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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 20, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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skyhawks skydiving team parachuting to the football field at deer valley high school, delivering the game ball. it was all part of the school's military appreciation night, the following night, that same skydiving team was involved in this fiery plane crash that devastated this gilbert home. you can hear the pilot in these calls right before the crash. >> 0844, i'm having an emergency stuation, fire on the wing, fire in the airplane. >> 44, roger. did you want 844, did you want chandler airport? it's at your 3:00 in two miles. 844, did you want gateway or chandler? >> southwest east to gate, that plane went down. >> people just a few hundred yards from where that plane crashed, in shock. >> there was a moment where i thought, this is a pretty real dream, and then i thought it
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the pilot once it hit the ground in the field behind their home. >> my dad i guess tried to start turning him for shock, asking him basic questions, his name, where he was from. my dad had had him lay down. they couldn't lay him face down because of the back. they got some pillows to elevate his head, and about 15, 20 minutes into them talking, the ambulance finally arrived. >> police released the transcripts of the 911 call made by a phoenix woman before receives found dying from a gunshot wound on a valley freeway, the 51. the audio of the call not being released out of respect for dinya farmer's family. on the night of september 7th, '49-year-old dinya farmer was driving north on state route 51 when she calls for help, saying she's being followed, chased. she told the 911 operators,
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started at broadway and 7th avenue, following me, as i turned off and just got on the freeway. they pulled up and was going to get out of their truck and, like, they are following me now on the freeway. farmer described a white work truck. she says she's nervous and asked what should i do. she continues to describe what's happening, saying, okay, yeah, they are right next to me. noises are then heard on the phone, and farmer stopped speaking. the operator called times but gets no response. the noises are believed to be gunshots fired into farmer's car. one hit her in the head. she later died at the hospital. the shooter is still on the loose. if you know anything, call police. accused of pulling a gun on a d.p.s. trooper is in custody. the trooper pulled the man over early this morning on the route 101. suddenly the trooper heard the click, he said, of the man's trigger. the man drove off.
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bushes near his car. >> cc -- details of the plea agreement are not being released. velasquez represents litchfield park. crews rush to the rescue of a man who was on north mountain. the man went hiking very early this morning in hopes of seeing the full moon footing. he fell, and then he went unconscious. when he finally came to, he called 911 and crews flew him off the mountain. he is expected to be okay. nice day in the valley today. the clouds a little bit maybe cooler than it might have been otherwise. but things are about to change in a big way, and we are talking about hurricane paine, and kristy siefkin joins us from the weather center where she is tracking paine's path.
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disctiaz. >> like that. fall only a few days away now, but paine is continuing to creep its way along the baja peninsula, you'll notice some of that moisture right now pushing over the international border. we are not seeing a whole lot of it yet in arizona, but let's show you where the system is planning to move, right now, slowly creeping along at about 13 miles an hour, a category 1 hurricane at this point, but as it swings to the north the east, it will become a tropical depression, making landfall along the baja peninsula, and with that a push of moisture from the south into southwestern arizona. take a look at these dew points. numbers across northern arizona only in the 20s and 30s, into southern arizona, that's where we are seeing dew points that are much higher as we often see in the monsoon season. we are seeing all of that activity as numbers continue to climb. numbers in parts of the state
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the same time. yuma 13 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. we'll see numbers continue to plummet in the next a couple of days. that's good news. thanks, kristy. google's self-driving cars were involved in three crashes in chandler last month. but the company says the technology is not to blame here. google says that two of the incidents, drivers were manually operating the vehicles, and in the third crash the self-driving car was stopped at a red light when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. google began testing the cars in chandler this year to expand its self-driving program, but some people are still skeptical about the technology. >> i mostly drive on the freeway, so my concern would be them driving on the freeway, because it takes a human element out of their decision from pulling in front of us. they see us as a vehicle, not an 80,000-pound truck. >> google is also testing the self-driving cars in other states, including texas and washington.
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on the loop 202 freeway extension tonight. they will begin phase one of the project where they widen the shoulders and extend the existing extensions on the freeway. this will connect the east and west valleys following a route around south mountain. construction is set to be completed in 2019. a voluntary recall has some people letting go of their lego, of their eggo, rather. kellogg's putting out a warning about some of its and after bombs are found detonated in new york and new jersey, a suspect taken into custody. we are going to have the latest on that story. this weekend marked two months since ten-year-old jesse wilson went missing. tonight we are in buckeye with the latest
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. police arrest 29-year-old sierra carter. she's a mother, and they arrested her last night on child child abuse charges. she is accused of leaving her 6-month-old baby alone inside of an unlocked car with the keys in the ignition, air conditioner was on.
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minutes, 14 minutes to be exact. police say she was in the store for 14 minutes. the baby is a ward of the state from a prior child abuse instance involving this mother. carter was released from jail pending her court appearance. it's been two months since a ten-year-old valley boy disappeared, and the question many are asking is where is jesse wilson. andrew hasbun spent the evening in jesse's neighborhood looking for answers. >> not heard much from wilson's family or police for that matter regarding the investigation. but all over this area, there are still reminders that a ten-year-old boy is missing. tonight in buckeye, jesse wilson's picture still hangs in a few stores, including this yogurt shop not far from jesse wilson's home near i-10 and watson road. >> we feel like we can keep a little bit of hope still for the family, waiting for anything positive to come out. >> but after two months, many businesses don't have the fliers
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tell us is that this investigation continues. >> no child should go missing that long and you're not even hearing about it anymore. >> jesse last seen on july 18th, his mom making this 911 call after checking his room. >> my son has either climbed out his window, which he has done before, or he has gone out the back door. >> soon after that call, volunteers filled school busses and searched the open desert near the 10 the fbi and buckeye police scoured the house in an early morning search, but they never released what they may or may not have found. back then, in this neighborhood, jesse's picture was everywhere. >> we kept our eye open, walking around, doing the pokemon, like at the park daily or whatever, we just kept our eye open to see if we could find him. >> and now? >> we look still, but -- >> they don't hear much about it, so they kind of quit.
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still not giving up at the bradley academy in goodyear. a desk still sits in honor of jesse outside the school. buckeye police are asking for anyone who may have information to give them a call. kellogg's recalling 10,000 cases of its eggo waffles due to possible listeria contamination. maybe you eat them for breakfast. tomorrow you might want to check the box because lte cause deadly infections. the bacteria was tested during product testing, no reported cases of listeria yet. they are the ten packs of nutri-grain whole wheat flavors. other flavors are not being recalled. at odds again, this time
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fox 10 news is back. this is quite a sight. the fence surrounding orlando's pulse nightclub, and it's coming down. it went up right after that massacre back in june. 49 people, you'll remember, were murdered, 53 others wounded, some of them critically, when a gunman opened fire. the new fence will pay tribute to the victims and make it easier for people to come and pay their respects. a weekend of terror comes to an end with a shootout in new jersey on a strt morning. two officers wounded. they will recover, and the lone wolf suspect is under arrest. terror suspect ahmad khan rahami wounded in a shootout with new jersey police and now in custody, roughly three hours after his picture was released by the fbi with a warning rahami would be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> at around 10:45 this morning,
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east elizabeth street. they encountered him outside a local bar, and there was an exchange of gunfire, and he was then taken into custody. >> police believe rahami planted a series of homemade bombs in new york and new jersey, the first a pipe bomb in a trash can in seaside park, new jersey. it detonated along a military 5k charity saturday morning. nobody was hurt. and then saturday night, a pressure cooker bomb blew up next to a dumpster, rocking the block, shattering windows and injuring another 29 people. later saturday night, another pressure cooker bomb four blocks away, it did not go off. all three devices were connected to flip phones.
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so as we develop the investigation, there will be more information but i have no indication that a cell was operating. >> several backpacks were found near rahami's home. a police robot detonated one of the devices. rahami is in the hospital, appointed $5.2 million bail. donald trump and hillary clinton are sparring over which candidate would future terrorist attack. clinton says trump doesn't have the temperament to deal with extremists, and trump blamed clinton and the obama administration for the creation of i.s.i.s. >> she very much caused the problem when you think about it. her weakness, her ineffectiveness caused the problem. >> i have sat at that table in the situation room. i have analyzed the threats. i have contributed to actions that have neutralized our
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i know how to do this. >> in an effort to polish their foreign policy image, both candidates met with world leaders today on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly. >> i am sure by now you have noticed the increasing cloud cover, and we could see some rain drops in our future. we'll take a look at your full forecast coming up in just a
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it took a few months, bu live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. it took a few months, but former vice presidentitial candidate sarah palin has reported sold her nearly 8,000-square foot home. the los angeles times reports
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over $2.25 million. it's been on the market since last year. i wonder if she didn't like it here? . >> i took a look, i decided not to buy, going to invest a few million of my own in a different property. >> the commute is too long. >> exactly, i wish that were the truth. >> every once in a while i see a shot of her up in alaska, juggling two homes. two >> it's too much trouble to take care of the landscape of both properties, although it is a beautiful place. a little bit cloudy there as we started our monday night, and tonight only more cloud cover pushing across arizona, pretty pleasant temperatures as a result, 88 degrees out there, low 80s to upper 80s, our sat rad showing that push of moisture,tha those rain showers struggling to get over the border from mexico into arizona. more of the moisture it looks like right now is making its way
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but we have got a cell approaching casa grande at this hour, not heavy rain yet but we could ski scattered activity as we get into the next few days. you'll want to keep the umbrella handy as a result. that moisture in addition to the area of low pressure together off the coast of california mean a potential for storms, firing even as we get into the middle of your work week. futurecast showing tonight should be activity. in the morning hours tomorrow, a chance of rain in the forecast. most of the models are showing that the bulk of the moisture will be isolated to western arizona. that's not to say we couldn't pick up activity in the middle of the state, but as we get into your wednesday, potentially even your thursday, once again scattered activity. so humid weather out there, a little bit cooler temperatures, though, is the thus plus with this. right now, 81 at lake havasu, 71
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valley cooling down very nicely tonight, although that cloud cover keeping us from cooling don a whole lot. we are in the mid-80s in surprise, low 80s for orence, mid-80s in the fountain hills and 86 for scottsdale, that monopoly profile indicating that we are seeing a little bit of damper conditions outside, numbers in the 50s and 60s across the valley. normally today just below the century mark, but today we in fact hit 100 degrees, far cry from the record temperature of 111 that we set as the record pretty quiet picture across the country, we could see storms firing across the midwest in the next couple of days, otherwise storm systems pushing off into the mid atlantic reason, a few scattered showers in the past few hours. tonight, temperatures cool, 70 for payson, 78 degrees for yuma and 81 degrees for lake havasu, and tomorrow, take a look at these numbers, incredible, in the 80s in southern arizona,
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kingman in the 70s, continue to see that push of moisture, keeping the chance of rain in the forecast not just for tomorrow but also into your wednesday and your thursday as those temperatures continue to cool into the 80s and the 90s for our afternoon highs. >> thank you, kristy. next month will mark the last dodgers game for vin skully, who has been announcing games for 67 years. >> that's really the story, not me. i'm just a vessel that was passed all of those years. so i don't take it to heart as some great complement. i just realized that because i have been doing this for 67 years, that's why everybody wants to talk about it. >> think about that. he has been doing the job for 67 years, and he is beloved. there is no doubt about it. skully began announcing for the team back with they were the brooklyn dodgers.
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walk-off home run in the 1981 game of the world series. his last game will be on the 22nd, a dodgers game in san francisco. >> consistently well at a top, top level for so many years, absolutely remarkable. speaking of absolutely remarkab remarkable, evan mathis, a tough guy, many believed he would have been out a couple of weeks. you'll hear from works right next to him, d.j.
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what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby.
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it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. he is one tough guy, and he really proved it yesterday. the veteran right guard against the tampa bay buccaneers, i'm referring to evan mathis, and i'll tell you what, there's a lot of people that believe with that arch inju there is no way that he could play, right? this happened against the patriots, and it didn't look good. how did he go about getting back on the field? you can see the right foot tangled in that whole process, the humanity. somehow, some way, he toughed it out. you want to talk about pro, i talked to his running mate. he figured out a way to battle through. pain management is a big part of
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>> we are in the boat, getting ready for practice, he walks in fully suited up. i'm like, bro, what are you doing? you're supposed to be out four weeks. he's like, bro, i'm good, i feel straight. i'm ready to go. there was no hesitation, no slowdown in what he was doing, we were right back on pace with before. >> they get set for a trip to buffalo on wednesday. carson palmer, how's he doing it? doing it mathis, the touchdown here. how about this, philadelphia with a rookie quarterback, they come up with an impressive win, the int right here, the eagles are 2-0 with their win against the chicago bears tonight, 29-14 at soldier field. fourth inning, will myers, home run. that is padres team, certainly nobody wants to finish in last
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here, 1-0 san diego in the fourth inning. you look at this pitching staff, you wonder now with john watson out, what other changes will be, scores dickerson, adam rosales, 3-0. you wonder if there are going to be more changes in the front office as the situation is reviewed mid season is. padres still win the game, 3-2 the final, san diego over the arizona diamondbacks, so that's but i think everybody panicked a little bit last week. now everybody is cool with the cardinals. 40-7. > that was convincing. it was a very strong win. >> very convincing. and now about your iowa hawk eyes. >> i think we are out of time actually. can we go to commercial right now? that was painful. thank you for bringing that up, jude. have a great night.
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