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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 17, 2016 1:00am-1:31am MST

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information we'll bring it to you throughout the newscast. . a baby fell u of a second story window, at an apartment near 62nd avenue and bethany home road. the child had their eyes open and they were transported to the hospital. the baby has some serious injuries, however. officers have not made any arrests in that case. and thanks for joining fox 10 news at 10:00. the race f seat in district 5, a very competitive district has finally come to an end two weeks after the primary election. biggs and christine jones were separated by just a dozen or so votes. marcy jones is live outside the capitol with more tonight. marcy? >> well, kari, you really saw the emotions today. christine jones actually getting a little bit choked up when she conceded. she said that this race, because it was so tight, was pretty much bittersweet because she was so
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it just wasn't enough. after a judge read the results of a recount, christine jones says she made a phone call. >> i called andy biggs, congratulated him, offered my full support. >> andy biggs officially winning the race by 27 votes after jones conceded. his attorney says he believes the process was fair and thorough. >> we have counted the votes twice. all three rounds, we have seen andy biggs win. >> before conceding, the former go daddy executive asked to have more ballots reviewed. she says the toughest pill to swallow was the over 200 early ballots that were thrown you out, over robs like a mismatched signature or failing to mail an envelope. >> there were more than 300
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votes didn't count. that is a meaningful vote when you're separated by just nine votes. >> she says it's heartbreaking but also flattering. >> what i have said is let's lay down our swords and move on as a united front as republicans to make sure we have our ducks lined up for november. >> christine kind of wrapping everything up by saying thank you to everyone from her campaign staffers that were th volunteer door knockers with her in the 118-degree heat. she says she can't wrap her head around being on another ballot anytime soon but she's not ruling out running again. recreational marijuana is a bad idea. there isn't a problem i have in the state of arizona that the legalization of marijuana makes better. em passioned governor doug
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new program called achieve 60 az. the goal is to try to make sure that 60% of working people in our state have a post-secondary degree by the year 2030. when asked about the legalization of recreational marijuana that would provide funding to arizona schools, the governor was quick to weigh in. >> we are spending time here with young people talking about opportunity for them in their future and in their life. the worst thing we could do is to legaliz marijuana where no money has gone to denver schools in colorado with what's happened there. >> but proponents for the bill who we spoke to yesterday say it will provide a big bump to school funding. >> it will bring over $50 million to our education system on an annual basis. keep in mind, we are 47th in the nation. it's pitiful. if we want to actually educate and propel our kids into the future with a positive education, these are funds that we desperately need.
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ballot in november. in the border battle, a 16-year-old boy arrested after allegedly trying to smuggle meth into the u.s. in an xbox. customs officials say a canine found three pounds of meth in the gaming system as the boy tried to cross at the morley pedestrian crossing. they turned over the 16-year-old boy to i.c.e. they say he is from nogales, mexico, and tried bringing meth into arizona. would have been worth about 10,000 bucks on the street. another case of a wrong-way driver on a valley freeway, the man behind bars accused of driving drunk on the wrong side of the freeway, d.p.s. saying he barely missed other drivers, many of whom called 911. the driver was driving the wrong way for eight miles before it came to an end.
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during all of this. this is the passenger in the car. >> i don't want to talk about it. all i know is i was sleeping all the time. i really don't want to talk about it. i apologize if anything might have happened, but i can't tell you anything because i don't know anything. >> the driver was taken into custody on suspicion of dui and could also face charges of endangerment. the arizona supreme court handing down a big ruling, stirring up questi justices wrote, they examined the language in arizona's sexual abuse laws, which do not require sexual intent in order for someone to be charged, and the concern there is that some experts believe that it could mean a parent could simply be changing their child's diaper in arizona, and that could constitute a sex crime, but others say that is unlikely. >> no sane reasonable prosecutor
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parents or guardians for changing their baby's diaper or helping them change their swimsuit. but what the dissent is saying is that there is always that possibility that it could be abused. >> the three justices in the majority also point out that while sexual abuse laws may be somewhat broad, they are not written much diferently than other laws. the corporation commission is fighting back against a.p.s. it announced it will hire a lawyer to defend commissioner burns. a.p.s. filed a motion ain burns last week. the motion is an attempt to stop burns from enforcing subpoenas demanding a.p.s. release its political spending. burns is investigating the role a.p.s. had on the election two years ago. there's been speculation the utility spent more than $3 million backing the elections of two commissioners. a.p.s. will not confirm or deny that it contributed to groups
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this was really cool tonight for a high school football team. deer valley high school honoring our fallen heroes tonight. it was the school's first military appreciation night during their game against queen creek high school. the school has lost two former students who fought over in the middle east, and among the highlights the skyhawks skydiving team deliver the game ball before kickoff. that was very cool. the school hopes the event will become an annual tradition. instead of your traditional workout, this gym is inviting more people to try nontraditional ways of staying in shape, like rock climbing, and the man behind the idea has big ties to the valley. >> the black rock bouldering gym
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this is for people of all ages, and while fun, climbing for him has a deeper meaning. >> i like going to the top, yes. >> is it scary? >> no. >> reporter: parents and children even as young as four years old, like ash, having fun all while getting a physical and mental workout, climbing the 15-foot walls. >> it's physically challenging, mentally challenging too because you can only use certain holds to go up the wa. it's almost like a puzzle. >> it's that physical and mental challenge that inspired chris dodge to open the gym. he spent several years in the army, even serving in iraq. he says rock climbing was always his escape, helping him stay focused. >> bouldering helped me stay
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focused. >> there's going to be a live band, food, and of course plenty of climbing. danielle miller, fox 10 news. thanks, danielle. up next, a big announcement from donald trump today. what he publicly said changing his opinion on, and the reaction from hillary clinton. ? americans are buying more and more of everything online.
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because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. you decide 2016, a sudden change of course from the trump campaign today. this comes as donald trump is closing in on hillary clinton in some big, importanpo after years of questioning president obama's national origin, donald trump suddenly reversing course, saying the president was born in the united states. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. period. now we all want to get back to
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>> reporter: with a change of course, trump was quick to point out hillary clinton as the cause of the birther movement in the first place. he said her 2008 campaign started the rumors. clinton responded, saying the birther claim from the very beginning reeked of bigotry. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country. >> reporter: these latest campaign trail tensions coming as a new fox poll and clinton separated by just one point nationally, with 53 days to go before the election. while donald trump was one of the biggest names behind the birther movement, sheriff joe arpaio has been outspoken on the whole idea, the sheriff even launching an investigation into the president's birth certificate, sending deputies
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tweet back in 2012 congratulating the sheriff on his successful cold case posse investigation. we spoke with the sheriff to see if he agrees with donald trump that the president was born in the u.s. >> i have no idea. i do have ideas about a birth certificate, yes. and that's my trust right now. we have no information to substantiate that that is a legitimate document right now. certificate that the president finally showed people who were wondering about it. sheriff arpaio told us his investigation in hawaii is still open and continuing. bad news for third-party candidates in the upcoming debate. they wanted to participate but it looks like they will not be able to. the commission overseeing the debate process says that neither libertarian candidate gary johnson nor green party jill stein -- simply they don't have
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take part. the commission had set the 15% threshold, and right now johnson is coming in at about 9%, stein at 3%. the first debate will be held in
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if yo haven't been outside tonight you may want to fox 10 news is back. if you haven't been outside tonight, you might want to go out there and take a there is a full harvest moon over the valley, and it is gorgeous. it is the last super moon of 2016. it's called the harvest moon because it's the full moon that appears closest to the autumnal equinox which happens in six days. a super moon happens when it is closer to the earth, making it appear larger and brighter.
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agency, this rocket built by united launch alliance is tasked to carry an earth imaging satellite. it was slated to blast off in california today, but due to a leak in the rocket's propellant system, the launch has now been postponed until tom launched by atlas five. on to the latest in the zika battle, a compromise could put an end to the battle over zika funding in congress. congressional republicans might allow planned parenthood clinicing to share in funding to fight the virus. the white house has sent a message ruling out any
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>> the president certainly is not going to support a zika bill that is freighted with a bunch of ideological riders. but it appears it's not going to get through the senate. >> meanwhile, cuba is set to hold a conference next month bringing top health officials together to discuss methods of containment. well, the weather is a little on the warm side, even below seasonal norms for this time of year. but we have got a nice looking weekend in the forecast, and we'll have
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. i don't know whether the nights are more beautiful or the days. the days are starting to turn out to be pretty nice as well.
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tonight, i went out and got mooned. it was absolutely incredible. >> you didn't moon anybody, did you? >> no, no. you don't need your lights out. it's so bright out. >> it's great. while you do this, i'm going to go look at the moon. >> not you. >> just me. >> let's go take a look at it and see what we have here. temperatures coming down here nicely this evening. we'll talk about this morning's low in just a moment here. it's 84 degrees right now, and the wind has died down as well. surprise. we have 79 out at gateway right now. and as we back up a little bit, you can kind of see some moisture to the east of us here, and up to the northeast of us as well. that northern stuff has dried up. this is where we went on the high today. 97 degrees, we had 95 degrees in scottsdale, 94 at deer valley, 95 at buckeye, and 93 out at gateway.
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79 at window rock. we had 81 at prescott, and 99 today at yuma. this is our day here in the valley. 97 on the high, 70 on the low. that 70 is the lowest low we have had since may 31st. 100 and 77 would be your normal high and low. look across the valley here, and look at all of these beautiful morning lows that we are going to be experiencing, even lower than this morning in the sky harbor. and then tomorrow afternoon, we get back to where we were today, at a hundred or just below it, and then take a look at some of these other numbers, 74 in flagstaff, 86 in sedona, 100 in casa grande, and 97 in tuscon. looking across the country, pretty big storm here rolling through st. louis, going to get into the lower great lakes through the evening, and we had some stuff down in the gulf states that we are keeping our
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across texas here was in the panhandle earlier, but moving out now. and our tropical storm, not much left there. that tropical storm is dying out, moving away. it may double back, but it's just going to be a low pressure system when it does, with a little bit of moisture attached to it. 69 overnight. here comes your weekend. 99 degrees for tomorrow, your saturday. and then on sunday we pop it up to 104. we go to 103 on monday, and then back off into the 90s a little chance of rain. enjoy your weekend and watch your kids around water. we have got some college football a day early, the devils doing their thing down south, texas to be exact. a.s.u. having a tough time with utsa, the road runners looking
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terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it.
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ree people will get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk for shingles. you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz in hd. so far so good for the a.s.u. football team. two games and two wins to start the year. last weekend, very impressive, beating texas tech behind eight touchdowns but running back kalen ballage, that's right, i said eight touchdowns in one game. anyway, that was last week. this week, a different story. the utsa road runners from conference usa came to play. their quarterback comes out firing the laser for the
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a.s.u. looking to respond, manny wilkins on the run, not a good idea. wow, that is why right there, take another look right there. manny wilkins takes a shot right on the chin, and he gets up. road runners have to punt right after that. ballage, don't touch it, don't touch it. he touched it. that's a live ball. road runners recover the fumble, back in and it's stern again, rolls it out, nice pass, touchdown utsa, 14-3 now, what's going on? can you say upset? not so fast. here comes a.s.u., seconds before the half manny wilkins airs it out, how about the catch by harry, wow, one handed grab. at second half, more utsa
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he's a starting quarterback, and he's got some wheels. nice moves, dives into the end zone looking like super man, touchdown. shaq williams makes the catch, he's got a blocker, takes it in for the touchdown. what's going on? this can't be real, can it? a.s.u. says enough already, manny wilkins touchdown pass for the devils, makes it 28-25. we have got a ball game, boys and girls. late in the fourth quarter, ballage takes it in for the touchdown, and a.s.u. comes from behind to win this one, final score 32-28. what a game in san antonio texas. more college football, oh yes, coming up this sunday, and of course it's all about the big boys of the nfl. we have got it for you right here on fox 10, cardinals taking on the tampa bay buccaneers. more local stuff, zack greinke
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the dodgers, saying, hey, guy, nice to see you again. turner shot to right, tomas taking his time out there, and how about justin turner, heads-up base running goes to third, head-first slide, he is safe, rbi triple for turner. more dodgers and more trouble for the dbacks. welington castillo can't find the handle, another run scores makes it 2-0 l.a. in the first. 2-1 now and the easy double play here. not so fast. that is a bad throw to first. another run scores and the dodgers hold on win this one, final score 3-2. tough night for the dbacks, good finish for the sun devils. >> thank god. >> that was too close for comfort. >> i didn't even want to be around john if it didn't end that one. >> one point or a thousand, with a win is a win is win. >> modern family is up next. have a great weekend.
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