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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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and farmer died later at the hospital. despite an intense investigation that closed the freeway for hours on that night, the people who shot and killed former are still on the run. police remain on the lookout for any new information about this fatal shooting. if you know anything, please call police, d.p.s., or call silent witness at 480-witness. i'm linda williams, fox 10 news. a teen facing terrorism charges. he is accused of blowing up an m.v.d. office and he reached out to a terrorist group to learn how to name a pressure cooker bomb. he is back in court in november for another status conference. less than 48 hours after
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authorities have a man in custody. >> reporter: the man suspected in this weekend's chelsea explosion is in custody. ahmad khan rahami captured after a shootout. both rahami and officers suffering injuries after the incident. police followed up on a call of a man sleeping in the hallway. >> the officer said show me hands and he went to the side of his body and pulled out a handgun and fired a round at the officer. >> reporter: rahami is a naturalized citizen from afghanistan. he was wanted in connection with duel explosions on saturday, one in seaside park, new jersey, and one in the chelsea neighborhood in new york. the investigation can focus on other aspects such as whether
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what his motivations may have been. >> reporter: the search for rahami kicked into high gear this morning after a third blast, this time in elizabeth, new jersey. one of five devices left inside a bag discovered in a trash can blew up sunday evening as a bomb squad tried to disarm it. it is the same city where officers searched an apartment also in connection with rahami. >> the businesses are open. the trains are people need to continue and move on with their daily lives. >> the suspect was charged with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer. he remains in the hospital tonight. federal charges in the bombings have yet to be filed. meantime, a stabbing in a minnesota mall is being investigated as an act of
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st. cloud with a knife. none of the injuries are life threatening. the suspect identified by his father was shot and killed by an off duty police officer. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. islamic leaders in minnesota are condemning the violence. a man who possibly pulled a gun on a d.p.s. trooper is in custody. the trooper pulled the man over near indian school road for weaving in he found marijuana in a backpack and asked the driver if he had a medical marijuana card. d.p.s. says after the man produced the medical marijuana card, the trooper heard a loud clicking sound that sounded like a trigger. the man drove off and found hiding in bushes in a nearby apartment complex. police say on saturday morning,
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67th avenue and glen glendale. they found a 31-year-old was shot and killed. a passenger in the car had a gunshot wound and that victim is expected to be ok. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. if you have information, call glendale police. firefighters rescue a man who passed out on a mountain. he hiked the mountain to watch the moon but he fell and lost consciousness. when he woke and crews flew him off of the mountain. crews say he is expected to be ok. preliminary construction work is about to get under way on the i-10 interchange and drivers can expect changes for the morning rush hour. andrew hasbun live with what is called the first phase of this road work. andrew? >> reporter: kari, if it feels like we've been talking about
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because we have been talking about it for years. the day has finally come. tonight, road work will begin. after years of planning the beginnings of the loop 202 south mountain freeway will begin to take shape tonight and many are ready for a new way to get through phoenix. >> it is ridiculous trying to get through phoenix and the rush hour traffic. if we can blow by that and loop around and less accidents, it will work out great. >> reporter: in the first phase, construction groups will widen the shoulders and extend the loop 202 lanes. barriers are expected to go up tonight and adot is warning drivers to brace for delays. >> hopefully, it will alleviate traffic. i always get stuck trying to get downtown. reporter: this freeway will connect the east valley and the west valley following a route
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homes in the area that were in the path of a future freeway. >> they knew it was coming sooner or later. >> reporter: that day has come and crews have begun to salvage trees that may end up lining the new freeway. construction work will begin, what is a few more, right? the freeway is not expected to be up and running all eyes on hurricane payne off of the coast of mexico. the storm expected to hit landfall at some point but we could get wet here in arizona as well. kari has a look at where some of the rain could fall. >> i want to show what it looks like. look at the cloud cover. we started off with sunshine. the clouds moved in and all of it is, basically, to blame on this hurricane.
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baja. it is expected to become a tropical storm. this hurricane will bring a lot of rain to the baja, lots of cloud coverage, and yes, some of that rain will make it into arizona. along the colorado river basin is where we'll see most of the rain along yuma and lake havasu city and southern california and the southwestern corner of our state. it will begin making its into arizona. as we put the futurecast in motion, by tuesday morning, we're still seeing a little bit of cloud cover. most of it staying to the west and up through the high country. what does it mean for your year-to-date? we're just under 4 inches. we are about where we should be but when the storm moves through, we could see anywhere
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inch. this is the year-to-date at sky harbor, 3.83 inches. the normal is 4.08 so we're a little below the normal. in your neck of the woods, you could have gotten more rain than that. more on hurricane paine in the full forecast later on in the newscast. restrictions. the fulton fire burning 30 miles east of payson. adot closed one eastbound lane of 260 until further notice. in addition to delays, smoke may limit visibility along the roadway. the mogollon rim visitors center has closed because of the fire. a pilot's call for help moments before his plane crashes
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worked the kinks out of the self-driving cars, not yet, several have crashed. is the self-driving part that is the problem? 50 days to go until the presidential election. candidates weighing in on the latest east coast terrorist
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new at five - we are hearing the pilots call for new at five - we are new at 9:00, we are hearing
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moments before the crash into the home in gill bet. >> it is amazing nobody was killed. two people were in the home at the time and on the plane, there were four skydivers and the pilot. >> reporter: let's look at the house. as you said it's almost impossible to imagine that there could be this sort of devastation, yet, no injuries at this house. it is incredible. everything surrounding by a cyclone fence. nobody is in the house right now. you alluded to it, we want to play the distress call saturday night. take a listen. >> i'm having an emergency situation. i have a fire on the wing. >> did you want to go to chandler? 844, did you want chap? it -- chandler?
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>> that plane went down. >> reporter: ok, so what happened is the pilot bailed out of the plane. we learned more about the crash and the scenario. here is video of the skyhawks in action. they were on the plane just before this happened. they appeared at militay appreciation night on friday night and on saturday, they appeared in gilbert. the four skydivers jumped out for that event. there was a plane. the pilot strapped on a parachute and jumped out and landed several blocks away from the crash site. the skyhawks website has been taken down. the message says it is coming soon, we will be back soon. neighbors have been talking about this crash. >> it is great nobody got hurt and nobody died. the guy jumping out and had
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>> reporter: as we said nothing sort of miraculous that the couple in the house was not injured. the pilot suffered burns as he bailed out of the plane. we don't have any details in the extent of his injuries. his name has not been released. steve krafft, fox 10 news. we're in the calm before the storm. literally, a storm is heading our way and it isha of a hurricane. when it hits land, it will be a
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with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. cancer is a long journey and i want to do everything in my power to take the stress off of your shoulders so you can enjoy your life at home. learn more at appointments available now. we're working on some brand new stories for you -- we have brand-new stories coming your way on fox 10 news at 6:00. a young man accused of behaving badly at the arizona cardinals game. what police say he did that landed him behind bars. plus, details on a big tech deal involving a global technology group based in phoenix but the new facility opening in the west valley that will add hundreds of new jobs, all new at 6:00. time for your accuweather forecast. what a day. beautiful this morning.
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up that early. the clouds started moving in and because of that, our temperatures aren't too bad. we're at 95 but it did feel a little muggy. we reached 100 degrees today. we are a little bit above where we should be. look at the record set a few years back, we saw 111 and the morning temperature was where it should be, 76 degrees. we're starting to see nice, morning right now, year-to-date, we've had less than what we should have for rain. so far in the last 24 hours, zero. that is going to change because of hurricane paine. it is a pain in the baja is where we're seeing most of the severe weather as this hurricane starts to move northwest toward the baja, the northern baja of mexico. take a look, we have 90 miles an hour winds.
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it will cease being a hurricane and become a storm but a pretty strong stomach. -- storm. we are currently seeing rain in imperial county. we're seeing light rain in yuma. the question is how much will it make to the metro area. this will creep its way up, northern arizona will get rain as well as phoenix. we are not going to get as much rain as we will in the .75 of rain is possible in western arizona as we look at .10-.25 is expected. futurecast showing it moving up. yuma getting hit. we see a band or so coming up through kingman, grand canyon but most of the rain will be to the west of phoenix. we won't see a huge rain maker
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a .10-.25 of an inch is expected to fall in the metro area. we could see cloudy conditions through wednesday. forecast lows tonight won't be too bad. 77 tonight and cloud cover. look at the highs tomorrow, 85 for the daytime high in phoenix. 67 in prescott. 72 in sedona. 86 in gila bend. 87 in yuma. cooler temperatures because of weather pain as far as clouds and rain go. 85 tomorrow with clouds and a little bit of rain. wednesday, we could see continued rain and 93 and maybe more rain on thursday as well. look at the remainder of the week, john, 86 on friday. 88 on saturday. can you pinch me? i feel like i woke up and i'm in a dream. >> i will pinch you.
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10-day forecast. >> i can wash the car with certainty. >> wait until after thursday to be sure. >> all right, all right. >> unless you want to waste money and wash it. still ahead at 5:00, arizona welcomes 100 new citizens and a well-known face in the valley is among them. a valley teenager, their mission to get school supplies in the hands of students who need them most. no need to travel very far if you're looking for fun.
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one teen is one teen is one teen who cares making sure students have the tools they need to succeed. >> reporter: 13-year-old kaitlin martinez is helping hundreds of kids making sure they are fully prepared for the school year. she is filling up backpacks and giving them out for free. >> my friend did not have the supplies to pass a test and she did not want to say anything about it. >> reporter: she and her mother created a plan. >> we started talking and she is like how many other kids are going through this? i said let's do something. >> reporter: they made a facebook page and got help from local businesses to donations.
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this stuff in front of their other classmates because it is embarrassing. >> reporter: they supplied 700 backpacks and it is growing. >> it comes with box of crayons, pens, and one highlighters. >> reporter: love bundles will go to foster children. >> they are backpacks necessities like stuffed animals and toys. >> reporter: she says the smile on all of the kids' faces make it worth it. >> she is a good student and a big heart. >> reporter: courtney griffin, >> if you would like more information on how you can help, go to our website, for more information on how to donate to that cause. just click seen on tv.
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public library marks 400 years since william shakesspear's death. the exhibit examines his work. it aims to show how authors, map makers and readers during shakespeare's town saw the world around them. 30 items arranged geographically from europe and asia tou classical time. wallet hub came up with a list of the most fun cities and scottsdale comes in 10th on the list. tempe comes in at 13th on the list. scottsdale got the high marks for most acres of parklands and highest numbers of fitness centers. phoenix metro doing pretty well.
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peoria, 98th most fun city. the number one city on the list, this won't surprise you, sin city capturing the top spot scoring high when it comes to the number of bars and dance clubs. they looked at the greatest number of variety of cheap and fun activities. google's self-driving cars involved in three crashes in chandler last month. who is >> a woman's trip to the dollar store could cost her more than a few bucks. it cost her her freedom. we'll set the table for you tonight at 7:00, the fall season kicks off with bruce wayne look alike roaming the streets on "gotham" then catch the season
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mother tries to escape from hell and we're back on fox 10 news at
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chances are if you're chances are if you are in the chandler area driving, you have seen one of these. these are the google self-driving cars they testing on valley streets. >> last month, the cars were involved in three different crashes but don't blame the technology. danielle joins us live to describe what the causes were. >> reporter: one of the accidents happened at this intersections. don't blame the technology, according to google. they tell us it was human error that caused all three accidents. two of the accidents, the
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manually operating systems and the other one, that google driver was stopped at a red light and rear ended by another vehicle. google says three of the self-driving lexus s.u.v.'s were involved in crashes in chandler. during two of those, google says the driver was manually operating the vehicles during the accidents. one was west ray road on august 16. this time the driver was rear ended by a vehicle traveling 67 miles an hour. the driver of the other vehicle was arrested for d.u.i. the third accident happened on august 22. they say the driver who was operating in autonomous mode was rear ended while stopped at a light. google started testing in chandler to expand the self-driving program.


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