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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 18, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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thank you for joining us tonight. and we start with a fox 10 news alert. a small plane has crashed into a home this gilbert right near gilbert and ray roads. >> incredible sight, this plane was carrying sky divers for the east valley. here's what's amazing, all of the sky divers are accounted for and the pilot suffered burns. >> the pilot ejected from the plane. >> as you guys said, very rare that this happens. the fire captain says it is nothing short of a miracle.
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suffering badly from burns, but he is going to be okay. now we are still in front of the scene here. firefighters are still working hard to put this out. but neighbors say that this was just an incredible, unbelievable sight, seeing what almost looked like a fireball coming out of the sky. we have had some incredible footage of this happening, and it was just really bizarre for them, because, as you would imagine, they have no idea what's happening here. people just thought it was this big plane coming down in the middle of their neighborhood they said it was absolutely shocking when they heard that their neighbors, a couple, were inside watching tv. it was just incredible that they were not hurt. now, we still have firefighters out here. the fire is out. they are working on some hot spots right now. but coming up, we are going to hear from some of those neighbors and is also gilbert fire captain who says he is just very happy that nobody was hurt in this. so coming up at 10:00, we have got all of that.
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a very busy news day not just here but around the country as well. police and firefighters are at the scene of a possible explosion in new york city. firefighters say 25 people suffered some injuries there, mostly minor. this explosion happened on west 23rd street right in the chelsea section of manhattan, and police say it is not terror related at this point, but they do say it was intentional. glendale police worked three scenes they believe to be connected to a deadly shooting near 67th avenue and glendale. >> fox 10's courtney griffin has more. >> evidence markers, tape, and sirens, a scene all too familiar for this neighborhood in glendale. >> i heard screaming, yelling, i mean viciously screaming, and i did hear a gunshot. >> it's kind of common in the neighborhood. we just check and make sure everybody is okay in the house and go back to bed. >> veronica has lived here for 31 years and says the crime is
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>> my husband said he heard several gunshots, very loud ones, seven to eight, nine shots, very loud. >> glendale police say one person was found shot to death in this neighborhood off 67th avenue and palmaire early this morning. police tracked two vehicles down and questioned those inside. police located another vehicle off 83rd avenue and thomas, and inside that car was a passenger who had been shot. at last update, police are still working to see if the people inside the two vehicles are connected to the deadly shooting. neighbors say they don't know who is involved, but know this type of violence is happening far too often. >> we don't walk through this neighborhood. you know, it's not going to happen, not even with my dogs, okay? you don't go for a walk. it's not safe. >> courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> the person found with a
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83rd avenue and thomas was taken to the hospital. their exact condition not known at this time. police are not looking for any outstanding suspects. family and friends are mourning the loss of a woman who was shot and killed on the state route 51 more than a week ago. dinya farmer's funeral was held this morning at the west haven chapel of reflection. police say that farmer called 911 saying a truck was follo her on the 51, and that's when she was shot and killed while she was on the phone with the dispatcher. they believe that she was targeted and that the truck following her was at 7th avenue and broadway. family and friends of a man killed in a hit-and-run were trying to raise money for funeral costs this afternoon. javier gonzalez was hit and killed on the i-17 and thomas. a family friend tells us that he was working 12 hours a day trying to provide for his son
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>> on the day that he had his son, oh, he was so happy. he says, i'm going to be the best dad i can be, and then his life is taken. so it's so tragic. >> the family has set up a gofundme account to help deal with the funeral costs. if you want to help out, you can find that information on our website, well, the phoenix zoo has become home to even more animals now, but this time variety. >> the phoenix zoo celebrating the grand opening of its nature connects exhibit, with 27 sculptures resembling different animals. i was never good with legos as a child. oh, my gosh, lego envy. a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, this sea horse
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legos to build this one. each sculpture has information on how many legos it took to build and how long it took to build. >> the safari train will take medical malpractice people throughout the zoo. it will actually make a couple of stops. you can travel through some of the areas, that you can see several of these sculptures. >> and now that it's cooling off, talk about a great time to go for a safari in phoenix. that's for sure. january 2nd. it's a busy day for the college football. see, we have got the highlights to prove it. plus, the cardinals get ready
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you're watching fox 10 news with linda williams and marc martinez in hd. the presidential nominees aren't slowing down. both hillary clinton and donald trump were out campaigning this weekend. >> fox news reporter peter doocy has the latest. >> countdown to the election gets closer, the race to the white house is getting tighter, a fox news poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump in a one point race, likely voters giving the edge to clinton
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she was accused of, quote, "effectively proposing to abolish the borders." >> anyone who fails to understand this is not fit to hold public office. >> immigration has always been a hot button issue for trump, ever since his early call last year to build a wall on the mexican border to curb the flow of illegal immigrants. >> her plan calls for catch and releas sanctuary cities, ignoring visa overstays, closing detention centers, and a virtual end to immigration enforcement. clinton has even announced that she plans to go around congress and implement amnesty by executive order, violating our constitution. >> reporter: as for the democrat presidential nominee, two heavy weight bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren are making the
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campuses all over ohio, clinton also speaking saturday addressing the congressional black caucus. >> we need ideas, not insults, real plans to help struggling american communities that have been left out and left behind. >> trump and clinton's anticipated first debate take place a little over a week from now on hoser university on long island. in houston, texas, peter doocy,
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alert out of new york city where an explosion in the chelsea neighborhood there has sent more than two-dozen people to the hospital. witnesses from blocks away say they could hear and fetal explosion. >> 29 people were hurt, 24 of them transported to the hospital, one of them with serious injuries. the mayor has spoken in the last few hours, saying that the explosion was intentional but
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terror attack at this point in their investigation, but they have also ruled out a natural gas explosion. >> i want to be clear. whatever the cause, whatever the intention here, new yorkers will not be intimidated. we are not going to let anyone change who we are or how we go about our lives, and we have the best police force in the country. >> officials say there is no connection to a pipe bomb in new jersey from earlier today. police are investigating a second site in new york where an officer o be another device. fbi and homeland security officials are on the scene. >> airplane? >> it is, it is. it's an airplane. >> get dad out here. >> yeah, call -- >> oh, my gosh! there is an incredible story right here in the valley. a small plane plummets into a gilbert home. this unfolded just hours ago. >> this is an amazing story,
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sky divers, making its way to an event when it went down. >> we have heard everyone made it out of the plane. happened to cause the crash. they made it out of the plane with parachutes. this happened at a home in gilbert near ray road. >> marcy jones live on the breaking scene. >> reporter: that's the most shocking part of the whole thing, that i'm not reporting a more horrible outcome because all of these people are okay, thank goodness. the pilot was badly burned, but the four passengers in there all ejected before the pilot did, and then he did about a half mile away here. and as you can see, from down below, we have a river of just foam, we are told aviation fluid, water, debris, all just kind of running down the street here. we had tons of people come out because no one knew exactly what happened, and the details are still a little unclear what led
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everyone is okay. the videos and pictures that we have seen have just been absolutely unbelievable from this. neighbors tell us that they had no idea what was going on. it just looked like a plane on fire, which it was, coming down into their neighborhood, and they had no idea what to expect. like we said before, two people, a couple, were inside the home at the time watching tv, an absolute miracle that they are okay. and that's exactly what the fire captain of gilbert is saying. >> there was a couple house, apparently watching tv. they were actually unharmed. they were not injured at all. they were able to get out of the house safely. they -- as soon as they got out of the house, the house started on fire. they didn't receive any injuries or anything at all. so that's amazing in itself. and for it to just hit one house, that's also pretty incredible. there was a radio transmission by the piot to his
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understanding is he said that he was having aircraft trouble and one of his wings was on fire, and that was the last communication that they had before the plane crashed. >> now, several fire units obviously, as you can see, are still out here. the fire is completely out, but they are still working on a few hot spots. unfortunately, the home is a total loss. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. chandler fire crews not only put a stop to a house fire today, they also saved five pets that were inside. >> the fire happened at a home near alma school and warner roads. >> fox 10's danielle miller joins us now live with more on this story. >> marc and linda, the fire happened this morning, but luckily there was nobody inside,
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pets. chandler fire crews responding to a house near alma school and warner. once inside, firefighters found five pets, two fairly large dogs, and three cats. fire crews quickly grabbed the fido bags from the trucks, which are bags packed with tools to help save animals' lives in a crisis, things like the oxygen masks that you see here. >> i don't know a whole lot about the veterinarian but i do know that you need oxygen to survive. these cats were pulled fairly sooty in some kind of distress. the dogs seemed to respond fairly quickly. >> the two dogs were okay to stay with the owner, the three cats taken to a vet to be checked out. luckily no one was hurt. that house did have some smoke damage, minimal damage to the structure, and the cause of the
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fox 10 news. thank you, danielle. in court, a woman is on trial in the shooting death of her two children and father. the arizona daily sun reports that susan jacobson is charged with the deaths that happened last february. she shot marvin james while he slept because she wanted seoul custody of the childre. the trial is expected to last four weeks. a university of arizona football player facing new domestic violence accusations. 20-year-old orlando bradford was kicked off the team and was jailed for charges related to assault. police say a second victim has come forward, who says that bradford assaulted her several times while they were in a relationship. bradford was arrested for domestic violence-related offenses on wednesday. two very strong women,
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former congressperson gabrielle giffords in the valley today to
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
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over the east valley skies, looking live at skyfox at this home in gilbert. >> yeah, this is where that plane came crashing down, the plane carrying sky divers who were all able to jump from that plane and use their parachutes to get to the ground, the plane coming down with nobody on board, crash landing into that big gilbert home right there, and again, fire crews tell us there were two people inside, a husband and wife watchig tv when this came down, and behind the home is a huge hole in the roof where that plane calling the fire. luckily, though, it is amazing when you look at these pictures that nobody was hurt. again, we have skyfox crews on the ground. police need your help finding two suspects in connection with a armed robbery of a church's chicken near 24th street and broadway about two weeks ago. the suspect waits for everyone to alive the restaurant, and that's when they hold the clerk at gunpoint right there.
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waiting outside in a get away car. police are hoping that somebody will know these suspects and call police. >> if someone knows the suspect or the clothing the suspect was wearing, he had a shirt that said i am hip-hop, it's possible they have seen him in their neighborhood or know where he is. we could use that information. >> if you have any information on the case or think you know the suspect, you are asked to call 480-witness. gabrielle giffords heading a summit this afternoon, joined by gloria steinem who also gave a speech at the summit. >> the summit focusing on getting more women out to be involved in the election. giffords says there are two particular words that she wants to say after the presidential election. >> speaking is difficult for me, but come january i want to say
12:26 am
madam president! [cheers and applause] >> the summit was one of thousands across the country to rally supporters, make sure they go to the polls, and vote for hillary clinton in november. well, in the war room tonight, u.s. military says that it wants to -- it may have accidentally unintentionally struck syrian troops while carrying out a raid against i.s.i.s. today. this american strike on syrian president bashar al-assad's forces. this is file video of syrian troops in aleppo. the united nations scheduled an emergency meeting to discuss the air strike. a senior member of the obama administration says the united states has relayed their regret for the unintentional loss of fire of syrian forces fighting
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this time of the lego variety. i love them. and the upkeep on them, i would
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you're watching the best, fox 10 news. thrilled to report that the phoenix zoo has become home to even more animals now. this time they are of the lego
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the zoo celebrating the grand opening of its nature connects exhibit with 27 sculptures resembling different animals. each sculpture comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. you see this sea horse sculpture? it took 500 hours and 88,000 legos to make this thing. each sculpture in the exhibit tells you how many legos it took to build and how long it took to build. people will get to view each of the sculptures using the zoo's safari tin >> our safari train will be complementary. it will take people throughout the zoo. you can home on the safari train. it will actually make a couple of stops so you can travel through some of the areas that you can see several of these sculptures. >> this exhibit will be open through january 2nd, so you have plenty of time to get there. and coming up after the break, hope you're enjoying your evening.
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well, i hope you're enjoying your saturday night out there. and it is a good looking evening out there as well as we take a look at our tower cam, a nice and clear night, 89 degrees, and winds are calm right now. take ago look at satellite and radar, not aho over our region, normal conditions, right about normal for this time of year. the dew points not much to speak of, nothing to cause any monsoon type storms. take a look at where you live, very nice evening, 70s and 80s across the board, up north 62 in prescott, 44 at the grand canyon, chillier temps up there, but all in all a nice night, right where we should be time of year, a hundred degrees we hit today, our normal, 109 the
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a lot of activity out in the east and southeast region, again the gulf states just can't catch a break, more rain for them, something they will have to deal with for the rest of the weekend, 63 in phoenix, 44 in winslow, overall a nice night, 103 in phoenix, 102 in gila bend, 82 in the grand canyon, 81 in droeshg. for tonight we are expecting again 73 degrees, clear skies, slight chance of showers, here's a look at your ten-day right where we should be for this time of year, very nice midweek, getting into the 90s as well, a chance of showers for you monday and tuesday. for weather 24/7, download our app. you can find that at we catch up with the college kids, a.s.u. escaped texas with a victory last night. how the devils took one on the chin but kept fighting. plus, we check in on today's action, lamar jackson in action
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz in hd. busy day for college football fans, but first we check in on last night, yeah, i know, not the blowout you expected for the sun devils. the win wasn't sexy, but it was effective. one point or a thousand, a win is a win. and in the end, a.s.u. pulls it
12:39 am
behind, gammage with the touchdown, minutes later, manny wilkins airs it out and it's kalen ballage taking it in. you won't get style points but if you're a.s.u. you do get the w, and that's all that matters. >> we weren't at our best, especially in the first half, and faced a lot of adversity, but man to overcome it and win it like that, i'm telling you i'm really, really proud of our football team. and keep getting better. but when you can win like that, that is a lot of adversity to come back from there. >> okay. now we get to today's action. good stuff from ole miss and 'bama. alabama was trailing in this one by 21 points, wow. but the tide came storming back. crazy play here, interception by number 93 right there, jonathan allen with the ball. he's a big boy, 6'3", 291 pounds and he's off to the races. he's got an escort.
12:40 am
he holds on to the ball, touchdown 'bama. they win it final score, 48-43. wow, what a game. how about louisville? the cardinals are for real. don't believe me? just ask florida state. lamar jackson, this kid is good, takes it in for the touchdown, with more where that came from. fakes the hand-off, check out the speed, nice little run right there. louisville up by a score of 49-10, are you kidding jackson still coming, a total of five touchdowns on the day. this kid is slippery. nice little spin move right there. 63-17 your final, louisville with a huge, huge win. how about the cardinals? they need a huge win tomorrow. can't make it to the game? no problem, kick back and watch the game with us, right here on fox 10, early pregame coverage starts at 8:00 a.m. >> i'm glad you have got me
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to the game. we have got to be here. >> don't have to worry about traffic, none of that stuff. thanks for joining us tonight. >> have a great saturday night.
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assassination, oswald returned to his rooming house in oak cliff. it's still there, 1026 north beckley avenue. oswald was in a hurry. he put on a windbreaker and grabbed a .38 revolver. fifteen minutes later, less than a mile away oswald was stopped by a dallas police officer. >> officer j.d. tippit was shot dead, and police say that oswald's pistol killed him. >> this is the exact spot where j.d. tippit encountered after a brief exchange oswald shot him four times, killing him. at the corner of tenth and patton where it happened, a memorial honors officer tippit. but there are living memorials as well. officer tippit's widow, marie, in a rare television interview. >> is it like it happened yesterday to you? >> well, it's all very vivid. it's very vivid in my mind. >> marie tippit was left to raise three young children on her own.
12:45 am
publicly before. the name plate her husband wore on his uniform that fateful day. >> james was just doing his job that day, when he happened to stop a man that had just killed the president of the united states. >>after killing officer tippit, oswald fled to the texas theater. it's a historic landmark and has never been changed. hearing police sirens, oswald ducked in without paying. he took a seat inside. but police quickly moved in. he tried to shoot them, but they grabbed his gun first and dragged him outside. >> the only thing i heard him say is i ain't done nothing. and that was when we arrested him in the theater. >>ray hawkins wrestled with oswald and eventually handcuffed him. ray was 31 years old in 1963. now 81, time has not changed ray's opinion. >> no doubt in your mind lee oswald killed the president and j.d. tippit? >> not any doubt in my mind, no. >> from the texas theater,
12:46 am
police department, located in the old city hall. the building still stands. the public is not allowed inside. but we were. this is where oswald was booked and fingerprinted. and in this back corner, right on that x, lee harvey oswald stood for one of the most famous mug shots in history. over the next two days, police headquarters in dallas was a circus. certain they had their man, dallas police paraded oswald before a horde of press and a nation transfixed. >> he's now moving into the show up room. and we'll be moving our cameras around there. >>in this room oswald was interrogated by detective will fritz on and off for twelve and a half hours over two days. confronted with overwhelming physical evidence implicating him, oswald never cracked. he denied killing officer tippit and president kennedy. >> did you kill the president? >>no i have not been charged
12:47 am
in fact nobody has said that to me yet. >> this jail cell in the old dallas p.d. rarely seen by the public is where lee harvey oswald spent the last two days of his life, in between interrogations and police lineups. with the country still reeling from the death of the president, there was yet another shocking chapter to be written. three days after the assassination, oswald was to be transferred to county jail. he got on this elevator and sc now imagine these glass doors were not here in 1963. but oswald on that sunday was escorted right through that door, came right to this spot, where jack ruby approached him from his left and shot and killed him. the nightclub owner, despondent over the president's death silenced lee oswald. >> here comes oswald. he's, he is ashen and
12:48 am
>>ruby ended up in the same cell oswald had occupied just minutes before. in a simple cemetery in fort worth lie the remains of perhaps the most scrutinized killer in history. whatever lee harvey oswald's motivation may have been, whether someone else may have been involved, we'll never know. the answers lie with lee harvey oswald, and he took those answers to the grave. ? music ? (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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? music ? newsmaker sunday with fox 10's john hook. >>in honor of the passing this week of famed attorney vincent
12:53 am
a program i did with him on the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination. >> vincent, in reclaiming history, 1600 pages and some 20 years later, you have come to the conclusion of who killed kennedy. who killed him? >>well, there's no question in my mind, not just beyond a reasonable doubt, beyond all doubt, john, that lee harvey oswald killed kennedy. in reclaiming history, i set forth 53 separate pieces of evidence that point being the killer. you can't have 53 pieces of evidence against you and still be innocent. maybe one, two, three or even four, but not 53. let me give you five of those pieces of evidence. oswald's rifle. a 6.5 millimeter mannlicher- carcano rifle was determined by firearms experts to be the murder weapon. so we know that the weapon that shot and killed john f. kennedy was owned and
12:54 am
oswald. after the shooting in dealey plaza, oswald was the only worker at the book depository building who fled the building. 45 minutes later, oswald shot and killed officer j.d. tippit of the dallas police department when tippit stopped him on the street to question him. a half hour later at the texas theater, oswald resisted arrest by pulling his revolver on the arresting officer. when oswald was interrogated by the dallas police department for twelve hours over a three-day period, he told one lie after another. one provable lie after another. all of which of course show an unmistakable consciousness of guilt. now that's just five of the 53 pieces of evidence that point irresistibly to oswald's guilt. there's no question about oswald's guilt. >> vincent, are all of the ordnance accounted for? in other words all of the bullets, all of the fragments and do they all go back to
12:55 am
never recovered. it ricocheted down the street, hit a curb, and part of the cement from the curb hit a person actually who was below the underpass. but that bullet has never been recovered. the second shot, that's the famous commission exhibit 399 was recovered from connally's stretcher at parkland hospital. that's the so-called pristine bullet. it was not pristine. c the third shot fragmented into five fragments, actually. two of which were found in the front of the car. front seat and below the front seat. both of those fragments were large enough to connect by comparison microscope with oswald's rifle. and then there were three other fragments beneath the jump seat in the car again, in front of the president, too small to be connected
12:56 am
comparison microscopes. >> vincent, in your book, not only do you come to the conclusion that lee harvey oswald was the lone assassin, but you also come to the conclusion that you don't believe he was part of any conspiracy, correct? >> the conspiracy theorists would like to ignore this but you cannot ignore the fact that the warren commission and the house select committee on assassinations both conducted massive, extremely intensive investigations of th and they both concluded that there was no credible evidence, that's the keyword, no credible evidence that the cia or mob or any other group was involved with oswald in the assassination. all they found was unsupported allegations and naked speculation. i want to digress just for one tiny moment here. i mentioned the word credible. let me show you how non-, non-credible the conspiracy theorists are.
12:57 am
time or another, one or more conspiracy theorists have accused 42 groups, 82 assassins and 214 people as being involved in the assassination. 50 years later, and not one credible -- and i want to underline the word credible -- not one credible word, not one credible syllable has leaked out of a conspiracy. why? because there was no conspiracy. it's all sublime silliness. it's just, just moonshine. groups decided to kill kennedy, which i find prodigiously unlikely. but let's just make that assumption. oswald would have been one of the last people on the face of this earth whom they would have gone to, to do their bidding for him. here's someone who was not an expert shot. he was a good shot, but not an expert shot. he had a $12 mail order rifle. notoriously unreliable, extremely unstable.
12:58 am
defected to the soviet union pre-gorbachev. i mean even today, who in the heck defects to russia? he gets over there, desperately wants to become a soviet citizen. they turn him down. what does he do? he slashes his wrists, tries to commit suicide. just the type of person that the cia or mob would want to rely upon to commit the biggest murder in american history. now obviously i'm being sarcastic, but i'm making a point here. >> i wanted to get to the two points that i believe fuel the conspiracy theorists. and i think it happened right from the outset. number one was ruby killing oswald in the basement of the dallas jail? that appeared, i think, to a lot of americans, who is trying to silence this oswald guy? let's talk about jack ruby for a minute. because what's not reported -- jack ruby pushed really hard to take a polygraph, to get it
12:59 am
associated with anybody else, did you know lee oswald? were you involved in any conspiracy, in that polygraph, if you believe polygraphs, he passed with flying colors. >> when people say that ruby silenced oswald for the mob, implicit in that is that oswald killed kennedy for the mob. because if oswald didn't kill kennedy for the mob, there'd be no reason to silence him. but there's no evidence whatsoever that oswald killed kennedyor organized crime. furthermore, if ruby silences oswald for the mob, well, who was supposed to silence jack ruby? jack ruby lived for another three years after that event and died from natural causes. jack wanted to become a hero. his prosecutor, bill alexander, told me jack wanted to become a hero. several members of the jury that convicted him said jack
1:00 am
and his lawyer said you know jack only thought he was going to slapped on the wrist on this. and in a couple of weeks or so be at the carousel club shaking the hands of people from around the world who wanted to shake the hands of the man who killed the man who killed the president. and we do know that ruby from his jail cell, sent out messages that he wanted an agent for a book and a movie about him. so he thought he was going to become a hero. and by the way he did get letters and telegrams from world congratulating him and telling, telling him that he was a great man..


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