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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  September 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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cautious tone. >> i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened. >> i know everyone is looking to see what the cause was. could it potentially be connected to terrorism? no evidence yet. but i know that's going to be looked at very, very closely. >> donald trump will be heading to the sunshine state on monday while hilla philadelphia. we can expect both candidates to expand on their stances during those campaign stops. in washington, fox news. in the war room, it's the sixth day of a cease fire in syria's civil war, but u.n. trucks remain stranded at the turkish-syrian border. the provision of aid is a critical test to the cease fire brokered by the u.s. and russia a week ago. two convoys carrying food for
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tuesday. meanwhile, tensions between the united states and russia appear to be simmering after reports that u.s. air strikes accidentally hit syrian military forces, killing dozens. back here in arizona, fire crews are called out to the sam jim fire this morning. here's video sent in from our own tom fergus, fox 10 photojournalist. that fire is 50 miles northwest of payson. the flames have burned more than 500 acres already, and as of this morning, the fire is at zero percent containment. the flames were sparked by lightning. crews are out in that area working to put that fire out. another fire, this time at an old church in buckeye, is being called suspicious. flames sparked at the abandoned church near palo verde road and pima street yesterday. it happened about 5:00.
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there, this fire had spread to most of the building. about 30 firefighters worked to put out the flames but ran into several difficulties. >> they quickly ran through that water in the storage tanks. there's no readily available hydrants in this area. so being out in a rural area, they were having to rely on water tankers. >> there also wasn't any power to the building at the time the fire sparked, which is why the fire is being called suspicious. no one was hurt. mcso is n the pima county sheriff's office is looking for a missing 75-year-old man. this is a picture of bishop buckle. he left his home in green valley around 7:30 a.m. on thursday and hasn't been seen since. there is some concern because mr. buckle has diabetes and needs medication. he drives a newer model red station wagon with a personalized arizona license plate "buckle." you're asked to call 911 if you see him or the car.
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victim of a tragic accident, spent the past year and a half recovering, fighting to regain her strength and her life. this week, terry degnet will share her story of survival in an effort to help others. anita roman has more. >> was hit and ran over on memorial day going out for my son's engagement. we were going to go celebrate.p celebration quickly turned into tragedy. >> a big into the restaurant and hit a woman. >> so she was a pedestrian? >> she was standing outside. >> my daughter and i both were hit from behind and drug under the vehicle. >> reporter: terry was pinned under that suv. the impact crushed her bones and severed her leg. >> i had ten surgeries, but i didn't actually wake up until june. i was in a coma. >> reporter: the now 60-year-old spent 70 days in the hospital and several months at healthsouth in glendale learning
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>> the reason it feels heavy is because you're used to having a leg down there. >> hard because i'm an "a" personality. i was busy. i always hibd. i went to the health club. i worked full-time. then you're just laying on your back for about five weeks not doing anything is a little hard on the mind. >> reporter: when degman used the power of her mind to regain strength in her body, her positive attitude a daily motivation for all those around her. >> she did all the work herself. it was amazing. >> reporter: so dr. mike kravitz, the medical director at healthsouth, that she was invited to share her story as part of the hospital's national rehabilitation work. >> i just really tell patients, just kind of try to focus on each day, not think ahead too much. >> i don't mind. i had to push myself. the first thing i did was move my right arm an inch at a time. when i could move it four inches was a great goal and exciting. >> reporter: every step she takes on her own is exciting,
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anita roman, fox 10 news. >> she'll be speaking this coming tuesday inside the hospital's gym. the man responsible for the accident that took her leg was charged with driving while impaired. degnan is awaiting word on whether he will go to trial. coming up, a group of film makers are trying awareness to an issue that's not really well-known. what that is coming up after the
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we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, beer and take control today. remained strong despite rain and strict security at this year's oktoberfest celebration spirits remain strong despite rain and strict security at this year's oktoberfest celebration in germany. >> the festival opened this weekend in munich. is anyone else thirsty now? in light of recent attacks in the country, crews put up a
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bags from the event, installed more security cameras, and instituted multiple security checks for visitors. >> but most revellers say they appeared unfazed by the heightened security at this year's event. munich's mayor tapped the first keg at noon in one of 14 large tents set up for that event. bands and beer wagons rolled through the city ahead of festivities march of the innkeepers. this year's oktoberfest runs through october 3rd. >> one of these years, i keep telling myself, and we're going to go, right? >> right. in entertainment news, "sully" brought to the number one spot in the box office. that movie featuring tom hanks as captain sullenberger brought in u million. it's now earned about $70 million in the past two weeks. blair witch, a remake of the blair witch project, came in
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third with $8 million to round out the top three. >> that franchise is incredible. pretty soon it will be bridget jones kid goes to kindergarten. >> keeps going and going. >> there's a group of film makers trying to bring awareness to a little known issue that many people take for granted. >> we're talking about seeds and kind of species of seeds that are disappearing. fox 10's ty brennan has more. >> the diversity in our seed stocks is as endanger ed polar bear right now. >> we wanted to make a film that really goes into and explores this hidden side of our agriculture and this hidden side of our food system in something as small as the seed. >> john betts is one of the film makers of seed, the untold story. >> you wouldn't think about it, but we rely on seeds for pretty much all life on this planet as the foundation of life.
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disappeared. the movie focuses on how people around the globe are trying to preserve seeds. some of the movie focused on arizona on the hopi reservation. >> we're the custodians of this knowledge and the corn. >> we are wholly dependent on seeds, and i think, as film makers, we wanted to make a film that was able to dive into an issue that most people have. >> ty brennan, fox 10 news. >> there's a screening movie on october 6th. there's one in sedona, and the other is in phoenix. >> how about this? life it back to normal for cardinals fans, watching a very impressive win over the tampa bay buccaneers. some game highlights. we send it out to richard saenz at university of phoenix stadium. we'll take you inside the game, plus a couple of stunners.
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. th government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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we blindfolded dale and told him to find the chicken with no antibiotics. the thing is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. how's it going, dale? workin' on it! some chicken companies try to get you to spend more money by using labels like "raised without antibiotics." at sanderson farms, we don't believe in gimmicks like that.
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no antibiotics to worry about here. hmmm...that was easy. fresh, delicious chicken from sanderson farms. (jude)if you listen closely to cards players all well, if you listen closely to cardinal players all week long, every player to a man expressed a strong sense of urgency coming off sunday night's loss to the patriots and going into today's showdown against the tampa bay buccaneers. patrick peterson expressing a strong dose of confidence before the game, and he backed it up early in the game with this interception of the deep ball
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for mike evans, number 21 says, i'm going to beat you to that route, and he does. points up to the crowd, and the tone was set early for the arizona cardinals. all smiles for patrick peterson. first and goal, play fake. and there he is, mr. reliability, mr. everything for the cardinals. larry fitzgerald, touchdown, 7-0. third and goal, watch palmer clean pocket, plenty of time. michael floyd back of the end zone. you're up 17-0. early knockout punch for the cardinals. they n second and one, late in the second quarter, palmer says, let's go for it. jaron brown, perfect throw and catch, and you're up 24-0 at the half. how about that? palmer, first and ten. third quarter, david johnson, stiff-arm. and then look at the speed. run after the catch, is there anybody better in the game at doing so many different things for an offense? d.j., strong, strong
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defense as well. josh mauro deflected pass, sims can't hold on to it. marcus cooper, the newly acquired defensive back, picked up in that deal with kansas city a few weeks ago. interception returned for a touchdown. this was an onslaught win for the cardinals. chris johnson says, let me get a td here. 40-7 the final. the cardinals dominating the buccaneers. let's send it out to university of phoenix stadium. richard saenz in glendale. >> jude, i feel like this was the first real game for the arizona cardinals. everyone showing up for the cards today. the offense moving the ball up and down the field. the defense, five turnovers, scoring a touchdown of their own. after a bad game last weekend, the boys had to respond. that's exactly what they did today by blowing out the bucs here at home. >> i thought our guys had a heck
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showed up on the field defensively. about the only negative thing i can say is at the half, we didn't set the tempo for the half. i was disappointed in that, but our offense came right back and got some points and didn't finish that drive, though. there's a lot of little things to pick at, but really happy to be 1-1. >> yeah, obviously, they didn't have a touchdown until, i don't know, was it end of the first half? i don't know what it was. but we were j defense. we were aggressive on offense. we were nasty and extremely physical up front. the pockets were just perfect all day. it was just one of those games. like i said, we couldn't wait to play for seven days. it was one of those where you've just got to fight that urge and got to fight, because you've got to go through your preparation and goaltend to go through your typical monday, your wednesday, your friday, all those things. i think that's a good assessment. >> we had a lot of explosive
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jaron's play and david johnson's plays. we just had a lot of guys chipping in. it was a great team effort. everybody had their hand in the pile today. >> fitz and that offense putting up impressive numbers today. the most important number, zero. that's the number of turnovers the cardinals had today. carson palmer much more efficient today, passing joe montana on the nfl's all time passing list. that's impressive. so was this win by the arizona cardinals. in glendale, i'm ricrd >> and a lot more to come from richard tonight on sports night. did you see what happened? the new england patriots, they lose jimmy garapalo on this play, on this injury in the second quarter. a couple of interesting results to y coming up next.
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(jude)how would the patriots play without tom brady so how would the patriots
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how would they play without jimmy garoppolo? you heard me right. any time you see that, you say, really, can bill belichick win against the dolphins? first, bengals-steelers always intense. you just know it's going to be a street fight. ben roethlisberger going downfield to xavier grimmel, 7-0 pittsburgh steelers. this is in western pennsylvania, pman. you know it was intense. it was a dogfight. ben delivered the goods. another touchdown pa this one to jesse james. it's 17-6. by the way, deangelo williams did the job on the ground. 32 carries, 94 yards. by the way, add that touchdown catch. 24-16, pittsburgh over the bengals. pittsburgh 24, bengals 16. how about that in week two? washington-dallas going at it. matt jones, touchdown run. cowboys, though, you hear a lot
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dak prescott, just manage the game, don't make mistakes. dak did that, kept it on this one. 292 yards. you take a win, and he did that. nice job managing the game. alfred morris also on a second and two with this plunge right here. cowboys win 27-23. what do you say we check in with really kind of a surprising result here? jimmy garoppolo. you saw what he did last week with the cardinals. watch him step up here, look, and then to martellus bennett. touchdown new england. garoppolo was really playing well. watch this play to danny amendola here, touchdown. it's 21-0. but keep an eye on this scramble. this was in the second quarter. garoppolo trying to evade, and it's alonso, and he lands on the right shoulder. he's knocked out of the game in the second quarter. jacoby brissett comes in, the third string quarterback.
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way to win the game. pats win 31-24 over miami. brock osweiler, texans-kansas city, gets picked off right here by marcus peters. kind of an up and down day for osweiler, play fake, and then going downfield to deandre hopkins, touchdown. 7-0 texans. again, it's all about winning football games. osweiler, his second interception, again it's marcus peters. but somehow texans hold on, final. d'backs, in case you haven't heard, it was a dog day afternoon at the ballpark. plenty of hits here. this one went extra innings. adrian gonzalez, three-run double. hernandez scores. peterson scores. barnes scores. game tied at 7. by the way, president of baseball operations, dejaun watson of the diamondbacks, released of duties today.
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this double off the offense scores redick and barnes. it's 9-7 los angeles. this is a wild game to watch. you want a little extra baseball, you got it this afternoon. and there he is, chris owings in the eighth, a two-run homer, ties the game at 9. we're going to extra inning. extra innings between the d'backs and dodgers. brandon drury drills the ball to left field. that's the difference in the game. the d'backs win in the dodgers. a lot going on tonight. max starks in our studios to break down the big plays on the big win today for the cardinals. more from richard saenz in the locker room. and we'll tell you more about what happened with the diamondbacks and changes in that front office. the big story today, the impressive performance across the board for the arizona cardinals. mark and linda, when you look at the way this team just decided to say, you know what, that's not us last sunday night, this is what we can do. and a lot of people say, well,
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this is a proven young team with a young quarterback, but if you want to go and really make an impression in the playoffs, you have to dominate. you have to knock down that opponent early in the game, and they did that with the turnovers. patrick peterson was really solid. we saw some of the big plays from carson palmer and then the many weapons of this offense from david johnson to michael floyd. >> it was nice to see. >> to larry fitzgerald. >> it absolutely was. >> it was nice to sit back and relax and watch the game. >> it was over early. they were up 24-0 at the h >> we could kind of breathe a little bit. linda wasn't running around the news room. >> when we were losing last sunday, i came to the sports office several times. >> i felt like i had to be like dr. phil. >> jude, jude, what's going on here, jude? >> i always put my dr. phil hat on. linda, look, it's a long year. it's just one sunday night. >> i didn't go to the sports office once today, not once was i there. you missed me, didn't you? >> you're welcome any time. tonight we'll break it down for you. 10:30. i don't think there's anybody in
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>> he'll story line the game for you. more from arians, more from david johnson, and more from the cards on sports night. >> and kristy is back right
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it's been a pretty warm weekend. things are going to be nice to start the work week. big push of moisture from off the coastline. that's going to mean a chance for rain in our forecast. looks like tuesday is the best bet. a drop of temperatures potentially into the 80s and the 90s. we're still looking good all the way from the middle to the end of our work week. >> look at the overnight lows, wow. >> i like it, wow. >> good point, mark. 70s back into the forecast. i was gone for a couple of weeks and had forgotten what it feels like to go home at the end of these shows and not feel like you're in an oven. >> it does feel really sweet. >> we're almost there. thanks for being with us. >> enjoy your dinner.
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