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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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the third interception for ohio state tonight. the second for lattimore. he had two last week against tulsa. >> joel: lattimore ran the route for him. number 14 trying to get on top. lattimore duds an amazing job on staying on top of the receiver. he never even let him get even with him. that is textbook man-to-man coverage right there. if there is nine- drop out of the route, that is it. marshon lattimore turned and immediately sprinted. see if he does haul it in. it's tough to tell on that look. >> gus: lattimore sophomore from cleveland. that one looked like it bounced around a bit. >> joel: it did. it's not the movement.
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it looked like he lost control of the ball as he was going to the ground. right there it sneaks out to his right shoulder. and then he grasps it with his right hand. that looks to me as an incomplete pass. that leaves his hand and he loses control going to the ground. >> gus: at this point in the game, oklahoma would catch a break and try to keep the drive going. >> joel: unbelievable play there by lattimore. tough read for mayfield. as they show it in the stadium he believes what i believe, which is that this is going to be overturned. because of that keyword
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scenario. >> gus: looking at it now on the scoreboard. >> joel: you have to look for in those situations is there any adjustment with the hands after the perceived movement or the loss of control? there certainly was the right hand for lattimore. lattimore goes to the ground. watch his right hand throughout the catch process. >> referee: after further review, it's incomplete pass. as a result, third down. >> joel: the right hand, the adjustment there. great call by the officials up in the replay booth. a break for baker mayfield in the o.u. offense. lattimore on the sideline, along with urban meyer. don't like it. certainly the correct call. they got it right.
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>> gus: for oklahoma. mixon in the back field. lines up on the slot on the far side. mayfield. quick strike. he will not get the first down. questionable call on that third down and six. malik hooker with the >> joel: no one to block the safety. trying to block the safety. on third down, i can see it on third and two if he has to dive for a first down. but clearly he knew it was four-down territory. he had two play calls lining up. didn't gain the yardage. mayfield will stay on the field. >> gus: fourth down and seven after the one-yard loss at the 9 for oklahoma -- at
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mayfield. dancing around in the pocket. in trouble. mayfield will take the sack at the 39. sam hubbard, jerome baker. the second sack of the night for the buckeyes. >> joel: they were given great time by their secondary. the secondary has been excellent so far. the only returning starter was conley, but in the back end there is nowhere to throwth mayfield is looking. he tries to buy some time. eventually the rush gets to him. sam hubbard closes the gap. to the ground. lincoln riley cannot believe it. nobody open in the back end. ohio state, too quick, fast, athletic in the secondary. >> gus: sooners turn it over on downs. buckeyes on the 39.
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weber. one thing you know you will see with the ohio state team is toughness. reminds me when i was in germany with soccer. i got to a conversation with a german guy in munich. he was talking about the toughness of the germans and how americans we weren't tough. i said obviously, sir, you have never been to ohio. [ laughter ] the second down and six at 35. j.t. barrett. needs a catch. >> joel: the defense is being called upon once more to try to go there next. it's so difficult when you are constantly in what i would call face-down situations. like second and six. third and less than three. because the entire playbook is
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defense. play base defense. read it out. read your keys. there is nothing you can attack tendency wise when you don't get them in obvious situations. >> gus: third down and two at the 31. first down. weber. gets to the 17 yard line. ahmad thomas finally stops him. if not, he could have ran that one all the way in. another >> joel: that is steven parker number ten. he was banged up in the houston game as well to start the season. >> gus: 12:01 to go in the fourth. back after this. upgrade season's here. i got my new iphone 7 from sprint. zero dollars. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference
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>> gus: here are some players to keep an eye on for the nissan heiseman watch. mccaffrey has been special again. 260 total guards. two touchdowns tonight against usc. lamar jackson. unbelievable. j.t. barrett quietly i would say getting himself back in he was two years ago before he broke his leg against michigan. and humpfrey, some of the guys on the group of five level don't get enough credit. he is one of those guys. went for 217 total yards today and three touchdowns. >> gus: curtis samuel in the backfield with j.t. barrett. run the option. barrett. samuel. goes up. gets out of bounds. around the ten-yard line.
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quarterback can do is attack the inside shoulder of the pitch man. that is the unblocked player when you watch option. watch barrett. see how he tacks the inside shoulder? he forces the defender to commit and then pitches it outside. that is textbook detail. greatness is realized in attention to detail. that is what we are seeing there. >> gus: you are seeing a great college player in j.t. barrett. second and five and 12. weber. pushing through. showing the sportsmanship and hing up jordan wade. dwayne wade 6'3", 310. >> joel: that defense has been on the field a long time tonight. the drives have been long for ohio state. methodical. punishing drives. >> gus: third down and two.
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play fake. broken up by thomas. >> joel: this is the technique. they need to be patient. he was patient and allowed the route to defense and played the ball. excellent job by thomas. they finally get a stop against brown. every time they tried to attempt for a touchdown. >> gus: the offense heading to the sideline. meyer may think of going for it. they are trying to put away oklahoma. maybe right here.
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>> gus: ohio state, buckeyes with the football. on line. they are electing to go for it on fourth down and two. >> joel: they want to put a nail in this thing right here. >> gus: quickly to the line of scrimmage. offside. >> joel: almost got them there. got himself back. now they look to the sideline and look for a play.
9:15 pm
five-yard penalty. still fourth down. >> joel: is a good strategy. this close he wanted him to snap it there. pat elflein. that is the key. if someone jumps in the neutral zone, they should have snapped it right away instead of waiting for penalty flag. but you take a delay of game because you worry about the angle. in college you want to increase the angle. >> gus: from 31 ohio state adding to the lead. 45-24 now. let's look at the road ahead for ohio state. sponsored by coors light. whatever your mountain, climb on. >> joel: they put everybody on notice. they will be looking at the loaded team. rutgers, indiana. at camp randall. wisconsin struggled with
9:16 pm
travel to penn state and northwestern. the real meat outside the wisconsin matchup is at the end. the last two matchup, michigan state had an incredible game today. then the big one against the school up north. >> gus: this year it's at the shoe. a look at oklom ahead. >> joel: next week they have a bye week to try to get themselves right for a visit to gary patterson's tcu squad. then the red river ballgame in dallas. then kansas state at texas tech, which is always a tough place to play. and then kansas.
9:17 pm
that is rolling out of bounds. >> joel: a second flag that came up here to the 40 yard line. when the referee john o'neill was about to make the call. >> referee: free kick out of bounds by the kicking team. ball to be placed on the 35 yard line on the white hash. after the play was over, unsportsman like conduct. number 35 on the kicking team. that will be assessed at the 35 yard line. first down. >> gus: 35, chris worley.
9:18 pm
game break. >> mike: michelle had to leave the game early with a chest injury. i think he is okay. he finds the 41-yard score. high-scoring first half. >> gus: we called the cal-texas game in austin which was also a high point affair last year. the bears winning in austin. mixon runni not a lot of room. mcmillan. middle linebacker. mcmillan, all american in 2015. 119 tackals. second and 11. mayfield.
9:19 pm
>> joel: the defensive backs do a good job down the field you see baker mayfield having to hold the ball in the pocket and getting -- getting antsy. joe mixon has to exit the game. limping a little bit. perine will be to the left of baker mayfield. >> gus: flowers the motion man. excellent. jalyn holmes. raekwon mcmillan. >> joel: defensive coordinator. the new guy who is kind of an old guy, greg schiano and what he has done with the secondary. there is luke fickell. high intensity. great on-field coach. when you see him in practice, he is one of the best in the country. the defensive coordinator with
9:20 pm
marvelous job with the secondary. >> gus: fourth down and four for oklahoma. mayfield. scrambling again. mayfield will not get the first down. we told you that this ohio state team can tackle in space. that time it was jerome baker, the sophomore from cleveland. ohio state will get the football again. 8:42 to play in the fourth. buckeyes up big. dr pepper here you know, as long as there's been college football, pper flowing through the stands. hey, man, dig this. i threw the first hail mary pass. yeah, out of sight! hey, fellas, i think there should be a college football playoff, huh? settle on the gridiron. you know nothing goes better in the stands than dr pepper, and i should know cause i invented college football. the whole thing! woop, woot, woop. and that's how dr pepper became a college football tradition. cool story, bro. it's a great story! ice-cold dr pepper here!
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le is the best place to get it. your iphone deserves a network built for unlimited data for everyone. so you can use your new iphone 7 to... ...and play as much as you want. all on america's fastest 4g lte network. now when you go unlimited with t-mobile one get iphone 7 on us. only at t-mobile. >> gus: fox college football presented by geico is sponsored by -- >> gus: 45-24, ohio state. let's go to shannon. >> shannon: well, gus, you made a comment that austin kendall the backup quarterback for oklahoma made earlier about the ohio state defense. well, the fans here have not forgotten. they are chanting "we want kendall." you can see some of the unique
9:23 pm
support that. >> gus: all right. thank you very much. barrett running the ball. kendall got a lot of attention for calling ohio state's defense basic and claiming that baker mayfield was going to have a field day. >> joel: said he would line them up. clearly, as a young player, you can get carried away at times. schematically he is right. they line up and play. they have great p this reminds me of texas in 2005. lined up in the four-three defense, played quarters behind it and said can't beat us. nobody could. >> gus: austin kendall is a freshman. mike weber runs the football. another freshman. urban meyer, you know? he pulled out the clich?s this week. >> joel: he did. this one is real. real, real. toughness will be challenged. got to survive the storm.
9:24 pm
this is going to be a street fight. this will be the challenge of all challenges. >> gus: what i love is he doesn't shy away from saying yeah, this is a big game. >> joel: it's not just any other week. we are going to oklahoma. the players understood that. he wanted them to beheimer focused. they -- he wanted them to be hyper focused and they were. >> gus: barrett. one thing though about coach meyer, 52 years old. he has done everything in college football. two national championships at florida. national championship a couple of years ago at ohio state. the buckeyes have been ranked in top ten in each of the last 25 a.p. polls. man of few words to the media. we talk to him on the phone on
9:25 pm
you can feel the quiet strength, focus and discipline. >> joel: players feel it, too. >> gus: master strategy, master motivator. look at that. perfect example. downed at the one-yard line. 47-yard punt. urban meyer. since coming to ohio state. 52-4. won the national championship already. he is teams. heading to 19-0 on the road. i mean that is the most amazing stat right there. >> joel: that is silly. he has not lost a true road game as the head coach of the ohio state buckeyes. that is absorb. it goes to his level of preparation. no stone is left unturned. urban meyer thinks of everything. he allows his players to focus
9:26 pm
>> gus: mayfield. out of his own end zone. the buckeyes still playing hard. webb that time, intended for davis. >> joel: we are prepping for the game and you come across stats sometimes that blow you out. that is one of them. the road. here is another one. he is the only man in college football history to have four different winning streaks of over 20 games. that is >> gus: first year at ohio state. they weren't allowed to compete in the postseason. he went undefeated. >> joel: he didn't lose at ohio state until his second season in the big ten championship game to michigan state. that was the 24-game winning streak. he had 20-plus game winning streak at utah into florida. he had one at florida. this guy is phenomenal. everywhere he goes he wins.
9:27 pm
and focus that is rare and unmatched. >> gus: throwing out of the end zone. now scrambling. in struggle. throws off the back foot. ball up in the air. incomplete. buckeyes giving no ground. >> joel: it's part of the reason, some would ask -- i have been asking. why would greg schiano and baker mayfield. look if he stepped out. no. definitely didn't. still in the end zone as he releases the ball. why would a schiano be an assistant coach? part of it is he wants to work with urban meyer. >> gus: a former head coach in the nfl, tremendously successful football coach at rutgers. now codefensive coordinator. i think that is amazing. urban meyer says he normally doesn't hire friends. schiano has been a friend of
9:28 pm
>> joel: trying to run a player off the field. >> referee: illegal substitution. 12 defensive players in formation. five-yard penalty. still fourth down. >> gus: one of the most impressive performances that i have ever watched as fan in college football. a couple of years ago. the semi-final game against alabama. his nemesis, nick saban. ohio state dominated that game in such a physi >> joel: that is right. >> gus: they overwhelmed the crimson tide. i have never seen so many alabama players walking off the field with injuries. wilson. next week college football kicks off friday when usc takes on utah at 8:30 p.m. eastern on fs1. on saturday, ohio state battles oregon state.
9:29 pm
oklahoma state faces number 21 baylor at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. a big win for oklahoma state in stillwater today. beating pitt. as rudolph threw for 540 yards, two touchdowns. school record for yards. then nebraska, a big win over oregon today squares off p.m. eastern. 5:25 to go. mike weber. dickey performance of the game goes to -- >> joel: noah brown. who else? three for three in the first half. comes out. gets a fourth touchdown. his fourth target. got one other catch. that was the cream on top. >> gus: incredible.
9:30 pm
>> gus: drop the mic after that. >> joel: that's right. >> gus: weber. he floats to the first down. there is noah. most noahs have two of everything. he has four tonight! four touchdowns. >> joel: they didn't have an answer in the one-on-one situations. oklahoma tends to live by the man coverage and die by the man coverage. tonight, noah brown was just better in those the 50/50 situations. oklahoma doesn't have an interception yet in their secondary. and ohio state has been winning those 50/50 situations with their defense. we haven't seen it with the sooners yet. >> gus: weber. first down, ohio state. here is what is so impressive to me. >> joel: when urban meyer first came to ohio state and
9:31 pm
myself if he would be able to turn them into the speed and the amount -- talent and athletic defense of the team he coached in the s.e.c. at florida? he has certainly done that. but the kicker he retains the big ten toughness on if offensive line. they just maul people. they have a great system, big offensive lineman. they run down hill with the zone read. they have an h-back floating around. they are dif >> gus: weber running again. >> joel: i would say this is a more powerful run game than what he featured at florida. but what he has done is he gotten the athleticism around that run game and the offensive line like he has. curtis samuel. great example. number four. who does urban meyer compare him to? >> gus: percy marvin. not only winning a national championship, super bowl with
9:32 pm
of -- those are the type of players. now he has noah brown. he is reloading. ezekiel elliott. and j.t. barrett. >> gus: another first down for the buckeyes. under 3:00 to play. quick with the tackle. on the other side line, bob stoops second loss of the season. they lost the opener to houston. now throttled by ohio state on their home field. where does he go from here? >> joel: well, they certainly have to regroup. for this team, you know, they goals are going to have to change a little bit. they will have to get much more nearer term. they came in talking about the playoff and getting back, avenging the loss to clemson. they had the quarterback back. they had great running backs and talent. >> gus: weber. he will be lucky to get back to the line of scrimmage.
9:33 pm
the tackle. >> joel: now you have to start thinking about winning the big 12. after a bye week that starts with the visit to tcu. and then likely we'll be there for the red river as they face texas to avenge the loss they had year ago in the cotton bowl. this team is talented. the schedule has been brutal. houston is a really good team. ohio state, my goodness, this is as good as it gets. no question. season schedule for the sooners. first down, buckeyes. so the question coming in to this season, coming into this game, ohio state, young team. were they ready? >> joel: well, gus, you know, you can throw out yeah, they are a young team. they were the least experienced team in the entire country. 128 out of 128 in terms of returning starters. only six.
9:34 pm
draft. five first rounders. you don't generally just line up and replace the guys and keep rolling. that is exactly what they have done. the uncertainty that i talk about in the open of this game. of how would they react in the big moment and the big environment? they have reacted better than the last version of ohio state the last couple of years. this team is miles ahead of where the 2014 team was this point. >> gus: one reason they have a great start is the man under center. joe thomas barrett. he is their leader. he is their mastermind. and a brilliant performance by j.t. this evening. the leader of the ohio state buckeyes who come into norman tonight. and send a clear message to the college football world. 45-24.
9:35 pm
the country next week. let's go downstairs to shannon spake. >> shannon: coach meyer giving handshakes right now. to the oklahoma team. coach meyer, congratulations. so much has been talked about with the team and the youth. when you look at a performance like that, where do you think they grew up the most tonight? >> coach meyer: you go on the road and play a great team, you find out about yourself. we found a bunch of courageous guys that won in a hostile environment. we can play better. but that was a played and our guys played well. >> shannon: that would be scary, playing better. how does j.t. barrett's poise and leadership affect everything you did tonight? >> coach meyer: the sign of a leader is raise the level of play of those around you. he does that. there are young cats out there playing. the leader behind center really matters. >> shannon: you talked to me at halftime about noah brown and said he has been pretty great. how does he open up everything
9:36 pm
>> coach meyer: i love noah. he had a tough injury a year ago and you feel like a proud dad to see him score touchdowns. >> shannon: thank you, coach. tied for the ohio state record. when you look at the performance you did tonight on the road how does coach meyer get you ready for games like this? 19-0 on the road, he is. >> player: a testimony to the program. we have a young team. but you can see we have a lot of talent on our team. to come out on the road to play big like this, testament to the coach development of the players. >> shannon: i know performance you had tonight is about the team and getting a victory. when you look at four touchdowns, a school record. tied for a school record. what does it mean for you personally? >> player: i'm blessed to be here with the teammates. coach meyer said this is the game we need the players to play the best when we need it the most. i owe it to the teammate. j.t. gave me the ball and i try to come down with it for the teammates. >> shannon: you did that.
9:37 pm
norman, oklahoma, ohio state 45, oklahoma 24. rob stone and the guys will be back at you right after this. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ? on the road again ? [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ? just can't wait to get on the road again ? [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ? on the road again ? ? like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ? [ beetle horn honks ] you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s
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>> rob: we welcome you back. a pounding at the palace on the prairie. the buckeyes making themselves awfully comfortable in norman at the gaylord family - oklahoma memorial stadium. 45-24 your final score. the buckeyes have now outscored the opposition through three games this season 170-37. so many questions about this young the campaign. we all kind of circled this date that we will learn a lot more about the ohio state university tonight in norman. what did you learn? >> robert: i think clearly they are extremely talented. they can perform extremely well when they are playing at their best. but the good thing about this, coach, is that they are going to have some film against somebody that is not bowling green and not tul tulsa. against the athletes where they can evaluate what they did on both sides of the ball. they have a lot of things to
9:42 pm
>> matt: for ohio state we talk about the youth and the experience in the hostile environment. they answered the question for me. they were terrific. offensive fire power the defense answered the call. for oklahoma, disappointing performance. i thought they had a chance to make a statement and catapult themselves back into playoff consideration. they get a bye next week to fix the mistakes. offensive line issues. the defense is porous. they gave up a lot of big plays. they get tcu on the road in a couple of weeks and it's time to think big 12 championshi >> dave: bob stoops is the one that obviously you go to oklahoma and you go to ohio state to win championships. and play for a championship. and now i think those goals, you know, it's back to let's just win a game next week and try to get some confidence. take the big picture out of it for oklahoma. just like you said, matt, try to beat tcu and go from there to get in the big 12 championship to see what happens. >> rob: coming into this
9:43 pm
dented. tonight pretty much derailed. they have an offweek and then tcu. then the red river rivalry live on fs1. for the buckeye, bye week and then big ten play fires one two home games, rutgers and in. the final 45-24. tune in to fox college football next week. oklahoma state taking on unbeaten baylor. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. for matt, robert, coach and the crew, good night
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9:47 pm
thank you for joining us tonight. and we start with a fox 10 news alert. a small plane has crashed into a home this gilbert right near gilbert and ray roads. >> incredible sight, this plane was carrying sky divers f annual constitution fire in the east valley. here's what's amazing, all of the sky divers are accounted for and the pilot suffered burns. >> the pilot ejected from the plane. >> as you guys said, very rare that this happens. the fire captain says it is
9:48 pm
suffering badly from burns, but he is going to be okay. now we are still in front of the scene here. firefighters are still working hard to put this out. but neighbors say that this was just an incredible, unbelievable sight, seeing what almost looked like a fireball coming out of the sky. we have had some incredible footage of this happening, and it was just really bizarre for them, because, as you would imagine, they have no idea what's happening here. people just thought it was this big plane coming down in the middle of their neighborhood they said it was absolutely shocking when they heard that their neighbors, a couple, were inside watching tv. it was just incredible that they were not hurt. now, we still have firefighters out here. the fire is out. they are working on some hot spots right now. but coming up, we are going to hear from some of those neighbors and is also gilbert fire captain who says he is just very happy that nobody was hurt in this. so coming up at 10:00, we have got all of that.
9:49 pm
a very busy news day not just here but around the country as well. police and firefighters are at the scene of a possible explosion in new york city. firefighters say 25 people suffered some injuries there, mostly minor. this explosion happened on west 23rd street right in the chelsea section of manhattan, and police say it is not terror related at this point, but they do say it was intentional. glendale police worked three scenes they believe to be connected to a deadly shooting near 67th avenue and glendale. >> fox 10's courtney griffin has more. >> evidence markers, tape, and sirens, a scene all too familiar for this neighborhood in glendale. >> i heard screaming, yelling, i mean viciously screaming, and i did hear a gunshot. >> it's kind of common in the neighborhood. we just check and make sure everybody is okay in the house and go back to bed. >> veronica has lived here for
9:50 pm
getting out of control. >> my husband said he heard several gunshots, very loud ones, seven to eight, nine shots, very loud. >> glendale police say one person was found shot to death in this neighborhood off 67th avenue and palmaire early this morning. police tracked two vehicles down and questioned those inside. police located another vehicle off 83rd avenue and inside that car was a passenger who had been shot. at last update, police are still working to see if the people inside the two vehicles are connected to the deadly shooting. neighbors say they don't know who is involved, but know this type of violence is happening far too often. >> we don't walk through this neighborhood. you know, it's not going to happen, not even with my dogs, okay? you don't go for a walk. it's not safe. >> courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> the person found with a
9:51 pm
83rd avenue and thomas was taken to the hospital. their exact condition not known at this time. police are not looking for any outstanding suspects. family and friends are mourning the loss of a woman who was shot and killed on the state route 51 more than a week ago. dinya farmer's funeral was held this morning at the west haven chapel of reflection. police say that farmer called 911 saying a truck her on the 51, and that's when she was shot and killed while she was on the phone with the dispatcher. they believe that she was targeted and that the truck following her was at 7th avenue and broadway. family and friends of a man killed in a hit-and-run were trying to raise money for funeral costs this afternoon. javier gonzalez was hit and killed on the i-17 and thomas. a family friend tells us that he was working 12 hours a day trying to provide for his son
9:52 pm
>> on the day that he had his son, oh, he was so happy. he says, i'm going to be the best dad i can be, and then his life is taken. so it's so tragic. >> the family has set up a gofundme account to help deal with the funeral costs. if you want to help out, you can find that information on our website, well, the phoenix zoo has become home to even more animals now, but variety. >> the phoenix zoo celebrating the grand opening of its nature connects exhibit, with 27 sculptures resembling different animals. i was never good with legos as a child. oh, my gosh, lego envy. a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, this sea horse
9:53 pm
legos to build this one. each sculpture has information on how many legos it took to build and how long it took to build. >> the safari train will take medical malpractice people throughout the zoo. it will actually make a couple of stops. you can travel through some of the areas, that you can see several of these sculptures. >> and now that it's cooling off, talk about a great time to go for a safari in phoenix. that's for sure. the exhibit will open through january 2nd. it's a busy day for the college football. see, we have got the highlights to prove it. plus, the cardinals get ready for the buccaneers, tomorrow, a
9:54 pm
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you're watching fox 10 news with linda williams and marc the presidential nominees aren't slowing down. both hillary clinton and donald trump were out campaigning this weekend. >> fox news reporter peter doocy has the latest. >> countdown to the election gets closer, the race to the white house is getting tighter, a fox news poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump in a one point race, likely voters
9:57 pm
47-46 percent. she was accused of, quote, "effectively proposing to abolish the borders." >> anyone who fails to understand this is not fit to hold public office. >> immigration has always been a hot button issue for trump, ever since his early call last year to build a wall on the mexican border to curb the flow of il >> her plan calls for catch and release on the borders, sanctuary cities, ignoring visa overstays, closing detention centers, and a virtual end to immigration enforcement. clinton has even announced that she plans to go around congress and implement amnesty by executive order, violating our constitution. >> reporter: as for the democrat presidential nominee, two heavy weight
9:58 pm
campuses all over ohio, clinton also speaking saturday addressing the congressional black caucus. >> we need ideas, not insults, real plans to help struggling american communities that have been left out and left behind. >> trump and clinton's anticipated first debate take place a little over a week from now on hoser university on long island. in houston, texas, peter doocy, fox news. thanks for joining abbreviated edition of fox 10 news. >> and fox 10 news at 10:00
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."


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