the iphone 6 did. even so, apple announced yesterday that initial quantities of the iphone 7 have drones are expected to be one of the hottest items this holiday season. recent registration numbers appear to back it up, because according to the f.a.a., imagine this, half a million drones have been registered with the agency in just the last nine months, half a million. >> we are not going to even be able to look at the clouds anymore. the skies are going to be covered with drones. by comparison, there are just over 260,000 manned
9:39 pm
now outnumbering manned aircraft two to one. the f.a.a. says it is getting nearly 2000 drone registration applications every day, and at that trait the agency believes we could hit a million licensed drone pilots by 2020. coming up, the fight over zika funding may soon be coming to an end, congressional leaders have reportedly reached a deal. but there is a catch. also ahead tonight, hundreds of people getting sick last year after eating chipotle but today settlement with many of the people who got sick, including one victim who didn't want cash.
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the figh
9:43 pm
be coming to an end in congress, finally. congressional aides say republicans would allow planned parenthood affiliated clinics to share funding to fight the virus. the potential deal would ease the way for congress to end the tug of war over the zika bill that's so important. the white house made it clear that any legislation with funding restrictions targeting pass the president's desk. >> the president certainly is not going to support a zika bill that's freighted with a bunch of ideological riders, but it appears it's not going to get through the senate. >> the timing of the agreement couldn't be better. medical experts will hold a conference next month in cuba to discuss methods of containment, as well as strategies against other mosquito-borne diseases. fast food chain chipotle reaching financial settlements
9:44 pm
horriblily salmonella and e. coli in the restaurants last year. the department of health was able to trace the cause to the restaurant's tomato supply. one of the attorneys representing the victims is applauding chipotle for taking responsibility for the outbreak. >> they are moving forward in the right direction, and it's probably one of the safer places to eat. i don't think everyone realizes that salmonella is a very serious bug. people can die from it, and frequently people end up in the hospital. >> chipotle settled nearly 100 cases in all. victims received compensation to help them cover medical costs, however one victim actually asked for free burrito coupons as part of her settlement. consumer prices rising last month, we saw increased costs on big things like rent and medical supplies to every day item like clothing. and you're also paying a little
9:45 pm
national average for regular unleaded 2.22 a gallon, those rising prices why shoppers are feeling a little down, consumer confidence its lowest read since the end of april. big swings on the dow, but we did end up just slightly. sunday is national day, and according to a survey nearly six out of ten americans eat a burger once a week. unless you have had your chest ripped open. then you don't have the luxury. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. coming up, robots designed to help replace human relationships. what was once the story line in a sci-fi movie is now a reality. we are going to talk about it in
9:46 pm
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mom, dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love.
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the buzz... where we talk about the stories people are tal buzz. we talk about the stories that people are talking about. >> first up, john, the guy ate frugally and saved $4 million. he left it to the university of new hampshire where he worked, but then the move that has the guy rolling over in his grave, the school decided to put only a hundred grand toward the library
9:49 pm
spent a million of it on a new video screen for the football team. they are getting a lot of heat for it. that's the librarian by the way. >> then again, you are talking about priorities here, and sports, you know, people love it. they love it. >> libraries are kind of almost a throwback almost, people with the internet now. the university is getting a lot of heat for this, john, but they are saying that the money came with no strings attached. and 15 months of his life, they think he started to like football >> oh, really? did somebody just kind of divine that? >> they noticed he might have started to like it, so they are feeling better about it. watch prince williams here, rushed in to help a dignitary who took a fall in har low england. and the man said to the future king, sorry about that.
9:50 pm
no, it's all right. i'm trying to take you right inside the action. >> i feel like i'm there. what a sweet moment, that the prince acting more like a commoner, running over to help. >> the man falls over, prince william jumps right in. >> is that kate next to him going in to help? . >> no, kate is in the blue dress. >> is she helping as well? oh, no, no, no. you're right. >> she's watching. >> i don't know if that's how it went down. i'm impss king. i hope that's how it went down, how you said. >> he felt badly about it, and the future king said don't worry about it. no big deal. we have talked about robot sex before -- >> we have? >> we have during the buzz. you don't remember? >> okay. >> it time it's getting serious. will it be the end of human civilization?
9:51 pm
they are so real, so life like they even have a pulse. how concerned are you that that is going to bring population levels down. nobody is going to be -- >> first of all, let's say you are married. you decide to bring one of these home, it's pretty hard to hide. >> people would go, why should i get married? my cyborg doesn't cause any issues. >> never have any i'm very concerned about this. we are a few years down the road from when we see the collapse of civilization. >> head to our facebook pages, post your thoughts, john hook, we would love to hear from you. >> and kari lake fox 10. i never thought about that. you are so compassionate john. >> there's a flip side.
9:52 pm
>> i'm not concerned about the human race. i'm concerned about the sun devils. >> same here. >> they are in the middle of a barn burner in san antonio. this looks like friday night fights, some big hits. don't believe me? just ask manny wilkins. highlights coming up right after the break.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
in hd. i know, friday night football is all about the high school kids, but not tonight. tonight the sun devils, a.s.u., takes on utsa in san antonio. it's college football a day early for the devils, arizona state riding high after beating up an texas tech last weekend, but the road retur runners came play, sterling putting the board, 7-3. a.s.u. looking to respond. manny wilkins looking to respond, watch out for the train, choo choo, manny wilkins gets nailed. believe it or not he was okay. utsa feeling confident. road runners has to punt. kalen ballage, has he not seen frozen? let it go. he tries to catch the ball. that is a fumble.
9:56 pm
dalton sterling again, tries to buy some time, and it pays off, nice pass for the touchdown, road runners have the lead, thinking upset. not so fast. here comes the sun devils, seconds before the half, great catch right there, so nice, look at it twice. one handed catch makes it 14-12 at the half. second half, utsa comes out red hot, dalton again calls his own number. are you kidding he was named after patrick swayzy's character in roadhouse. takes it in for the touchdown. what's going on here? more road runners, williams takes it in for the touch, 28-12, beating up on the pac 12 a.s.u. won't quit. manny wilkins going deep, gamich
9:57 pm
a.s.u. has just taken the lead late in the fourth quarter. we'll see if they can hold on. more football as we check in on the cardinals, looking to get back on track as the tampa bay buccaneers come to town. the cards some angry birds after losing to the patriots last week. but it's just one game. one loss? no big deal. but two in a row? that's a different story. head coach bruce arians knows it's time t is made of. >> every good team loses only. especially if you have character, you never lose two in a row. that's about the character in the locker room since i have been here. it hasn't happened very often, and there should be a heightened sense of urgency, especially among the veteran players. >> can't make it out to the game? no need to worry. we have got you covered. cardinals looking to take care of business as famous jameis
9:58 pm
coach dirk cutter come to town, now running the show in tampa. we'll have it at 8:30, rise and shine football fans. zack greinke taking on his old team the dodgers, looking to land the first punch, and they do. turner a shot to right, can tomas get there? he can't, chase utley comes in to score, heads-up base running, rbi triple for turner. 1-0 l.a. welington castillo gets the ball passed, they come home to score. dodgers in the fourth, easy double play for arizona right? wrong. the throw to first is just off. that makes it 3-1, and that's the score right now for the
9:59 pm
dbacks. we do it again at 10:00, much more on the cardinals, hosting the tampa bay buccaneers, plus the sun devils highlights. but that's later. right now it's back to the news crew. we begin tonight with a news alert, a bar fight turns into a shooting. this is at the hide away west bar grill on 35th avenue and northern police say two men got into a fight. one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other man. the victim is expected to survive. the shooter is now in custody. a lot of officers are on the scene right now continuing the investigation. we'll continue to work the story, and as we learn new information we'll bring it to you throughout the newscast. . a baby fell u of a second story window, at an apartment
10:00 pm
home road. the child had their eyes open and they were transported to the hospital. the baby has some serious injuries, however. officers have not made any arrests in that case. and thanks for joining fox 10 news at 10:00. the race for the congressional seat in district 5, a very competitive district has finally come to an end two weeks after the primary election. biggs and christine jones were separated by just a dozen or so votes. marcy capitol with more tonight. marcy? >> well, kari, you really saw the emotions today. christine jones actually getting a little bit choked up when she conceded. she said that this race, because it was so tight, was pretty much bittersweet because she was so close. it just wasn't enough. after a judge read the results of a recount, christine jones says she made a phone call. >> i called andy biggs, congratulated him, offered my


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